"Can you hear me? You're making a fool out of yourself," pointed Harvey at Mike with his finger. " I'll tell you what are you gonna do, you'll sit down, and you'll give me those papers you hold in your hand, and let me handle it. I won't let you go there and destroy all of our work while completely looking stupid and really unprofessional! "

" No, Harvey, look, you trusted me on this. I don't want to let you down, I can do it but let me do it on my own way. I won't make a fool out of myself, I know my job, okay? " Mike was trying to calm Harvey down, because he was apparently upset. He looked at him with his big blue eyes and tried to give him his "I know what am I doing" look.

" No. I'm still your boss, you do what I say. And I know more about this case than you think. "

" But.. "

" End of discussion. Now, give me those files, " He actually hated being this bossy with him, even though he is his boss. Mike slowly handed the papers and looked down. " Mike, I do it for our firm, we have to win this case, and I need to be sure about it. " He lied. They could've dealed with this , but he was trying to protect Mike so bad. He knew that Mike's strategy would collapse and Harvey is not able to watch him loose this painful. He knew the consequences.

" I thought you do trust me" He seemed a little sad, but he was like a little child waiting for nice words.

" I do. " Harvey swallowed. " But I can't risk it. By the way, since when I owe you explanations? " They stood there for a few seconds analyzing each other's expressions. " So , if you like working this much I could easily give you some work then. " He handed him a thick dossier with the title "Greenwood" on it.

" Wow, you are really giving me the Greenwood case. " Mike stepped back a little.

" Why is that so surprising? "

" Oh, I don't know, maybe because even you put that aside, because it's a really complicated case with... "

" If you can't do it, just tell me. I could give you an easier one, a one for kids. " Harvey smiled.

" I didn't say I can't. I can. I absolutely can. " He took that dossier quickly and looked in it. " Well, maybe I can't, but I'll try. " Then he turned around and managed to walked out.

" Wait. " Harvey looked serious this time. " I know you could've done that work with the right tools, and I know you are more sure about this than me, but don't question my choices again, okay? " He clearly wanted to let him know that he is still his boss, even though they care about each other a lot more than last year this time.

" I get it. " Mike looked away, then back. " Oh, I almost forgot, Jessica wants to see you in her office. She asked me to send you there. But now, I gotta go. I have a case and I want to do it with the right tools. " He smirked.

Then he left. Harvey usually watch him walk away, and it's always a painful experience. Three minutes earlier they were talking, doesn't matter if it's work, they were communicating, and now he is on his way out. He wants him close, he just can't handle when he is not around. Mike is the only person who he wants to be near all the time.
His mind slowly came back from thinking about Mike, and he realised that Jessica actually wanna see him, so he grabbed his phone and went straight to her office. She was sitting on her couch, waiting for him.

" Harvey. Finally. Sit down. " offered the seat nicely. " I know you have important work to do, but I wanted to invite you personally to our next formal dinner. "

" Jessica, you haven't asked me out for a formal dinner since 2010. You want to celebrate my victories again? I thought it's became ordinary. "

" I didn't say there'll be just the two of us. "

" Who else? "

" Mike Ross. " Jessica smiled. Harvey suddenly looked at him and his heart skipped a beat. " Lately, I'm really impressed by your work with Mr. Ross, it's a great time to celebrate it, oh, and I also want to talk about something with you two. I was going to invite Louis too, because his work is improving in a high level too, but he's not in your little team with Ross, plus I've already spoken to him about it, but it's not the point. "

" Does Mike know? "

" Not yet. But I'll tell him, I'm sure he's going to appreciate it, think about my latest dinner with him , he was freaked out. " She rolled her eyes playfully. " I'll send you the informations! Now, if you excuse me, I'm late. "

After he thanked Jessica, he just stared at the wall thinking about what's gonna happen. He, Mike and Jessica. That's gonna be interesting.

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