Reconnecting with lost love!

I don't own the names in my story I give credit to the writers and producers of Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel.

Summary: It's been 5 Years and Buffy is looking though a box that she hadn't seen in a long time and when she first open it she sees, if you want to know what she sees you need to read and found out .

Chapter 4

"Buffy when I drank from you is because you asked me to so you can save me from dying. And yes I have been hiding something from you because I knew that if I told you that once a vampire drinks or bits a human female they are marked as being there's for the rest of their lives. Which means no other vampire can touch them or bit them. And as for the ring that I gave you on your 17th birthday I was just letting all the vampires and demons that you are spoken for and that you are my wife."

"Angel what the hell gives you the right to keep this from me? I have always been honest with you about how I fault about you. The least you good of done was been truthful to me about being your wife when I accepted your ring as a gift."

"Buffy am really sorry I didn't tell you the truth about the ring in the first place. I guess I was worried you wouldn't take it if you knew that it was a wedding ring. I am not sure why the power of beings wanted me to tell you everything for."

"Angel how I'm I to trust you now if you just lied to me about this stuff and been keeping things from me. Is there anything else you are not telling me, which has happened between us?"

"There is one more thing Buffy but you need to sit down for this because I know if you are standing I know that you are going to hurt me for what I have done."

"Angel what have you done now to mess this relationship up after all these years?"

"Buffy you remember that day you came to see me after Thanksgiving and you wanted to know why I didn't say anything to you about me being there?"

"Angel we have a case."

"Gunn you and Wesley can handle this am in the middle of this issue with Buffy and I need to deal with this our I'm going to lose her for good or she may even send me back to hell if I don't finish up with her."

"Okay Angel I will keep you posted and I will call Wesley and let him know as well."

"Alright thank you Gunn and be safe."

"Sorry about that Buffy."

"Yes Angel I remember that day pretty well why do you ask?"

"Buffy you were with me a day and a half, We were talking and a demon came crashing through my office window and we went after the demon and when you said that you wanted to up into the sun light to see if the demon was out there somewhere, I ran into that demon and some of his blood mixed with mine and made me human and when I went to find you and walked into the Sunday light you saw me and we kissed. And talked and we finally made love again and we spent the night making love again. While you were sleeping I went after that demon again and you found me and we killed it. I went to the power of being and asked them to make me a vampire again."

"Angel I am not sure what to think about this right now I'm so pissed at you right now. I just want to go to bed."

"Buffy I'm really sorry."

"Save it Angel I don't want to talk to you right now, I'm going to bed. And Angel if you know what is good for you I wouldn't follow me."

"Buffy I love you please try and understand that. I was only trying to keep you safe and I knew that if I spent another night with you I might not want to turn back."

Angel's POV

As I watched the woman I love walk away pissed off at me. I know that she may not be able to forgive me this time for taking away one of her memory's from her. I hate myself for hurting my baby like that and I don't know what I would do if I lose her for good this time. But I one thing I if she does for give me I will spend the rest of her life making it up to her and never keep nothing from her again if she will be will to start trusting me again. God Buffy Ann Summers I love you! I hope you will forgive for this.

"Angel we are back."

"How did it go Wesley and Gunn?"

"It went alright we got to the victim before the vampire could kill her."

"That is good, Thank you for going at this alone."

"Angel you alright? You look really upset right now."

"No Wesley I'm not alright I think I may lose Buffy this time. Because I have been hiding things from her for so long. The power of being brought her to me, because I needed to finally tell her the truth about everything."

"Angel where is Buffy now?"

"Buffy is upstairs she went to bed after I told her everything and she told me that if I followed her it wouldn't be a good outcome."

"Angel how long have you been keeping this from Buffy?"

Buffy's POV

How can Angel keep this from me? I can I ever forgive him for this. Taking my memory away from me. I knew something fault off when I went back to Sunnydale that weekend after seeing my dad. I'm not sure how I can give Angel for this. I will rest on it maybe in the morning I will find an answer about how to deal with this news that Angel just gave me.

"Wesley has been keeping this from Buffy for almost two years now and when she found the ring I gave her on her 17th birthday, she knew that she gave it back to me when she sent me to hell and I came back and landed on it. I thought I lost it and it turns out she had this whole time and didn't even know it."

"Angel if I know Buffy I would give her tonight to take in everything that you told her. Because you two have what they call a forbidden love and she will come back to you and she will forgive you in time. You just have to give her space and let her come to you."

"Wesley I will give her all the time in the world because I really love her and I need her. Just as much as she needs me."

"Good I'm glad that you do care for her Angel and I hope things will work out for you and Buffy. I'm going to head home now but if you need me just give me a call."

"Thank you for listening and giving me advice Wesley and you have a good night and I will see you in the morning."

I hope that everyone is enjoying this chapter I have been trying to come up with a good way to show that if you truly love someone they will come back to each other. In which case Angel and Buffy will always love each other.