Alright, people, it took a while, but I just want this story completed, already. I could only use a small portion of Flutejrp's idea, which was technically what I had planned from the start, BUT, hey. These need to be rewritten, anyway. So, without further ado, here's the last chapter of this uninteresting story.

Time To Get Revenge! Soar Into the Moody Storm!

KND Moonbase

"I have analyzed the battle as you requested, Master Cheren." Fi began as Cheren and company regrouped at the Moonbase. "It seems you were correct in your assumption of Phosphora's weakness. Data shows that Phosphora bares the Lightning Sash, a powerful item that can grant one immense power over lightning. The scarf was designed by the Goddess of Nature, Viridi long ago. She channeled her natural powers over lightning into what it is now, granting said item to her commander, Phosphora. Also, anyone who is greatly struck by the power of the Lightning Sash may find themselves nearly immobile for extended periods of time."

"And every time she uses her power, the scarf gets a little shorter." Haylee remembered.

"I get it." Artie said. "Like any electrical item, if it uses too much power for too long, it'll eventually cease to work. It won't be much of anything unless Phosphora takes it back for a recharge."

"And that's why Phosphora gets a little weaker every time we fight her." Aurora deduced. "That means we oughta attack now while she's still charging!"

"And you were mad at Cheren for wanting to attack her so much?" Chris remarked.

"With further data analyzed, Master," Fi spoke, "striking her directly may not be so simple. With so much energy wasted, Phosphora will likely not come out from her hiding place until her charge is complete. She is currently residing in her floating temple base, deep within the clouds referred to her as the 'Moody Storm'. The endless sea of violent clouds makes it difficult for enemy aircraft to pass through. There is an 89% chance any one of your ships may be destroyed by lightning without the necessary piloting skills."

"So Phosphora's basically safe within the storm…" Mason figured.

"Perhaps. However, if there were an airbender leading the route, they could use their abilities to drift clouds away from the path, and perhaps prevent them from striking lightning."

"Then I guess it's all up to us." The group of operatives turned as Sector W suddenly entered the office.

"Prithee, I am not afraid of a minor storm." Fybi smirked.

"Fybi!" Panini exclaimed. "You're all right!"

"Verily! O-K and am ready to learn Phosphora her lesson!"

"But… Fybi, your wings are still broken." Cheren reminded, noticing Fybi's wings were still brown and shriveled. "You won't be able to navigate through if you can't fly."

"Pray, whom sayest I canst not fly, when I hath this!" Fybi then pulled out a jetpack, like the ones decommissioning ops wear.

Aranea stood beside Fybi and gave a wide grin. "Technology saves the day!"

"We'll just fly into the storm, break into Phosphora's base, and bring that hag down!" Anthony declared.

"I dunno, Anthony." Cheren replied. "I'm not sure if I wanna risk that. I already got Nebula sent to the infirmary, I don't wanna risk my cousin."

"Come on! Didn't I just save your life a few days ago when I was only one inch tall?"

"He's got a point." Sally shrugged.

"Cheren, if we could take down that Cragalanche freak, we could totally take Phosphora!" Anthony insisted. "And Fybi's the best flyer there is. No one else'll be able to navigate that storm."

"Are ya really sure yer up to it, Lass?" Panini asked.

"Pray, at first, I wast not." Fybi said. "I feared I wouldst never be able to fly again the way that I used to. But I know now… mine friends are all I need to grant me that lighthearted feeling." She wrapped an arm around Anthony, making the bucktooth boy blush.

Cheren sighed and rested his head on his hand. "Well… Sector V here can't survive another battle, and most of our other operatives are still stunned from shock. I guess we don't have a choice. Just be careful, Anthony. Both our parents would kill me if they hear I let you fly out into a storm."

"Dooon't worry, Cheren." Anthony just waved him off, putting an arm around Fybi's shoulders. "Long as we got Fybi, old Lightning Shorts better watch her neck!"

The Battlesite Storm (Play "Lightning Battle" from Kid Icarus: Uprising!)

Stage 4: Moody Storm

Mission: Make your way through the storm and defeat Phosphora!

Act 1

"Okay, guys, this is our last attack on Phosphora's fleet!" Anthony announced. "You all ready?"

"YEAH!" his friends cheered.

"Ugh. These kids never learn." Viridi sighed. "Forces of Nature, shoot them down once and for all!"

The first squadron of low-level Nutskis flew in to the fight, launching their usual acorns. The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. switched on a barrier to absorb the shots, charging enough energy to release a shockwave and blow the acorns away. Afterwards, a team of Flages poofed out of thin air ahead. The covert ops Forces launched shockwaves from their scythes, striking the aircraft a little as the kids tried to shoot back, only for the creatures to disappear. They reappeared around the ship and grabbed on, but the crew performed a barrel roll and knocked them away. The kids flew faster ahead as the Flages tried to chase them. A squad of Badoots appeared ahead and conjured laser bars to try and block their route, but Fybi swiftly navigated around the bars and evaded, causing the Flages to be zapped.

"Nice going, Fybi!" Anthony cheered. "But we're not through yet. We have to get through the storm."

"Pray, why dost not yon Phosphora come and fight us herself?" Fybi asked.

"Uh, because, I'm trying to take a shower. Which isn't easy seeing as I keep having you guys attack me." Phosphora spoke via communicator.

"Heh, too scared Fybi's gonna beatcha?" Aranea smirked.

"Pssh, I took that angel once, I can beat her again. And since her wings are already scorched, all that leaves is the rest of her puny body."

"Thou speakest the cock, but I will showest thee what true thunder looks like." Fybi remarked.

"Um, it's actually lightning. Not thunder."

"Aranea, take the wheel." Anthony ordered. "Fybi, take the front."

Fybi nodded and grabbed her jetpack as Aranea jumped in the pilot's seat, taking the controls. Fybi quickly kicked open the door, staring outside as the stormy clouds and winds rushed by. She took a breath of anxiety as she slipped on her jetpack and jumped out of the craft. The angel child switched on the device and began flying at quick speeds when the jetpack's engines roared to life. "Ay, the sound deafens me. But 'tis for the best."

"Oh, so you have a substitute." Phosphora observed. "Well, no skin off my back. This makes it easier."

Fybi flew in front of the ship as all five kids gulped with worry, drawing closer to the storm. "All right, Fybi… put that airbending to the test." Anthony stated.

They flew for the first gray cloud, which already emitted some lightning, but Fybi quickly used her airbending to push it into two separate clouds, cancelling the lightning.

"Ohh! I get it!" Sally smiled. "When Fybi separates the clouds, they don't rub together to generate lightning!"

"Is that really how lightning's created?" Harvey asked.

"Mm-mm." Sally shrugged.

Fybi swiftly evaded the lightning and pushed more clouds apart, allowing the operatives to proceed through the storm. Captain Flares poofed out of thin air and started to launch meteors, which the kids launched bullets at to keep away. Fybi pulled out her B.O.W. and shot the Flares, quickly moving the clouds aside. Fybi flew directly up into a spiraling tunnel of clouds, where Parashooters shot down and launched lasers. The side of Fybi's shirt was scratched by a laser, but the angel remained airborne as she fired an arrow to pierce one of one's wings, causing it to fly out of control and crash into others, leaving Sector W to shoot down the last one.

"Okay, Phosphora's base should be just up ahead." Aranea reported.

"Uhh, nope, there's nobody here!" Phosphora called.

"We can hear you, you know." Aranea reminded.

"Yeah, well, good luck gettin' past the whirlwinds."

The heroes made it out of the spinning tunnel, going above the storm clouds, where dozens of tornados made up the area above. The kids were caught in the suction of one of the cyclones as more Nutskis were blown out, the kids evading as Fybi shot them with arrows. Fybi flew beside the ship and used her airbending to push them away from the tornado's grasp, only to be pulled closer to another one. Fybi continued to blow away from the whirlwinds, the crew spiraling around many others again and again. Other whirlwinds launched Trynamites at the ship, the bombs exploding into three missiles each that damaged the ship.

"Geh!" Sally grunted. "We've gotta find a way out of this storm fast."

"A little more air would be nice, Fybi." Anthony demanded.

"Pray, doth not act so spoiled, yea?" Fybi shot back.

Fybi quickly led them away from the tornados as they were flying to an even bigger one. "Phosphora has to be in there somewhere." Aranea said. "Try breaking a hole through."

A couple of Zerts emerged from the cyclone, creating electric barriers, but Fybi easily shot them down as they flew for the large cyclone. Fybi sucked in some breath and blew a huge gust of air, successfully blowing a hole into the whirlwind. She flew in first, followed by the others as they began the flight downward, having to evade more lightning strikes from the side. While Fybi was able to dodge around them with no trouble, the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. was taking quite a few strikes. "Aranea, we're about to be singed, can't you fly straight? ?" Anthony shouted.

"No one ever told me I'd be a replacement pilot! !" she shot back.

"I would figure you'd be a natural at this, SKY."

Aranea angrily turned around and yelled at Anthony, "You have NO right calling me that-"

"WATCH OUT!" Harvey screamed, and the ship immediately crashed through some lightning.

"YOW!" Anthony yelped.

"We're about to crash!" Sally yelled.

"Pray, hangeth on!" Fybi shouted. "Methinks I see our destination."

They made it out of the cyclone and were approaching the front of some huge temple, floating amongst the clouds. "WELCOME, Kids Next Door, to the Thunder Cloud Temple!" Viridi exclaimed.

"I have to admit, it's nice compared to that forest area." Sally said.

"Wait… there's something off about it." Harvey observed.

The kids flew around the front of the temple, and found that the front part was the only thing still standing. The rest of it was completely torn apart. "Uhh… now it's not so nice." Anthony said.

"Yeah, the temple sort of went to ruins during the first Nature War." Phosphora said. "Still, the ruins held well over the years. They still contain enough power for me to do THIS."

At that moment, a blast of lightning emerged from the clouds, striking the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.'s engines and causing them to spin out of control. "Grr, well… prepare for landing." Aranea grunted.

"Ay-ay-ay." Fybi shook her head and flew after the ship as it crash-landed in the temple. (Play "Thunder Cloud Temple" from Kid Icarus: Uprising.)

Act 2: Thunder Cloud Temple

Fybi took land beside her friends as they all recovered from the wreckage, switching and taking off her jetpack. "Pray, why doth we seem to crash somewhere every mission?"

"Because Aranea doesn't live up to her name- OWW!" Aranea stomped Anthony's foot. "I was just kidding! Anyway, guys, our mission is to track down and defeat Phosphora. And when we find her, Cheren wants us to try and take her scarf, and bring it back. He thinks we can use it to suck out the electricity that's keeping everyone stunned."

"Uh, shyeah, good luck with that." Phosphora retorted.

The group entered the doorway of the ruined temple, and on the other side, they were met with a gloomy sea of gray clouds, roaring with thunder and lightning. A couple Nutskis appeared above the clouds and launched acorns, but Fybi released a gust of air and blew the acorns into their eyes, blinding them. They continued forward and jumped down a few cloud platforms, landing in a small field where Meebas popped up. The rhino-like fungus charged at the operatives, but they jumped out of the way, causing them to run off the edge of the clouds. Zerts emerged from the wall of clouds and charged at them with lightning shields, but Fybi quickly shot arrows from her B.O.W. and took them out.

The group continued across the open field and bounced down more clouds to a lower area, where they entered a narrow tunnel of gray clouds. Several Cacaws were crawling their way in from the other side, launching sonic waves to make the group dizzy. Sally launched her yo-yo past the row of enemies and grabbed the one at the far end, pulling it forward to knock away all the others. The group jumped their way over the fallen enemies and continued passing through the tunnel. When they came out on the other side, a massive field of gray, rainy clouds lay before them.

They hurried down the slope that led to the field as several Boom Stompers popped up above the clouds. The titan-like enemies jumped and shook the clouds with great force, causing the heroes to fling up into the air. Once airborne, the Nutskis attempted to fly by and shoot them, but Sally and Harvey launched yo-yos to grab them and hurl them at others. Aranea landed on one of the Boom Stompers as it tried to shake her off. Fybi came down and blew a hole below the Boom Stomper, and the monster fell as Aranea jumped off. The rest of the Boom Stompers leapt to bounce the clouds again, but Fybi quickly launched arrows to pierce the clouds below them, causing them to break through and fall.

At the end of the cloudy field was a massive tornado that spiraled upwards. The crew ran forward and allowed the tornado to catch them. The inside of the tornado contained several floating ruins from the temple, creating a pathway that allowed the kids to jump their way up. Some of the platforms appeared too high, so Sally and Harvey had to launch their yo-yos up to haul everyone up. Some Bumpety Bombs were caught in the maelstrom, but Anthony used earthbending to grab some parts of the temple and hurl them at them to knock the Bumpety Bombs out of the tornado. When they reached the highest ruin, Fybi created a gust of air to haul them up the rest of the way, landing them on another pathway.

A green Jitterthug appeared in their way and began to launch energy spheres. Sally shot her C.O.N.E.C.A.N.N.O.N. while Aranea used a S.P.I.C.E.R., but the weapons had no effect on the monster. However, Fybi leapt in the air and performed a charged spiral kick, shooting at the monster and kicking him away. "'Tis a Jitterthug. When he ist red, thou shootest. When green, thou must attack."

"How did you know that? ?" Viridi asked.

"I play lots of Kid Icarus." Fybi smirked.

The group continued through an open doorway in the clouds to another vast, open area, where there was little ground (or clouds) to stand on. A Parashooter landed on their foothold and charged, but Fybi jumped and landed on its back, pulling on its head. "All aboard, now." The kids shrugged and boarded the Parashooter's back, riding it over the edge as it extended its wings. The kids flew over the stormy abyss as Pew-Pews and Lethiniums fired at them from the clouds. Fybi shot arrows at the enemies and caused them to plummet, but another Parashooter came and shot the one the kids were riding. The Parashooter was about to come down, so the kids jumped and landed on another safe ground. There, an Urgle climbed above the cloud and launched at Fybi, hurling her straight in the air. The Parashooter was about to fly and hit her, but Fybi kicked an air gust the opposite way and pushed herself over the airborne enemy, landing on it.

Fybi took control of the Parashooter and used it to shoot a laser as the Urgle down below. Afterwards, she landed beside her friends and allowed them on, and they continued over the massive abyss. Bumpety Bombs dropped from the clouds above and attempted to land on them, but all of them missed. The kids were approaching another hole in the clouds, which was guarded by a Toxiecap. The poisonous mushroom launched toxic balls at them, but Fybi launched a blast of air to blow them back, attacking the mushroom monster and destroying it. The kids were able to soar through the narrow hole and quickly reach the other end. They appeared in another vast area of the clouds, where a towering altar floated in the center. A spark of lightning rested at the top of the altar, and the kids recognized it as Phosphora.

Before they could fly close, a Lurchthorn appeared in their path, causing the Parashooter to crash. The kids simply leapt over the bonefish enemy and onto a cloud platform. They jumped over a floating ruin and to another cloud, where a Mahva appeared and created a barrier around more Nutskis. The group fired their weapons to weaken the barrier quickly, however the Lurchthorn was still shooting at them from behind. Anthony grabbed the floating ruin and launched it at the fishbone's head, knocking it out of the heavens. The others eventually took out the barrier, causing the Mahva to drop, and allowing the others to take out the enemies.

The kids jumped a ruin to the next cloud, where some Pips slowly drifted downward. Fybi shot arrows and caused the creatures to divide and launch at them, but the kids avoided the monsters before shooting them from behind. They then proceeded to a platform with a skinny pole. Fybi blew some air and created a small tornado around the pole, sucking each of the kids in as it blew them over to a platform below the altar. From there, the kids began making their way up the steep staircase to the top. A couple of Hugworms slid down and successfully caught Sally and Harvey like snakes, proceeding to squeeze them. Fybi forced her way in with Harvey and puffed an air bubble to release the grip, then Anthony jumped to stomp the snake's waist.

Aranea latched the head of the other Hugworm as it tried to shake her off, eventually deciding to release Sally. The yo-yo girl wrapped her yo-yo string around its neck and hurled it over the edge, while Fybi blew the other one along with it. They progressed up the stairs as a Megonta was about to roll down and crush them, but the kids easily avoided the pill bug and let it roll over the edge. They hurried up further when some Skreetles crawled up on the sides of the altar and launched lasers. Fybi jumped the lasers and shot arrows at some of them, while Anthony stomped the ground and flung other Skreetles away. When they arrived at the top of the stairway, a Mudrone stood in their path. Aranea and Harvey punched at the mud monster, but their fists were stuck into its ooze. However, Anthony easily defeated it by using his earthbending to levitate it, throwing it all the way down the staircase. With nothing more in their way, they ran onto the field where Phosphora waited. (End song.)

Currently, the woman was standing in a shower with all of her clothes on, and rather than water, the faucet sprinkled electrical energy. "Oh, darn." she whined. "You're here, already? I'm not even fully dressed, yet."

"You've hid for long enough, Phosphora." Anthony stated. "But now we're bringing you in."

"Really? Sounds bold of you. But I doubt that angel of yours will be much help. I mean, an angel who can't fly is pretty pathetic. Which comes as no surprise, seeing as you idolize that Pitfall."

"Thou holdest the cock, but let us see if-" Fybi was interrupted when Phosphora suddenly zapped lightning blasts at them, making them jump back.

"Yeah, yeah." Phosphora blew the smoke from her fingers and kicked the shower away. "Talking is boring. Let's just get this over with."

"Took the words right outta me." Anthony replied. (Play the Grand Doomer's Theme from Kirby's Return To Dreamland.)

Boss fight: Lightning Flash, Phosphora

Phosphora flew to the side of the field and launched lightning, but the kids dodged as Anthony kicked rock chunks at her head. She rubbed her sore chin and evaded as Fybi shot an arrow at her. She charged an electric sphere in her hands and dropped it at the ground to electrify the whole area, zapping the five kids. She came down and launched an electric laser at Sally and Harvey, who ducked and tossed and wrapped yo-yos around her legs. They pulled her to the ground, and Anthony stomped a large boulder from the floor and levitated it over the Lightning Flash. Phosphora merely zipped away from her binds and avoided the boulder, getting behind Anthony, and zapping him. Aranea tried to shoot her, but Phosphora zipped away and flew back to the heavens.

The lightningbender flew high above the arena and spiraled a bunch of clouds together, creating a huge beam of lightning that struck the very center. She moved the massive jolt around the field in attempt to strike the kids, but it was too slow, and the kids easily avoided. After she was finished, she took a moment to catch her breath. Sally tossed a yo-yo up to pull her down, and the kids all laid blows upon her. She zipped away from them to a side of the field, gliding around the area before launching two separate beams around and behind the kids, which came back and zapped them. She protected herself in an electric barrier and glided toward the team, who flipped back to avoid her punches and kicks.

Anthony kicked rocks at her head and disabled her shield, then Fybi tried to jump and kick her, but Phosphora fled away. She charged electricity and touched her hands to the ground, launching several electrical ground waves at them. The kids avoided the blasts as Sally and Aranea fired cones and hotsauce at her. Phosphora flew above the field and began to conjure her lightning dragon. The snakelike dragon emerged and begun to fly around the field, swooping down in attempt to snack on the kids, but they avoided. Phosphora was taken by surprise when Fybi suddenly shot down from above, using her jetpack to fly as she brought her foot down on Phosphora's head with great force. "Grrrr! Sneaky little angel! Let's take this fight upstairs." With that, the lightningbender soared straight up above the clouds, and Fybi chased after her.

They continued their aerial fight within the storming clouds, and Fybi quickly avoided as various lightning strikes tried to hit her. She and Phosphora began launching at each other, laying several kicks before Phosphora charged a lightning sphere and launched it at Fybi. The angel dodged and shot arrows, but Phosphora zipped behind the angel and kicked her forward. Fybi turned and continued to try and shoot the Lightning Flash, but Phosphora kept zipping around the area and kicking her in the head. "It's hopeless, ya know." Fybi gritted her teeth in anger and attempted to kick her, but she merely dodged again as she gripped the angel by the shirt-collar from behind. "What good is an angel without any wings? You weren't much of anything before, and you're even LESS without a good set of wings. And being forced to resort to little kiddy toys is even lower. Why don't you just give up and fly back home, crying?"

"Thou canst cry when thou hast lost. But I am through with feeling upset. Whether I hath wings to fly or not, I still hath the friends to support me. I no longer care, as long as I canst help them smite thee!" Fybi spun free and attempted to kick her, but Phosphora dodged behind again.

"How cute." Fybi angrily turned to face her. "But these little kiddy games make me sick. It was nice playing with you. Ciao!" With that, Phosphora thrusted her arms backward, and a powerful burst of lightning shot from the clouds behind Fybi and struck the angel clear in the back. (End song.)

Sector W's eyes widened with fright when they saw the tremendous burst of light above the clouds. "Fybi!" Anthony cried. After a few moments, Phosphora flew down. Sector W was struck with horror when they saw the unconscious, singed angel in Phosphora's right hand, and the burned jetpack in her left. She simply released the jetpack and allowed it to drop below the clouds, then dropped Fybi.

"Well-p, that was an easy win." she stated, brushing her hands.

"YOU! !" Anthony glared at her with anger and hatred. "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT? !"

"Uh." Phosphora eye-rolled. "Big deal, so I wiped out your little angel friend. If you're gonna whine so much about it, why don't you just join her? Here, let me help you." The lightningbender smirked and prepared to charge another lightning dragon. Before she could get close, an arrow zipped up from below the clouds, and she quickly dodged back as they all looked down with curiosity.

To everyone's amazement, Fybi flew above the clouds with a brand new set of wings. Phosphora stared with utter shock as Fybi flew up to her level, charged an arrow, and launched, striking Phosphora in the stomach. Fybi kept her smirk and continued to shoot arrows, but Phosphora zipped above the angel and yelled, "I don't know HOW you got your wings back, but I'm making SURE they stay burned! Get ready to-" Electricity formed in her hands, but she stopped when she found the electric dying out. "W-What?"

"Pray, is thine sash loose?" Fybi smirked. Phosphora gasped, noticing her very-shrunken scarf. "Methinks it's time for this fight to end. Art thou ready to see some thunder?"

"Uh, no! 'Cause you can't SEE thunder!"

Fybi flew high above the lady and cried, "SCREW KICK!", spinning faster and faster as she shot straight down, her foot aimed directly at Phosphora. The woman was about to fly away, but Anthony kicked a rock at her head and made her dizzy, and she was too late to avoid as Fybi's Screw Kick dealt a perfect blow, knocking her towards the floor.

"Geh!" Phosphora grunted as she bounced across the ground. "Gah!" She was suddenly caught between four rocks which Anthony emerged. Fybi leisurely glided over and took the shortened scarf off Phosphora's neck. She took land beside her friends as they all high-fived.

Below the clouds

"Grr, I take it back. You're not cute at all!" Phosphora yelled to Fybi as Zach and Maddy led the handcuffed woman into the S.P.R.A.Y.S.H.I.P..

"Can it, Lightning Freak." Maddy retorted.

The skies over the battlesite started to become sunny again. The gray clouds drifted away as Cheren walked over to Sector W. "Great job again, Sector W. Thanks to you, we have one of Viridi's commanders in custody. But I have to ask, how did Fybi get her wings back all of a sudden?"

"Yeah…" This question rose in Anthony's mind, too, "how DID you get your wings back when Phosphora threw you down there?"

"I… hath no idea." Fybi replied truthfully. "I wast exhausted… couldst not carry on, anymore… when suddenly, I felt awash in joy and hope. My wings returned to me, and I felt the strength to defeat Phosphora!"

"Well… that didn't make a bit of sense." Anthony stated.

"But it's great that you can fly again, Fybi." Sally smiled.

"And with Phosphora's Lightning Sash, we were able to heal everyone else that was stunned." Cheren said. "We're thinking of keeping it around. It could be useful. Anyway, best go home and get some rest. Viridi may strike again soon, and we all need to be ready."

"Mm!" They nodded. The team of seven-year-olds went separate ways with the Supreme Leader, the other four walking to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. while Fybi simply glided several feet above the ground.

"So, Fybi, what gave you your confidence back all of a sudden when your wings were burned, anyway?" Anthony asked.

"Poor, dimwitted Anthony, so many questions." Fybi remarked.

"What does that mean?"

"It means thou art too simple to understand the simplest things."

"Ugh…" Everyone snickered at Anthony's look.

Palutena's Temple

From the heavens high above the battleground, Pit smiled at the redheaded angel from the temple's window. He turned to face his master, who was looking into the Reflecting Pool. "Lady Palutena? Why didn't you give Fybi her wings back earlier?"

"I don't grant anyone gifts just to make them happy, Pit." the goddess replied.

"Well, that explains a lot."

"I wanted to be sure she could accept life without her wings, and realize what really mattered to her. I just used you to give her a nudge."

"Hehehe. Sounds kinda corny."

"We're corny, Pit. Now, what about those cabbages?"

Pit frantically saluted, "Yes, Lady Palutena!" and ran off.

Viridi's Lair

"Uuugh! What did I keep telling Phosphora? Cockiness killed the rooster." Viridi stated.

"She was as cocky and fast-paced as that blue hedgehog… but clearly not as strong." Arlon said.

Viridi sighed. "What am I going to do now?"

"What Phosphora lacked was a clear and calm mind. These hooligans must be defeated with a more subtle approach. Luckily…" the butler's right eye emitted an eerie red glow, "I have just the plan…"

Sigh, finally, that one's done. To tell the truth, I'm sick of writing Sector W, that's why this story wasn't as good as I had wanted it to. Ah well. Anyhoo, I've decided Operation: MASKED's release date will be in March. And now, to finish up The Gang, which SHOULD be completed right abooout… now! ;D