Reconnecting with lost love!

I don't own the names in my story I give credit to the writers and producers of Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel.

Summary: It's been 5 Years and Buffy is looking though a box that she hadn't seen in a long time and when she first open it she sees, if you want to know what she sees you need to read and found out .

Chapter 5

Good morning Angel how was your night?

It was good thank you for asking Wesley.

Did you get any sleep at all Angel? Because you look like you haven't.

I tried to get some rest but I couldn't so I went down to my office and was doing some research on mine and Buffy's case with the power of beings.

Has Buffy come down yet this morning?

No not yet I am hoping to see her sometime this morning.

Angel all I can say if the power of being has you two here together for some reason and when it is time everything will come to light.

In the meantime Wesley I need to get things ready to start the morning right. By getting some coffee on and make something for Buffy to eat when she does come down. Because If I know Buffy she is going to want some coffee.

Okay Angel I'm going to go and see Gunn and see what he is up to and also go and see the women and see what they are up to. I will talk to you later.

Okay Wesley talk to you later and if you need me I will be around if am not in a fight again with Buffy over everything that was said last night between us.

Like I said before Angel let her come to you when she is ready.

I know Wesley.

"Good morning Wesley."

Good morning Buffy how did you sleep last night?

I slept off and on most of the night, but woke up this morning with a really bad head ace came down to see if you all had anything for it? That I can take.

Yea we have something for it I will go and get you some right now.

Thank you Welsey.

Your welcome Buffy I'll be right back.

Hi Buffy would you like some coffee and something to eat?

I'm good Thank you Angel but I'm not hungry right now I just want to take something for this head ace and go lay back down. Unless you are ready for around two of our fight.

No Buffy that will be alright, I think when you are ready you will find me and want to talk about everything that was said last night.

Angel first off you did the talking last night and secondly I have been thinking and after we found out what the power of beings is trying to get us to talk about I'm going to be leaving because every time I'm around you I hurt really bad and I don't know why and that could be why the power of beings are trying to make us work things out because they have plans for us.

Buffy I was thinking that as well, but there is one problem with that. The power of beings only does things they know will work out in the end. I really don't want to see you go Buffy because you are my heart and soul and I love you.

Angel you don't can stand here and tell me that you love me and then hurt me and want me to understand why you have lied to me for over a year now. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT ME TO DO ANGEL!

Buffy please let's go upstairs and talk about this when I don't have my gang watching us fight right now about our feelings for each other because they have work to do.

Angel I'm just going to leave and head back to London and this will be over with, because I can't handle this right now.

Buffy are you alright?

Wesley I need help in here now.

Angel what happen?

I don't know one minute Buffy was talking and the next she was laying on the floor.

Okay let's get her up to her room and check her out there.

So Wesley what do you think happened?

Angel I'm not sure I can answer that because I'm thinking this has something to do with the power of being and I think you need to go see them right now.

Why have you come warrior?

I want to know why you have brought Buffy back into my life again and what is it that we need to be working out?

I think you know that warrior, because it is you that needs to face up to what you have known for so long about what you want out of your time on this earth.

What I want is to know why am fighting with Buffy and why now?

The only thing we can say is until you figure that out then the longer you and Buffy will be like this trying to work out our relationship.

Why is this so important to you all that we work this relationship out?

Let us ask you something, who do you really love and why?

I have only loved one person in my life time and you all know who that is. So why ask that question to me?

You didn't answer our question, who do you love warrior?

I love Buffy Ann Summers that is who I love; I have loved her all my life. But how can I be with her when I'm a vampire and she is the world slayer?

Warrior you know what you have to do to make her your own.

No I can't make her one of us. Because she does better not know that I have to turn her into a vampire so we can be together. I won't accept that.

Warrior you know what you have to do because it's the only way she can stay alive now. Your one true love is dying why you think she is having head aces right now it's not because of her.

So are you saying that I'm the one that is doing this to Buffy?

I believe the warrior has just figured out what he has to do.

Wait there is one more thing I need to ask, is this why she got the ring back I gave her on her 17th birthday?

Yes that is correct she needs to know that the ring is the key for you and you're beloved to be together. Now go we are done here.

Wesley any word on how Buffy is doing?

Angel she is awake now calling for you, but I would be careful she is on guard right now because of the dream she had while she was out.

Okay Wesley thank you.

Did you talk to the power of being about what is going on with Buffy?

Yes I did and I'm going to go and talk to Buffy about it right now.

Okay good luck and if you need me just yell and I will be on my way.

Buffy are you a wake?

Yes Angel I'm awake you can come in I won't hurt you.

How are you feeling Buffy?

I'm alright Angel, Wesley said you went to the power of being while I was out, what did they say about why I'm here.

Yes I did and they told me that I have known all along what you were doing here and why the ring was brought back to you.

And what is that Angel?

Buffy you are not going to like what I have to say so I'm going to tell you but I want you to let me finish before you ask any questions if that is alright?

Okay Angel I will wait until you are done before asking anything.

The power of being said that the ring is the key to us being happy and together we were brought together right now because you are dying Buffy and the only way that you can live is if I make you a vampire and I let you know that when I gave you that ring on your 17th birthday it was a sign of us being married which I told you last night and when you made me drink you I had already made you mine. And when we made love the first time on your birthday and I lost my soul and I was angelus I knew then that you were my mate and that is why I was trying to kill you so you could stay my mate forever. The power of being said that is pretty much the only way to keep you with me and that I'm the one who is the cause of your head aces right now because time is running out for you Buffy and no spell or anything can safe your right now.

That would explain the dream I just had Angel about you drinking my blood and me turning into a vampire. But what I don't understand Angel is why now? I know that you have said that I'm dying and you need to change me into a vampire before I die. How is that going to help us Angel?

Buffy do you love me really love me?

Angel I do love you but I don't know if I trust you yet, I know that since you walked into my life and when we first kissed all I wanted to do was die and when I found out you are a vampire that didn't stop me from wanting to be with you. And when left I after Sunnydale high school was blown up that hurt me really bad Angel. I have always known that you have had my heart which no one could ever take. And when you are around I can feel you inside of me. So yes I love you Angel.

Buffy I will do my best to make things right between us if that takes forever to do it. I just want us to be together. I don't want to see you die Buffy so will you please think about what I said and let me know when you have made up your mind.

Yes Angel I will let you know.

Okay Buffy I will let you get some rest I will check on you later if that is alright?

Yes Angel that is fine.

Buffy's POV

I do love Angel so much and this is a lot take in about me dying and Angel needing to turn me into a vampire for me to stay alive and him being the cause of my head aces that I'm having all the time. I know that I want to be with Angel forever but at what cost will that put on my sister Dawn and Willow and the Giles if they were to find out what Angel has to do to me for me to stay alive. I have so much to think about and am not sure how to go about telling them that I'm thinking about taking Angel up on him turning me into a vampire. But I will ask him to make love to me while he turns me. I just hope that he agrees to it.

Wesley where you at right now?

Angel I'm in your office. Do you need me for something?

No I just wanted to let you know that you might want to have the gang leave the office for the next few days because I have talked to Buffy about what the power of being said and I can feel it in my blood that she is going to take what I have to do to safe her.

Wait what do you mean save her?

Wesley she is dying and the only way for me to save her is to turn her, and the power of being said that is why the ring showed up at her new place in London.

Angel has you told Giles and the rest of the Scooby gang about this?

No Wesley this is between me and Buffy and no one else. I am telling you this because you are my friend and I may need you if something goes wrong .So can you have the gang leave for a few days like maybe a week and you can stay in case I need you. If they ask why just tell them that I said to leave and I will call them when it's time for them to come back to the office.

Okay Angel I'm on it I will call you in a few hours.

Thank you Wesley.

Ring, Angel can you come up stairs a minute please I would like to talk to you.

Yes Buffy I will be right there just give me a minute.

Okay thank you.

Knock, come in.

Hi Buffy so what would you like to talk to me about.

Hi Angel cans you come sit down so we can talk, I have made up my mind and I would like to talk to you about it first.

Yes Buffy I know that you have a lot to say and I will listen before asking anything.

Good, Now I have made up my mind about what I'm going to do and this is what I have come up with. If the power of being said that the only way to keep me alive is to turn me into a vampire to save me than I'm willing to do that. Only thing I have to ask is when you do turn me I want to be making love with you like in our dream that one time when you just come back from hell and they wanted you to become evil again and you turned them down. I want to feel you inside of me when I am being turned if that is possible.

Buffy I'm sure that I can do that but I need to find out if it will turn me evil if we do make love again before you are even turned.

Angel who can we ask this question to?

I am thinking we can ask the power of beings and see what they say about it.

But Buffy there is one question how are you going to let the Scooby gang know along with Dawn?

I was hoping that we could call them and put them on speaker phone and I can tell them. Or we can wait until after I'm turned.

Buffy I think we should just call Giles and tell him and he can let the Scooby gang know from there because I have asked Wesley to tell my gang to leave for a week and not come to the office until I call them.

Okay Angel we can do that but first we need to find out about us first then go from there.

Do you have a way to reach the power of being her instead of me going there since I'm still weak?

Yes I do let me make a call then they will be here.

Why have you called us for warrior and Slayer?

We want to know if we make love before I turn Buffy into a vampire will I lose my soul and become evil.

Why do you ask warrior?

Because we both want to be feeling each other while I turn Buffy.

Then we can make it so you won't lose your soul warrior so you can do what you need to do we will give you two days to do so. Than after that if it's not done and in two days and you try and make love before turning the slayer you will lose your soul.


Okay Buffy we have two days and we need to call Giles. I have to let Wesley know what is going on.

Alright Angel let's call Giles.