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New Message from Claire: 911 Common Grounds hurry. Crazy vamps.

Shane stares at the phone a moment in shock, but its just a second before he shoves the phone into his pocket and rushes down stairs. "Michael!" He yells as he begins to grab the usual supplies, stakes(silver ones to be exact), silver knives, etc...

"Whats wrong?" Michael asks, gently placing the guitar he had been playing on the couch. He stands up looking tense and for a moment, his sky blue eyes flash red.

"There's something wrong at Common Grounds." Shane replies grimly fishing the phone out of his pocket to show Michael the text.

"That's all she sent?" Michael asks as he throws on his black floppy hat and coat not wasting any time.

"Yeah, I've got no freaking clue what's going on but it must be bad."

"That makes sense what with the whole 911 and everything." Michael says sarcastically.

"We don't have time for that Michael!" Shane says scowling as he yanks the door open. "How can you even be joking about this?" Michael drops the smirk.

"I know man, sorry, lets go save the day for the millionth time." He says rushing at vamp speed to his car.

"It's a million and two times I think." Shane says hopping in the passenger side immediately becoming encased in almost total darkness by the standard dark vampire tinting. Michael gives him a small smile that doesn't come close to meeting his eyes. They may be joking around, but they both know how serious this might be. Nothing was ever simple or easy in Morganville. Shane supposed that the jokes were just their way of distracting themselves and each other from thinking of the horrible things that could and probably were happening.

Michael doesn't bother with the speed limit, going close to a hundred the majority of the way and Shane just hoped that the fact that he was a vampire mean the cops wouldn't pull them over, they didn't have the time to go to jail, again. If anything happened to Claire or he couldn't think about it. He had lost Claire once and it had driven him over the edge, sitting holding a gun ready to join her. He didn't think he'd get another lucky break if she-if she died again. He knew he wouldn't be able to handle it and he'd wind up sitting there again, ready to end his life. And he'd succeed. Claire was his world, his reason for getting up in the morning and dealing with this hell hole of a town every single freaking day. She made him who he was, without her, they were two halves of a whole, separate and incomplete. He couldn't live that way.

Michael screeches the car to a stop in front of Common Grounds, he leaves it running, a good tactic in case they had to bolt out of there while some crazy ass vampire chased them, which was highly likely. Shane scoops up the bag and tosses Michael a knife, he catches it with ease and flips it around so its a blur. Michael gives him a long look and Shane nods. They get out and stand in front of Common Grounds. Shane notices something very odd about the place, its completely dark, and huge metal shutter are drawn over the windows inside. The front door was smashed in too. Something was obviously wrong, this place was usually crawling with caffeine addicts alive and dead.

"You grab the girls and get them out and into the car. I'll distract the vamps while you get them out. Don't come back in." Michael says looking Shane straight in the eyes. Shane snorts.

"Okay boss man and while I'm at it I'll run and get you a coffee. Hell no! I agree with the whole get the girls out thing, but I am definitely coming back. We don't know how many vamps are in there Mike, or if you can take them all. You will probably require my mad ninja skills."

"I'm serious Shane!" Michael says running his pale fingers through his blond hair in frustration. "Do you actually think that Claireand Eve will sit nice and quiet in the car? You have to keep them there, no matter what happens. And you have no ninja skills at all, you would get poned," He says will a small smile. "Don't do anything crazy Shane. Who would make chili if you died?"

"Back at you Bro," Shane says giving him a fist bump. "Now lets do this. I'm guessing we have to use the front door." He says gesturing to the mess of shattered glass on the ground.

"Looks like it." Michael says taking an unnecessary deep breath. Shane reaches for the door knob, as he pulls on it, the little bell above the door gives a cheerful little ding. A low delighted chuckles emanates from the shops murky depths. Whoever it was now knew they were coming. Shane and Michael look at each other, knowing they have lost the element of surprise, a vampire could have easily hear that. They step inside to meet their fate.