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It has only been three months that the darkness has been defeated by us, the Warriors of the Light. Luneth is still careless like always. Arc, he has been indulging his mind in numerous books. Refia…she resumed her training to be a mythrilsmith by her father's craft. And I…I've continued to serve Castle Sasune as a knight. Nevertheless, I still considered Princess Sara's life more worth than mine.

"Ingus, you have to rest for now. You've already worn out from training. Do rest for a while." Sara beckons me. She walks towards me, and places a hand on my shoulder. Sweat was beading on my forehead and it started to flow down my face.

"Sara…I understand. Let's go back to the castle, shall we?" The two of us were in the wilderness, and it was a short walk to the castle. Once we got back, I went directly back to my part of the castle.

"…I really miss the old days already…" I muttered under my tired breath as I pulled out a bright red chest. Hanging around my neck, other than the jewel that dangles, was a silver key with a ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst embedded in it. With a click, the chest opens to see four pairs of clothes, a photo album and different weapons. I pulled out my white mage clothes and put them on.

"Ingus…you've kept that from the journey?" Sara asks me. Perhaps I left my door open. I nod, my reflection showing my answer.

"I miss that journey I've went on three months ago. Being around Luneth, Arc and Refia were great, and the moment when I realized that I was a Warrior of the Light, it changed my entire life. I would love to relive that again…just one more time."

"Well, time can't go backwards, but I'm sure that once the opportunity comes, I will pray for your return, my dear knight…" Sara wraps her arms around me. Suddenly, she coughs silently. "Sorry, it's probably the weather. Winter will be here soon…"

"…And it will be Christmas…"

The next few days, I've kept receiving the same dream…no…a nightmare

The nightmare…

Luneth and Refia were lying on the crystal tiled floors, dead. Facing me was Arc, his eyes a bloody red and a red heart mark on his forehead. Two snakes were protruding out of his magus cloak, and he had a dark voice. I was in my devout clothes, and the crystal tiles started to creep up my legs.

"Ingus…those two died because they couldn't join us…the darkness. You have two choices: join or die. What say you?" Spoke Arc. The crystal continued to climb up my body. If I say yes, then I'll lose my light to…my "friend". If I say no, then my soul will be at rest. A teleport spell won't do anything for me; my fate is doomed. "Your life is halfway dead, Ingus. Speak up, or you will never say anything again!"

"…" I try to say something, but fear, for the first time, stopped my voice. At last, the crystal is up to my neck, and then…I can no longer see anything… The last words that I heard "Arc" say was this:

"Such a fool…!"

Present day…

I never told Sara about this nightmare. I never told the King. And I'll never tell anyone about this…

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