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Enjoy the last chapter of Spirited Away: Demise of Two Worlds.


Chapter 26: "I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only. I would like to be that unnoticed and that necessary."

Margaret Atwood

I gripped Haku's horns tightly with my head down like a little girl in trouble as he scolded me, "Geez! Do you know how much danger you were in? And another thing! Don't go kissing Spirits randomly! Now you're stuck with me for the rest of your life, even longer!"

"Longer?" My head shot up.

"A bond like we have prolongs the two lives." He was still angry but I heard the smile in his voice, "As long one lives, so does the other. Now nothing, not even death, can steal you from me Chihiro."

A worry I hadn't even recognize shattered in my heart and I felt a huge boulder-sized weight lift from my shoulders.

"I'm done! I'm sure you'll get more once we get to the Akiyamas', young lady." Haku chided.


As I stepped in the door I took a deep breath. Haku, now dressed in Takamichi's clothes, pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and followed closely behind. Takamichi, awaiting our arrival, had rounded everyone up at his house. I walked into the kitchen with my head low. Mom was sitting in a chair beside Elin, dad right behind her, his big hands rubbing her shoulders. She was hiccupping, a tissue clutched in her hand. Akiyama stood to Elin's left, Tatsunori behind him. They all looked miserable.

My heart clenched with guilt and I felt hot tears break free and drip down my face, "Mom." My voice cracked.

Her head shot up, "Chihiro?" She didn't look as if she believed it.

Before I could blink, though, Mom had launched herself at me, throwing her arms around me. I sobbed into her shoulder as she clutched me to her tightly, crying loudly and murmuring my name. Dad dashed forward and swept us both into his arms. I assumed the Akiyama's would watch on awkwardly but Elin and the Eldest Akiyama threw themselves in the group hug. I laughed with complete joy as Elin poked my cheek, her beautiful face smiling down at me, "You brought the attractive boy with you."

I swiped away my tears, Mom still clinging to me as if she couldn't let go but as Tatsunori stepped up, Dad tugged Mom away a little. Tatsunori had his hands stuffed in his pockets and he looked so uncomfortable although relief was clearly present on his face. "Nice to have you home, Chihiro."

He removed one hand, pushed my bangs away from my forehead, and lightly kissed the top of my forehead. A blush darkened my cheeks and Elin giggled, "What have you done to my boy?"

Takamichi slid into the room looking frantic, "Chihiro! Oh thank god you're really okay!"

The usually timid and awkward Takamichi hauled me into his arms and hugged me in a back-breaking hug. I groaned in a very unladylike way with the force and he set me down, checking every inch of my face (he even made me open my mouth to check for lost teeth). Satisfied, he let out a long sigh of relief. "Why don't you go home?"

"Ahem!" I turned to find Akiyama glaring at me, his hands on his hips. "I expect you to be here tomorrow right after school though, young lady. For the past month, no one's been feeding me properly!"

"That's no fair, Gen! I've made dinner for you since Chihiro's been gone!" Elin pouted.

Akiyama's mock angry face twisted into a pathetic pout, "But you don't spoil me like Chihiro. You make me eat healthy, bleh!"

I burst into belly aching laughter and sent up a prayer to whatever God watched over us. Please, don't let me ever lose this.


My dream was dashed away and I was thrown into a bright white light. Zeniba appeared and before I knew what was happening she was whispering to me, a gleam in her eye, "Heros are dreamers, Chihiro. Men, women, children, Spirits, they try to make the world a better place than how they received it for the generation after them. Making the world better, whether in a small useless way or in the greatest way, doesn't matter. A hero is a hero. Some succeed. Some fail. Some receive results that can be perceived as both good and bad- it doesn't matter though. It is the effort that is heroic. Win or lose, we must always admire those who fight the good fight, little one. You helped us accomplish something great. Don't forget that. Never let yourself forget."


My head hung low, "You don't all have to walk me home."

Tatsunori, Takamichi, Haku, Kana, and all seven members of Tatsunori's little gang crowded around me in a circle.

"Uh uh, missy! We have strict orders from your mother to walk you home everyday!" Gou chirped.

My blush darkened and I shrank farther inside myself. Kana danced beside me, I had spilled everything to her, my family, and the Akiyama family. It had been perhaps the most difficult thing in my entire life (and that's saying a lot!) but Haku and Takamichi backed my story. Even Yubaba, Zeniba, and Ameonna stopped by to prove my sanity.

They had accepted it rather well and made up a story to tell the police saying that I had escaped from my kidnapper and suffered a form of amnesia. I don't know if the police bought it but, hey, it solved the little disappearing act problem! Yubaba and Zeniba had rounded up the loose No-Face in the Human World and banished them to a remote location in the Spirit World. Yubaba had kept her end of the agreement and Zeniba was in the process of teaching me how to open a miniature portal for my own personal use to visit the Spirit World.

Haku walked beside me in Takamichi's clothes and I felt my blush burn bright. He's mine now.

As if reading my thoughts (I haven't figured out yet if that's one of the "special abilities" that comes along with our bond or not), Haku's warm fingers entwined with mine as we continued our trek to the Akiyama household. A chilly breeze swept across my face.

"You know, you have it on the wrong hand." Haku whispered low so only I could hear.


He lifted our joined hands. "The ring. It goes on this hand in a western marriage doesn't it?"

I turned into a teapot again as my blush burned my face so much steam whistled out of my ears, "O-oh."

I slid the silver dragon from the ring finger of my right hand before slipping it onto my left. The dragon gleamed in the sunlight as if happy to be home.

I've written a few other fanfictions but this story still holds a special place in my heart :) I can't believe how many people say they enjoyed it. All I was doing was sitting at home one day watching Spirited Away. Then I was infuriated by the lack of an ending and BAM - this story was born. I Love You All ! -Anii