Here it is, the final chapter! :D Thanks to all who have stuck with this since the beginning! It's super hard to finish this, I hope I got it right! It's not very exciting, just sort of wraps things up. Look for first chapter of later today!

**Ten Years Later**


It's been ten years since Myrnin and I have left Morganville and a whole lot has changed. First off, I finally went to MIT after Myrnin and I perfected the machine and we let Frank go—wherever people go when they die. Since then, we've been traveling the world, taking our time. After all, we have forever to see it. It'd been a lot of firsts for both of us. I'd never been out of the country and he'd never been in a plane or a movie theater, and that had been...interesting.

Now Amelie is requesting we come back, our vacation as she calls it is over. I've kept contact with Eve and Micahel-Skyped with them about once a week. Michael went on tour for a year, leaving about two months before I did, people really loved his music, then they returned, wanting life to calm down a bit. Eve opened up her own clothes store the next year.

And you won't believe what else happened. They figured out a way for vampires to have kids. Not themselves, but through a surrogate.

And guess who Michael and Eve's kids were put into? None other than Monica Morrell. I hadn't really seen much of her in the months before I left and now I know why.

Apparently, she had quit collage to run off to live with her boyfriend. Two months later, they married, a few months after that she found out she was pregnant. Well, he freaked and left, claiming it wasn't his and her mom disowned her, leaving her on the streets.

Eve found her, having only gone on three months of the tour, living in an abandoned warehouse, no one one would hire Monica Morell, she hadn't been anything but a bitch to anyone. Her clones Gina and Jennifer ditched her and bailed out of town once Monica was no longer A. Powerful and B. Popular. She was treated like she was diseased. Eve took pity on her, and allowed her to live with them till the baby was born and she got back on her feet.

Then doctors discovered the miracle that vampires could have children through a willing surrogate. Only after they went through an intense background check to make sure they wouldn't you know eat their children. Eve and Michael passed, but no one wanted a monster child growing inside of them. Monica jumped on the opportunity to repay them and two months after having her son, Richard, she became their surrogate.

Once people saw that little Sam wasn't a veracious man eating monster baby, he was completely human, people who really needed money became surrogates too. Amelie and Oliver had twins, Abrielle, like Gabrielle with out a G, and Brendan, a year later. A year after that, Eve and Michael had Ivy. Then came Sophie a year and half after that, Monica's daughter she had with a nice guy from out of town that she's still married too.

Hannah Moses married a guy she knew when she was a soldier and they had a daughter, Alexis, the same year that Ivy was born. There's been another handful of kids with vampire parents as well.

I talked about this all with Eve but never about Shane, only once. He's still rotting away in prison, and for some reason, they started visiting him five years ago, that's all I know. She said that he was really getting better. I told her I'd heard that before and to not bring the topic up again.

Now Myrnin and I are pulling into town, and the memories come rushing in. The good and the bad. Myrnin notices my poorly disguised tension and takes my hand in his own.

"Are you all right fy annwyl?" He asks warm brown eyes filled with concern.

"Yeah," I say taking a deep shaky breath. "I'll be fine. It's just the memories you know?"

"Yes, but everything will be fine."

"I know." I say, though I'm not sure I believe it.

"C.B!" Eve shouts excitedly as she pulls the door open wearing a huge grin.

"Hey, Eve." I say waving awkwardly, not sure what to do. She solves the problem by pulling me into a bone crushing hug.

"Oh my God Claire I can't believe your back!" She squeals.

"I know it's great Eve," I gasp out. "But just because I'm a vampire doesn't mean you aren't breaking my ribs."

"Oh, oops," She says sheepishly, pulling back. "Sorry, it's just so great to see you!"

"Eve, we Skype just about every week."

"I know but its not the same. Well, come on in." She says opening the door wide. They still lived in the Glass house, but the furniture was way different. It was nice and homy still, but with way nicer and more modern furniture, plus there were toys strewn everywhere, and there were cute family photos on the walls.

"Hey Claire." Michael says with a grin, walking into the room carrying a five year old Ivy, who burries her head shyly in her dad's shoulder. Her full name was Ivy Elizabeth Claire, middle name first after Michael's mom and then me, which really touched me when I'd heard. I guess Eve didn't think her mom was worthy of her name being passed on.

There son's full name was Samuel Jason Shane. The first name made sense to me, Sam was Michael's deceased grandfather turned vampire and a great guy. But Jason and Shane? Eve's crazy evil brother and my evil crazy ex? It just didn't make sense to me. But Eve said she wanted there names to be associated with something good. She wanted people to remember that there had been good in them at one point. I still didn't get it, but whatever, it was their kid.

"Hi Michael, it's great to see you." I say giving him a one armed hug due to the child glued to one side of him. That's when Monica walks into the room out of the kitchen trailed by little Richard and carrying four year old Sophie.

It was weird to actually see someone I'd known that had aged. Monica still dressed like a collage student with skinny jeans in a tight top, but I could see a few slight wrinkles in her face and carrying four babies had made her put on a few pounds. And she actually looked nice. Gone was the face of a bitchy evil queen, replaced with a sweet smile. Freaking. Weird.

"Hey Monica." I say warily.

"Claire, it's great to have you back!" She says putting the kid down to give me a hug, I stiffen in complete shock before tentatively hugging her back.

We sit down and discuss normal, everyday things. What we've been doing with our lives. Apparently, Monica left town for a few years. But she came back, as most seem to.

I watch the little kids all playing together and I wonder if I'll ever have kids of my own. Maybe. In the very distant future. I just couldn't see myself as a mother or for that matter, Myrnin passing the required background check with his past.

"Hey Claire," Eve says a few hours later. "Do you want to come upstairs with me? I have to put the kids down for their naps."

"Ah-sure." I say surprised. I pick up the droopy eyed Sam and she grabs Ivy. Sophie and Richard are curled up on the floor as well but Monica makes no move to bring them upstairs.

We take Ivy to my old room which has been renovated into a pastel pink princess room, overflowing with stuffed animals and Barbies. Sam's room is Eve's old room, now a navy blue, plastered with posters of superheroes and dinosaurs. That leaves Shane's room. I really hope we're not going there, but I have a sneaking suspicion that's why she brought me up here. Sure enough, she swings the door open.

I freeze, it looks like he could be back at any minute. Nothing has changed, nothing in ten years. The bed is still unmade, clothes are thrown everywhere. His old X-box is hooked up to the T.V.

"It's like he never left." I whisper, staring.

"We visit him you know," Eve says back quietly. "We tell him that as soon as the kids are out of the house, he's welcome back at any time. We want him to feel at home if—when he comes back."

"How much longer does he have? A century or two?" I ask coldly.

"Claire—" Eve starts, putting a hand on my shoulder, I shrug it off.

"No Eve, you know it could be a trap. You know how smart he is, you know how long he's had to plan. I can't believe you'd take him back."

"Okay, forget I said anything," Eve says after a minute of strained silence. "Let's just go back down stairs okay?"

"Fine." I say stiffly, swinging the door shut.

We wrap up the visit and Myrnin and I head back to the lab. We really need to get an apartment or something. I could not live here forever.

"Lab sweet lab." I mutter walking through the door. Myrnin laughs and wraps his arms around me from behind, kissing my cheek.

"That went well didn't it?" Myrnin says, flipping on the lights.

"As well as it could have I guess." I sigh, flopping into the stupid arm chair smack in the middle of the lab still and sending up a cloud of dust.

"I suppose you're right," Myrnin muses. "I think things in this town are finally turning around."

"I think so too." I say smiling.

This town had ruined us and many others, claimed us as it's own. But people here where stronger then most, they wouldn't let anything stop them and I think a new better future was just starting to rise from the ashes.

Sequel is called From the Ashes. It takes twelve years later and is from Eve and Michael's son, Sam, point of view mainly. There are also the other kids at times. Tons of drama and craziness is planned. :)