A/N: I really like this movie, so I decided to make a fanfic for it. I'm not really committed to this, but then again, I said that about "Tai, Sage & Roxie," and look how attached I got to that, so I don't know. This is pretty bad, but I plan to expand. And I like Tippi.

[Setting: Madstein's Castle...]

Dr. Kenneth Madstein was a mad scientist. He knew he was destined to be; his name was too blatantly obvious.

He could never keep his head on his shoulders in school; it was always in the clouds, scheming of devilish things to enter in the Evil Science Fair when he was old enough.

Unfortunately, his family grew up in serious poverty. They couldn't afford much, so when he was finally educated and gung-ho to start unleashing terror on the world, he didn't have the money for an Igor. No matter, he would go it alone.

But that was where she came in. One day, Madstein found a dying rabbit sprawled on the side of the road. He initially passed it by, almost delighting in seeing its pain...but he had an epiphany of sorts. Something made him unable to pass that rabbit by. He rescued it and nursed it back to health.

He intended for the rabbit to be used to test out everything he created; every potion, every weapon, everything. But it would die at one surge of electricity or one drink of a death serum, so Madstein decided to make the rabbit a little more human.

It had taken some pretty shady things to get the immortality serum, but, then again, Malaria was a pretty shady place back then. He was still in debt with a crazy hermit named Lazy Eye Freddy for buying it, but anything to finally gain a real servant.

Additionally, besides the immortality, he gave the rabbit the opportunity to walk and talk like humans could. However, he was still poor, maybe even poorer; whatever money he had went to Lazy Eye Freddy. All he could afford was half a normal brain and half an old brain from the '50s. A brain transplant occurred and there she was.

Then came the issue of a name. When Madstein finally decided on a name for her, he chose a name that was related to something chilling that once struck fear in the hearts of anyone who saw: she was named Tippi, after Tippi Hedren, star of Hitchcock thriller The Birds.

For years, Tippi serviced (and annoyed) him, until an Igor, his monster, and his accomplices had exposed the secret of Malaria. It came as a great shock to Madstein, who was pretty young at the time, and had only gotten the chance to be in five Evil Science Fairs, losing every time, whereas others had so much more experience.

He was unsatisfied. He wanted more power. So he spent his entire existence after that plotting to bring evil back into Malaria, and he would stop at nothing to get his way.

"Look out, world, the era of Madstein is dawning," he would say, "and once it begins, may it never end." And it wasn't long before he wanted the world.

"Tippi!" He hollered.

"What's up, Doc?" She coolly ambled in.

"Tippi, it's that time of the day again."

"What now?"

"You know...praising time."

"Oh! Sorry." Tippi dropped to her knees, leaned down, and stretched her arms out. "You are the god of all that is evil and genius. A new age full of your wisdom is coming and all will worship you. You will be more powerful than Frankie Avalon and Chuck Berry combined. You-"

"Oh, shut up!" He rolled his eyes. "The whole 'praise' thing has worn thin."

"Maybe because it's just weird." She frowned. "I mean, the only guy I'd ever fall to my feet and praise willingly is good old Elvis."

"Well, I've been told the resemblance is striking." Madstein smoothed over his dark hair, smiling smugly.

"By who?"

"It doesn't matter by who!" He sputtered, knowing she'd just called his bluff.

"And when are you going to start on this whole 'taking over the world' thing? I'd just like to, you know, get in touch with the world once in a while."

"Why are you worried about being in touch? Half of your brain belonged to a teenage girl from the '50s! You will never be in touch!"

"I'm sorry if I just appreciate Sinatra more than the ankle-biters today do." Tippi huffed.

"Why do I even keep you around anymore?" He groaned. "You're just so annoying!"

"And you are just bad news for everyone in Malaria! Don't you have any, you know, morals or anything?"

Madstein grabbed her by the glass pendant she wore around her neck that sported the image of a black poodle and lifted her up, twisting the pendant so she lost all breath. "Do you want me to put you back on the street?"

She shook her head, choking.

He released her, letting her fall to the ground with a hard thump. "I made you, and I can break you just as easily."

"I'm sorry!" She exclaimed. "You've been really good to me, and I've had a blast here."

"Now are you going to help me or not?"

"Help you do what?"

"I think I've thought of a plan to restore the clouds and gloom. Maybe, if I make a machine that controls the weather, I-"

"Wasn't that what they had in the first place?"

He paused. "Wait, what?"

"Wasn't that what controlled the clouds in the first place? Some kind of magnet?"

He ground his teeth together. "You've been doing your research."

"Well, yeah." Tippi shrugged modestly. "No big deal."

[Setting: Outside of the castle...]

Tippi pounded on the door. "I'm sorry! I'll help you think of a new plan! Please let me in! I have nowhere to go!"

Eventually, she gave up. Slumping on the door, she sighed. "No use laying around." She got up and started walking. "Time to agitate the gravel."