Not A Chapter but Extremely Important to Read!

Author's Note

I'm really sorry I'm doing this to you guys. Honestly, you've all made the Morning's Martyr my most successful story (considering my other ones were written when I was fairly young, and so they all fairly suck). But I have the worst block on it ever and haven't even been able to start on the next chapter. I feel awful because I have all of these wonderful scenes for the Avenger's written and I can't get to them. So I came upon an idea that I need you all to take a vote on.

Would you guys consider me splitting up MM into two stories? MM would stay up, but now as a sort of prologue for the new story set for when the Avenger's start. That's where I have all my juicy stuff anyway. I already have a title and summary for it. It would be called A Survivor's Sorrow, because as it stands all of the information you all desperately want to know (Harry's memories, where he came from, what the voices are, and what the heck is up with Luna?) is in the Avengers arc, not in the Iron Man 2 one. And since I am unable to get past my block, and I do not want to leave you guys or a good story hanging, I came up with this solution.

Let me know in your reviews (until I can figure out how to set a poll up on my page) and tell me if you would support this or not. I'm usually not one for letting my audience dictate the story line or anything to do with it because I feel that ruins the excitement and discovery of the story, but in this case I feel it is appropriate.

That and I, as the freaking author!, am incredibly impatient to get the show on the road. Note that I will still continue to work on MM as a prologue, but it would come secondary to the new story (obviously since I can't seem to write anything worthwhile on it). I like my later writing that would appear in SS a little more anyway.

Thank you so much for your support!

Also, having a beta reader would be amazing for numerous purposes (namely one of which would be to bounce ideas off of!) And as bribery to get one, they would be able to get a sneak peek of all of what I have written not in the story, of which there is a lot!

Also I've already got disappointment that I won't be continuing this fic. NOT TRUE. I will be continuing it, but it will be on a metaphorical back-burner while I focus more on the second fic if there is one. I will post a new chapter when I am able to write it, as soon as I write it. This fic is not dying yet!