This can't be happening right? I mean it just can't be humanly possible for me sasuke uchiha the sasuke uchiha to jealous of any one let alone my own baby son.

This just sucks and you want to no why, it's because that damn brat of mine is taking away all the attention that my wife had for me. With its crying and pooping and yelling all the damn time oh and don't even get me started on the Brest feeding thing I mean hell that baby sucks on sakura's boobs more then I do when we have sex, it's like ever five minutes she's sticking our her chest for the little milk sucker.

Now don't get me wrong I mean I love my son with all my heart but sometimes I think he sets he's cries to start on the perfect moment when me and Sakura have some alone time just to still her away, and you know Sakura being the person she is she's goes and checks on him giving me the same line " I'll be back sasuke-kun" or " maybe the baby should sleep with us tonight?, just this one time" but I no it's a lie because that baby has been in our bed more then once to much to even count.

Now I'm not saying I'm jealous I'm far from jealous actually I just wish Sakura would stop babying the brat I mean who cares if he dropped he's toy and he's arms are to short to pick it up doesn't mean Sakura has to get it for him the boy needs to learn how to be independent, and who cares if he poops he's diaper Sakura doesn't always have to change it because last time I checked we have these things called toilets so he should learn how to use one, but then Sakura is like " he's only two" and " he's to small to use the big toilets, he'll fall right in!" or " toilet training takes a lot of hard work" so what if it dose he's an uchiha so he'll naturally be great at it because uchiha's are great at everything they do.

"Sasuke, sasuke come quick!" Sakura yelled " what is?" I asked she was smiling brightly at me "tamaki said he's first words!" I look at her shocked " really!?" I asked she smiles and nods then turns back to tamaki " go on sweetie, tell daddy what you told me" now when i say im telling you the truth i mean it because right then tamaki looked me right in the eye with hes bright green ones smirked and said in he's cute baby voice " mama's mine "I froze in shock at hes words and Sakura takes that as me being happy for what he just said and laughs at the cuteness in he's voice and claps for he's achievement but I glare at the child knowing very well that this kid is asking for it, and it its a war he wants then fine ill show him how he'll fail to try and steal my wife away from me.

( but I guess you can say I'm a little jealous of the brat.)