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"I think God, in creating man, somewhat overestimated his ability" – Oscar Wilde

He was wearing black authentic Vans, dark skinny jeans and a fashionably-too-big white tee. He had untidy hair in the most extraordinary bronze, brown with a hint of copper; messy like he'd been constantly running his hands through it, slightly untamed and a little wild. Very sexy. My eyes scanned him from head to toe - more times than publicly acceptable - in the amount of time it took him to walk towards me. Somewhere in my mind, I know this must be a dream.

He stopped about two feet away from me and I finally looked at his face. His body had been distracting me; the tight jeans left little to the imagination and his well muscled arms were clearly on display to make girls like me drool at the sight of them. But his face, oh my god. He had devastatingly beautiful lips, plump but not too thick, the kind I wanted to ravish all day for the rest of my life. His cheekbones and nose were angular and straight, his jaw was chiselled with just the right amount of stubble. He could have been a model for Dior or Hugo Boss. And then finally I looked at his eyes. They were the most perfect shade of jade green, shiny and dazzling and penetrating and intriguing. They were framed with thick black lashes and one of his perfect eyebrows was raised.

It was then that I realised this wasn't a dream.

He's asking me a question. And waiting for my response.

Shit. I'd just been stood here gawking at this beautiful God-like creature while he was trying to talk to me. I willed my brain to organise my jumbled thoughts and snapped my mouth shut. Fuck, I hope I wasn't drooling. I shake my head to gain control of myself.

"I'm sorry…what?" I managed to stumble over my words, reinforcing to him that I was either clinically insane or mentally incompetent.

"Do you want any help?" he replied in the most velvety liquid gold voice I've ever heard. Good god, it's like audio porn!

"Um, sure" My voice went up at the end and made it sound like a question. Which in theory is true because I have no fucking idea what he's going on about. Crap, that's when I remembered where I was. I wasn't in heaven and I wasn't asleep. I was in the supermarket trying to reach a box of chocolates on the top shelf. My short arse legs don't allow me to be tall enough; I'd need 7" heels and a step ladder. Okay maybe not, but you get the idea. This God however is a good six feet tall. Six foot of pure sex, the things I would do to him. His lips are extremely inviti…

"Which one was it that you wanted?" he asks me, pulling me out of my musings and taking a step closer. If I reach my arm out, I could rake my fingers down his undoubtedly defined chest…

"The, er, Thornton's" I'm quite pleased I managed to say an almost coherent sentence. He reaches up so that his sexy as fuck arm is right over my head. He gets the chocolates down, hands them to me and says,

"Are they for anyone special?" Oh shit, I can't exactly tell the male Adonis that they for my movie night turned solitary pity party can I? Why'd Alice and Angela have to ditch on me?!

"They're, um, they're for my, er, movie night" A half truth is better than a lie right? Probably not. He raises his perfectly carved eyebrows. Great he's figured me out. Once again my attempt at covering up the truth has failed. Excellent.

"Well, have a great night" He smiles, an enchanting smile, friendly and warm. It's sexy in a kind of innocent way and it makes my knees go weak and my ovaries ache. What I would do to just be able to take this fine specimen of a human back to my now vacant apartment and have my way with him. His phone rings and pulls me out of my fantasies.

"Thanks for the, er..." I motion to the chocolates in my hand "Um, yeah, thank you" I smile and I can feel the heat of a blush rising in my cheeks so I escape to the pizza isle.

I get a medium pizza with my favourite toppings and extra cheese. Hell, I might as well go all out, so I go and get two tubs of Ben & Jerry's, because one flavour is just not enough, and a bag of chocolate chip cookies. I'm walking to the checkout when I see the Pringles…hmm, I'll get some of these as well. I end up buying way too much food for one person and I'm struggling to carry the bags up the stairs to my apartment. But who cares because I will have a freaking awesome time in front of the flat screen tonight.

Throughout the rest of the evening, all I can think about is the walking sex God that spoke to me today. I'm in my shared apartment, alone because everyone else has a social life, and I'm on the comfy couch, snuggled in the plaid blanket, munching on all the goodies I bought earlier. I should probably be concerned about turning into an obese whale but hey, cookies and ice cream is just too good to turn down. I'm trying to concentrate on watching Romeo and Juliet, the latest one with Leonardo DiCaprio, but I have to keep pausing and rewinding because my thoughts are being clouded with all the things I would like to do to that sexy mother fucker. He's not human, it's impossible for someone to be so beautiful. In that brief less-than-two minute encounter he made my insides flutter and my heart race. I felt like I'd been electrocuted, but in a good way. Not an 'I'm-going-to-die-right-fucking-now-this-so-painful' way. He made me tingle and ache down there where I wanted him the most. God, Rosalie is right. I've been out of action for too fucking long. But, being the optimist that I am, the bright side of my supermarket encounter is that I'm going to be having pretty awesome dreams tonight.

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