The day has came. Havey didn't know what to wear, he acted like a teenage girl when she is preparing for her first date. He had so many elegant suits, clothes, but nothing was good enough for this night. Harvey didn't even understand why is this so important to him, he just couldn't describe. This Formal dinner with Jessica and Mike was so surreal, Jessica explained why she wanted this night, but still, he didn't understand.

The good looking man finally decided what to wear and sat in the car, then drove to the best reastaurant in New York. Of course, it was the most expensive too, but that's what he liked.

As he walked in, shiny and colorful lights were all over the place, blinding everyone. This place was fancy enough. Everyone around him was in beautiful, expensive clothes, women's make ups were gleaming, and that annoying slow music was playing in the back. Harvey checked in, and the waiter showed him their table. He saw Jessica sitting there.

" I'm a woman, and I'm the first one who is here. " She started. " Sit down, Harvey. "

" As I can see, Mike is not here yet. I think I should call him, I mean he is always late. It's not okay. " He was clearly upset.

" You should give that boy more freedom, I'm sure he has the reason why isn't he here already. " Jessica was playing with her drink while she said this sentence. And to this sentence, Harvey didn't know how to answer. He is giving him his own freedom, and the right to do whatever he likes, if it's not work realted. And this was not work related, but this wasn't the source of his problem. His problem was that he is always late, and during those minutes, seconds he worries. Freaking worries. He worries that what could've happened to Mike in those little times, maybe he got hurt, he got in some kind of trouble. Harvey's mind is always so full of these suppositions that he gets really angry.

" I'm giving him enough freedom. " He lifted his eyebrow. " Just watch his huge freedom that I give him after I put his shit together. "

A waiter came across to them with his little notebook and fake smile, his dark brown hair was not even brushed, maybe it was his last day at work.

" Are you done with your order? "

" I've already told our order to your colleague. " Jessica answered politely. The waiter seemed surprised then he looked at his notebook.

" Oh right, I'm sorry. " He said really quietly, then walked away.

" Okay, that was weird. " Harvey pointed after the waiter. " By the way, what do you mean by you've already ordered to us? "

" Yes, I was brave enough to do that. Plus, I was bored. " She smiled. " Oh look, who decided to show up. " It was Mike who was suddenly standing above them. Havey noticed that his face was a little bit blushed, so he was running. His tie was slant, but Harvey assumed that it was one of his best suits. He looked down at him. Oh my god, he looks so good even when he can't breath.

" Uhm, I'm so sorry, I was making my way here, then... "

" Stop." Harvey's voice sounded angry, because what he wanted to refer to by this is that Mike should never be late again, because he wouldn't survive any secret worry attack anymore. " We don't need any explanations or lies. You are late, now just try to be a good boy, and sit down. " So he did.

" The food should be here by now, what is going on back there? " Jessica seemed annoyed. " I will check this, we've been waiting for those foods since forever. " She sighed. " It seems like that things don't want our dinner to start. I'll be right back. " Then she stood up and went away.

Mike looked at Harvey with his puppy eyes, and he looked back. Harvey's heart was beating faster, but he tried to look really calm. He was with him all the time, but not like this. Dinner table and everything. He loved him so much.

" So, you don't care why I was late? "

" I don't. That doesn't change the fact, that you were late from a formal dinner, where actuallly your bosses were waiting for you. " Harvey tried not be really mean to him, he didn't want to hurt him, but he has to learn .

" I'm sorry. I've already told you, what else should I do? " Mike looked really confused.

" Don't be late next time. Or ever. Got it? It's a very awful habit. "

" I don't understand you. You act like you don't care, when you ... do. " His eyes were burning. " Oh, I don't care about why are you late, but don't be late anymore, because just don't, bad habit and stuff. " said quickly while he was imitated Harvey. " If it's not caring, then I don't know what it is. At least, I'm not afrad to say, that I really care about you, and not just because you are my boss, because you are you, and I don't know why is so hard for you to just say it out loud. "

" Why do you want to talk about this in the middle of a dinner? " Harvey couldn't hide his little smile, and that smile wasn't for the whole situation, it was for what Mike said. He cares about him, it felt good to him. Really good.

"Jessica is not here, and there's no food on the table, I can't consider it as a dinner. " For a few seconds there was full silence between them, then Harvey decided to say something.

" Look, Mike. I care about you, so stop being an ass. "

" Oh wait, what did you say? I couldn't hear it, can you please repeat it? "

" Shut up. " He smirked. That's one of the million things that he loved about Mike, he could make him smile, he could make him feel like a living person again.

" Gentlemen, we have a problem. " Jessica appeared. " The owner of this restaurant just sent everyone home, so we need to go. "

" Why would he do that? " asked Mike.

" I wouldn't go into that topic. But I won't let anything to ruin this, because I have important things to tell, so we will just go the office, have some champagne, then that's it. Are you okay with this? " Both of them nodded. What else they could've done?

Jessica had something so important to tell them, that it couldn't wait a night. It affected Harvey and Mike too, they were too curious, so they followed her.