The golden lights along the highways turned into rarely broken radiant lines. Red eyes in front of me came closer and closer, disappeared and then grew closer again. I don't think you were allowed to keep the speed my father held. But what did I know? I didn't even have a stupid driving's license yet.

The silence was just as awkward as you can imagine it would be. A, to me, uninteresting radio station kept nagging about how G.R.E.A.T their new show was, my dad was muttering the opposite. I tried to make myself invisible as I stared out the window on my right side.

How come the night suddenly had become beautiful to me? I had always been afraid of the darkness, and now, all of a sudden, it was the most amazing thing my eyes had ever witnessed.

Every shadow held a blue-shifting rainbow. The wet road in front of the windshield flashed as the lanterns along the road lit it up. A brief rain had fallen earlier, about at the time the sky had darkened and the sun had gone to sleep. The moon hadn't revealed itself yet, but the stars peaked out behind almost transparent clouds.

This unpleasant car ride had lasted for a while. Sangy's House of night wasn't really in our city. Once, a long time ago, it was in the heart of the city, but when every vampyre or fledgling was shot outside of campus, they decided to move. Hunter's really couldn't have a heart. They don't care if the one they shoot is their relative. They don't care if it's their ex or, a once, best friend. They shoot because all they see is a monster. Every Hunter is different, but when you come to one last detail, they're all the same. They're all religious. And I don't mean praying once a year. They are very religious. Maybe we should be happy – the hunt for vampyres have made them stick together. Not hating each other for differences. They have a common goal which they plan to destroy.

Hurray, a perfect world!

…For everyone but them. Us. I didn't even know before I was marked. Are the Hunters humans or are they the real monsters?

Neither my father nor I was religious. Because in Sangy, you couldn't choose. You were an atheist or you joined the Hunt. There was nothing in between. Most people knew in High School whether they valued vampyres as monsters or not. I made my decision when he was marked.

A right turn, a left one. The lanterns along the way grew with wider spaces in between them.

Raindrops raised down the windows. The windshield wiper tried frantically to whip them all away, but every second it came new ones from the roof. Inside of those water drops, little universes evolved. The stars came from the reflections of the lanterns. The ground was the glass of the window and the sky was the metallic blue color from our car. Our breaths became the mystical mist covering the shiny ground. It almost looked as beautiful as the scene outside of the car.

The water drops soon were joined as the sky started crying shimmering tears. You barely noticed their existence. But if you looked closely beneath the light from the lanterns, you could see the brief rain. And the drops outside of the light's reach were playing hide-and-seek with your gaze.

Though, sooner or later, I could see it. The metal fences reaching for the sky. The gothic castle embracing the moon in a magnificent way. The tiny sparks of the candles outside of the temple, built in appreciation for their goddess. It actually was kind of beautiful. I liked the garden, that probably would be my grave yard. OR well, I don't know what they do with their bodies when Nyx's collected the spirits. That's actually a relief. Not that the bodies mystically disappears, but that Nyx's watching over me. I hope she does at least. Suddenly, I felt like staring up at the inner ceiling of the car and wave. I raised my hand, but then realized. What the hell am I doing? I lowered my arm and folded my hands in my lap, feeling extremely stupid.

The car took a right turn and pulled into the parking lot of the House of Night.

"Gems, you seem distracted" my father noticed, as he opened the trunk and took out my bag for me. Why couldn't he just give up?

I reached for my things.

"Oh nothing, just thinking, you know" I really hoped he wouldn't know what I was thinking about.

Unwillingly he let go of my things, giving me a begging look and said;

"You're sure you don't want me to follow you in, get your stuff in place and so on?"

"No, I'm pretty sure. I will be fine" I said, and felt kind of pathetic when I barely could hold my things in the air for a few seconds while he could do it for minutes with one hand.

"I promise you, I'm not going to eat you. Oh my goodness, you're so annoying!"

I tried the next strategy. Annoyed teenager. Worked almost everytime. He usually did what I wanted when I acted like a bitch. "Please just go! You're embarrassing me"

HE looked a bit disappointed, looked in the ground for a while. He played with his car keys for a few seconds.

"Well then, Gemma, I guess this is good-bye"

I was shocked he used my whole name; he hadn't done that in years. I think he was trying to be respectful and give me some space. Nice of him since I probably wouldn't see him ever again.

He pulled me into a very tight hug that really surprised me. But with the arm I didn't carry my bag, I squeezed him back. The tears building up in my eyes tried to flee, but I quickly untangled me from his arms and murmured a quiet good-bye. Just like any teenager would to an extremely worried parent letting you away to a summer camp.

After that, I walked off to the House of Night, with my father's begging gaze in my back. It took all of my self-control not to turn around and hug him one last time.

As I walked up the campus towards the House of Night, the word home felt too weird to use right now, the few fledglings outside hissed at me. I felt like a bride which the guests thought expecting me to eat them. That probably didn't come out right, did it? I bit my lip.

When I had walked up half of my aisle, four vampyres with different tattoos came towards me. They stationed themselves in a circle around me. There wasn't one single way that I could go without being sure they would stop me. There was no turning back now. I swallowed the panic. Was that my breakfast coming up again?

"In the service of Nyx I hereby withdraws the rights you once had about your returning to the other world. You dared to enter her lands, in her almighty name I hereby makes her the judge of what your destiny will be."

He put his finger on the same part the Marker had did a few hours ago, before I terrified watched what happened next, without being able to do as much as breath. My whole body was paralyzed. Someone put their fingers on my eyelids and closed my eyes. Something that felt like an enternal midnight began and didn't end in several hours.