GDW AU chapter one: new beginnings

The sun shone in the sky and the trees blew in the wind. The leaves fell signifying it was soon autumn. The river was flowing with fish. A young puppy was trying to get a fish for her mother.

"No Maria." called the white Kishu. "That's not how you catch a fish. Your father can show you." the Kishu was Sakura, a young female and the settler was smith, a veteran from the Ohu army.

"Okay Sakura my dear.' said Smith who was getting up. He sighed.

Jin, who was the eldest of smith and Sakura's pups, was with him.

Sakura looked down at her smallest puppies and then looked up at the mountains. Smith's owner had taken them for a walk and to fish. Sakura wondered how her friend Gin was doing.

She remembered how she and smith met.

"Geez' grumbled smith. He and Gin were both in the forest hunting for food. "These mice and rabbits are hard to get in summer.' "Well at least it's not birds.' said Gin.

"Shut up Gin!' yelled Smith. "Why are you so cross, Smith?" asked Gin. "I'll tell you why gin. You may be a leader, but you can't get a girlfriend. Instead you have your best friend John as a mate.' said a cross Smith. Gin's eyes widened. "But...!

"Help!' yelled a voice. "You heard that?" said Smith. "I did! Let's go!" cried Gin.

Gin and Smith hurried to the voice to find Sakura in a bear trap. "No! Don't hurt me!' cried Sakura. "It's all right lady!' said Smith. "I'm here to help.'

"LIES!' cried Sakura biting smiths leg. "Ouch! Gin, go get Cross and Akame! Quick!' said smith.

"Right!' cried Gin as he hurried to Gajou.

"It's going to hurt but I can pull the bear trap down.' said Smith as he checked the bear trap. Sakura watched smith pinned the bear trap down. *Click* went the bear trap as smith used it down.

Soon Sakura pulled her leg out. "Thank you Mr...err." said Sakura blushing.

"Smith mam" winked Smith. "Also known as the girl catcher" said Cross as she, Akame and Gin came rushing back.

"OI"' yelled Smith. Sakura was very amused. "Your girlfriend is very funny." said Sakura. Smith and Cross looked at each other with red on their faces.

"Erm... I'm with my own mate." said Cross blushing. "Smith's on his own.'

"How sad." thought Sakura. "Can I stay with you for a while until my leg heals, Mr. Smith?' asked Sakura.

"Sure miss...err what's your name?' said Smith. "I'm Sakura." said Sakura.

In the next few days smith and Sakura became another popular couple at Gajou, John and Gin being the other. Everyone soon took this fact for granted and soon, both couples were expecting pups for the first time.

Sakura and Smith are now living with Sakura's owner who was a musician from Hawaii.

That night in their den, Sakura woke up. She was very worried.

Maria also woke up.

"What's wrong mom?" asked Maria. "You seem very worried." she noted, noting the worried look on her face. Jin stirred as well, half-asleep and looking outside the window.

Sakura looked out the window. It was very stormy and lightning was flashing in the sky.

"Gin and John are in trouble. They might need us."

Smith woke up. "What's wrong my dear?' asked Smith yawning. "We need to go to Ohu. Something's very wrong.'"

A few moments later Smith and Sakura arrived at the outskirts of Ohu. They could hear dogs screaming and limbs being ripped apart. "What's happening?' cried smith. "Over here! Hurry!" cried a voice. Two dogs rushed over to Smith and Sakura. "What's going on?! The hell is going on, answer us!" cried Sakura. The male dog that was Phoebus spoke up. He clearly looked panicked.

"A huge dog appeared from nowhere! It's ripping all our solders to shreds!' he said. Smith and Sakura were horrified. They could smell the bloodshed even from where they were standing.

"What about Gin and John?!" cried Sakura. The female dog named Esmeralda had three Akita German shepherd mixes on her back.

"They haven't come back yet. You need to protect them!'

Sakura looked at the markings on the three puppies. She noticed the markings are like johns.

"These are...' she started. "I know. You need to protect them until Gin and John return.'

Sakura nodded and put the two puppies on Smith's back. She carried the third smallest on her back.

"You two get to safety.' ordered Smith.

"Yes sir!' yelled Phoebus. Phoebus and Esmeralda ran into the woods. Smith and Sakura rushed back to the town as they heard the roar of something at Ohu.

Three months later...

"Hey Aunt Sakura, wake up! James brought back food!" said a very energetic Yukimura, as he pounced around his surrogate mother figure. Sakura moaned not opening her eyes. Whens he did not wake up, he frowned and tugged on her ear until,

"Alright, I'm up. Give me a moment sweetie." she said, slowly waking up and yawned. In the last three months since the horror at Ohu, the pups of Gin and John had grown a lot. Yukimura took after his father the most, but he had his mother's appetite for adventure. The brown pup pranced in a silly manner, catching the eye of his two brothers Weed and Joe. They snickered at him, as he turned to them grinning,

"Hey bro, heard that you got into trouble last night with Mozart. She said you stepped on her tail and made her lose a hunt." said Weed as his tail swished from side to side. Joe said nothing as he nodded in agreement.

Yukimura frowned, he had hoped to forget that moment, but Joe and Weed wouldn't let it down. Jin merely told him that he had it coming. Sakura sighed and barked at the three males; "Stop picking on Yuki-kun, he apologized." the two soon left leaving the three speechless.

As they waked by the river beside them, Yukimura looked up at the sky sadly, "What was my mother like? Was she nice?" he asked Sakura who gulped,

"Your mother is male, and he is not dead and neither is your father. We don't know where they are, but they entrusted you three to us to protect you and we love you like you are our own pups." she was surprised that she got that out in one breath. Jumping down some rocks, she called out to James and Mora. Mora was the middle sister of two very prestigious dogs in the community she called home once. Her silver pelt was the envy of many females.

Soon Mora came out with James. They both had birds in their mouths and Mora attempted to speak, "Hey Sakura-Chan…" her muffled voice amused Sakura, "We brought bird today. That's all there ever is here. Not surprised." she said as she and James put down the birds in front of her and Yukimura as the pup smiled. Mora had a tendency to get right to what she was feeling and it bothered Sakura at times, but she learned to handle it.

"Mora nee-san, you just haven't looked hard enough. Mother said she just caught some fish yesterday." James sighed as he shook his head; Mora could be difficult at times. Sakura sighed as well…


"Gin, are you okay? That bastard did a number on your back." said John, half-admiring the scars on his back. Lately the monster dog had grown more bold in his attacks and had gone after Gin, wounding his back. The silver Akita sighed and lay down near their second litter of pups-four males and one female and began to groom them. Gin had also given birth to their second litter of pups, and that left them longing to see their first three sons…