I was 5 years old when my farther passed away i remember it like it was yesterday. i always loved my dad as he loved me but a year before he died he married a women called Eliza. she had two kids with her ex partner and there names were Alexandra and Natasha iv always had the feeling that they hated me. my step mother was always kind to me wile my farther was around but ignored me when he wasn't and it just got worse after he died...


" CINDERELLA" it was 8 o'clock in the morning and i realized that it was time to take there breakfast up to there room as i do every morning for 10 years now. I also clean the house,wash the clothes,cook the meals and anything else my step mother and sisters desire. I only feel happy when im at school which it was about time i got to before im late. i go to st lucy's high school it is not that bad if a school the only problem is my sisters go there two so any friends i try to make they step in to ruin it but you know that's life is what i decided to make of it.

" hey cinders" shouted mike from half way across the room. mike is the only friend i have been able to make in my time at high school. he has brown hair which desperately needs a cut and also brown eyes but you can barley tell that there brown because of his 8 sizes to big glasses and don't get me started on his clothes lets just say if he had many friends he would never go out the door with them on.

" hey mike" i said with a smile on my face. even with these flaws he is still my best friend.

" have you seen the leaflets for the spring dance i for one cannot wait" he sang as he started jumping on the spot

" of course i have seen them but i probably wont go because i have work..." i sighed. if you really want to know i work at burger king i only work because my dad used to own it but now "she" owns it and makes me work there but not my sisters... but i don't no why.

" and any way i have no one to go with... not a date anyway!" i added

" yeah but im going even if i don't have a date!" he said as if he was proud and knowing mike he probably is proud of it.

" DING DONG" that was first bell and i knew it was time to go so i pulled up my backpack and said my goodbyes before i made the journey to physics. it felt like one of the longest journeys but i knew that it was a couple of minutes but with all of the people staring and laughing at me for one reason or another and it is worse because i was alone for you notice it more but then i released i was at the door of my next class. everyone there were chatting to there friends but not me i was the lowner in a corner...


I was late. i ment to of met with mike in the cafeteria over 10 MINUTES AGO OMG HES GOING TO KILL ME. i was running when suddenly BANG. all i could see was papers flying around me until i came back to earth and saw what actually had happened. i had knocked over the hottest guy in the hole school if not universe... and to make things worse i was KISSING him! i jumped back and looked around to see that i had attracted a crowed which luckily did not include my sisters if they found out no telling what would have happened...

i quickly jumped up grabbed my papers and bolted and couldn't let him see my face because he will surely recognize me from burger king and then new rumors will start and that will my high school life just as bad as my home life!

i have finally managed to make it to the dinning hall and luckily for me he was still there waiting at our table which was the one right at the back of the room right next to the bin in other words it is always covered in food that people have thrown to the bin... "im sooo sorry" i said with puppy dog eyes so that he would forgive me. " its fine i cant really be angry with that look on ur face." he said laughing his socks of. wile i wanted to ask what was roung with it i though it was good but i dont really want to upset his good mood. " any way whats up with Ur face its Bright red are you feeling ok?. he asked with a worried look on his face. " im fine i just ... took a tumble." i practically whispered for i was to embarrassed to tell the truth. " oh rite i bet that was funny eny way you still chatting to that lover of urs?" he said wile his face lit up. and im just saying he is not my lover i just met him on a site on the internet and we chat most days his username is mr right and he just seems like the perfect person but i have never met him. " you know that he is not my lover you really need to get it in ur head anyway the bell is about to go gotta run." i spurted before running of down the hall. i didn't actually know were i was going but at the time any were would be better then there because i hated talking about him even though i really like i guess its because i don't no if he is who i think he is. just as i arrived at my next class the bell went so i was ready for lessons !.