" im here everyone" i said as i went through to the back to change into my work clothes which definitely need a wash.

" hey cinders " everyone said at the same time . we were all one big family here and that's how i liked it. then i herd about the new law my step mother had introduced to us all. WE had to use ROLLER BLADES and its just my luck that im the only waitress who didn't know how to skate. how bad can my life get. The next few hours were spent trying to get me on my feet without doing the splits which was a task within a task... I was finally serving tables and the first table i was ment to be serving was the most popular guys and girls in my school. They all know that i work here but it still makes it worse when they see me.

" omg look who it is " shirked the first of the girls on the table.

"if it isent burger girl" she added. i looked around the table and realised that the guy i knocked in to in the hall was here and if i didn't tell you all his name it is Austin!

" may i take you order" i whispered. then i took there orders and left wile hearing them laughing behind me. After i gave the order in i practicably collapsed into one of the worn down chairs.

" You shouldn't let them do that to you!" Mary-an said wile walking towards me she was my favorite of the people who work here.

" well there's nothing i can really do except ignore them" i sighed wile looking down at floor because i knew that wasn't the right answer

" ill tell you what you can do you can go over there and punch the little skits in the face before i do!" she said with i disappointed look on her face because i didn't say it first.

" oh and you so called mother will be here in about half an owner so i need to mentally prepare myself and so do you." and with that she turned around and headed for the locker room. Just after she had left it clicked in what she had said MY MOTHER IS COMING. If anything was out of place or not right i would be the one getting the blame and ten times the work at home which is on top of my home work ...

DING DING. that table's order had just come through and i knew i had to face them again. i wobbled over ( i still haven't manged to stand up completely strait yet but oh well ) i was about just about to stop at there table when i didn't see the big blob of ketchup waiting to trip me up on the floor. WHOOSH the low fat coffee the cheese burger and fries and the other stuff all over Austins girlfriend and head cheer leader rose.

" what the heck do you think you are doing!" she shouted and squiled at the same time at one point i thought that was impossible but apparently not. i was about to apologize when i herd clapping behind me and there stud Mary-an in all her glory there clapping and shouting out "and that's how u do it !" i turned back to see her with a bright red face and eyes that could kill before i was pushed over and she stormed out followed of course by her entourage

" here its for the food." when i looked it was Austin

" no its ok it was my fault that you didn't get it" i said suddenly feeling a little shy. he just shrugged and left with the others. i wish he wouldn't go. no i cant have thoughts like anyway mother will be here soon.

I have spent the last half hour cleaning and checking every inch of the restaurant i also did some thinking maybe it isent soo bad if i attend the dance without a date it may be fun! it was faint but i was sure it was her because i herd the pop music booming from the car.

"SHES HERE!" i shouted causing all the customers to jump and stare at me but at that moment in time i really didn't care. in about 2 seconds flat Mary an was at the till ready to cause as many arguments as possible with " mother" and i herd the panic in the kitchen but i had a feeling that we were ready.

the door swiftly swung open and SHE walked in she was wearing a hot pants even though she is way to old for them and a tight vest top with stiletto boots. she has no fashion sense. her eyes went into little lines as she scanned the room,looking for anything to be out of place.

" Cinderella i am here because i needed to tell you that you have to work next weekend. do you understand?" she said not looking at me.

" but mother i was hoping to go to the dance at my school..." i said but my voice was trailing of because of her stare that was now on me.

" it looks like you are going to have to miss it aren't you." she said with a smirk on her face because she knew that i had no say in it.

" you cant control this girls life ya know she needs some freedom." said Mary-an who was just itching to get in an argument with " mother"

" she is under my care so i have every right to stop her going somewhere and if you carry on you shall be out of a job!" she said losing the smirk she previously had. Mary-an backed of but she took me with her wile my mother started lecturing the other staff. the rest of my shift went quick and before i knew it it was time to go home.