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Chapter 4 Group Decisions

Rachel and Quinn were sitting on opposite sides of the couch with their feet in each other's laps. The fire was burning steadily and they had a warm blanket over their legs. Quinn was engrossed in her book while Rachel had her headphones in and was working on song lyrics. They were acting just like an old married couple, completely comfortable in each other's company and the silence surrounding them. Quinn looked up and out the window; it hadn't snowed anymore in over 24 hours.

Rachel looked up and noticed her girlfriend lost in thought, she jabbed her with her big toe forcing the blonde to turn and look at her. The diva had a mischievous grin on her face, "I was going to say a penny for your thoughts but you look so serious, I'm not sure I can afford your thoughts Ms. Fabray," She reached up and took out her headphones.

"Is today Monday? Being up here is like being in our own little safe cocoon of a world, I've totally lost track of the day and date!" the blonde said softly still staring out the window.

The brunette laughed, "I love that description, it fits perfectly, and it's Tuesday, December 20th my love."

Quinn nodded, "The streets should be clear enough for Santana and Brittany to get here today I think. I thought they'd call by now," She was worried and distracted.

"Don't worry baby, we had a lot of snow fall in that storm, I'm sure they're doing the best they can to get here to us," Rachel said soothingly, "Besides, we still don't have reliable cell service yet. They may have been trying for some time to reach us," She scooted over until she was in the taller girl's lap, "They'll be fine sweetheart."

The blonde smiled with love at the brunette curled in her lap, and leaned forward and kissed her gently, "You always know what to say. I don't know how you do that. I'm just nervous I think. I want them here safely. I'm a little scared for them to get here, and have to talk to them about what we've been up to."

Rachel leaned back in the blonde's arms and looked up the girl adoringly, "We haven't been up to anything. It just happened. They'll understand once we explain it fully."

Quinn wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and pulled her tight, "I guess we'll find out when they get here."

Rachel snuggled back into her girl's arms, "Want to go upstairs and fool around? I bet I can take your mind off your worries for a while," She said seductively.

"Oh you think you can do you, how about if I want to take your mind off of things for a while?" Quinn said in her soft breathy voice.

Both girls jumped up and ran up the stairs screaming over who was going first, laughing all the way.


The two girls lay on their backs on the bed, spent and panting. Quinn looked over Rachel's delicate body, she really was incredibly pretty. Her hair was disheveled and laid around her head like a halo. A sight which made her smile in merriment, the idea of Rachel Berry an angel. Her bronze skin was shimmering with the fruits of her exertions during lovemaking. The blonde rolled onto her side and faced her girlfriend, her head in the palm of her right hand, her left exploring her girlfriends body in sweet gentle caresses.

Rachel nearly purred in contentment, when Quinn rolled her nipple in her fingers, "What are you thinking about baby?" She whispered.

"How silly you look laying on your back with that big old strap-on pointing straight up at the ceiling," She chuckled.

"Silly? Really? Because that's not what was coming out of your mouth about 5 minutes ago Fabray. Hmmm let's see, oh yeah, fuck me baby, harder, yeah right there, that's the spot, that's perfect, oh baby yeah, that's perfect, oh god, you're perfect, Rach, Rach, Rach, ohhhhhhhhhh," She said in a near perfect imitation of Quinn's recent orgasm.

Quinn felt a lightning bolt of arousal shoot straight to her center at Rachel's words. She moved on top of the brunette, and kissed her passionately. They moved together, and the blonde started to remove the strap-on slowly; kissing the brunette on hips, her abdomen, and her thighs as she removed it.

Rachel sat up on her elbows watching, "What are you doing?"

The blonde lifted her head, and cocked her eyebrow seductively as her eyes, dark with desire and passion bore into Rachel's, "It's your turn to scream baby!"

Rachel moaned just from the words, "Well hurry up already then!" she panted as she flopped back down onto the bed.

Quinn just shook her head and chuckled at the urgency and desperation in Rachel's voice.


Santana and Brittany slowly and quietly entered the cabin. It was very quiet inside. The Latina looked around; the fire was a pile of smoldering and crackling red embers. The blanket was tossed casually over the back of the couch, and Quinn's book was lying on the floor.

Brittany walked into the kitchen and looked back at Santana shaking her head, "Nobody in the kitchen."

"I bet they're upstairs napping." She said heading for the stairs with the blonde at her heels.

They quietly pushed open the bedroom door, and saw their two girlfriends curled around each other fast asleep. Brittany started to immediately strip off her clothes.

"B, what are you doing?" The Latina said with amusement in her voice.

"I missed sexytimes and sweet lady kisses with my girls," She walked naked over to the bed and slipped in behind Quinn and started to gently kiss her neck and shoulders. The blonde moaned and turned to face the dancer.

Santana stripped down quickly, and carefully pulled back the covers and crawled in behind Rachel. The brunette felt cold hands on her breasts and looked over and saw Brittany behind Quinn. She knew it was Santana behind her, she screamed for joy scaring the hell out of the still half-asleep Quinn.

Quinn leaned over Rachel, and kissed Santana and then fell back into Brittany's strong arms. The tall dancer quickly enveloped the blonde in her strong arms and kissed her passionately, "You are not allowed to go anywhere without us again, I missed you guys so much."

"Oh Britt, I love you baby, make love to me."

Brittany laughed sweetly, "Duh, what do you think I'm doing?"

The Latina leaned forward and nipped at Rachel's neck with her teeth, "Happy Belated Birthday, baby. I missed you."

"Oh Santana I missed you too!" Rachel moaned loudly as the tanned cold hands moved south to stake their claim.


Quinn woke up, and saw Santana smiling at her. The blonde smiled back but got all teary eyed causing the Latina to frown. She gently inclined her head towards the door, and Quinn nodded her assent.

The blonde watched in awe as the caramel-skinned beauty crawled out of the bed, and walked naked towards the door grabbing clothes as she went. Quinn felt a strong primal feeling of possession, and was overcome with desire. She closed her eyes as strong feelings of love for the girl washed over her. The blonde had thought that her time with Rachel alone might have tempered her feelings for Santana and Brittany, and she suddenly realized she was wrong. Her love for her other two girlfriends was just as strong as it always was. She was grateful for that.

She carefully extricated herself from Brittany's firm grip, and gently pulled the covers back up over both her and Rachel. She watched in amusement as the two instinctively rolled together, and cuddled up into each other to fill the empty space between them. They were just like two fluffy kittens. She grabbed her white fluffy robe and slippers, and followed Santana downstairs.

The Latina grabbed a Coke out of the refrigerator, and grabbed a bag of chips off the counter, "Want something to drink Blondie?" She said over her shoulder.

"I'll have what you're having."

Santana handed Quinn the coke with a flourish, "Breakfast of champions!" She joked laughingly.

The blonde smiled, her hazel eyes dancing, "Actually it's only 2am, too late for dinner and too early for breakfast."

The Latina sat down at the table and shivered. Quinn noticed and frowned at the shorts and wife beater the girl was wearing, "It's about ten below out there, what on earth are you wearing?"

"Oh this old thing?" She flashed playfully, "I just grabbed what was sitting on top of my suitcase; I didn't want to wake up Rachel and Brittany. I wanted to talk to you first."

"Good, I wanted to talk to you too, Santana. Let's go sit out by the fire, I'll get it going again, it's really wonderful to sit by a blazing fire," Quinn stood up and took Santana's hand and led her out to the rustic and spacious living room.

Santana watched as her girlfriend built back up the fire, she was really good at it. Quinn made sure the fire was burning well before moving off her knees to go sit next to the brunette.

"You really freaked me out with that phone call Q. What's going on? What big mistake did you make, you and Rachel seem fine."

The blonde exhaled loudly, "I am so sorry that I freaked you out. Something happened, and I need you to listen to the whole story first before you say anything, alright?"

The brunette leaned forward and smiled, "I promise! I'll listen to the whole story first."

"I woke up and Rachel was crying, it was her birthday and I could tell she missed Shelby. It damn near broke my heart. I can't stand to hear her cry. I really want to kill her so-called mother for the way she made Rachel feel when she abandoned her the way she did," She looked over at Santana, who just nodded in encouragement so Quinn continued, "I had done some reading on the internet, and I came across something called age-play. Have you heard about it?"

Santana thought for a minute, "Is that where grownups wear diapers and play baby?"

"Well I don't know that much about it, but I guess some people do that. From what I read they can get pretty elaborate; buy adult size cribs, changing tables and stuff. I mentioned to Rachel that I had read one woman's story, she had a terrible childhood and like Rach didn't have a mother in her life and had always searched for a mother figure. She hooked up with a woman who couldn't have children and they got together and filled each other's needs," She glanced nervously at Santana who just looked confused.

"How?" She saw Quinn looked as confused by the question as she felt, "How did they fill each other's needs?"

"Well, they got together regularly and one got to be a little girl, and the other got to be a mom. The woman finally got a mommy, and the other woman got her daughter. It was very powerful for both of them."

"I can see how it could be very moving and fulfilling for them, but are you saying that's what you and Rachel did? Played mom and daughter with each other?" Quinn looked at the Latina carefully and she looked more curious than anything. She certainly didn't look angry.

"We did but you need to understand, it went much deeper than play for both of us. I really had no idea that after I gave up Beth, how much I needed to be someone's mother. It shook me to my core San, I had been broken, thinking I could never be a mom again or that maybe I didn't deserve to ever be one."

The brunette interrupted her girlfriend, "That's not true! You were just a kid. You made a mistake, one stupid mistake, but you had Beth and you made an adult decision in her best interest without thinking about yourself. I'm pretty damn proud of you, and I think you'll make an excellent mother someday. Hopefully you'll be mom to all our kids." She indicated the girls upstairs with a gentle wave of her arm.

Quinn smiled brightly, "God I love you all so much," She leaned over and kissed the brunette, "When I read about it, I never gave it a second thought, it was months ago and for some reason, hearing Rachel crying over Shelby, I mentioned it to her. I swear to you, we weren't trying to do something behind your back. I had no idea that Rachel would be willing to totally revert to a child, and Santana she was incredible, she is such a beautiful and sweet little girl. Just like you'd think a little Rachel could be; sweet, precious, mischievous, precocious, funny and endearing. I couldn't have loved that little girl anymore if I gave birth to her myself. I really felt like I did give birth to her, like she was my daughter and I was her mommy. It was like she stopped being my girlfriend Rachel and really became my daughter Rachie. For her I became the mommy she never had, I wasn't Quinn her girlfriend playing her mom, it became a whole different reality for us."

Santana's eyes widened in understanding, she finally got what Quinn was so worked up over, "You thought B and I would be mad or feel left out?" she said softly making sure she was right in her feelings.

The blonde hung her head in shame and nodded sadly.

"Hey babe, look at me," She put her fingers under Quinn's chin and lifted it up so she could look into her green-gold eyes, "Shit got real huh? Freaked you the fuck out? Quinn Fabray let someone in behind her big walls? Lost control of her feelings?" Santana said as only the Latina could.

The blonde put her face in her hands and started to weep. The Latina gathered her in her arms and held her tight knowing how hard it was for her girl to be so open and vulnerable. She kept rocking her and murmuring words of love and comfort until the blonde calmed down. Once Quinn stopped crying, she gently set her back against the couch so she could look at her when they talked.

"I'm guessing you had a quiet moment and you realized how deep this got and you started to feel guilty? That's what the phone call was about?"

The blonde nodded her head in agreement, "I felt almost like I was cheating on you and B by getting so emotionally involved in this without you guys being a part of it."

"Rachel feels as strongly about this age-play stuff as you do?"

"That was the incredible thing; she thought she was doing it for me so I could experience being a mom. I thought I was doing it for her by giving her a mom for a day. It turned out to be so much more for both of us. I'm sorry San, I'm so sorry, I swear I didn't mean to…."

Santana leaned over and put her hand over Quinn's mouth stopping her from continuing, "My turn now; if I thought for one minute that you and Rae snuck up here to try something different without telling me or B about it then yeah, I'd be pissed off and it could be considered a form of cheating even though the four of us are together. And we would be very hurt and angry by it. That's not what happened here, baby. It sounds like the two of you were just trying to help each other through a tough time, and got blindsided by all these feelings neither one of you have ever really dealt with. I think honestly, neither of you really understood what you were missing, so how would you know that you had something to deal with?"

"Oh babe, I am so glad you understand. I was so worried and upset that you and B would be hurt or feel left out or unloved. I couldn't bear the feeling that I'd hurt you both or disappointed you," Quinn pulled the brunette in for another hug.

"This is something that you and Rachel really want to continue to explore isn't it?" Quinn shook her head yes. Santana continued, "What if it's something that B and I don't want to be a part of and asked you not to continue, what then?"

"I can't answer for Rachel, but this was important to me and I would like to continue to explore my feelings. It was more incredible than I can explain and I would love to have that type of intimacy with both you and Brittany too, but there are 4 of us in this relationship and if the two of you say no, then it's no. It's all or nothing as far as I'm concerned. I'm not going to do something with Rachel that doesn't include you and Britt. No way!"

Santana leaned over and grabbed her coke and sat back and stared in the fire as she sipped. She was clearly deep in thought so Quinn gave her the space and time to think. She was just grateful that the Latina understood what had really happened here this weekend.

Santana stared at the fire and was unsure what she was feeling, it was not anger and it was not hurt, but she was uncertain. Their relationship was already pretty controversial and misunderstood by every single person they knew. She would guess that most people would find this age play stuff pretty kinky and weird. That didn't really faze her much; she really could give a shit what anyone's opinion of her was. She could care even less for anyone's approval of her lifestyle, except for the three girls she was in love with.

She was worried about the emotional impact of this sort of thing on Quinn and Rachel. They had been the most damaged, and they had the most to lose or gain from this type of relationship. Sighing heavily she made up her mind.

"Quinn, it this is that important to you and Rachel, then it's important to me and Brittany as well. I say we give it a try if you'd like, we have the rest of this week together. Saturday is Christmas Eve, and Sunday is Christmas Day. I would say that it's the perfect time. I think I'd love to see Rachel have her first Christmas with a mommy. I have my concerns that this could somehow be emotionally damaging to both of you. I don't really see how, but it does worry me. I don't want our relationship damaged by this. I do think that if it's that important to the two of you, and we don't investigate it, in the long run it may destroy what we have anyway."

Quinn was holding the Latina's gaze, understanding fully the gift of love and acceptance she and Rachel were being given here, "What do you think B is going to say?"

The Latina rolled her eyes and in a perfect imitation of the tall blonde she started jumping up and down excitedly on the couch, "Oh Sanny I want to be a kid too, can I be Rachie's sister, oh Q will you be my mommy too?"

The blonde started to laugh, and all her pent up fear and nervousness came out in her laughter as she just fell over at Santana's perfect imitation of their innocent blonde girlfriend. She finished laughing and had to wipe the tears off her face, "That's exactly what she's going to say. I don't know what to say San, I just am so grateful that you're not upset or angry or hurt and I can't believe that you are willing to do this for us. I love you so much."

"I love you too, baby and I have hurt for you and for Rachel over this very issue. It was unbearable to watch you the summer after you gave up Beth. It was even harder to watch Rachel after that bitch turned her down and adopted your baby. We weren't even together yet, and I just felt terrible for both of you. If this gives you both some closure than fine. You know, it just might be fun and we can do some research and who knows what it could turn into. You know me; I'm always open for new ways to keep our relationship fresh. How do you think it could work? What did you have in mind?"

"Well honestly I didn't give it much thought. I assumed that you might be upset, and I might even be in trouble over it. So, I hadn't really thought ahead, but Rachel and Brittany are already the perfect children. We can be the mom's and we can practice for the future, what do you think?"

"I'm relieved, cause I sure as hell ain't being somebody's damn baby!" she rolled her eyes as Quinn laughed.

"Yeah, I don't really think it's in your nature to submit easily to anyone let alone be a kid again," She yawned loudly, "Sorry, it's been hard to sleep well lately with that storm, and the wind howling, and my guilt."

Santana stood up and took the blonde's pale hand in her own tan one, "C'mon baby, let's go to bed and get some sleep. We can talk to our girl's in the morning over breakfast and see what everyone thinks. Besides we have a birthday party to have, we have a Christmas tree to cut down and decorate; we have a lot of stuff to get done this week. You're gonna need your sleep, mommy!"


Rachel was the first one awake. She got up carefully not to wake anyone, and quickly took a shower. She went downstairs and put some coffee on and made a huge feast knowing everyone would be starving after their night of reunion sex. She frowned at the sight of the soda cans and the half empty bag of chips on the coffee table. It must have been Quinn and Santana. She stoked the fire and straightened the room, putting the books away, and tossing the trash, and folding the blankets and placing the throw back over the couch.

It was about a half hour when she heard the shower running again, and Brittany came down the stairs shortly after. She greeted Rachel with a kiss and hug before stealing some of the pineapple she had cut up. Rachel laughed, and slapped her hand.

Santana and Quinn showed up shortly after looking a little bit tired, "How long were you guys up for last night?" Rachel asked knowingly.

Brittany turned to look at the two, "I didn't know you guys got up last night."

Santana kissed Britt and Rachel sweetly, "I was starving, we were in such a hurry to get up here we didn't eat much. I don't know how you lasted all night B, I had to get something or I wasn't going to sleep."

"So you chose coke and greasy chips?" Rachel scolded.

Quinn looked at Santana and said teasingly, "It is the breakfast of champions!" Both girls cracked up laughing as Brittany looked confused, and Rachel frowned at their antics.

"What's going on with you two?" Rachel said warily.

Santana walked over and took Rachel's hand, "Quinn and I talked about what happened this weekend, the age play stuff, and how much it means to both of you."

Rachel looked at Quinn questioningly, "She did?"

Santana nodded, "B, this weekend, Quinn was Rachel's mommy and Rachel became little Rachie, Quinn's daughter. They didn't just pretend, it was really special and important to them and they want to try doing it with us included, what do you think about it?"

"Oh my gosh, that's super awesome, Quinn will you be my mommy too? I want to be Rachie's sister! Rachel can I be your little sister, please I always wanted to have a big sister?" She danced around the kitchen and she grabbed Santana around the waist, "You can be our other mommy Sanny! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited, when can we start?"

The Latina looked at Quinn and shrugged and rolled her eyes, "Did I call that, or what?"

Quinn just laughed out loud at the exuberant blonde.

"Rachel what do you think? You're being awfully quiet? Do you want to try it with me and Brittany too? You don't have to if you don't want to, but I'm willing to try it if it's important to you," Santana said softly.

Rachel turned and hurled herself into the Latina's arms, knocking her back a few steps, "Oh thank you Santana! Thank you so much, you don't know how much this means to me! I thought you were going to be angry or think I was weird or something! I love you all so much," She sobbed as the Latina rubbed her back soothingly.

"When can we start Sanny, Quinn? You're the mommies, you tell us!" Brittany enthused.

Quinn looked at how tired Santana looked, "How about we all eat breakfast, catch up a little, and make some plans for the week. We can go upstairs, and then take a nap. When we get up, we'll decide. Does that sound alright with everyone?"

Rachel and Brittany nodded enthusiastically as Santana just gave Quinn a look of gratitude.

To be continued…..