Hel-lo, everybody. Here begins a new Nextgen story, starring Viridi's new minion. To start off, play "Lightning Battle" from Kid Icarus: Uprising! Let's begin!

KND Armada

"Kids Next Door, BATTLE STATIONS!"

The KND Armada took off into some cloudy, stormy skies, engaged in a fierce battle against Viridi's Forces of Nature. Two Lurchthorns flew beside Sector V's COOL-BUS, but Sheila charged some Light Spheres and began shooting them at each individual eye. The COOL-BUS also absorbed some shots, gaining enough energy to create a shockwave and blow the bonefish away.

"ATTACK, my children!" Viridi's holographic image commanded. "Eliminate ALL of these brats!"

Zach and Maddy flew ahead of the armada on jetpacks as a squadron of Nutskis came, and the Decommissioning Officers easily shot down the acorn creatures. A squad of Mahvas appeared ahead and created a barrier to protect other Nutskis as they fired acorns. However, Sunni and Darcy Chariton flew by, standing on a SPRAYSHIP piloted by Francis, and the psychicbenders launched Psycho Spheres to wipe out the barriers, allowing the operatives to wipe out the troops.

"The battle's looking good from out here." Panini reported to Cheren in their flagship.

Cheren put on a confident smile as he spoke, "Alright, troops, keep attacking, and we'll have Viridi banished again!"

"Grrrr! That's what you think!" Viridi yelled from her throne. "We'll see how you fair against my commander! Phosphora, STRIKE them! Avenge Cragalanche and DESTROY them!"

As the KND ships kept attacking, a woman in a long, blue, electrical scarf suddenly zapped in front of them, taking them out in a flash of lightning. "Yes, you called?" she taunted.

"Who is that? ?" Cheren exclaimed.

"That must be the commander." Panini figured.

"Soldiers, take her out!" Cheren commanded.

Sunni and Darcy attempted to throw Psycho Spheres at the woman, but she zipped behind them as quick as lightning and induced them with electrical zaps, causing the sisters to fall over and plummet to the ground. "Oh, no." Francis moaned, quickly flying down to their aid. Sector V flew for Phosphora and launched missiles, but the woman zipped away and appeared beside their ship. Sheila and Chris tried shooting a Light Sphere and fireball, but she zipped away. She appeared by Mason and Haruka's side as the two poisonbenders coughed Gas Bombs, but the lady easily avoided. She zipped to the front of the ship, shooting lightning through the windshield and giving Artie a painful shock.

"Aagh!" the pilot grunted. Phosphora suddenly zipped behind the ship, dealing her electricity to the COOL-BUS's engines.

"'aaaang on to yo' UNDERWEEAAR!" Sheila cried as the ship began spiraling out of control.

Phosphora blew the smoke from her fingers, dodging before a laser could strike her. She looked as Zach and Maddy flew her way on their jetpacks, the woman dodging before they rammed her. The two officers desperately tried to shoot the lightning-fast woman, but Phosphora was too quick, dodging left, up, down, right, back, and then zipping out of thin air. As the two officers searched around for her, Phosphora zipped behind them, touching their jetpacks, and dealing a horribly painful shock that covered them in soot. The jetpacks shorted out, and Phosphora released them to let them fall toward the ground. "Mmm-BYEEE!"

Viridi's Lair

"Mmm, I say." Arlon observed as he stared into Viridi's crystal ball, watching this battle. "Phosphora puts up quite the show, eh wot?"

"Well, that's because Phosphora's been building up energy for so long!" Viridi replied as she kicked back in her wooden throne, her feet rested on a tree stump as her fingers dug around a bowl of red berries. "She hasn't had a chance to unleash her power. Now, she's letting the KND get the full force of it."

"Indeed she is. But just in case, perhaps I should lend fair Phosphora some assistance. Surely, my moonbending powers will come in handy."

"Oh, ha ha ha ha! You misjudge her power, Arlon. Hold your lunar goodness and let Phosphora show you how it's done."

"Mmm, understood, Mistress Viridi." Arlon bowed.

KND Armada

Phosphora zipped and zapped, flung and flew all around the battle site, wiping down any operative in her path just like lightning. "Man, this girl's tough!" Cheren exclaimed.

"I've got to admit, I respect her for her charm." Panini said.

"Oh, thanks, you're too sweet." Phosphora replied.

"It's true she brings that special aura around her." Viridi replied. "But Commander Phosphora must ALSO be respected for her power. She may not SEEM like much at first, but she's the most powerful lightningbender you'll ever see! As you might have noticed, she combines the de-confidence power in younglings with the speed of lightning. Pretty impressive, huh?"

"Don't act cocky just yet, Viridi." Cheren smirked. "Sector W, it's YOUR turn!"

At his command, the Sector W Team flew in on their SCAMPER. "Missiles AWAY!" Anthony commanded as the team launched a series of missiles, which Viridi was still quick to dodge.

"Uh! It's just one fight after another! Today is not my day!" Phosphora whined. "Oh well. You'll be easy." With an evil smirk, Phosphora zipped toward the kids and continued to throw lightning. The Sector W ship was quick to dodge, flying far ahead and performing a U-turn as they were coming at Phosphora again.

"Fybi, show her how a REAL aerial fighter gets things done!" Anthony said.

"Ahh, 'tis another day to go a-soaring in the SKIES!" Fybi switched on the ship's autopilot and headed for the door. The Irish angel kicked open the door and leapt out of the ship, spreading her wings and taking for the air as the raindrops pounded on her form. The angel swerved around and faced the electric woman, pulling out and taking aim with her-

Kids Next Door: B.O.W.

Blasts Obnoxious Weaponry

-and began unleashing an endless array of arrows at the lightningbender.

"Er! You think your little arrows will stop me?" Phosphora retorted as she flew and attempted to punch the angel, but Fybi dodged upward and shot Phosphora with more arrows. The two began zooming around in the air and throwing kicks at each other. Phosphora appeared below Fybi and kicked her upward, but Fybi regained herself as she spun around into a Screw Kick, shooting down and kicking Phosphora in the face. As Phosphora shook it off, she gritted her teeth in anger as Fybi flew up higher, the angel launching more arrows at Phosphora.

Fybi soared above the clouds as Phosphora gave chase, the two continuing their kicking fest above the battle site. Fybi tried to launch an arrow, but Phosphora avoided and flew beneath the clouds. Fybi waited for her to come up, but Phosphora shot up from beneath and grabbed Fybi's legs, swinging the angel around before tossing her through the storm clouds. Fybi regained control and kept flying, hurrying away as Phosphora gave chase. The rest of the operatives watched as Fybi kept flying away, trying to launch arrows back at Phosphora.

"Um, Fybi? Are you okay?" Anthony asked with worry.

"Er, yea! I am as the peach!"

"You don't seem very peachy." Sally said.

Fybi stopped when Phosphora suddenly vanished. She gasped when Phosphora tried to kick down from above, dodging back, and Fybi kept trying to aim at Phosphora, but the woman kept zipping and flying in all directions around Fybi, sneaking all the quick kicks she could from behind. When Phosphora appeared behind again, Fybi immediately ducked down and got behind her, grabbing her arms. Phosphora shook around and knocked the angel up toward the clouds. Fybi stopped, looked down, and took careful aim with another arrow. Having had enough of this, Phosphora immediately charged power and threw her arms upward. "YAAAHH! !"

At her cry, a massive bolt of lightning struck toward her from the clouds above. Since Fybi was in the line of her lightning, she instantly took the deadly strike from behind, her skeleton showing as her body shook from the painful surge. When the lightning vanished, Fybi's clothes were torn, and parts of her skin burnt. Fybi dizzily fell into unconsciousness, and Sector W gave looks of horror at the sight of her brown, scorched wings. Unable to recover, the Irish angel plummeted straight for the ground.

"FYBI! !" Anthony cried, immediately jumping out of the ship. He fell as fast as he could and drew closer to Fybi, quickly wrapping his arms around his friend. As he saw they were dropping closer to the ground, Anthony rapidly waved his arm around in attempt to create a soft spot in the earth. Anthony was able to, but his uncoordinated earthbending caused him to misplace it, and the two thudded headfirst with the ground. When the smoke cleared, Anthony's head was shown to be stuck in a hole, while Fybi was lying on the ground unscathed.

"FINISHING BLOW!" Viridi exclaimed.

"Oww! That strike took a lot out of me." Phosphora whined.

"Retreat for now, children. This was just Round 1."

"I bid adieu, Kids Next Door. Ciao." Phosphora waved a cocky good-bye as she flew toward Viridi's giant holographic image. The Goddess of Nature grabbed her henchwoman into a beam of light, the woman vanishing as all of the Forces of Nature retreated. (End song.)

Sector W and the rest of the operatives took land to aid their respective loved ones. "Anthony, Fybi!" Sally called as the group hurried to where they crashed. They found Anthony's head buried in the ground, so the group worked to pull him free.

"You okay?" Aranea asked.

"Yeah." Anthony replied dizzily. "But where's Fybi?"

They turned to look at the lightning-struck Fybi, still steaming with smoke as she slowly awakened, holding her aching head. "Ay… my head is tornado… and my mind clouds. What hath become of me?"

The kids exchanged worried glances and pointed behind Fybi. Fybi turned her head, and her eyes widened with horror at the sight of her wings: they were now brown with soot, and had shrunken down from being burned and destroyed from the lightning. Fybi weakly flapped them, but they were now shriveled into disuse as her eyes began watering. "NNAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!"

So yep, Fybi's wings have been… scorched. DXX Now she's just a regular human. DXX Well, sort of. BUT, she may never fly again. DXX Next time, she will learn the tragic tale. Later.