I hear a sharp rap on my door and I look up, irritated that I'm being disturbed from my work. "What?" I snap when I see that its Adrian.

"I came to report on the mission sir." Adrian replies.

"And?" I prompt, my patience fast wearing thin.

"We were successful. How would you like us to proceed?"

"Excellent," I say with a manic grin. "And continue as I instructed you. Keep taking out small groups of unimportant people for now. In a couple days, we'll work our way up."

"I shall tell the others," Adrian says with a curt nod. "Is there anything else?"

"No." I say as a dismissal before looking back down at my papers. Once I know that he's gone, I smile to myself. Things were going perfectly. I was going to rule Morganville.


I was worried about Claire, Eve and I both were. She was more of a ghost than I ever was, just wandering around, looking vacant and lost. She claimed she was fine, but not knowing what happened to Shane was literally killing her. She just couldn't accept that he was dead, at least the Shane they knew was.

I look up from my coffee as Claire and Eve enter the kitchen, Eve looks like she's in shock, and Claire looks grim. "What happened?" I demand, worry growing.

"Amelie called this morning," Claire says quietly. "Apparently, Shane arranged three murders last night."

"What?" I ask, completely horrified and bewildered. "What do you mean arranged?"

"Amelie says that Shane—that he has gotten a group of vampire together, ones that not many people pay attention to, that he's—leading them, making them do things."

"But—why?" I ask. This just didn't make any sense, why wouldn't Shane just do it himself.

"I don't know," Claire says shrugging miserably, and Eve puts an arm around her in comfort. "Amelie says that vampires can turn off emotions like regret, sadness, but it turns off love and happiness too. All he has is hatred and anger left. Shane—Shane's gone." Claire chokes out eyes welling up with tears.

"Oh C.B!" Eve says wrapping her in a hug as tears spill out of her eyes as well. "It'll be okay!"

"No it won't." Claire says and I agree. I can't believe that Shane would have this done, but he's not our Shane anymore. It's almost funny how little it surprises me, how numb I am. I know that he's never coming back.

That night, I quietly knock on Eve's door, not wanting Claire to hear. She hadn't said a word all day after telling us about Shane. It was like she was locked up inside her own head, just staring out the window.

"Hey." Eve says opening the door and giving me a small smile.

"Hey," I say smiling back. "Can I come in?"

"Oh, sure," Eve says looking at me nervously. I come in and sit on a chair, Eve sits across from me on her bed, nervously fidgeting with her hands. "Are you sure we should do this? We need to be there to support Claire."

"Eve, we've been through this," I say gently. "We've been putting this off for months. We'll both be able to protect Claire then."

"Yeah but…" Eve trails off and bites her bottom lip, thinking.

"But what?" I ask, thinking I already know what she's going to say.

"What if I end up like Shane?" Eve asks quietly averting her eyes.

"You won't I say firmly," And when she still doesn't look at me, I walk over and tilt her chin up with my fingers making her look at me. "Hey, you won't. We both know that Shane had some serious problems. He had the idea implanted so deep in his brain that vampires were evil, wrong, that he couldn't accept it. It destroyed him. And, he didn't have a choice. You do, and if you don't want to do this right now, or ever, I respect your decision, because I love you." I say smiling and she gives me a weak smile back.

"It's just a lot to take in y'know? Eternity. With you. As a vampire. Of course I want to be with you Michael," She says earnestly taking both my hands in hers. "But can't it wait a while? I don't know if Claire can handle anymore right now."

"Of course." I say although my heart drops. I was beginning to wonder if she was going to put this off forever.