Reconnecting with lost love!

I don't own the names in my story I give credit to the the writers and producers of Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel.

Summary: Its been 5 Years and Buffy is looking though a box that she hadn't seen in a long time and when she first open it she sees, if you want to know what she sees you need to read and found out .

Buffy are you up there? yelled Dawn. Yes Dawn am up here you can come up am just looking through this box that I have noticed we didnt unpack yet. Okay Buffy am on my up to see what box you are talking about because I believed that we unpacked all of them, yelled Dawn.

when Buffy opened that box and the first thing she found was a small black box and she opened it and she saw the ring that Angel gave her on her 17th birthday and tears started to fall down her face and with out knowing Dawn was watching her. Buffy what is wrong with you and why are you crying ? "say Dawn. Well Dawn you remember me telling you about Angel and that me and him were in love but we couldnt be together because it was not allowed "Buffy stated. Yes well the night I turned 17 me and Angel were after this demon that was sent to kill me and him and that there was no weapon that could kill him well this demon parts were being sent to Drusilla for a gift from Spike, well we got one of the boxes from one of spikes men and Angel was the only one who could go in hide it and that night we went to the docks and Angel and I were talking and he gave me my birthday gift and it was this ring and told me what the ring stands for. "What does the ring stand for Buffy"asked Dawn. Well Dawn the crown means loytan and the hands mean friendship and the heart means love and when you have the heart pointing in that means you are with someone and if the heart is pointing out that means you are not taken, "says Buffy.
Wow Buffy that is a really nice ring and by the look on your face i take it you havent seen it in a while"stated Dawn.

Your right Dawn I haven't seen it in 5 years I wondered why I am finding it now because its wierd I taught I put at Angels house when I had to kill him"say Buffy. I don't know maybe you should try and find out what all this means because there has to be a reason why it is resufing now after all these years and why you fault you had to come up and look at this box"stated Dawn. You are right Dawn am going to see what all this means because now its got me thinking that the power of being are up to something and I just don't know what it means since we went to war in Sunnydale a few years back. Well Buffy maybe you need to call WIllow and see what she thinks and see if she can sense anything from this ring or anything"stated Dawn.

Willow:Buffy what is so important that you had to call me so late at night?
Buffy: Sorry Willow I need you to do a spell for me to see what am just now finding the ring that Angel gave me on my 17th birthday.
Willow:Whoa wait a mintue you find the ring?
Buffy: Yes I found the ring this evening me and Dawn were unpacking the last box and that is when I found it.
Willow: well than that would explains why I have been feeling something is going to happen and its going to bring us to a place that none of us even knows how to handle right now since you have not been the slayer in years.
Buffy: what do you mean by that Willow because now you got me worryed am I to be looking for Angel? Because I don't even know where he is or if he is still around anymore since there war has ended.
Willow: Buffy lets meet in the morning and see what we can found out what we can to see if we can find Angel I will google it tonight and see what I can find.
Buffy: That would be great because I really want to know why am finding this ring now since I left it in Angel's place so many years ago and how I got it back with my stuff.
Willow: OKay Buffy I will call you if I found anything.

Dawn are you in bed yet" asked Buffy am in the living room reading this book I also found in that box that we found that ring in . OKay Dawn am going to call Giles and talk with him and see what he can tell me about all of this and get his advice on it .

GIles: Hi Buffy how are you doing honey?
Buffy: I am doing good Giles and how are you doing ?
GIles: Am doing alright, so what are you still up this early in the morning ? Did something happen to you or Dawn?
Buffy: No GIles we are doing good , The reason why am calling you is because I found something that I don't know why I have it.
Giles: Okoay Buffy start from the begining and lets see what we can come up with.
Buffy: Me and Dawn were unpacking a box where I found a small black box with the ring that Angel gave me on my 17th birthday and which I left at his place after I killed him and now I have found it and don't know how I got it back, Because the last place I left it was at his place the day I got back from LA.
Giles: Well Buffy that is something because for you to found it now after 5 years that has to be a reason why and so I will do some checking my self into it and see what I can found out about it.
Buffy : That would be great as well because I called willow and she is going to see her self as well. But she asked me if I have talked to Angel in a while.
Giles: So have you talked to Angel?
Buffy: No I havent talked to Angel in god knows when . I think the last time I talk to Angel is when we were fighting the last war and Spike got the neckless that helped kill all those demons.
Giles: Well Buffy maybe its the power of beings trying to get you to find out where Angel is he might be needing you or something who really knows with the power of beings.
Buffy: Well I well see what I can found out Willow is going to google Angel and see if anything comes up and she will let me know .
GIles: Okay well I will do the same until than see what you can found out your self and let us know what you find out .
Buffy: Okay Giles thank you and we miss you and stay safe.
GIles: I miss you all to and stay safe your selfs.

In LA ANgel and Gunn are in the old office checking to see if it was still safe to live in since there old office is no more there. Angel I have this wierd feeling that something is trying to reach you about something and I am not sure what it is that is looking for you but its trying to found you"Stated Gunn..
Well Gunn am not sure what that could be since there is nothing left with the demons and vampires right now, THan all of a sudden angel said Angel you havent said that name in years I wonder why would would say it now "Said GUnn. I am not sure my self all I know is that I have been thinking about her and I . I what Angel says Gunn. Angel was holding a ring that he was wearing when he admited that he loved Buffy for the first time and wonder where that ring came from because he hadnt seen it in over 5 years .
ANgel maybe you should see if the power of beings know anything about this because if you are feeling this than were ever Buffy is she is feeling it as well and if I know Buffy she is has her scooby friends trying to find answers"stated Gunn. You are right Gunn I will see what the power of beings has to say about this.

Back in London Buffy and Dawn were looking through the other stuff that was in that box to see what else they could find as clue to why this is happening now after 5 years. "BUFFY look what I just found its a username and password for a chat room which I have never heard of maybe you should log in and see what name comes on that is another clue"said Dawn alright Dawn lets go to my room where my laptop is and see what happens.

ANGEL I just found this pice of paper with a username and password for a chat room and I think you should check it out and see what happens it might be a clue to why this is happening to you stated Gunn. ALright Gunn let me found out .

Welcome to the reconnect :

Chat room One:
Lonely_slayer Lonelysoul_LA

OKay Gunn here goes nothing lets see what happens now that am in this chat room .Back in London BUffy just signed into the chat room and notice that there was one other person in the chat room named Lonelysoul_LA .Buffy chat and see what this person has to say "stated here goes nothing.

Lonely_slayer: Hello Lonelysoul_LA: Hello , do you know why we are here for?
Lonely_slayer: I am not sure my self all I know is that I found this pice of paper with user name and password and I login into it to see what happens.
Lonelysoul_LA: That is wierd I found a pice of paper with a user name and password and I login it as well and here we are.
Lonely_slayer: your screename name it looks like I know it are you from LA ?
Lonelysoul_LA: Yes am from LA , are you a slayer?
Lonely_slayer: Yes am a slayer I have been for a long time.
Lonelysoul_LA: I know one slayer but I havent talked to her in 5 years when I left her to move to LA to start my own business and we got into a big fight and I havent talked to her since.
"Buffy he is talking about you that has to be Angel you need to ask him if that is him to be sure"stated Dawn. You are right Dawn that does sound like ANgel and if it is than maybe we can found out why this is happening now after all these years.

Lonelysoul_LA: are you there?
Lonely_slayer: Yes sorry I have to ask you a question if that is alright?
Lonelysoul_LA: sure that is fine.
Lonely_slayer: is this Angel am talking to ?

ANgel who is that person they know you by name "Stated Gunn. I don't know it could be anyone but amm going to answer than am going to ask who am talking to real name and see what happens.

Lonelysoul_LA: Yes my name is ANgel and may I ask what your real name is ?

Omg Buffy its angel could it really be him? I dont know but before you tell him your name ask him something only he would know like personal that only you and him know about each other."said Dawn. Good idea Dawn Say Buffy.

Lonely_slayer: if this is really ANgel than I need to ask you more thing before I say who I am to make sure it is really Angel.. My question is if you are angel, What or who have you loved since you could remember?

Lonelysoul_LA: Okay I can do that the one person that I have truely loved since I can remember is a girl named Buffy anne Summers from Sunnydale CA.

Omg BUffy it is really Angel now tell him its you .Okay Dawn

Lonely_slayer: Okay you are the Angel and my name is Buffy your BUffy !

Wow ANgel could it be really Buffy "Says Gunn. I don't know I could ask her something only she knows than I can be sure .

Lonelysoul_LA: Okay if you are the real Buffy than tell me what I got you on your 17th birthday before I turned evil.
Loney_Slayer: Okay you gave me a ring that is a irish wedding ring .

Angel is it Buffy really Buffy asked Gunn. Yes its really Buffy now I can found out what the hell is going on and why this is happening now after 5 years.

Lonelysoul_LA: Buffy I can't believe its really its really you . God I have missed you . I need to know what is happening because I found my ring that I was wearing the day I gave you yours on your birthday and I havent seen it since you killed me and I went to hell and when I came back it was gone.

Lonely_Slayer: Angel that is to wierd because I just found my ring that you gave me in a small black box and all i remember is bring your ring back to your place and laying it on the floor where I had to kill you and me and Dawn were going through some boxes and when I looked into the box I found the ring and I am not sure how it got there and now I have this feeling I was to found it after all these years but why now is the question . I called GIles and WIllow to see if they could help me found out but I havent heard anything yet .

Lonelysoul_LA: Wow this is wierd that we both found our rings after all these years and is not sure why it is happening but Gunn thinks it might have something to do with the power of beings so I going there tonight to find out what is going on. BUt first I need to know where you are and how I can reach you so that way if I do find something out I can tell you. so we can figure out our next step.

Lonely_slayer: Well me and Dawn are in London and you can reach me at this number 555-555-555 when and if you find something out from the power of being.

Lonelysoul_LA: Okay thanks Buffy I will let you know something when I found out until than please be careful and keep safe for both of you.
Lonely_Slayer: I will Thanks.
Lonelysoul_LA and Lonely_slayer log out.