So I have no idea where this story came from. I was just listening to music and BAM, this came out of nowhere. There was originally going to be no pairings but I realize I cannot write a SPN fic without adding in some Destiel.

Storyline is pretty much how Dean becomes and Angel, finds his love with Castiel and rescues Sam from the Cage.

Oh and Michael is kinda a dick in this fic…I normally don't write him that way but I was feeling evil. Though I think he'll be nice again by the end. ^-^

Also…when do I not have wings in my fics? There will be wing!touching and wing!kink. :D

Warnings include: Torture, Violence, Blood/Gore, Smut/Lemons, Swearing

. . .

Chapter 1: Wings:

Dean knew his injuries were to the point of near death but he couldn't seem to care about the agony he felt in his entire body as he stared at the now vast emptiness where just moments earlier his brother had stood, holding the devil captive in his own head. There had been the winds and a black, empty hole and with a last look into his brother's eyes, Sam jumped and vanished.

Dean now sat against the Impala, his mind feeling so desolate and empty along with his heart. He felt like he just wanted to die…to be in Hell with his brother. Bobby was dead…Cas was dead…everyone was gone. He wasn't going to be able to live with himself; he wasn't going to go on with the promise he made to Sam. There was no way he would be able to try and live normal with Lisa and Ben.

"Where is Lucifer?" a voice suddenly hissed and Dean lifted his gaze to an angel he couldn't quite recognize. He knew it was an angel by the hairs standing on the back on his neck but he hadn't seen this man. Taller than Dean himself with slightly tanned skin, unruly dark hair with bright, grass green eyes below dark, angled eyebrows. Those eyes were on him and instantly, Dean felt a wave of warmth, cold and tingling pass through his body. He blinked a few times and realized then the pain he was in. He wanted to wince and cry out but he couldn't move a muscle on his battered face. He could barely even breathe and could feel coppery blood dripping down his throat.

"What happened to you?" the angel asked again, taking a step closer and Dean could feel more tingling over his skin. He wanted to back away and defend himself but he just didn't feel like it. After another moment, the dark haired angel closed the distance to kneel down beside Dean, his eyes like an abyss Dean could become lost in.

"Dean?" the angel asked again and the hunter didn't even flinch when the hand grabbed his throbbing jaw to make him stare into his eyes, "Did Lucifer do this?"

Dean just stared into those eyes that were becoming less malicious and more concerned as he seemed to examine every inch of the human's face. Dean knew at once that this was Michael because he could feel an instant connection the moment their skin made contact. It was something he couldn't describe…warm and pulling…alluring?

"Dean!" the voice snapped and Dean opened his eyes, not even realizing he had closed them.

"Get away from him," Castiel suddenly growled and Dean felt a wave of relief wash over him. He had sworn Castiel was blown up.

"You better get away from me," Michael snarled, standing back up in front of Dean to block him from the trench coated angel's view. There was a whirl of wind and a crashing sound followed by a bright flash of light. Dean turned his blurry eyes to where he could see Michael walking away from Castiel, who was now standing there, his blue eyes seemingly glossed over. They focused on Michael and Dean saw an instant change in the angel. He straightened out and lifted his chin like the soldier Dean first knew him as.

"Castiel…you report to Heaven this instant and take your post," Michael said, his voice like melted dark chocolate. Smooth with a hint of bitterness.

Castiel nodded, "Yes Michael," he said firmly before vanishing.

Michael turned back to Dean and his eyes were cold, "Where is Lucifer?" he asked again.

Dean had no idea what to even think. His head was spinning and he could feel parts of his body shutting down. He could feel his eyelids slowly dropping. He snapped back when he felt that hand on his jaw again and he knew it should hurt but he was so numb now.

Michael examined the injuries once more, realizing Dean was far too gone to even live another five minutes. He took a deep breath and placed a hand on each side of Dean's head and closed his eyes as he sent the wave of healing powers through.

All at once, Dean felt everything clear up and he snapped his eyes open when he felt the warmth on his face. He was startled to see green eyes just inches away. They were glowing so fiercely that he knew they could brighten a dark room. He immediately remembered everything and shoved at the archangel.

Michael slowly pulled back and stood up, eyes returning to their darkness, "Where is Lucifer?"

"Back in the cage," Dean said maliciously as he stood back up. He shook his head to clear it a bit more and turned back to the archangel in a new vessel. He froze and his stomach plummeted and mind went blank when he stared at the six appendages spread out from behind Michael. The wings were massive with creamy white feathers angled in all directions. There was a soft luminescent glow of blue around the wings like an aura as they swayed. A moment later, they curled back a little and four of them vanished from sight, leaving just two but they were still huge and they were arched in a way Dean couldn't have imagined. He honestly thought angels would have puffy feathered wings but Michael's were sharp and distinct and seemed like they could be dangerous…they were weapons as well as protection.

"How?" Michael asked, his voice angry but Dean could hear a slight hint of relief in it.

"What did you do to Cas?" Dean asked, feeling more pissed.

"How is Lucifer in the cage?" Michael asked again, ignoring Dean.

"What did you do to Cas?" Dean questioned again, not willing to answer until he knew what happened to the angel.

"Call it amnesia…he doesn't remember you or any of his little humans," Michael snapped, "Now answer me."

Dean felt his stomach twist and he glanced over at his shoulder and was astonished to see the handprint had vanished from his arm. He ground his teeth, "Sam took over and jumped in the cage…"

"Idiotic humans. I needed to fight my brother," Michael snarled, stepping closer but Dean didn't back down. He took his own step forward.

"Fix Castiel," he ordered.

"No," Michael said, his eyes dark and wings spread wide. Dean immediately was lost staring at them again.

"What are you looking at?" Michael asked with annoyance.

"Your wings," Dean answered automatically, tempted to feel them.

"Wings?" Michael asked, tilting his head, "You can see them?"

Dean nodded and wanted to say something witty but no words would form. He was lost staring at them.

"That is peculiar," Michael said more to himself as he watched the way the human's eyes glazed over.

"Where did you get that body? What happened to Adam?" Dean asked after a moment, reluctantly pulling his gaze from the wings.

"There are members of your family even you don't know about," Michael said quickly, "Now…I'm going to let you leave…but if I ever see you again, it'll be the last day you see."

Dean rolled his eyes, "Why don't you just do it now?" he asked, stepping forward.

Michael set his jaw and his eyes darkened. He couldn't kill Dean…for one, the human was his vessel whether he says no or not, the archangel couldn't find it in himself to take him out. Two…Dean could see his wings and the only humans who were ever able to see them were important to his Father so he wouldn't dare mess with that. After a moment, he just spread out all six of his wings to flee back up to Heaven.

Dean stared at the empty space where Michael had just been a second before and suddenly, he felt very cold and desolate again. He couldn't even lose himself in the pain of his injuries because the stupid angel took that away from him.

"What happened?" Bobby's voice suddenly cut in.

Dean whirled around and felt a wave of relief wash over him to see his father-figure standing there, fixing his hat as he stared at the emptiness, "You're alive?" Dean asked, knowing Michael had most likely did that.

"Well yeah ya idjit…where's the featherbrains?" Bobby asked, staring around.

Dean frowned and shook his head, "Sam got control…he's in the cage with Lucifer," he said solemnly.

There was a long moment of silence as the hunters absorbed the information. After that, not another word was spoken as they hopped into the car to drive away.

. . .One Month Later. . .

Dean stopped the Impala in front of Lisa and Ben's home. He wanted nothing more than to go with his promise to Sam and try to live a normal life but he just couldn't find it in him to do so. Instead, he took a deep breath and moved the car back to drive as he moved forward to go to the hunt.

Dean stood still in the motel room as he stared blankly at the two beds. Even though there were rooms with one single bed, Dean would only get two in hopes that Sam would come back. After a few minutes, he moved forward to sit on one of the beds. He felt a stab in his heart as he pulled Sam's laptop out of his bag. He swallowed back the urge to cry as he opened it up to the main screen. Sam's desktop background was a picture of an Impala. It wasn't baby because they never just took pictures and uploaded them onto the computer. It was an exact replica of it though and Dean smiled slightly at the idea of Sam looking at it every time he researched.

Dean felt the twisting of loneliness in his gut again so he closed the computer and pulled out some whiskey. He took a huge swig before staring up, "Dear Castiel…" he started, not knowing why he was going to try. He had tried a few times already with no reply but this was a more gentle approach, "Hey…I really need some angelic assistance," he said, hoping soldier Cas would come for that.

Dean waited a few minutes as he swallowed down mouthfuls of the burning, numbing alcohol. He stopped when he felt the familiar sensation of an angel in the room. He darted his eyes around only to find nobody there…at least nobody visible. He sighed, "Cas, I know you're here. I can sense you."

Dean nearly jumped in the air when he heard Castiel's familiar voice speak, "How may I assist you?"

He turned his attention to the blue orbs that held so much defiance and pride in them. Castiel was just like Dean remembered seeing for the first time. It hurt him to know he lost someone who was like family to him…yet he also felt relief to know Castiel wasn't aching from the pain and loss he had endured.

"Cas," Dean breathed after a moment. He had never known seeing the angel could make him feel so much better.

"Why do you call me by that name?" Castiel asked, "My name is Castiel."

Dean felt his stomach twist and he sighed, staring down, "You need to remember, Cas," he said, "Please…I know you can do it."

"What are you talking about?" Castiel asked, tilting his head just like Dean remembered.

"Michael took away all of your memories…come on, you should realize this. What do you remember exactly?" Dean asked, standing up. He wanted Cas back.

Castiel stood straight and stiff as a board as Dean closed the distance between them. Castiel just stared at the unusually bright and glorious soul. He felt drawn to this soul for a reason he couldn't explain. He felt as though he knew him. He knew this man was named Dean Winchester and he was the vessel of Michael. He was also Castiel's charge.

"You smell of alcoholic beverages," Castiel pointed out, catching the whiff of it, "I believe you are intoxicated."

Dean placed the bottle down on the end table before sitting on the bed and running his hands through his hair, something he had been doing a lot since Sam jumped into the cage.

"How may I assist?" Castiel asked again, watching Dean with interest and the tug on his grace that lured him closer.

Dean took a deep breath before turning to the wondrous blue eyes, "Please Cas…please just remember. We were friends…we stopped the Apocalypse from happening. You can't say you don't remember any of that."

"My apologies, Dean but I do not recall such events," Castiel said, still standing stiflly.

"Then why did you come here when I called?" Dean asked, staring up at him.

Castiel tilted his head slightly, "You are the vessel of Michael and you are my charge," he said firmly, "I am to assist you when needed."

Dean ground his teeth and stood up, stepping closer to the angel, "Listen Cas…you fought against Heaven and Hell for what you thought was right. You fell from Heaven and fought to protect this planet. You can't say you don't remember any of that."

Castiel's eyes darkened and for a moment, Dean thought he broke through but he was suddenly shoved against the wall, Castiel standing too close as he growled into Dean's face, "I would never disobey Heaven and my orders. I know that the apocalypse was averted by you and your brother but I had no part in that."

Dean took a deep breath as he tried to move but he was feeling more pissed than anything. He shoved at Castiel but the angel didn't move…just stood there like a brick wall.

Dean was about to speak again but he was rendered speechless as his eyes set on the two wings stretched out behind Castiel, arched up but expanding to reach almost from wall to wall of the motel room. The feathers were angled and twitching but colored like nothing Dean had seen before. They seemed like a bright white with vibrant yet soft blue smoke whirling through each feather and swirling into the air with the movements. He was literally shocked by their absolute beauty and he realized then that the blue of Castiel's eyes seemed to have the same smoky blue that surrounded the wings. He remembered seeing the shadows of Castiel's wings but he never expected to see their true form and he really never expected them to be so perfect in every way he could imagine.

Castiel pulled away slowly, backing up to inspect the way Dean was staring at him.

Dean took a deep breath, blinking a few times and balling his hands into fists to avoid the temptation to feel those wings. He let out the breath with a whistle, "Wow," he said, voice soft, "Your wings…just…wow."

Castiel tilted his head further, all anger lost as he knit his eyebrows, "How can you see them?" he asked, glancing around for perhaps a way they could be shadowed onto the walls.

"No idea but…" Dean couldn't say another word.

Castiel felt his grace tugging towards Dean some more and he honestly was astonished to know the human could see his wings. That was something no ordinary human could do…he couldn't recall events like that happening to anyone but special prophets many, many years ago. Dean Winchester was not a prophet of the Lord. He took a step back before flying up to Heaven.

Dean cursed himself for becoming a blubbering mess at the sight of Castiel's wings. He felt like such an idiot but he couldn't help it. Even now, he couldn't stop thinking about their glory.

"Hello Dean!" another voice piped in and Dean nearly hit the wall in shock. He spun around, eyes widened as he stared at the angel he had thought he would never lay eyes on again. He took a deep breath in confusion, "Gabriel?" he asked.

Gabriel smirked, his amber gold eyes lit with joy no other angel had managed to have, "That's my name," he said.

. . .

Hope you like it so far. Not going to be too long of a fic but as always, support would be wonderful.