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Chapter 3

Santana was still pacing around the house when Brittany got out of the shower, "Is everything ok Sanny?" the blonde said knowingly, "I know it's hard being stuck here in the blizzard with Rae and Q at the cabin without us. I miss them too and I really feel bad we're missing Rae's birthday," She finished sadly.

"I know baby, I got cabin fever too but it's not that. I got a call from Q while you were in the shower. She sounded off."

"Off how?" Brittany sat down at the breakfast island and grabbed a banana, she offered one to Santana but the Latina waved it off irritably, resuming her pacing. The tall blonde watched carefully and waited patiently, you couldn't force her girlfriend to talk. She had a way of processing things in her head first, and then she would share what she had going on.

Santana finally stopped pacing and came to sit beside the dancer, "You know how Q is like all guarded, not secretive but closed off so no one really can see all the shit she has going on inside?"

"Yeah, except in the bedroom, and most of the time with us since we all became girlfriends," Brittany shrugged and took a bite of the fruit, "She's still like that with lots of outsiders but she's been getting much better with the three of us."

"You're right B, she has been so much better, I'm really proud of her but when she called, she sounded like that again, all guarded and guilty, she said she made a terrible mistake she couldn't fix. It was hard to figure out what she was talking around with all the static but she was talking about Beth and Shelby and this big mistake and she sounded like she was crying. Then the line went dead, God B, it's so infuriating to not be there with them and not actually know what's going on," She amplified the point by slamming her hand against the counter top of the island.

"Did you throw your phone against the wall again Santana Lopez?" She said sternly.

Santana smirked at her girl, "I wanted to but I didn't, aren't you proud of me?" She stuck her tongue out playfully at the taller girl.

Brittany flung her arm around the Latina's shoulder agreeably and leaned over to place a soft kiss on her cheek, "I am actually, very! I know how hard it is for you to know Q and Rae need you and to be so far away," She finished proudly, "I'm worried too!"

Santana chewed on the inside of her lip, "I don't know what to do, I keep trying to call but the storm must be raging there still, I can't get through at all, keeps saying all the circuits are busy. Totally pissing me off," She got up and started to pace again, "I mean what kind of terrible mistake could she possibly have made that can't be fixed? Why are Beth and Shelby on her mind? She was apologizing to me and saying how much she loves us and how she wouldn't hurt us. It's freaking me the fuck out B!"

"Ok, so let's get in the car and start to drive up there, worst case scenario, it gets bad, we stop and get a hotel room and we have some sexytimes in a new place. We just take our time and get as close as we can. Won't it make you feel better knowing we are getting physically closer to them? It would me, plus at least we would be actually doing something not just sitting here worrying."

"Honest to God B, you are a fucking genius! They opened the turnpike this morning again, so we might actually make it to New York or at least get closer than we are now. The car is still packed, how long will it take you to be ready to go?"

"I will pack some sandwiches and snacks for us to have along the way, so we don't have to stop as much. Then I will be ready to go, how about you?" Brittany asked.

"I'm Santana Fucking Lopez and I am always ready!" She wangled her eyebrows up and down in a cocky manner and grinned impishly.

Brittany snorted and headed into the kitchen to pack some travel food.


Rachel woke up curled around her blonde girlfriend in the big recliner, the throw covering them both, creating a cocoon of warmth and safety. The diva leaned back drawing her head away from the comfort of the blonde's breast and looked up at her in complete adoration. The blonde hair was disheveled, her head leaned to one side with her mouth slightly open and a cute adorable little snore escaped every few minutes. The diva thought she had never been more beautiful than in that moment. The pale skin of Quinn's intelligent brow was unfurrowed and she looked relaxed and unguarded. Rachel took delight in seeing the girl completely at peace, it didn't happen often. Rachel's heart swelled with the pride of loving and being loved by this woman.

The absence of sound is what finally drew the diva's gaze away from the perfection that was a sleeping Quinn Fabray. There was no more howling or banging of errant branches against the windows of the cabin. Looking quickly to the big picture window, she saw the blizzard had finally stopped. Quickly trying to figure out what day it was she found she had totally lost track of time when she had surrendered herself into childhood. It felt good not to be responsible for anything including knowing the day or time.

Biting her lip in concentration, she glanced back at her girlfriend and revisited the last few days of being a child again but this time with a loving mother. The tears sprung unbidden to her eyes and she tried to blink them away, almost angrily as if ashamed of them as an adult.

Rachel thought ruefully, how easy it was to slip back into the prejudices and unreasonable expectations of adulthood. The world would be a much happier place if humanity could embrace a certain amount of childlike awe and wonder.

When Quinn had brought up this age-play idea, Rachel had responded almost angrily and dismissively, she had thought the idea was stupid but it had seemed to mean a great deal to the blonde so she did it for her and only her or so she thought. It hadn't taken much for the diva to completely immerse herself in the experience and lose her hesitation. It frightened her and shook her to her core to understand now, as an adult, she really needed a mommy, how much she wanted to relive a childhood with a loving mother to guide her.

The diva was an analytical person; she tried to understand the motives behind every action, not just of herself but of the world around her. It didn't take a genius to understand that Shelby's abandonment both physically and emotionally had left unfilled spaces inside of her. Rachel thought she had surrendered those needs to the reality of adulthood; to find she could finally experience it with Quinn was a heady experience for her. She was reluctant to relinquish it, but sadly she knew they couldn't stay in this cabin all alone forever, Santana and Brittany would be arriving any day now that the weather had cleared.

At the thought of her other two girlfriends she suddenly felt guilty and uneasy. Rachel was a selfish person, she understood this about herself. Frankly, she preferred to think of her behavior as drive and ambition but she had spent enough time over Santana's and Quinn's knee, being punished for egotistical acts she had committed with no thought of the consequences to others to finally start to be aware of the difference.

Sighing, she tried to analyze the guilt. She and Quinn had done something together that was highly intimate, but not sexual. She wondered if that could be construed as cheating somehow. Yet how could it be cheating if it was with her girlfriend? It had bonded her to Quinn in a way she was not bonded to the others, and in a flash she understood her uneasiness.


Quinn woke up alone in the recliner and instantly missed the warmth of the pint-sized diva. She noticed the fire was roaring and the storm had abated. Looking around the room, she saw it was bathed in a soft glow of candlelight. She smelled the delightful aroma of fresh brewed coffee and bacon sizzling, and it startled her to realize "Adult Rachel" was back.

The blonde felt a sharp pang of regret and loss upon not waking up with little Rachie her daughter, but quickly dismissed it. She had missed having an adult to talk to about her feelings, and it made her feel slightly bipolar thinking of Rachel/Rachie as two separate people. She smiled at the attention to details the diva had obviously paid to the room. It was warm and loving, and it was greatly appreciated by the blonde.

She stood up, surprised she wasn't sore from having spent the night in the chair instead of a bed, and shook out the throw and folded it back over the couch, picked up the book and with care placed it back into the bookcase. Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin were trusted old friends. She ran her fingers through her unruly hair, trying to tame it into submission, she laughed at how disgusting she felt. A hot shower was moving way up on her list of important tasks, right after bacon and coffee.

Quinn padded into the kitchen, and stopped to admire how adorable her girlfriend looked cooking bacon wearing and oversized apron, oversized oven mitts, and a look of horror and disgust on her beautiful face every time she glanced into the frying pan. She had a pair of very long tongs she was using to turn the meat as if afraid that even a speck of animal products might wind up on her. The blonde nearly laughed out loud, thinking that if there had been a biohazard suit at the cabin, she would have found the singer cooking bacon wearing that. It made her love the petite brunette even more than she already did.

"Good morning beautiful," She said softly as not to startle the diva, "I didn't get a real chance to say it yesterday but Happy Belated Birthday. I hope it was as special as day as it was for me."

Rachel turned quickly and beamed her mega-watt smile that she saved only for Quinn, Santana, and Brittany these days. "I had an incredible couple of days. Thank you for such a wonderful present. My inner child would like you to know that you are the best mommy in the whole world."

The blonde blushed furiously at the words she desperately needed to hear, "Rach, you need to know that you gave me an equally incredible present. I am honored to be Rachie's mommy."

Rachel quickly set down the tongs and ripped off the oven mitts and ran forward and flung herself into the blonde's arms. Quinn loved getting an armful and faceful of long chestnut hair and tiny muscular body. She was amused until she heard the diva sobbing brokenly.

"Hey, hey beautiful, what's going on here, huh? I didn't mean to upset you this morning talking about it. Rachel please talk to me, you know I can't stand to see you so upset and crying," She held the girl close to her and gently rocked her back and forth. Pulling back reluctantly, she brushed the wild hair out of her girlfriend's face and leaned in and kissed her tenderly on her soft lips tasting the salt track of the girl's tears. Taking her hand, she led her over to a kitchen chair and sat down pulling the smaller brunette onto her lap.

"Oh Quinn, I am so sorry. I just feel so much, I don't know how else to say it," She continued to cry, her breath coming in jerky shudders, "How do you need something so badly all your life and not really even comprehend how huge the loss has been?"

"I know baby, I know how much not having Shelby has devastated you. I still cannot even think about how she sought you out just to abandon you again without wanting to hurt her in really bad ways," She said so sincerely, it caused Rachel to laugh, snorting out a mixture of snot and tears.

"Oh God that was so disgusting, I'm sorry," The two young women laughed and just held each other, "Just whenever you go all protective and into Enforcer mode, it just tickles my fancy."

"It does, does it? You're really weird sometimes, you know that Rachel?"

The diva pulled herself up in faux indignation, "Well, I'm certainly not alone in that between you, Santana and Brittany."

Quinn laughed out loud, "No baby, you absolutely are not alone in that. Although, I do wish I would have thought to snap a picture of you in your bacon cooking outfit, I know Santana would just have gotten quite a laugh out of that."

"Well I'm glad you didn't, I never would have heard the end of it," She got up and laid a warm hand on Quinn's cheek, "I love you so much."

"I love you too Rachel," Quinn returned, watching the diva go grab and moisten a paper towel to wash her tear stained face, "Sorry, I lost it sweetie, ever since I tapped into this need for a mommy, I've been very emotional and feel a little out of control. It's scaring me a little bit."

Quinn stood up and walked over to gather the brunette in her arms, "I understand completely. I've had all these feelings and emotions about Beth and you as well baby, just bubbling to the surface and they don't seem to want to be contained."

They stood there together, holding each other and sharing a special moment.

Rachel sniffed loudly, "Do you feel like we somehow cheated on Santana and Brittany? I've been feeling guilty all morning."

Quinn's eyes widened in surprise, perhaps the diva was growing up after all, "I do, and I have felt kind of weird about it as well. Like you and I did something very intimate without asking or discussing it with them. I like your analogy about cheating. It feels like I've cheated them OUT of something, not that we've necessarily cheated ON them. Does that make sense?"

"We need to tell them right away. I don't want to keep secrets from them, ok?"

The blonde sighed, "I actually called San yesterday to talk to her while you were upstairs napping after…. Well anyway, the storm was still bad, and I have no idea what she heard if anything."

Rachel blushed at the offhand reference to her younger self's spanking for lying, "Quinn?" She started hesitantly.

"What is it Rach?" She said growing concerned at the hesitation and tone of uncertainty on the diva's face.

"Do you, I mean will you…." Quinn frowned at Rachel's sudden and newfound loss of the English language before finally understanding what the girl was driving at.

"Do I want to do the age play, mother-daughter stuff again?" She surmised.

The look of relief on Rachel's face confirmed that she had guessed correctly, "Honestly Rach, I can't imagine living my life without it right now. I feel a little lost without it this morning."

The brunette started to cry again in relief and love as she once again threw herself into the blonde's arms, "I take it you feel the same way?" She smiled gently at the frantic nodding she felt going on under her chin, "Brittany and Santana need to be a part of this decision though, I know you feel like I do and we can't do anything purposefully behind their backs. This time it really just kind of spontaneously happened but we need them to be aware of what it has done for both of us, agreed?"

"Agreed!" She nodded frantically against her blonde girlfriend feeling a myriad of emotions; anxiety about Britt and San as well as guilt, relief that Quinn understood her feelings, sadness, joy and overwhelming love.

Quinn chuckled, "I have an idea, how about we eat and then go take a nice hot sexy shower together to celebrate our return to gloriously overrated adulthood?"

Rachel laughed out loud, "You are such a charmer Quinn Fabray and the answer is yes I would love to have a sexy shower with you. Actually I would follow you anywhere!"

They came together in a passionate deep kiss borne of mutual need and love.

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