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Chapter 12

Brittany looked over towards the couch Quinn and San were lying on. She had seen Beauty and the Beast at least one hundred times, they all had. It was one of their favorites. Britt was bored, but the movie selection at the cabin was extremely limited and mostly family friendly. She smiled when she saw her girlfriends were both asleep. They must have been bored as well. She smiled, and turned to point that out to Rachel, but she was not in the armchair anymore. The blonde frowned. She hadn't seen her tiniest girlfriend get up and go anywhere. Rachel, ever polite, usually excused herself when she left the room.

Sighing, Brittany went looking for Rachel. She was happy they hadn't broken up, but things still didn't feel fixed. It was just a feeling she had, and she couldn't put a name to it, but out of all of them she had the best instincts. Rachel still just seemed too withdrawn. The girl was usually just an energizer bunny on crack. Silently sneaking out of a room was not Ms. Rachel Barbra Berry's style.

She wandered around upstairs and looked in all the bedrooms, and baths. No Rachel. She checked out the kitchen, and was about to walk out when she saw her girlfriend outside sitting on the top of the picnic table on the snow covered patio.

Brittany stepped out of the kitchen door, "Hey, I wondered where you went? I love that movie, but I've seen it a gazillion times."

Rachel turned her head, a small smile on her lips, "I thought you were asleep with Quinn and San," her breath misted through frigid night air.

The blonde shook her head slightly. She wrapped her arms around her chest and rubbed them up and down her arms, "Wow, it is freezing out here. What are you doing out here? Aren't you cold?" She sat down next to Rachel.

"I was just thinking about some things. I guess I didn't notice the cold, but now that you mentioned it," she rubbed her hands together and stuck them between her knees.

"What's wrong, Rae? You don't seem happy anymore."

She watched as the diva chewed on her bottom lip, as if hesitant to speak, "You can tell me anything, you know?" Brittany nudged.

Rachel shook her head, her dark hair circling her shoulders, "Really? Can I?" She turned tear-filled soft brown eyes towards her tall girlfriend, staring at her intently.

Brittany whispered sadly, "What do you mean, Rae?" She stayed silent, as she watched Rachel pull her thoughts together. Brittany watched Rachel attempt to stem the flow of tears as she swallowed a lump of emotion in her throat.

Rachel turned back and stared at the dark pine tree forest. She kept her eyes on the woods, never making eye contact with Brittany. When she spoke it was quiet but filled with anguish, "I tried that yesterday, Britt Britt. I opened my heart to all of you. You said it was the most ridiculous thing you'd ever heard. I might have expected that from Santana and maybe Quinn, but never you," she brought her hands up to her mouth and blew warm air on them, "anyone but you. I've never heard you utter an unkind word to anyone, ever. It just reinforces to me that you all find me juvenile and ridiculous. I'm anything but, Brittany."

Brittany's thoughts jumbled around her head. She would never call Rachel ridiculous. Then it clicked, "Oh honey. I didn't call you ridiculous. You're one of the smartest, most talented, loving, and loyal people I know," she started earnestly, "I thought the idea that you were holding us back was ridiculous. When you said we should move on without you for our own good I got really scared. That's why I got so angry. It was like; we have an US, a group of four that makes up US. You were making all these decisions that hurt the group of US only you were making them all by yourself. Oh I wish Q or S was here, they could say it better than I could," she looked down despondently.

Rachel turned and stared at her for a very long time. She was gauging the girl's reaction, "I wasn't just having a tantrum. It was very belittling for you all to assume it was just another Rachel Berry diva storm-out. I think being punished for not only having genuine feelings, but for expressing them to my girlfriends is demeaning. I'm not a child. I was genuinely struggling with legitimate feelings that came up about my mother, myself, and my girlfriends during age-play. I might not have expressed them appropriately, but I own them and I have a right to them!"

"Truth," Brittany yelled loudly. Her fist tight, she pumped over her head startling a flock of ravens out of the trees, and they screamed and scolded the blonde in angry annoyance. Rachel tried not to laugh. She looked away into the tree-line until her amusement faded. She needed to be heard now. Rachel needed to know she was understood by her girlfriends, if they were to continue as a family.

Brittany' big blue eyes were as wide as saucers. She had never thought about it like that, "I guess we all just jumped to a bunch of assumptions. I feel just awful that anything I said made you feel delittled."

"Demeaned or belittled?" Rachel questioned.

"Yeah both those things," Brittany's eyes pooled with tears, "When I went upstairs to talk to Quinn, I told her that you were the most confident person I ever met. That's how I know you're going to be a star on Broadway. Quinn said we were brutal to you, and you made some good points. Do you want to know what I think?"

"I always want to know what you think." Rachel said softly.

"Really? Still? Even after yesterday and today, and how I made you come outside alone and cry?" Brittany asked breathlessly.

Rachel sighed, "Yes, my darling girl, even then," she turned her slender body to face the tall blonde. Carefully, she reached a tentative hand forward and brushed the shimmering locks the color of ripe corn behind her ear, "for you see, I'm in this for the long haul. Sitting out here I realized something unshakeable; I love you all now, forever, and always! For all our ups and downs, I can't, no let's be completely accurate, I WON'T live without you in my life, all of you!"

"I just think you're still super hurt by Shelby, and maybe you need to talk to someone besides us about that," Brittany leaned into a sweet embrace. It was loving, warm, and nonjudgmental. It was pure feelings. She never wanted to let go. Her head was on the diva's shoulder, and she played with Rachel's soft curls with her fingertips.

She moved the thick dark hair aside and gently nibbled on Rachel's pulse point. The tiny brunette moaned lowly. It would be so easy to give in to Brittany's ministrations. Yet, sex could not be a substitute for a serious discussion right now or the repercussions would come back to bite them all in the ass later. Rachel knew herself well enough to know if her unresolved feelings were left unspoken, she would grow resentful in time. They all needed a clean slate, if their relationship was to continue to grow. Having a polyamorous relationship would always be incredibly difficult, but impossible without honesty and openness.

Reluctantly Rachel pulled back from her blonde girlfriend, "I am hurt by Shelby's abandonment. That's why I do think this age play is helping. I think it's helping Quinn too. We just all need to talk about what is bothering us and not let it build up." She tried to ignore the hurt look that flashed through the crystal blue orbs at her blatant rejection of Brittany's advances.
"You don't want sexy times with me anymore," the blonde's chin trembled.

Rachel felt her own eyes pool with unshed tears. She could not hurt the innocent soul in front of her, regardless of her own feelings. She cupped the sad face gently with both her hands, using her thumbs to wipe away the tears that marred the blonde's perfection, "Of course I do, silly," she leaned forward and tenderly kissed the silky lips she loved, "but we can't just use sex or even age play to avoid feelings. If we're going to be together forever, we all need to work through issues when they come up. None of us are very good at that, talking about feelings. But we have too Brittany, don't you see that? The whole world is going to be against our relationship. All we have is each other; our love, our trust, our understanding, and hopefully our forgiveness," she finished with a choked sob.

"I couldn't have said it better myself, mi pequeña estrella."

Rachel and Brittany jumped and spun around, startled to hear Santana's voice behind them. She stood leaning against the door smirking at the two she had frightened a moment earlier. Her jet black hair was a wild mess, but her charcoal eyes were alert. A sleepy looking Quinn was snuggled under her arm and against her side.

"I wasn't comfortable with the way we left things before," Santana held her free hand out for Rachel to take, "I was just too exhausted to talk anymore earlier. Come on inside, let's talk about everything that happened so that everybody is happy and feels like they've been heard."

The two quickly made their way inside past a scowling Quinn, "What on earth are you two doing outside without a coat on? It's winter outside!" She scolded as she delivered a firm swat to both of her girlfriends as they passed her by.

"Ow, jeez," Rachel griped, "we weren't outside that long," she grumbled under her breath as she quickly skirted Quinn's hand, and made her way to the living room.

"Ouch, Quinnie," Brittany whined as she rubbed her stinging butt cheek, not willing to argue like Rachel.

Santana just chuckled and rolled her eyes at her two favorite troublemakers. She softly rubbed Quinn's arm, "You make some coffee, mi amor. I'll make sure those two get warmed up by the fire."

The blonde nodded her agreement as she leaned up and kissed the tanned cheek sweetly.

After a few hours, Rachel felt heard and respected. They had all decided on a clean slate with each other so they could truly enjoy the remaining days of vacation alone together. They were not looking forward to going back to Lima, and their respective homes. They had powered through a blockade together, they were a real family now. They couldn't wait until graduation to move to New York and start their new life.

Clearly exhausted, the two blondes walked hand in hand to the bedroom upstairs. Santana lingered while Rachel put the empty coffee cups in the sink. She was surprised to see Santana waiting for her outside the kitchen door, "Hey, San. Everything ok?"

Santana smiled lovingly and gently pushed Rachel up against the wall. She put her hands on the diva's hips, and snuggled her lips against Rachel's ear and growled breathily, "You feel better about everything now, querida?"

Rachel could barely control the shivers that rippled up and down her spine. She bit her bottom lip adorably to stifle a lustful moan, "uhhh hmmmm," she felt her knees weaken and was glad the Latina was holding her up against the wall. It got worse when Santana laughed knowingly against her throat.

Rachel couldn't control her goose bumps, "Oh, San...what you do to me."

"Just don't scare us like that again, ok? Talk to us. I can't bear the thought of a life without you in it," Santana growled as she left light nips and kisses up Rachel's long neck to her earlobe.

"I won't, Santana. I promise."

"And little Rachie still wants both her mothers'?"

Rachel slid into the taller brunette's warm embrace. She slid her chin into her shoulder, nuzzling for a comfortable spot, and wrapped her arms around her waist, "She does, very much so," she whispered.

"And you give me your word, if it gets too much for you you'll talk to us about it?"

Rachel lifted her soft brown eyes to look at her girlfriend. Shiny unshed tears clung to her long lashes, and Santana felt her heart clench tightly. She loved all her girls, but each one affected her differently. She still had pangs when she saw how young and vulnerable Rachel could look. It brought out her most protective side, "Your word, Rach, do I have it?"

"I, Rachel Barbra Berry do solemnly swear not to keep any more secrets from any of my girlfriends especially regarding feelings of sadness, loneliness or abandonment. So help me, Moses. Cross my heart, hope to win a Tony, and all that jazz," she grinned in a mischievous manner.

Santana raised her HBIC eyebrow, and Rachel leaned up on her tiptoes and kissed her plump lips, "I swear on all the love I hold for my girlfriends, my loves, my life! I promise I'll tell you if it gets overwhelming," she said sincerely.

Santana leaned into the kiss, sucking Rachel's tongue into her mouth. She kissed her deeply and fully, letting her love express itself physically, "I trust you, baby girl. I just worry that this is too hard for you. Please let me know if it is."

"I will. I love you, Santana."

"I love you too. Let's get some sleep before we both collapse," Rachel shrieked playfully when Santana swept her up into a bridal hold, and carried her up the stairs to bed.


Quinn woke up when she felt the bed shake as Brittany broke out in a bone rattling cough. She, Santana, Rachel, and Brittany had all fallen asleep in the big bed last night. After their emotional day they were all exhausted and worn out. They had all fallen into a deep sleep almost immediately.
Everyone had been healthy, completely exhausted, but healthy. Quinn groaned internally when she looked at the clock. They had only been asleep for a few hours. It was still the middle of the night. She leaned over Rachel carefully to put her cool palm on Brittany's forehead.

The little diva's eyes fluttered open, "Mommy?"

Quinn felt her heart warm at being called mommy again. She was so glad little Rachie had made her presence known. It was a very big step in the right direction for all of them.

"Go back to sleep, honey, everything's ok," she leaned over, and kissed Rachel's head. It was very warm, "Rachie, are you feeling ok?"

"My throat hurts, mommy," she whispered.

Before Quinn could answer her, Brittany's raspy cough shook the bed again, "Oh boy," Quinn thought.
The blonde mother got out of bed, and went into the bathroom. She searched the cupboards for anything resembling children's Tylenol. All they had available was adult medication. Well, it was going to have to be good enough.

She tiptoed in the bedroom. Rachel was sitting up in bed, holding her throat looking miserable, "Mommy," she cried, holding her arms out to be picked up.

"I'm sorry you don't feel good, sweetie. Let's get you and Britt into the other bedroom. We don't want to wake up mama, or get her sick," Quinn whispered softly. She was getting ready to pick Rachie up.

Santana rolled over, "Too late, I'm already awake" she sat up and rubbed her eyes sleepily, "What time is it, it's still dark? What's all the excitement about?"

"It's only 3 am, babe," Quinn sat down on the side of the bed, and flipped on the light on the nightstand. Santana groaned, and shielded her eyes from the bright light.

"I'm sorry we woke you, babe. Rachie and baby Britt are sick," she explained as she sat on the edge of the big bed.

"Rachie and baby Britt?" Santana wasn't sure she heard correctly. She had never been a morning person, even after years of getting up at the ass crack of dawn for Cheerios practices.

Rachie turned her soulful eyes towards her, "I sick, mama," she rasped pitifully.

"Oh my angel, I'm sorry," Santana was happy to be a mama again. She looked at Quinn, "So what's going on?" she yawned.

"I was going to take them in the guest bedroom, so we didn't wake you up unnecessarily," she shrugged guiltily, "sorry, babe."

"You don't have to move them," Santana looked over at the two little ones, "not feeling good, mis bebés?"

"Mama, my throat hurts," Rachie whined. She was cradling her throat with one hand. Her eyes were red and swollen, and she sounded raspy.

"Mama, up," Brittany held her hands up towards Santana. She clearly had a bad cold. She sounded terribly congested. Another loud cough shook the blonde's body.

Santana pulled Brittany into her arms, kissing her forehead, "Wow baby, you feel pretty warm to me," she looked up at Quinn questioningly.

Quinn just nodded, "Rachel has a fever too. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, how do you feel?"

"I'm ok, and they were fine when we all went to bed a few hours ago," she watched the two girls, chewing her lip, "I'm going to run downstairs, and get some juice. I'll be right back."

She came back with two glasses of apple juice, "Guys, I don't have any liquid Tylenol. I'm going to need you both to take these pills. You both have fevers, and Britt's cough sounds awful. I can run out tomorrow and get some liquid fever reducer, and some cough syrup. Tonight, I want you both to take some medicine, and get some fluids in you," Quinn handed over the pills and the cups of juice.

"Do we have a thermometer, Quinn?" Santana got up to use the bathroom.

"I'm sorry I didn't look. Check the medicine cabinet," Quinn looked flustered.

"You ok, babe?" Santana stopped at the bathroom door, and looked back.

Quinn got up and walked over to Santana, "I'm fine; I just have a bit of a headache," she smiled up at the Latina, "Just tired. I think it's just an emotional hangover from yesterday. I don't think I'm getting sick."

Santana rooted around the medicine cabinet, "No thermometer."

"It's ok; I'll run to the little drug store in town later in the morning," she kissed the Latina's full lips sweetly, "I'm going to try to get them back to sleep for a few hours."

"I'll be right out to help you, babe."

Quinn walked back to the bed. Brittany had taken her meds and finished her juice. Rachel's pills and full cup of juice were on the nightstand. She sighed and picked them up. Rachel was a notoriously bad patient as an adult. Quinn could only imagine she would be a handful as a young sick child.

"You need to take this medicine, sweetheart. I know you don't feel good, but you'll only get sicker without taking your medicine. Now come on, be mommy's big girl, and take your medicine," Quinn coaxed gently but firmly.

Rachel had rolled over into Brittany, her back towards Quinn, "I no like medsin. My throat hurts to swallow," the little girl whined, "I not takin stupid medsin!" she rasped belligerently.

"Fine, you need to tell mama why you haven't taken your medicine when she gets out of the bathroom. Mama will not be happy that you are talking back, and being stubborn," Quinn had no problem making Santana the disciplinarian tonight. Her girls were sick, and she was exhausted.

Little Rachie turned over quickly. Mama would not be happy. She was not allowed to talk back to mama or mommy. Her throat hurt already, she didn't need her bottom hurting too.

Quinn smiled victoriously when the girl took the medicine and finished her juice, even though she was grumbling the entire time, "That's my good girl."

She smoothed the hair off of Rachie's hot forehead, "Now try to go back to sleep for a few hours, honey."

Britt's eyes were already fluttering closed, and Rachie was struggling to keep hers open. Quinn scooted onto the bed, her back against the headboard. Rachie turned over and snuggled so her head was pillowed on her mommy's lap. Quinn instinctively started running her fingers through the long dark hair, stopping to scratch gently at the girl's scalp. It never failed to calm the diva down.

Without lifting her head, Rachie whispered, "Sing us a song, mommy?"

Quinn began to softly serenade the little girls to sleep. Her soft alto was soothing and peaceful. It didn't take long for both little girls to fall back to a sound sleep. The blonde opened her eyes and saw Santana leaning against the bathroom door. She was watching her little family adoringly. A soft smile played on her lips.

The blonde raised one perfect eyebrow questioningly. She suddenly felt self-conscious, "What?" she whispered.

Santana pushed off of the wall, "Nothing, I was just watching. You are such a natural at this. Te adoro, mi amor."

Tears sparkled lovingly in Quinn's eyes. She was so grateful for these girls in her life. She'd be lost without them, "I love you too, Santana Lopez."


Quinn woke up confused by the bright sun in her eyes. She had Brittany curled into side, and Rachie's head on her chest. Santana was no longer on her side of the bed. Carefully, as not to wake her poor sick, sleeping babies, she turned her head to see what time it was. It was almost 10 am. She shook her head, now she was sure Rachie was sick. The tiny spitfire never slept in unless she was sick.

Gently disentangling herself from the two sleeping girls, she quietly made her way to the bathroom. She was washing and drying her hands when she heard the bedroom door open quietly. Santana's head peered in the slightly open bathroom door.

She held up a bag from the drugstore victoriously, "I got a thermometer, some cough syrup for Britt, some liquid Tylenol and Motrin, the pharmacist said to rotate them, some orange juice, ginger ale, chicken noodle soup, crackers, some popsicles, some sherbet, and ta da! Coffee for the mommies! I left that downstairs on the table."

"Oh thank God," Quinn breathed relieved, "Why didn't you wake me, San? I would have gone to town."

"Because you looked so peaceful surrounded by sleeping children, and I know you could use the sleep. We don't need mommy getting sick too now do we?" She finished playfully.

"You're a lifesaver, Santana. I was pretty exhausted. Thank you for letting me sleep, my love. Now, let's see this thermometer. They both feel pretty warm still."

Santana pulled the thermometer out of the bag, "This one goes in the ear. That will work for Rachie since her throat hurts and her nose is stuffy. Check this out, Q. It's so cool. It's a pacifier thermometer for Britt."

Quinn smiled at her girlfriend's enthusiasm, "Ok go wash it off with warm water, and I'll figure out how to work this ear gadget," she started to unwrap the large tan thermometer as she walked towards the bed.

Sitting down carefully, she smoothed the damp tendrils of hair off Rachie's forehead. She was burning up. Rachie stirred and moaned pitifully. It was clear she was feeling very bad.

"Hey, baby girl. Mama is back from the drug store. I need to take your temperature now," she was trying to keep it light. She stuck the thermometer in Rachie's ear, and waited for the beep. Looking at the temp, she was worried at how warm Rachie was, "Can you sit up for me, baby?"

Rachel moaned, but tried to comply, "Mommy," she whined, "I think I'm gonna be sick," she rolled over and threw up on the hardwood floor. Quinn dropped the thermometer on the bed, and held Rachie as she retched.

"I sorry, mommy," Rachie cried, "I sorry I threw up."

"Oh, baby. It's not your fault you're sick," Quinn said gently as she rubbed the little girl's back, "don't worry about it honey. I'll clean it up. Can you move to the bathroom, baby or will it make you sick again?"

Rachie just cried miserably. Quinn slid out of bed, and carried Rachie into the bathroom. Santana looked up from the sink when they entered, "How's my baby?"

Quinn whispered, "Rachie got sick, be careful where you step out there. I'm going to give her a cool bath. I want to get her temp down."

Santana looked at the little diva compassionately, "The pharmacist said a flu bug was going around town. He said high fevers, sore throats, coughing, and vomiting. The good news is it only lasts a few days before people start feeling better."

"Hurray," Quinn said sarcastically as she sat Rachie down on the closed toiled lid, and started to run the bathwater.

"Did you get a temperature?"

Quinn looked up from her place next to the tub, "It's 102 degrees, San. I'm worried. If they are going to throw up all the medicine I don't know what to do," she said softly for only Santana to hear.

"We'll see if they can keep anything down. If not, I'll go back to the drug store and see if they have anything to help with nausea. Don't worry, babe. I got ginger ale and popsicles. The dude said to keep them hydrated. I'll get Britt's temperature, and then I'll go get your coffee," she started out of the bathroom, "should I bring Britt in to bathe with Rachie?"

Quinn was kneeling next to the bathtub, running her hands in the water. She blew her bangs out of her eyes, and used her shoulder to move it off her face. She sat back on her haunches and looked at Santana, "That's probably a good idea. Let's get them cleaned up, and cooled down. Can you look for some warm pajamas for them both?"

"Should I make a bed downstairs for them both, or do you want to keep them up here in bed?"

"Let's take them downstairs. We can keep them warm and comfortable, and keep an eye on them all day."

Santana walked back in and leaned over to kiss Quinn on the head, "Don't worry, mommy. You bathe our little angels, and I'll clean up the bedroom. I'll make a nice comfie bed downstairs. Call me when you're ready to get them out of the tub. I'll help you get them into their pajamas."

"Thanks, babe," Quinn looked up lovingly, "Come on, Rachie. Let's get you undressed sweetie and in the water."

Before long she had both listless girls sitting in the barely warm water. She lathered up a washcloth and cleaned up Rachie first. She got her cleaned up, and Santana wrapped her in a towel and took her into the bedroom to get dressed in a pair of warm footie pj's.

She moved damp hair of the diva's forehead, and kissed it softly, "Let's get you downstairs, baby girl. Do you want some ginger ale, maybe a popsicle?"

"Maybe a posicle, mama. My throat hurts really bad, and my tummy hurts too."

Santana led Rachie downstairs, and got her to lie down on the makeshift bed she made for her girls, "Is that comfortable, baby?" She smiled when Rachie nodded, "I'm going to get you some medicine to drink and a Popsicle. Wait here, sweetie. Mama will be right back."

Rachie laid her aching head down on the soft pillows and closed her eyes. She was holding her sore throat and her breathing was raspy due to her congestion. She was a very sick and miserable little girl. Santana's heart nearly broke when she came back out with the medicine and banana Popsicle, "Here baby girl. Drink this, it will help with your fever."

Rachel turned her head away from the nasty stuff. She decided to pretend to be asleep.

"Rachie, don't be difficult baby girl. I need you to take this. You're sick, and this will make you feel better," she helped the stubborn little girl sit up. Santana tried not to grin at the look of belligerent defiance on the little face, "I know it's yucky and nasty, but mama wants her baby better. Come on now, drink it for me, please," she held the cold and flu liquid medicine to Rachie's lips, and grimaced as she watched the girl drink it in one gulp, "Good girl, baby, good girl."

She handed Rachie her Popsicle and held the tiny sick girl against her chest, and rocked her as she let the cool treat melt down her sore throat. Santana knew she would be asleep soon. She continued to hum and rub her sore tummy until Rachie fell asleep. She set a wastebasket next to her in case she felt sick, and tucked her in. Then she went to help Quinn with Britt.

Britt was just as listless, her blue eyes burned bright with her fever. She sucked on her pacifier thermometer the best she could with a stuffy nose and a terrible cough. Santana wasn't surprised to find it was higher than Rachie's. She was able to get Britt to down the awful tasting medicine, but she wasn't interested in a Popsicle. The sick little blonde just wanted to sleep. Quinn sat beside her stroking her back, and singing to her. Rachie was already fast asleep.

Santana forced Quinn to lie down and take a nap after a few hours of dealing with two sick little girls with the flu. She was worried the blonde's exhaustion would open her up to getting sick as well. Quinn didn't want to admit it, but her health was more delicate than Santana's. She had the blonde lie down on the couch, and she covered her with a blanket, "I'm serious now, Quinn. I want you to get some rest. You've been taking such good care of Rachie and Britt. I need you to take good care of yourself. I know this isn't how we thought we'd spend our last few days in the cabin, but I need you. Please, get some sleep?"

The blonde wanted to argue, but she had a terrible headache and was too tired to fight. The last few hours had been spent trying to keep fevers down, and two crabby, sick girls occupied. Rachie and Britt were sleeping again after a long stretch of crying. They woke up miserable from their morning nap, and Rachie had trouble keeping anything down. It had been a brutal morning. Quinn didn't know how Santana was still standing. She was falling asleep before her head even settled into the pillow, "Watch Rachie's fever, it keeps spiking. She hates drinking anything because her throat hurts, but the cold drinks help," she fussed.

Santana smiled and tucked in the blanket, watching her girlfriend fight sleep.

"Keep an eye on Britt's cough. I don't like how heavy her breathing sounds. I'm afraid she's going to choke."

"I know, sweetheart. I'll watch both of them while you rest. Don't worry, mommy bear. I've got them," she said fondly.

"I know, but….." Quinn finally gave in and fell asleep. Santana brushed the hair off her forehead and kissed her lovingly. She was more in love than ever before. One day, she knew that Quinn would be an excellent mommy to all their children.

Santana endured the rest of the day, making sure everyone got the proper medicine and rest. At the end of the day, she got everyone to bed. It was a miracle that Rachie and Britt only woke up once in the middle of the night.

Quinn got up with them, and gave them more medicine. She sang them both to sleep softly, Santana never moved a muscle. She was totally out of it.

When morning came, Santana found that Rachie and Britt's fevers had broken and they were mostly just suffering from very bad colds. She was not surprised to find Quinn very sick with the high fever and same flu Rachel had.

She ushered both girls out of the bedroom and downstairs so their mommy could sleep. Both girls wanted to color their mommy a "Get Well" picture. Santana helped them make drawings from Quinn. She held her girlfriend's hair back, and rubbed her back as she got sick.

"Oh God, San. I think I'm dying," she moaned into the toilet, "How are you so disgustingly healthy?"

Santana tried not to laugh, "I'm sorry, babe. It'll be over in a day or two. Let's get you into bed. Do you want a bath?"

Quinn groaned, "Ughhh no. I just want to sleep," she let her girlfriend lead her back to the bed. She was surprised to see Rachie and Britt in the bedroom looking at her with big sad eyes.

"You sick, mommy?" Rachie snuffled sadly through her stuffy nose.

Britt walked over and patted Quinn's leg when Santana sat her on the edge of the bed. Her big blue eyes looked up sadly at her mommy as she tried to suck on her pacifier, "mommy hurt?" Big tears ran down her pale cheek.

Quinn felt her heart break, "Oh my darlings. I'm going to be just fine. Are those pictures for me?" she took the proffered pictures and fussed over them, even while her head felt like it was going to split open.

Rachie walked over to her mommy, and looked at her with her big doe eyes, "If you hold your nose the medsin won't be so ucky," she whispered conspiratorially, "Make mama get you a posicle."

Quinn leaned over and kissed her precious baby, "Thank you sweetheart. What kind should I get?"

Rachie looked at her seriously weighing such an important decision, "hmmmm I liked the 'nana one and the cherry one. Britt likes the orange one and the green one best."

The blonde turned a peculiar shade of green at the thought of eating the sweet treat, "Maybe I'll just sip on some ginger ale, sweetie. At least until my tummy feels better."

Rachie took Britt by the hand, "I'll watch baby for you so you can sleep mommy. I'll be a good girl and a good sissy."

Quinn lay back on the pillow, and put her hand to her forehead. She was willing the room to stop spinning, "Thank you so much, baby."

Santana had gone to fetch the medicine and some ginger ale for Quinn. When she returned to the room, she found Rachie standing next to the bed. She was holding Britt's hand in one hand, and her mommy's in the other, and she was singing her mommy to sleep. It brought tears to Santana's eyes. It was the sweetest thing she ever saw. She saw tears leaking out of Quinn's eyes as well.

"All right, mis ángeles, time to let mommy get her rest now," she helped Quinn take her medicine, and sip her ginger ale. Then she led her babies out of the darkened bedroom.

Quinn fell asleep basking in the deep and abiding love of the only real family she knew. She was happier than she had ever been. In a few short days they would all head back to Lima to finish senior year. They would graduate and move in together as a family in New York City. What had started out as a simple gift to Rachel had turned into a new way of life. She knew, no matter what else happened in life, she had found her calling. She was a beautiful woman, a loving girlfriend, and a great mommy. It would carry her through her loss of Beth. It would carry her through the rest of her life. She was not a failure at the most important thing she had done in her short teenage life. Being a mommy was the one thing that no one could ever take from her; not Russell, not Shelby, not Lima, Ohio. She drifted off feeling peaceful and loved, content and whole again.


The END…. I was thinking of continuing this when they get back to Lima. Only if the interest is there for this to continue. Let me know…. Thanks for sticking with the story through some ups and downs. It was never meant to take this long to finish. I appreciate the continued interest in the story and the kind comments, PM's and reviews. Thanks!