GDW AU chapter 6-Attacked…by Genba?

Weed sighed as he sat on the porch of his mother's home, after Yuko had dragged Yukimura by force after he had kept whining and complaining. He stared at his grandmother Fuji and his two uncles, Hiyan and Giyan. They had planned to stay here for a while until they knew that Sniper had left the area.

"Wow, they're awesome…so tall…" commented Joe as he sat next to his little brother, his head resting on his back. Yukimura was sleeping next to the two, resting after the harsh scolding he had gotten from Yuko. "Yeah, they are…I wonder why they didn't fight alongside dad in the war? Isn't mom their younger brother?" sighed Weed in sadness. Joe picked up on his sad mood, "What's wrong, nii-san? We just met our family, be happy!" His words were ignored as Weed kept looking at a small brown pup named Kyou, who was their half-cousin.

He was a shy dog and didn't talk much, but he was kind-hearted. He loved to hear stories about his cousin.

Unaware to the family, someone was waiting in the shadows, watching them closely, aching for love and happiness like they had so much of. The Great Dane slowly got up and inched forward to hear more talking,

"Hey, what do you think dad is like? He's a German Shepherd, right aunt Yuko?" asked Yukimura as he looked up at her. The elder Akita turned to face him and nodded. Yukimura smiled as he went to talk again, but before he could get a word out, someone came through the bushes…

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Genba soon stirred and woke up, feeling aches all over his body. Slowly, he began to remember what had happened-Yuko found him and attacked him for trespassing. She was staring down at him along with the pups,

"Who are you?" he asked slowly as he tried to sit up. Yuko growled at him and refused to answer his question. But Weed did,

"My name is Weed, and these are my two brothers Joe and Yukimura. This is my aunt Yuko." he said, smiling as Yuko twitched at his eagerness.

"That kid is too naïve." she growled in her head as Genba spoke up, "My name is Genba…I'm from the Northern Alps." he said tiredly. The three brothers looked shocked, their mother and father lived there! Maybe if they went there, they could find them!

Genba smiled at them, making Yuko angry. "And why were you snooping around on Fuji-san's home?" she asked, more like demanded. Genba in her mind was a threat to the pups, and they were much too naïve to know the dangers of older dogs. Much too naïve.

"I was on the run from someone…" answered Genba almost too quietly for anyone to hear him. Weed and his brothers felt sorry for Genba, but Yuko wasn't convinced in the slightest. She glared at Genba, "Oh really, who?" she snarked, believing that he was up to something fishy. They stared at each other for a while until he answered,

"…My brother, Hougen. He…" he said, hanging his head. Yuko raised an eyebrow at his answer, Hougen was one of Sniper's allies that she had heard about from Smith. The rumors she had also heard around and about also told her about how ruthless he was…and how perverted he was and how flirted with any moving object. Genba spoke again,

"He hurt me…he always does that now. But he…wasn't always like that. He used to be nice, but the humans…they changed him."

Yuko listened intently as Genba told her the tale of his and his brother's past, explaining as best he could remember how his brother and he were forced to eat other dogs to survive, and eventually killed and ate the humans. But shortly afterward, Hougen showed signs of aggression toward his brother, hitting against the wall or harassing him in front of others.

It gradually got worse as Hougen began to touch him. It was brief at first, but soon he began to assault him, threatening to kill him yet licking him at the same time.

Yuko's look softened, she remembered that her mother Alice had been forced to mate with her father when she was a pet dog, resulting in the birth of her and her two brothers. "Fine, you can stay then…Genba, but please don't get seen by the humans, they've been a little angry lately at the Great Danes." she soon left leaving Genba alone.

But he didn't feel scared this time, he felt safe. Safer then he had ever been.

And he liked it.