A/N: Zel and Amelia. Because they're cute, dammit, and I'm open-minded.

"Pure and Perfect"

You're pure and perfect, worth dying for

The one who helps me off the floor

Every time I fall you're there

Beautiful in whatever you wear

So forgiving that it's a sin

Ignoring the stereotype of my skin

Believing in my lowest of lies

And never, never letting me cry

You chase away all the pain

Take me dancing in the rain

Wash off the ugly yesterdays

And let the sorrows drift away

To kiss you is my favorite dream

I already know you're more than you seem

I have nothing else to tell you

But all I've said is true

When you smile you glow

So now I wonder if you know

That you're lovely in wedding white

And that I'd like to share your wedding night.

* ende *