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Chapter 10

Brittany woke up from her nap. Rachel was curled up next to her, slightly sideways. Even in sleep, the girl was moving. The blonde smiled sweetly at her girlfriend, she loved all of them but Rachel held a special place in all their hearts, probably because they had all been mean to her, before admitting their love for her. She stayed in that position, staring at the diva for the long time when she heard the tired voice.

"You know not only is staring rude, but it's rather disconcerting."

Brittany smiled widely, Rachel hadn't even opened her eyes yet, "How do you know I've been staring?" she said cutely.

"You're thinking rather loudly," she murmured tiredly, "especially for having just woken up."

"Would it help if I said I was only thinking how beautiful you are while I was staring?"

Rachel grinned and peeked open one beautiful brown eye, "It might. I won't believe you, but it might."

The blonde frowned, "I really wish you could see yourself through our eyes. Then you'd truly believe how amazing, how beautiful, how talented, and how special you are to us. You'd know how deeply in love with you we all are."

The tiny brunette felt her eyes prickle with tears, "I love you all too! So much…" she leaned forward and kissed Brittany.

The blonde pushed Rachel onto her back, and deepened the kiss. She pulled back when she heard Rachel groan, "What's wrong, Rae?"

Rachel quickly turned back onto her side, "my ass hurts," she said resentfully as she pulled away from her blonde girlfriend.

Brittany raised an eyebrow, "and whose fault is that? What was going on with you, Rae? It's like you were looking for trouble."

She shrugged, "What? Nothing was going on. Little Rachel was having a bad day."

"Well, she wasn't having a bad day until she woke up and found Q and San naked on the couch together."

"That is not true! Why would that bother me?"

"I didn't say it bothered you. I said it bothered little Rachie," Brittany said quietly.

Rachel was quiet for a long moment.

Brittany sat up and leaned back against the headboard, "I'm excited to go into town tonight for the tree lighting, and the festival. Are you going, or is little Rachie?"

"You sound schizophrenic, I am little Rachie," she snapped at Brittany, "I'm going to take a shower and get ready."

The blonde hid her hurt. Rachel never snapped at her. She didn't understand what she said that made her mad. Brittany waited until Rachel walked in the bathroom before getting out of bed. She threw on her robe and slippers, and headed downstairs. Quinn was sitting on the couch reading a book in front of the fire. The tall blonde came over and sat at the end of the couch. She lifted Quinn's feet, and put them in her lap.

Quinn looked up and smiled, "Hey babe, did you have a nice nap?"

"Yeah, I was super tired. It was probably all that good food you made. I stuffed myself. It was so yummy. I didn't know you could cook like that. I think you need to cook all the meals from now on."

"Oh you do, do you?" she laughed at the sweet blonde, "where's Rachel?"

"Taking a shower," Britt said quietly.

Quinn frowned, "Is something wrong?"

"Rachel is mad about something, I think both grownup Rachel and little Rachie. I don't know what's going on with her. Do you?"

"No, honey, I don't know what she's upset about. Did she say something to you?"

"She…. Oh never mind, it's nothing," she started massaging Quinn's feet. She knew how much her lover enjoyed a good foot massage.

"It's not nothing if it has you this upset," Quinn said gently, "keeping things to ourselves is what causes hurt feelings, and arguments. Talk to me, babe," she put a page marker in her book, and set it aside.

Brittany explained what had happened a few minutes earlier; how Rachel had pulled out of their kiss, how she snapped at her, how she denied being upset about finding Quinn and Santana naked on the couch together.

Quinn pushed her reading glasses up to sit on top of her head. She looked as puzzled as Brittany felt, "I don't understand. Maybe she doesn't want to do this age play thing anymore, and is afraid to tell us?"

"I don't think so, Q. She loves being little Rachie, and having a mommy, and a mama. Maybe she is just having a bad day?" she shrugged casually.

They both looked up when Santana came in the front door with an armload of firewood. She was all bundled up, and stomping snow off her boots.

Brittany jumped up, "I knew you were Santa Claus! Look at those jolly red cheeks, and shiny red nose," she pinched her cheeks playfully, "My very own Santana Claus!"

"Ha, ha, ha," the Latina grumbled.

"No Darling, it's ho, ho, ho!" Quinn giggled as she got up off the couch, and wrapped the throw around her girlfriend's shoulders, "Want some coffee? You look like you're freezing."

"Only if you two are drinking some, I don't want you to go to any trouble," she called over her shoulder as she stacked the wood by the fireplace to dry off, "It's gotten pretty chilly out, and it's snowing again. Do you think we should attempt going to this winter festival in town?"

Quinn stood in the doorway to the kitchen, "I really wanted to go."

Brittany nodded enthusiastically, "So did Rachel and I. We could always go for a little bit, and if it's too cold or snowy we can always come home and cuddle in front of the fire naked."

Santana laughed, "If that was your incentive to get me to go, I'm all in. Although, we could skip the festival and cuddle by the fire naked instead."

The two blondes looked at each other for a minute, then grinned and said at the same time, "Nah!"

"Fine, festival first. I'm a prisoner to the whims of the blondes in this family, it would appear," she mock pouted.

"Oh yeah, poor you," Quinn snorted. She stuck her tongue out at her lover, and went to make coffee.

"Very mature, Fabray," she saw Rachel descending the stairs, "Help me, Rach. I'm being picked on by the blondes in this family."

Rachel just shrugged, "Perhaps you deserved it," she sat on the couch and focused on the fire. She was clearly not in a playful mood.

"Are you alright, ¿mi pequeña estrella?" Santana asked in a worried voice.

The diva shifted uncomfortably, "I'm fine, Santana. I woke up with a slight headache, that's all. Nothing to be concerned about, I assure you."

Santana looked unconvinced.

Quinn walked in the living room, with two mugs of steaming coffee, "Hey sunshine, nice nap?" she handed a mug of coffee to Santana and to Rachel.

"It was fine, thank you for asking. It might have been better without a sore backside, but we can't have everything," she answered sarcastically, "sorry I have a headache. I'm going to go take some Tylenol before we go."

Santana waited until Rachel left the room before turning to the blonde, "What the fuck crawled up her ass?"

"She's upset about something, ever since she found us naked on the couch together."

"Why would that upset her? We've all been with each other separately at one time or another. It doesn't make any sense. I'm going to go talk to her right now, this is bullshit."

Quinn grabbed her arm, and stopped her. She pulled Santana close to her, "You know Rachel. If you confront her now, it will be a huge fight. If you let her process things for a while, she is much easier to talk to."

"Fine," Santana huffed, "we'll do it your way for now. She has until tomorrow to drop the attitude. I'm not spending the rest of our vacation tiptoeing around a diva tantrum. I'm going to go upstairs, and get ready. Thanks for the coffee, babe."


The girls drove into town for the festival. It seemed the entire town had turned out. The lights and the decorations were beautiful. A small group was singing Christmas carols in the gazebo in the middle of town, and the local church was handing out Styrofoam cups of cocoa and mulled cider. There were booths, and games going on all around the middle of the square. Brittany and Santana entered a snowman building contest and came in second place, which caused a snowball throwing battle over the trophy amid friendly shouts of joy. Quinn watched amused. She turned to point something out to Rachel, but she was over at a quilting booth. Quinn frowned, and went back to watching her other two girlfriends happily losing their snowball fight.

Brittany skipped over to Quinn, and kissed her sweetly, "Did you see? We came in second place, we made a snow family. I think our snow dog is what locked in second place."

"He was adorable, B. Your whole snow family was adorable. Do you think anyone noticed it was four women and a dog?"

"If they did, no one seemed to mind," she shrugged easily; "one of the judges was even a minister. I like it up here, maybe when we get old we can move up here. Or when Rachel gets rich and famous we can buy that cabin, and spend winters up here."

Quinn laughingly agreed.

Santana came over shaking snow off her head, and collar, "that little creep who won first place should pitch for the Indians. He almost knocked my head off," she grumbled.

"Probably because you called him a midget, and told him the rest of the Lollipop guild was looking for him," Brittany scolded.

"Santana!" Quinn laughed.

"Oh please, tell me he isn't an adult in little people disguise! No way a kid beat my awesome snowman building skills. We totally deserved first place. Hey, where's Rach? I bet she'd agree our snowman was better than Lollipop boy's."

Quinn turned sadly, "She was over checking out the quilts in the booth over there," she pointed to the brightly colored booth run by an Amish woman and her daughter.

"I'm getting really fed up with her attitude today," Santana growled.

"Leave her be, San. She just needs some time," Brittany interjected softly, "It's Rae, she acts out, and then she feels awful and apologizes."

"After she gets her ass tanned, she apologizes."

Brittany took her hand, and intertwined their fingers, "I want some cider, and I have to use the bathroom. Will you come with me?"

She smiled at the tall blonde, and was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek, "Of course, B. I'll take you for some cider."

"I'll wait here for Rachel. Bring us some cider?" She watched the two walk off; she was going to have a talk with their brooding girlfriend. Quinn could see the signs; Santana was not going to put up with Rachel's mood for much longer. She wanted to avoid World War III if possible.

She saw Rachel leave the tent, and she waved at her. Rachel headed over toward the blonde, "Where is everyone?"

"B had to use the restroom, and she wanted some cider."

She huffed sarcastically, "Well, that's kind of rude, isn't it? Wandering off all by themselves and leaving us alone!"

Quinn looked at her bewildered, if anyone had wondered off it was Rachel, "Babe, please tell me what's going on. I love you so much, and it hurts seeing you so unhappy."

Rachel looked bored, "I already told you there is nothing going on. I have a headache."

"I don't believe you. You've been like this all day long, ever since you found Santana and I on the couch together. Please tell me why that upset you," Quinn begged.

"That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Why on Earth would that upset me?"

"I have no idea, that's why I'm asking you," Quinn decided to take a different tack, "Is it the age play, sunshine? Is that starting to bother you? Is it too much, too painful? We can take a break if you want."

The diva turned hard eyes on her blonde girlfriend, "Alright, fine, you want to know what's bothering me? How about all three of you treating me like I'm a child all the time, hmmm? I am a full grown, intelligent woman, and I resent being treated like a child by my girlfriends. I assumed you all thought more of me, I can see I was wrong."

Quinn lowered her voice, "What are you talking about, Rachel. The age play was both our ideas, I didn't force it on you….."

"That has nothing to do with anything. It's adult Rachel the three of you seem to have some problem with. All of you are forever telling me what to do, how to dress, what to say, how to behave. I understand you wanted to parent a child, Quinn Fabray, but grownup Rachel doesn't need or want a mother. I wanted a girlfriend, an equal, and it seems all you want is to be a mommy. Well, I don't need a mommy, thank you very much," Rachel abruptly shut up, as if she had even shocked herself.

"Rachel Barbra Berry!" Santana bellowed, having heard the last bit of her speech, "who the hell do you think you are talking to like that?"

Quinn stood there with tears streaming down her face. She felt like a knife had been thrust into her chest. Worse than feeling like a bad girlfriend, or a bad mother to little Rachie, she felt ashamed of wanting to mother the little girl she had grown to love and think of as a separate person. She felt ashamed of being part of the age play. She felt ashamed of her need to mother a child. Most of all, she felt betrayed, she thought Rachel understood that need. She thought Rachel shared that need. How could she just throw it in her face like that?

Brittany rushed over to Quinn, and held her in her arms. She was rocking her gently, as she glared at Rachel, "That was super mean, Rae. We only did this for you and Quinn. It was something you said you wanted. We don't treat you like a child, we love you."

Santana walked over to the diva and took her by the arm, "We're going home. I think you need your attitude adjusted."

Rachel yanked her arm out of her girlfriends, "No thank you, my attitude is just fine. You guys stay and have fun without me. It seems to be all the rage anyway, having fun without me I mean. I'm going home. This feels too much like freshman year, me not being good enough, and you three being bullies," with that she stormed off into the crowd, and quickly got lost.

"What just happened?" Brittany asked softly.

"Rachel Berry just lost her fucking mind is what happened, B."

Quinn sniffled, and pulled away from Brittany's grasp, "No, something else is going on. This is not some Rachel tantrum, it's not. It's deeper than that."

"I don't care what the fuck it is. She had no right to speak to you, or us like she did. What she said to you was uncalled for. She knows that's a sensitive area for you, and we apologized for the way we've treated her in the past. Let's go and find our crazy girlfriend, before she gets hypothermia."

The girls all climbed into the truck they rented, after searching the entire town square for Rachel. They were driving slowly as the way back to the cabin was dark and snowy. Finally about a mile from the town, they spotted Rachel walking on the side of the dark road.

Santana growled, "I'm going to kill her. It's at least ten miles from town to the cabin, and she's walking along a dark unpopulated road all alone."

Brittany scoffed, "and she says she doesn't need a mommy, my foot!"

"San, let me handle her, ok?" Quinn requested.

"Q, you seem to be the target of her misplaced anger right now. I'm not going to stand by and let her take potshots at you, and hurt you anymore tonight."

Quinn who was still wounded, ashamed, and hurt, snapped at her girlfriend, "Well taking her home by force and spanking her against her will, hardly seems the appropriate way to prove we aren't bully's now doesn't it?" she watched the muscles tighten in Santana's jaw, "I'm sorry, I didn't' mean that the way it sounded."

"You think I'm a bully too? We've had this arrangement for a long time. It's always been consensual. No one has ever been punished against their will, nor will they ever, not by me. It has always worked for us, all of us. I usually have to be the disciplinarian. Do you think that's fun for me? I don't appreciate being called a bully by two of my girlfriend's in one night."

Quinn cried softly, and laid her hand on Santana's arm, "I'm sorry, baby. I'm just pretty shaken up by what she said to me. Even when I was bullying her, I've never seen her so angry with me. She sounded almost like she hated me. I don't think I could bear her hating me."

Santana was moved by Quinn's tears, "I'm sorry too. You know she doesn't hate you. We'll figure it out."

They pulled up next to Rachel, and Brittany rolled down the car window, "Rae, please get in the truck."

Rachel ignored them, and kept walking.

"Please, Rae? The cabin is miles away, the road is dark, and you are going to freeze to death. Please get in the truck," Brittany tried again.

"No! I'll be fine, and I've walked home before all by myself, and it was further than this."

Santana growled, "Damn it, Rachel, you are going to get killed out here in the woods alone. This is not Lima, alright. It's pitch black on this road, I almost didn't see you. Do you want to wind up dead in a ditch? There are easier ways of getting your point across."

Quinn rolled down her window, "Please get in the truck, Rach. I promise no one will talk to you, if you don't want us to. We'll leave you alone until you are ready. Just please get in the truck. You are scaring me so badly right now. Whether you believe it or not, I love you with my whole heart. I don't think you are a child, and I would die before I would ever bully you again. We all feel that way, I swear it. We love you so much. Whatever is wrong, we'll fix it, but you're scaring me. I can't stand to think of you being alone and hurt. Please babe, please get in the truck," she sobbed, her heart clearly breaking.

Rachel felt a sharp stabbing pain at causing Quinn so much pain. She didn't even know where all that poison she spewed at her came from. Walking had been a way to try to think about what was going on with her. She felt out of control, and not in a good way. It was like she couldn't control her emotions or feelings. She relented, and stopped walking.

Santana stopped the truck, and Rachel climbed into the backseat, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare everyone. I really was just trying to think," she said quietly.

"Thank you for getting in the truck, Rachel," Santana said quietly, "If you need to think, then we will respect that, and let you think. When you want to explain what's going on, when you're ready we'll be ready to listen."

She was furious with Rachel, but she could see that Quinn and B were right, something was going on. It wasn't just a spoiled tantrum by their petite girlfriend.

"I appreciate that, thank you," Rachel said primly.

The truck was silent for the rest of the ride back to the cabin. Rachel made her way upstairs without a word. The other three followed, and watched silently as the singer took a pillow and her pajamas and went into the spare bedroom. She quietly whispered, "Good night," as she closed the door behind her. It sounded a lot like good bye to everyone.

Quinn went into the bathroom, turned on the water, and cried quietly. Santana was angrily tossing clothes around the room, and Brittany was lying in bed, hugging her pillow sadly.


"Yeah, B?"

"Did Rachel just break up with us?" her voice broke, and she started to cry.

Santana stopped throwing clothes around, and her head dropped onto her chest, "I don't know, baby girl, but I really hope not."

"Can you come to bed, and hold me? I'm super sad right now."

Santana nearly ran to the bed, and gathered a sobbing Brittany in her arms, "Will you be ok for a minute, sweetie? I need to go get Quinn. I know she's in there crying and blaming herself for everything."

The tall blonde sniffed, "Please go get her. Tell her I need her, we need her."

Santana knocked softly on the bathroom door, "Quinn? Open the door please, mi amor."

Quinn quickly washed her face, and dried it on the towel hanging on the rack. She gathered her emotions, and put on a game face. Once she felt in control, she opened the door. It only took a few seconds, hearing Brittany crying and seeing the devastation on Santana's face before her façade crumbled, and she threw herself into Santana's arms. Her knees gave way, as she surrendered to her grief.

Santana gently picked her up bridal style, and carried her to the bed. She gently laid her down next to Brittany. The tall blonde pulled the covers back, as Santana slid in behind Quinn. Both her girlfriends curled into the smaller blonde, and held her as she cried herself to sleep.

In the room next door, Rachel curled into a pillow feeling more alone than she ever had in her life. She wasn't sure how this happened, but everything felt different. She felt lost and alone, and more sad than she ever felt before. Giving in to her erratic emotions, she cried until the sun came up, finally falling asleep at the crack of dawn.


To be continued… thanks for reading. What do you think is going on with Rachel? Let me know what you think….