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Chapter 41-Madame Giry POV

I was amazed at Christine's bravery; she had gone about her day with a smile on her face, however I did notice her constant looking over her shoulder, as if she was expecting someone to be there. I stayed close to her for the day, I knew she had been emotionally drained. It made me feel sick, at the thought of those men, the one who had tried to hurt her. Those cruel beasts. She had told me she had been saved, but didn't say who by, she said she didn't catch the man's face, or name, he simply swept from nowhere and saved her. I was relieved at this, and thankful to the person who had saved her, but in my heart of hearts I knew who had done it I knew it must of been Erik, normal people didn't simply appear from nowhere and then manage to fend off three men. But I knew that Erik could, I knew he was an exception, he used everything as his weapon, the dark, the fear, the stars. I sighed, he had saved her, and then let her go again. I dreaded to think of the state he would be in. I knew he had loved Christine, but still I knew I had done correctly, I knew that he wouldn't be suitable for her. And besides, the Vicomte seemed to have his heart set on her. The Vicomte was a nice man, a handsome, safe man. He had come with me to look for her, and the constant look of worry on his face, it was rather touching.

I knew as I watched Christine from the wing, her eyes were looking from someone, someone not there. Something bad had happened at the ball that she was not telling me everything, whatever it had been, had scared her terribly, I wasn't going to pressure her into telling me, but I was extremely worried. I was more than enraged mostly with Nadir Kahn, I could slaughter the man, I knew he was meant to be taking Christine to and from the ball, I had snarled at this, I knew this was Erik's doing. But I knew if Erik trusted Christine with him, then I could too. I didn't approve of Erik's love but I knew he would only put her in the hands of someone he trusted. I felt like I could murder Nadir. He had left her, he had not returned her, and therefore she had got hurt and very nearly raped. I shuddered at the thought, imagining Meg in that same situation, I felt sick. My anger towards him building up as I watched Christine walk forward, shaking slightly, and giving the people around her nervous glances. She smiled at me, I had tried to convince that perhaps singing on such high emotions might of not been a good idea, but she seemed determined to do so and carry on.

Then suddenly, an almighty crash was heard and round the corner came the managers and Carlotta in toe, all of them looking rather flustered. I sighed, I knew the beastly woman was being difficult. The cast all took a step back from the now screeching woman.

'I bored of the same songs! I want new ones! I want to sing new songs!' She waved her finger in front of the two managers noses, who took a step back from her.

'Madame please, surely you can appreciate we cannot just make songs.' Andre sighed, looking tired, I stepped forward.

'I don't care, I no like this piece any longer!' Carlotta screamed, her face red.

'Fine, you never know one of the cast may just know a song perfect for you!' Firimin snapped back at her, causing several of the cast to giggle, they all quickly stopped when Carlotta bared her teeth.

'Does anyone here know any songs that would fit Carlotta?' He said sighing and shaking his head in utter disbelief. I was about to snap at the woman, tell her to stop being so ridiculous, but Christine took a little step forward, blushing slightly.

'I know a song, it's very beautiful, perhaps Madame Carlotta would like it.' She said sweetly, but wringing her hands. Everyone looked at her in wonder, the managers, me, the cast. Even Carlotta turned to look at her, with her tired eyes, which I noticed were looking up to box five, a coincidence. Surely?

'Come, come then Miss Daae, let's hear it.' Andre smiled looking relieved. Carlotta opened and closed her mouth, looking enraged. Christine nodded her head of curls, the cast smiling and muttering.

I gave her a smile, as she stood in the middle of the stage and began:

Who knows when love begins?
Who knows what makes it
One day it's simply there, a life inside your heart
It slips into your thoughts
It infiltrates your soul
It takes you by surprise, then seizes full control

Try to deny it, and try to protest
But love won't let you go, once you've been possessed

Love never dies, love never falters
Once it has spoken, love is yours
Love never fades, love never alters
Hearts may get broken, love endures
Hearts may get broken, love endures

I watched as every jaw dropped, even Carlotta's. The lyrics where perfect, so beautiful. The way she sung, was phenomenal, she brought every word to life. I knew immediately that she was deeply in love with someone, you could tell as she sung, her eyes left their fear and now were glittering, as if she was offering up her heart to whoever it was she loved here and now. It took my breath. I had never heard this song before, but the way it made chills run my spine, and my thoughts turn to my undying love for my dead husband, I knew it was a song that would amaze everyone. The rest of the cast watched her utterly mesmerized, as she hit those final notes, the sound was glorious.

Love never dies, love will continue
Love keeps on beating when you're gone
Love never dies, once it is in you
Life may be fleeting, love lives on
Life may be fleeting, love lives on

How those giant notes came from her tiny body was a mystery to me. She finished, panting slightly, and blushing as several people cheered and shouted 'bravo.'

'Miss Daae, where on earth did you learn that song?' Andre asked, looking dumbfounded, whilst Firmin stood laughing slightly.

'My tutor taught me it.' she said quickly, looking away from me. I felt my stomach drop; of course it was one of Erik's songs, how hadn't I guessed? The song was full of pain, of confusion. Full of Erik. It must have been hard for her to sing one of her old tutors songs. It must have brought back memories for her. I walked over to her.

'Christine that was amazing!' I smiled, giving her a squeeze, as Meg skipped forward to her. She blushed frantically, again her eyes darting to box five.

'This song! I need to sing it! Now! You tell me the words!' Carlotta shouted, making everyone jump and return from the lovely images Christine had just painted in their minds.

'But Madame, you just heard how lovely Miss Daae sung it, it's her song, how about we let her have that one, and you can choose any other.' Firmin said reasonably giving Christine a smile.

'NO! NO! NO!' Carlotta roared, stamping her feet. 'This song I need to sing it! Not this stupid child. She is not worthy! You only give her the parts because she is the patron's girl!'

'How dare you!' Christine gasped, looking horrified.

The cast was getting angry now, they adored Christine, and Carlotta's tantrums where not getting any one anywhere, dragging the rehearsals out even longer than necessary. I thought the managers, or the cast may lose their cool and begin to start a riot. But before anyone could say anything, before Carlotta had finished her screeching. There was a roar of outrage that silenced everyone. I spun on my heel, looking around frantically for the source of the noise.

'ENOUGH. Miss Daae is to sing this song, not Carlotta. It is a song for a talented person, not a screeching harlot!' The voice raged, dripping in anger, some of the cast gasped and shook. I felt my stomach drop, it was him-

'The Phantom of the Opera!' Meg squealed looking around frantically, as if she might have a chance of seeing him. The rest of the cast, gasped, some trembled, some screamed. All looking in different directions, as if they had a chance of seeing him.

'We want art not screaming. I will expect Miss Daae in this role. Or else. Do I make myself clear?' The voice roared again, making everyone jump. It left the room, like a giant presence leaving the cast scared and silent, as if they dared to make a noise they may be struck down. I closed my eyes and turned my breathing fast. I opened them, the managers faces were stricken with horror, looking at one another in disbelief. Carlotta's left eye was twitching, I wasn't sure if she was terrified or simply beyond enraged. Then I felt my heart jump as I looked at Christine, she had her hands up to her lips, her mouth in a small O and her eyes staring out onto the many empty seats. It must have been a shock for her, to hear the voice of her old Maestro, now shouting orders. However, there wasn't fear in her eyes like the others, it was something else. I didn't know what.

'Miss Daae, Madame Giry, I think we need a word in my office.' Andre said blandly, Christine appeared frozen for a moment, I put my hand on her shoulder, she jumped slightly and then followed after. We left the stage quickly, Christine's eyes were darting behind her as we walked, she gave me a smile as we entered the large office. Andre sat with a sigh.

'Miss Daae, I have to agree with the Phantom, I want you to sing this song, will you be able to do so for tomorrow night?' Christine beamed and nodded.

'Very well, just keep out of Carlotta's way, use one of the rooms to practice if you need too. But make sure your ready for tomorrow.' Christine was smiling now, widely.

'Thank you monsieur!' She left the room, with a little bow. Andre dropped his grin, once she had left.

'What's happening Madame, the Phantom, why does he favour Christine? I do not understand. You've been here since this place opened, come, I'm sure you have some idea.' He sounded desperate. I felt my stomach tighten; I wasn't going to tell him everything, no. I would give Erik some integrity.

'You don't need to be a musical genius to know how talented Miss Daae is, he favours her most likely because she is honest, kind, sweet and musically the finest we have ever seen.' I said confidently. I watched him nod, and rub his eyes.

'She is a little gem isn't she? I heard there was trouble last night regarding her, is she alright?' He asked concerned.

'Yes, there was a little mishap, the Vicomte had a ball, and well, she didn't arrive home as safely as we would have liked.' I watched Andres eyes open a little wider.

'Good god! Poor girl, and she sung so beautifully too, no wonder she looked slightly paler than usual. May I ask what happened?' He was very concerned I could tell, which was rather nice of him I thought.

'Well, she was meant to be getting a carriage ride home with someone. But they weren't there; they left her she met some rather nasty characters. Luckily, she was saved.' I sighed, poor Christine. I watched Andre stand now, looking horrified.

'Good God! What a fool, do you know why he left her? She could have been seriously harmed!' He said shaking his head in disbelief.

'I don't know, I really don't' I sighed, beginning to get angry at the thought of Nadir leaving her alone in the dark.

'Well, I hope you can find out soon. Because she could have seriously got hurt.' He nodded, and pointed to the door, I left through it. Yes, he was right; it could have been a lot more serious. If Erik hadn't intervened then yes, it could have been a lot worse, Christine could have been killed. I needed to see Nadir, I need to hear his excuses, I hoped he had a damn good reason. I rushed down the corridor not seeing, and bumped straight into the Vicomte who was rushing up the stairs.

'Sorry Madame.' He smiled, his face alight with happiness, in his hand he held a large bouquet of flowers, no doubt for Christine. 'Where are you off too in such a hurry?' He beamed.

'I'm going to see a friend of mine. I think he might have something to do with Christine's problems yesterday, he was meant to give her a carriage ride home.' I grumbled, I watched the handsome face of the young man fall slightly, the smile going.

'Oh, well-I. Have you seen Miss Daae?' He said quickly, his cheeks going red.

'She's in rehearsals.' I smiled back at him, and then left. The boy had so much love to give, I hoped Christine would realise how fortunate she was by having the interest of such a handsome and caring young man. I walked down the cobbled Paris streets, it was slightly blue skied, the sun trying its hardest to break through, it made the puddles glimmer and shine. I walked with a head full of thoughts, firstly of Erik, he was still alive then. I felt relieved at that, but I knew he would be hurting from giving up Christine, especially as it appeared he was still looking out for her. Then to Christine, today she sung with so much love in her voice it was the most breath taking thing I had ever heard, but who was the love for? I prayed it was for the Vicomte, who else would it be? I could see Nadirs front door now, and felt the anger begin to rise within me. He better have a damn good excuse. I marched up to his bland front door, the house, squished and ugly, and banged on the front door. No answer came. I banged again and again, but still nothing. I was seething now.

'Don't ignore me Nadir Kahn!' I roared, but no one was in. I began to worry slightly, maybe he was out. But I didn't care, I opened the front door with one of the spare keys he had given me, and gasped at the mess. The house was over turned, papers everywhere, the table upside down, the pots smashed. I walked in further, everything appeared to have been either ripped down, or broken. I thought it might have been Erik, I knew he would of been ready to kill after what happened to Christine. But no, as I entered the living area and noticed the floor was covered in letters, I realised this wasn't Erik, when he did something like this there was always a hidden message, some sign, some meaning, this was just a mess. But as I examined the damaged which appeared to cover the whole house, I realised it was mainly paper work and files that were damaged or pulled apart.

I stood at the foot of the stairs, when it finally hit me; someone had been looking for something.


Christine's POV

I had sung my Maestros song, the song that I adored. I had sung it for him, I poured everything I had into it, because I did love him, I loved him more than anything in the wide world. He was with me, ever since I had left him at the door, I knew he was with me the whole time. I was grateful. I was still a little jumpy, and by having my Maestro close at hand I knew I felt safe. I hoped he realised how much I loved him, I felt so ridiculous after the kiss, but it had felt so right. His lips felt so extraordinary, like no feeling in the world, I had wanted to kiss him more, but I was embarrassed enough. I didn't understand I had told him I loved him, but he had acted as if I was lying, as if I was trying to fool him. I wasn't, I wanted to show him how much I did love him. Because I did love him.

As I sung, I could feel him in the room with me, his presence, his being. I put all my love into every lyric, every word, all of them, those feelings they were all for him. I had never felt like this in all my life. I looked up into box five, hoping Erik was there watching. My heart leapt as I saw a small movement, it was him, he was here. I hit those final notes, my power taking me by surprise. I finished the song, panting, my heart aching. I blushed wildly as a few of the cast members around me clapped, they were too kind, again I looked at box five, checking if he was there.

'Miss Daae, where on earth did you learn that song?' Andre asked, bringing me back down to earth.

'My tutor taught me it.' I blushed, I wished I could tell them all about Erik and his amazing abilities, it was so sad he had to keep to the shadows and hide. Madame Giry embraced me, and everyone was so kind. Then it all ended with Carlotta's screeching.

'This song! I need to sing it! Now! You tell me the words!' I jumped back from her.

'But Madame, you just heard how lovely Miss Daae sung it, it's her song, how about we let her have that one, and you can choose any other.' Firmin argued, giving me a smile, I could see Carlotta was getting angry.

'NO! NO! NO!' Carlotta roared, stamping her feet. 'This song I need to sing it! Not this stupid child. She is not worthy! You only give her the parts because she is the patron's girl!' My jaw dropped.

'How dare you!' I gasped, I was not the 'patrons girl' no, no, no. How dare she make such bold assumptions, I didn't love Raoul that way. I loved Erik with all of my heart. The mean woman, I wanted to say more to her, but the cast began a frenzy, some shouted, some booed. I felt it before I heard it, the great presence. But nonetheless, I jumped out my skin when the voice shouted.

'ENOUGH. Miss Daae is to sing this song, not Carlotta. It is a song for a talented person, not a screeching harlot!' I shook from head to toe. It was Erik. His voice was different cold and menacing, like had never heard it before. I shook, I hadn't expected this, everyone jumped. Meg screamed, some people covered their eyes, some ran. I could tell he was enraged, but it worried me. He was not Erik when he was like this, he was the Phantom. I tried to see him, tried to spot him, he was here, but where? There was a panic on the stage, people ran this way and that, confusion was everywhere and fear. They feared me Maestro.

'We want art not screaming. I will expect Miss Daae in this role. Or else. Do I make myself clear?' He roared again, I could tell he was furious. I trembled, then there was a mighty silence, no one dared move, my heart was racing. Why had he done that? I was worried now. Not only of Erik but about him possibly being found out, due to me. The manager beckoned me and Madame Giry after him, I barely heard him, but had to resist the urge of kicking Carlotta who appeared frozen as I passed.

I felt happier after the little meeting in the office; Andre had been very kind indeed. I was very excited at the prospect of singing my Maestro's song in front of people, finally he would be getting the credit he deserved. But my heart sank slightly, I hadn't asked to use his music, I had just presumed. I felt bad now. I hoped Erik wouldn't mind. I just hand thought, I just saw the opportunity and sung his beautiful music. I walked biting my lip rather nervously to the chapel. I kept looking over my shoulder, just in case.

I had my head turned looking behind me, when I bumped into someone. I let out a slightly scream, and staggered back. Then I realised I was looking up into the face of a very smiley Raoul.

'Christine, don't you look angelic?' He beamed, taking my hand and kissing it, I smiled back.

'Oh Raoul, your a tease.' I laughed, I knew I looked awful, bless him, he was always complimenting me.

'I can be anything you want me to be Christine.' He produced a large bouquet of flowers; they were tulips, in all different shades of purple. He smiled putting them in my hand.

'Thank you Raoul they're beautiful.' I blushed, taking them gratefully.

'How are you feeling?' He asked concerned, lifting my chin with one of his fingers, I pulled away. 'I'm not going to hurt you Christine.' He said sweetly.

'I'm okay, a little tired, I'm sorry Raoul.' I squeezed his hand, he smiled at me, his eyes twinkling.

'I had an offer to make to you Christine, I know you are keen on horses, I thought perhaps sometime we could go for a ride together. I was thinking perhaps this weekend if you liked?' He smiled again, flashing his perfect teeth.

'Oh, Raoul that would be very nice indeed. Thank you.' I grinned, that would be fun, I hadn't ridden in a long time which was slightly worrying. But I was praying I would remember. Papa had been a god teacher. My heart panged at the thought of Papa.

'Raoul I don't suppose you have had any leads on my Papa's murderer have you.' I whispered, looking at the flowers. He sighed shaking his head.

'I'm sorry, but no I haven't. I promise, I will try my hardest.' He smiled at me in a pained way, and took my hands kissing them, I pulled them away, blushing.

'I must go now Raoul, but thank you so much for these, their beautiful.' I gestured to the flowers, giving him one last smile then walked back to my room to put the flowers down.

I knocked on Erik's front door, my heart racing, the last time I had been here I had kissed him. I had tried to tame my hair and changed my dress, but I still felt silly and worthless. The door was opened quickly, Erik stood before me, my heart jumping up and down now. He was, as always impeccably dressed, mainly in black, apart from his garish white mask. I felt my cheeks go red, at the sight of him.

'Come on in my angel.' He was slightly nervous around me I could tell, the way he held the door, he kept his distance from me slightly. I felt like the wind had been knocked from me, at his rather uneasiness in his voice. I followed him into the main room. He turned to me quickly, so quickly I nearly ran into the back of him.

'How are you feeling?' he asked, looking away from me, again my heart sank, why was he so nervous? Oh god, the kiss! I thought maybe it might have shown him my love clearer, he had held my hand this morning, and stayed with me.

'I'm okay. A little tired.' I said slowly, I was confused, but I knew I had been stupidly bold by kissing him. I sighed.

'You sung marvellously today.' He said his voice full of pride, making me smile. 'A great composer must have written that song!' He laughed slightly and I joined in.

'Yes, he is very great. I'm so glad you liked it Erik, thank you for staying with me, I was scared, I know it's silly.' I looked at his patent shoes avoiding his eyes.

'No, its not silly at all.' He replied quickly, I raised my eyes, and caught a flash in his. 'I wish to apologise for today Christine, for interrupting your rehearsals, I couldn't stand listening to that toad faced wretch any longer. She wouldn't know talent if it bit her on the nose. I would rather be tortured then listen to her sing my song. I couldn't control myself.' I watched his hands twitch, he noticed my gaze and shoved them behind his back. I smiled.

'It's okay Erik, I was slightly worried. I don't want you getting caught. I don't want to get you hurt.' I said shaking slightly, thinking of the blood that had poured from his wrist. I watched his mask lift slightly in a smile, making my heart squirm, I wanted to say something, to just shout 'I love you' at him, but before I could he was beckoning for me to sit, whilst he sat his piano and began to play. I sat on the leather chair feeling a little lost, everything felt so big and grown up, I felt so young and naive. I watched in wonder as Erik's long fingers dance over the keys, the speed they moved at was amazing. But something about him wasn't right, he had his eyes clamped shut and his back was hunched over, he didn't look comfortable, and hadn't spoken in a while, I thought he might have forgotten me. I climbed out of the chair and I took his hand, the one with he ring on his little finger, and squeezed it. I watched his eyes snap open, they were slightly crossed, it was the most adorable thing I had ever seen and I squealed with delight when I watched him uncross them and then look at me curiously.

'Sorry Erik, your playing is beautiful, I just was wondering if you where okay?' I was concerned now, then realised my hand was wet, I looked at my fingers and realised they were covered in blood. Erik's blood.

'Erik!' I gasped, looking at his hand, the blood coming from his wrist. 'Why?' I felt sick, why had he done this.

'Its nothing, it didn't heal that is all.' He tried to pull his hand away, but I still held it. I removed one of the silk bows on my dress and un did his cuff link, his cold hand trying to get away but I held it firmly.

'Christine-' I rolled up the sleeve and gasped, it wasn't the slice on his wrist that was bleeding that made me do so, but the layers upon layers of scars up his thin white arm. There were hundreds of them, all of different shapes and sizes. Some looked deep and others not so deep but still awful. I felt my jaw drop, as I held his hand and looked at him, surely he hadn't done this to himself?

'Erik, this isn't-'He seemed to read my mind, his eyes were shut now and I could tell he was trying to control his breathing, he was shaking violently.

'No, they are from Persia.' He spat, I pulled my eyes away, feeling sick, how could anyone do such a thing? How could anyone harm someone in such a way? I used the silk as a bandage, it looked rather silly the pale purple wrapped around the wound, but it stopped the bleeding. I did the cufflink back up, and sat at my Maestros feet. His eyes were open now, and looking at his wrist. I began to sing, the melody stuck in my head from a long time ago, but I wanted the pain in my Maestros eyes to go away, I wanted it to never come back.

No more talk of darkness
Forget these wide-eyed fears
I'm here, nothing can harm you
My words will warm and calm you

I smiled at him as I sung, taking his hand in mine, and trying to show him it was okay. I wanted to get those awful memories, the mental scars away from him. I sighed as I watched him smile slightly from behind his mask. Then to my surprise he rose, and began to sing in beautifully powerful voice.

Let me be your freedom
Let daylight dry your tears
I'm here, with you, beside you
To guard you and to guide you

I smiled at him, his voice taking me entirely, filling my spirit, and my soul. I realized we were both scared, I was scared of the men, Erik scared of his past and we were both scared of the love we had. I took a deep breath and let my emotions out in song.

Say you'll love me every waking moment
Turn my head with talk of summer time
Say you need me with you now and always
Promise me that all you say is true
That's all I ask of you

Erik's eyes glittered with disbelief, I thought he might stop singing, that he might not wish to continue. That he may shy away. But I watched as he fought with his body, which was shaking terribly and his eye twitching slightly, he took my other hand, looking down onto me.

Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime
Let me lead you from your solitude
Say you need me with you here, beside you
Anywhere you go, let me go too
Christine, that's all I ask of you

He sung it quickly, but I got the lyrics, my heart soared. I felt light and full of happiness. He had said everything I had longed to hear for so long now. I embraced him, and too my surprise, he lifted me off my feet and spun me around slightly. I saw him blush, even though he was wearing the mask I could tell. He went to let go, but I held onto him, I didn't want this moment to ever end. I bent my head and covered his face in kisses, I felt his grip go slack on me and I slid to the floor, I looked at him in surprise. The mismatched eyes, were glazed and slightly confused looking. I had no idea what he was doing but to my surprise he was reaching up a long hand which was shaking violently and removed his mask.

Immediately his eyes dropped from mine.

'Can you really love this?' He whispered, in a hoarse voice, his body had completely changed now, hunched over, and scared looking.

'Yes.' I said plainly. 'Yes, yes, yes!' I skipped over to him and kissed his face, making sure no part was left uncovered. I felt his body freeze, his hands awkwardly to his side. I stopped my kissing, blushing wildly, I looked into the mismatched orbs and saw such wonder it melted my heart.


Raoul POV

I had got the key of the Persians house from the servant. She had done me well, and I was pleased as punch. I sat in my carriage watching the Paris streets roll past. To be honest I wasn't taking any of it in. I was beyond happy, finally things were going my way. I twirled the key around my finger, the tulips beside me. They were for Christine; I hoped she would like them. Of course she would. I had it all planned out, I would give her the flowers, ask her to ride with me over the weekend, and then I would make my intentions clear to her.

But before that I had to go to Nadir's house, I wasn't a fool. Now my first domino had fallen, I knew I had to play my cards right. This Phantom wasn't going to be as easy to destroy as a normal man. No, he was going to be difficult. I knew that. But every man had a weakness. Every man. And as much as it disgusted me to say it, this beast was in fact a man. I knew Nadir Khan was close to the beast, god knows how. My aim was to go to his house and find out any information at all. Ideally I wanted to find out the beasts weakness. But anything would be useful.

My carriage pulled to a stop, outside a bland looking street, I gained a lot of attention, my four horse drawn carriage showed my wealth, and the de Chagny crest on the outside also meant a lot to people too. I hopped out, doing up my jacket, people had gathered to pet the fine horses; I didn't care and ignored them all. Walking straight up to the door, and undoing it without looking back. I knew I had gained perhaps a little too much attention. I was happier once inside.

The house was small, dark and stank of plants, making me pinch my nose in disgust. I walked around not really knowing where to start. Then I saw the piles of parchment, I began like a whirlwind. I pulled apart everything, and I mean everything. I left no book, no document, no scrap piece of paper un turned. I checked every room, and was not merciful, I shoved and ripped and threw. But what did it matter? I doubted he would be coming back here anyway. I was getting frustrated now, I had dug through piles and piles of paper, but not a single thing. I had a paper cut on my finger which was bleeding and stinging like crazy and the smell of plants was making me feel dizzy.

I came to the last room and pulled at everything and anything. I shoved the armchairs over and pulled down the books. I raged and cursed as I realised it all seemed rather useless, I tugged at the books, one toppling down and bumping into my head, making me cry out. But as it did so, a pile of parchment envelopes fell with it. I felt my heart stop. I ripped them open, as I read; I smiled and forgot the lump on my head and the cut on my finger because I had just hit the jackpot.

'...I don't see how I can live without Christine Nadir, I really can't, she is now my everything. Without her I would die. Without her I' am nothing...'

I had just found the Phantoms weakness.

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