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Chapter 16

As soon as Luna appeared, James immediately pulled M behind him to shield her from Luna.

"I always knew you weren't a very smart man Mr Bond. I knew of only one way to get you in the same room together. I don't really get it myself, loving an old woman. You're such an attractive man, all those young women you could have and you choose her."

"With respect, you don't know anything about me. You don't know anything about M."

"Well I know one thing for certain. You both killed my Father and for that you with both pay a very heavy price."

"You Father killed innocent people. He betrayed the very people he worked alongside for years. I won't lie to you, your Father was a bloody good agent, one of the best but he just couldn't help himself when money became a must have. He betrayed his colleagues, he betrayed me." M said, stepping out from behind James.

"So you had your boyfriend kill him."

"Your Father tried to kill M. His men shot her in the hip and then your Father held a gun to her head, forcing her to pull the trigger and finish them both off. I had no choice, it was him or her and I'm sorry but I won't let the woman I love die."

"Well it looks as though it's gonna happen anyway, doesn't it."

James was about to respond when the door behind Luna suddenly burst open and bullets started firing. James pulled M down with him behind the bed out of the way of the bullets. As they lay on the floor, he saw Luna falling to the ground. M was about to look up but James pulled her into him to prevent her from looking up. When the firing eventually stopped, Q's voice suddenly filled the room. James stood up and helped M to stand. They both looked over at the door and saw Q standing looking ever so pleased with himself and beside him stood Gareth Mallory.

"Q, Mallory. This is a surprise." M said.

"Not really, Q knew where I was headed. He was the one who managed to trace you. Without him, well I don't even want to think about what might have happened." James replied, pulling M closer to him.

"I knew you'd come here alone and well, I thought you may need some back up so I called Mallory for help. He arranged the hired guns." Q stated.

"Thank you Mallory. Thank you Q."

"You're welcome Ma'am, 007."

Q walked out of the room to get back into the car, clearly not feeling comfortable in the building and the dead body that was lying infront of him.

"I think we should get you both home, don't you." Mallory said.

"That would be great. Come on M, lets get out of here."

James helped M to walk out to the car and Mallory followed behind them after dealing with the body of Luna Diablo.

A few hours later M was sitting on the sofa in her house with a large brandy as James walked in and saw her deep in thought. He went over to her and took hold of her free hand.

"What are you thinking about Barbara."

She couldn't help but laugh when he said her real name out loud.

"It still feels funny when I hear you call me by my name."

"Only in private remember. I guess we haven't really had any alone time to use it since we got back."

"No, no we haven't." She said, quietly.

"What's bothering you and don't say nothing because it's something. Luna didn't to anything drastic to you did she, or have one of her men do something."

"I wasn't raped or anything like that, don't worry."

"Then what is it."

"I actually found myself feeling sorry for her. She was just a young woman, the result of a one night stand. It's wasn't her fault she had him as her Father, is it. He actually had that poor child believing all those things about us. She'd never met us, knew nothing of us and yet she was ready to kill us on the word of a killer."

"He was her Father. She was always going to believe him."

"I wasn't lying when I told her about him. He was one of the best agents I ever worked with, well aside from you ofcourse. Why did he have to take such a rotten path."

"We all have weaknesses."

"What's yours?"

"You and only you." He replied, kissing her cheek.

"I don't think I can do it anymore."

"Do what."

"This, my job. Mallory's a good man, he'll be a good addition to MI6."

"You're serious." James asked, shocked.

"Look at everything that's happened James. I lost government names, I was shot in the hip, kidnapped by Luna, MI6 was attacked. I could have lost you too. I just don't think I have the strength to do it anymore."

"You have had a good run and maybe you're right. I mean the next time something like this happens, you might not be as lucky as you were this time around and I don't think I could cope with losing you."

"So it's settled then. I'll retire."

"Only if it's truly what you want. Don't let Mallory and the others push you into something you don't want."

"I think it is what I want. I've done my duty to my Country. It's time to let someone else take the reins. I don't want things to change between us though. I meant everything I've ever said to you. I love you."

"I love you too. I'm not going anywhere and at least now I'll be able to call you Barbara and not have to worry about people hearing it. The best part about it is that you'll always be safe."

"Move in with me."


"I know you were only staying with me until this mess was over but I don't want you to leave. Move in with me."

"Are you sure about this. It's a big step."

"Perhaps but one I want to take."

"Okay, I guess I'm moving in then, come here."

James gathered M in his arms, happy in the knowledge that she was safe at long last. In a very strange twist he had to thank Silva in a way for what he started because without him, James would never have had the courage to tell M how he really felt about her. The events after Skyfall had certainly changed their lives for the better.

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