Originally, I was going to have Rebecca's voice be the voice actor of Angelica Pickles. However, I've just now started thinking how all the Jungle Cub characters were slightly different in personality compared to their older selves. Therefore, I've decided that Rebecca will be a similar case. For that reason, I'm going to have her voiced by Catherine Cadavini, the voice of Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls. Meanwhile, Olivia Hack, the voice of Rhonda Lloyd (Hey Arnold!) will be the voice of teenage Becky. Don't worry, though. Rebecca will still grow up to be the bearess we've grown so used to.

Rebecca, Baloo, and all other characters canon to The Jungle Book and/or Jungle Cubs and/or Talespin belong to Disney.

Whoa...this place...was huger than she had originally thought!

Indeed, all around the preteen cinnamon bearess, the dark green canopy of the jungle stretched far above to the cloud-patched, azure heavens. No doubt the deep, Indian greenery extended to far beyond the horizon, perhaps reaching all the way to the Wastelands as well.

'I-I don't know where to start!'

So many places to see, places to go to...! Oh if only she didn't have to worry about Daddy...She loved him sure, but sometimes he could be such an old fuddy-duddy.

'Then again, I'm not much one to talk, am I?'

Ironically, when the male ursine had notified his only daughter of their upcoming transfer, the young woman had felt nothing but disheartening anxiety. She knew that the jungle in which her birth took place had shrunk over the years due to the extensive and damaging influence of the humans with whom the native fauna had had no choice but to coexist.

However, when the food—both living and plant—began its drastic plummet and after certain..."losses" occurred, Rebecca and her father had had no other option but to migrate to another part of India.

The journey, to say the least, made no favors for the distraught cub and her already stirred peace of mind. Fortunately, her father's firm but loving coaxing and the assurance of finding happiness and friends gave her the courage and incentive necessary to defy life's misfortunes and continue forth.

So imagine the young female's awe immense relief the moment she and her father, after weeks of grueling travel, finally emerged into the same warm, welcoming sunlight with which she had fallen in love after only seconds.

As for the sheer size of the place...well, let's just say the little one, in spite of her somewhat timid disposition, was a bit of an adventurer at heart. The idea of not exploring this new home just seemed...preposterous to say least!

"Now where do I start?" the cub mumbled to herself, tapping a claw to her delicate chin.

Oh decisions, decision, decisions...

A sudden growl from nearby made the peach-bellied youth jump and shoot her eyes' vision all over her surroundings...two actions that quickly brought a blush to her cheeks as soon as she realized what the source had been: her stomach.

'Whew, I haven't had a bite to eat since yesterday!' No kidding—her father, though devout and sweet, had been unable to care for his child as of late due to a leg injury a hungry (though thankfully "dissuadable") tiger had given him a day or two ago. As a result, the older male's ability to gather food became severely restricted. His daughter, thanks to the first aid lessons he and his late wife had taught her, had done surprisingly well in taking care of his cuts and bleeds, but he had insisted on finding a medicine woman about his wounds.

So as of right now, the bearess and her single parent were currently living with a fairly aged but energetic and kind lady bear, one with just the right medical skills that the papa ursine needed for his injuries. The two travelers encountered the woman just yesterday; unfortunately, by the time they'd found her, night had long since fallen. Luckily, the female hermit had offered a place for the male ursine and his cub to stay for the night.

Too bad, though, that the two out-of-towners had been too tired to even think about eating anything before crashing for the night...

It also didn't help that the cub had kind of rushed through breakfast, much to her father's concern and annoyance. Her curiosity simply got the best of her.

'Stupid curiosity...'

Well regardless of who had been the stupid one, the girl cub herself was the one who'd have to suffer the consequences of her own carelessness. She held her stomach as the growling intensified.

'There has to be some decent food around here!'

In fact, the cub was just on the verge of searching for nourishment...or at least she would have been...if her keen ears had never caught a scratchy, baritone voice drifting along the breeze.

"Look for the...bear necessities, the simple bear necessities..."

'Huh, who is that?' Curiosity had the girl in its jaws like a steel trap; hunger forgotten for now, the interested cub slowly but deliberately followed the voice, making sure to watch her step but, at the same time, also making dead sure not to lose track of the singing.

"Forget a-bout your worries and your strife..."

Following the sound, however, thankfully proved easier and simpler than the bearess anticipated. She didn't need to take long to discover that the owner of the singing voice had been not only going alongside the same trail she was on but barely a piece away from it as well—only the wall of trees and expansive leaves blocked her view of him. In addition, the sound of noisily running water clued the bearess in on the mysterious singer's mode of, ahem, transportation.

'Now if only I could find a good spot...' wondered the girl in slight frustration. True, she wanted a glimpse of whoever was singing so harmoniously and, more importantly for that matter, insouciantly. However, she wasn't too keen on the idea of upsetting anybody, especially on her first day in this jungle. Eventually, she found a spot from where, if silent enough, she could catch a glance of the vocalist responsible without revealing herself...

That's when she saw him. Granted, he wasn't earth-shaking huge due to his young age—he was approximately only a head taller than the female cub watching him—but the girl knew better. One day, that boy would indubitably grow to be a giant!

Still, however, the boy was considerably large nonetheless; the red nose and light grey underbelly and snout seemed to only emphasize that fact.

"Wow..." She thought the boy sounded carefree before...but looking at him now...

Eyes closed in bliss, a simple grin, legs stretched out, beefy hands situated snugly behind his large, fluffy head—he looked beyond calm and content—more so than any animal the bearess had ever met! Coppery evening sunlight streaked through the neon green jungle leaves, landing upon the bear's greyish blue fur and causing it to cast a metallic sheen in the dimming twilight.

"Hey, Baloo...!"

Both bears shifted their eyes in the direction of the loud voice. Out of nowhere, a small orangutan with floppy Elvis-style hair and a bare, peach underbelly swung down on a vine from the leafy ceiling of the looming canopy, making sure to perform ostentatious flips in the air as he leapt from vine to vine.

The addressed—Baloo—however, unlike his "audience", did not bat an eye at the off-kilter greeting in the slightest. In fact, he ceased his progress in the river and chortled in good nature.

'Baloo...?' the girl mused in heartfelt amusement. 'What a funny name!'

"Well if it ain't my number one primate! What's up, Lou?"

The chipper primate performed some more impressive, albeit rather flashy, feats of agility among the vines before responding. "You mean aside from moi? Not—much...!"

In contrast to the responding guffawing that instantly possessed the two jokers, the cinnamon ursine had to roll her eyes a bit at the corniness of the ape's joke.

On the other hand, she also couldn't keep herself from giggling a bit at how goofy these boys were.

'They actually look kinda sweet even!'

Unfortunately, she misjudged the loudness of said giggling. The volume itself shocked the orangutan significantly enough to the point that his toes, the only phalanges keeping the primate suspended, slipped from the branch.

Needless to say, Baloo, much to his own sudden and temporary chagrin, ended up as Louie's personal landing pad. Rebecca had to wince at the giant splash the boys generated.

Two drenched heads broke the surface of the river only moments later.

"What was that!?" squawked a startled Louie after spewing out a mouthful of river water.

Baloo coughed out inhaled water before responding. "I don' know...sounded pretty close, though."

There wasn't a soul in sight, however. 'Well, noises don't come outta nowhere,' thought Louie as he scanned the nearby foliage of tattle-tell signs of "peeping peeps."

And sure enough Louie must had caught one of those signs in time on account of the fact that his eyes were intently focused on a particular spot—a particular girl's spot.

"Hmm...," hummed the young orangutan as he narrowed his eyes.

A curious Baloo could not help but ask, "See sumthin'?"

Louie shushed his companion with a hand and resorted to whispering—hey, no sense in eliminating the element of surprise, right? "Don't look now...but I think somebody's tryin' to oust us outta our spot!"

Baloo used his eyes to follow his best friend's finger in the direction in which it was pointed. Sure enough, the rotund ursine saw some leaves on the right side of the river just finish rustling.

"Well now," stated the bear cub pointedly, "can't have that, can we?"

The two boys shared a significant look…then an evil smirk.

Baloo raised an eyebrow deviously. "You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

'Oh me and my big mouth...!' the girl mentally ranted to herself. Oh, how could she have been so reckless? Now those two boys were sure to be on to her!

Okay, okay, no need to panic...

'Just calm down first Rebecca...just calm down...'

The young bearess closed her eyes and took some deep, cleansing breaths—a method her father taught her.

'There... much better...' Satisfied at the feeling of fortified self-control, Rebecca sneaked over to a different hole in the bushes through which she could glance at the river...

Only to find that the other bear and his primate friend were gone now...Rebecca rubbed her eyes twice to self-confirm the reality of this new development.

'That's weird...Where'd they go?' she asked herself as her eyebrows furrowed in utter confusion.

"Gotcha!" sprang a voice from above!

Rebecca spun where she stood and came nose to nose with some creature's haunting, beady eyes.

"AHH!" she screamed!

"AHH!" The creature—Louie— screamed back, falling down from his branch for the second time that day!

"I'm comin', Lou, old buddy!"

Then out of nowhere, a meaty hand shot over Rebecca's right shoulder...and the poor girl, fearing the worst, grabbed it instantaneously and slung the hand's owner over her shoulder and landed him right on top of Louie!



Needless to say, Baloo and Louie had gotten quite a bit of the wind knocked out of them.

Baloo, groaning and rubbing his aching head, 'Not our best of ideas...'

"Oh, my head...Man, that's some serious upper body strength ya got there." The rotund cub looked up irritably. He was kind of impressed, too, though, at the cinnamon bearess's muscle. Even Haiti, the strongest of the Jungle Cubs save for perhaps Shere Khan, sometimes had trouble lifting the heavyweight cub.

"W-well, I'm sorry," Rebecca ended up stuttering, not believing that she had just attacked someone on her first day! However, she quickly regained her composure as she attempted to frown sternly, "but... you guys sneaked up on me!"

Inside, though, the girl was quaking a bit. 'Oh boy, now you've done it, Rebecca!'

Indeed, Baloo, standing upright once more and hands akimbo, still appeared fairly sour.

Louie, on the other hand...

"Woo-hoo-wee!" the spunky primate cheered as he hopped up and down for some inexplicable reason. "I gotta say. Don't see too many dames your size who can toss a 1 ton bear the way you did."

Little Rebecca couldn't believe her ears at first. "R-really...?"

Neither could Baloo believe his own for that matter, his irritation momentarily gone. "Really...?"

But then he registered the rest of Louie's comment.

"Hey, now just hold a sec, I ain't that heavy!" the grey cub complained with a scowl. Then he paused for second as if in deep thought. "Okay, so maybe I put on a few extra pounds during the summer months. Can I help it if hibernation needs a little extra baggage outta me?"

The petite bearess tried her best to cover her mouth in order to stem her chortling. This Baloo character was even funnier than she thought!

"Swell, now even the new kid's laughin' at me!" the grey cub remarked lightheartedly, nothing to hide that contagious smile on his muzzle.

"Not our fault if you can't cut out the comedy!" Louie chortled along with the new girl as he leapt onto a low-lying branch and lounged against its trunk.

Baloo gave his friend a mock glare, even though his playful smile kind of ruined the effect. "Hah, hah, hah, ve-heh-heh-ry funny...!"

All of a sudden, the girl bearess shook her head, now remembering that everyone needed to be on a first name basis. "I'm sorry. My name's Rebecca. My family and I just moved here...," she twiddled her fingers and dug into the ground with her foot before continuing, "a- and I was hoping someone could show me around. Maybe help me get acquainted with the locals...?"

Louie, a pensive look on his face, hopped down from his branch to converse with Rebecca face to face. "Well...I don't know. We usually don't mingle with those of the...opposite persua—shee—on."

Baloo had been certain the lady cub would have scoffed indignantly and stalked off by now, much like how Winifred did after the boys' first encounter with her.

Rebecca, however, was a gal of another color; she quickly and eagerly raised her right hand and put her left hand over her heart.

"I won't cause you guys any trouble! I promise!"

Louie hummed in deep thought and rubbed the underside of his long face. 'Welp, the chick sure looks eager to join. Not sure how well she'll do with the rest of the guys, though.'

"Hmm...whada you think, Baloo?" The auburn primate shifted his vision to his ursine friend…only to find said ursine in a most perplexing state.

Right now, Baloo stood perfectly erect, just like a stone pillar— mouth widely agape, arms to his sides, and eyes bugged out considerably! No sound save for a light, strangled sounding gasp escaped his lips.

At this point, Louie felt a considerable level of worry for the larger mammal child.


"Baloo...?" Rebecca, too, couldn't deny sense of concern towards Baloo's wide-eyed expression…especially since it was being directed in her direction.

'He's looking at me like I'm some sort of ghost. Do I remind him of someone he's scared of?' If there was one type of person Rebecca never wished to be, it was a bully.

"Hmm...?" Baloo mumbled distractedly, shaking his head and blinking his eyes obliviously. "What was that?"

"Sheesh, buddy, get in between those ears a bit," the primate chided jokingly, a dash of his unease still detectable to the untrained ear, "I said 'whada ya think?' Think she's 'Lair' material?"

At these words, Baloo finally snapped himself out of his self-induced trance and replied in a hurried and jumpy tone of voice. "Oh...! Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah...whateva' ya say, Lou." The grey cub punctuated the statement with a laugh full of obviously fake cheer.

Rebecca awkwardly returned the forced expression but leaned down to the side to whisper to Louie, hand cupped to her mouth so Baloo couldn't hear. "What's wrong with him?"

Louie cupped his own hand to his mouth and utilized the same volume as the bearess. "Don't know. Last time we met a girl, he never acted like that!"

The orangutan and bearess merely shared a look before the former took a step forward and waved a hand in front of his friend's face. "Um...Ba-loo...? You okay?"

"WHO? ME? I-I'm just dandy pandy, Louie!" As one can imagine, such a blurted response sent the startled primate back a step.

Rebecca, too, jumped at the edgy behavior of the male ursine. 'Man, this guy is sweet, but he is so weird.'

Meanwhile, Louie, having recovered from the slight shock, attempted a second time at reaching his out-of-sorts companion. "Uh, sorry for the new flash, buddy, but, uh...I'm Louie."

At last, Baloo, widened for a moment at the realization of his uncharacteristic behavior, grinned and responded with dismissive hands, his usual laidback tone back in place. "Ah, I knew that! I'm just pullin' your legs, guys!" And with those words of assurance spoken, the pudgy cub gestured a hand wave to signal Rebecca and Louie to follow him; the two remaining animals accordingly followed suit...though not without some final comments.

Rebecca, "He's a little odd, isn't he?"

Louie, smirking smartly, "Trust me, sister. You just wait 'til later."

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