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Chapter 5

Quinn woke up first from the afternoon nap and couldn't contain her excitement at getting to be a mom again. She felt the thrill to her very core. It had been so disheartening thinking Santana and Brittany would be upset with them and she might never get this chance again. The blonde looked at her still sleeping girlfriends and felt a little ashamed of herself that she doubted S & B. They had never been anything but loving and loyal. She should have known they would support her and Rachel especially once they explained how important this was to them. She felt a surge of fierce love for all three of them and vowed to always be as wonderful to them as they were to her.

She got up and carefully made her way downstairs to get some things ready for a surprise she and Santana had planned for the girls.

Santana heard Quinn moving around but was reluctant to wake up. She knew she should help the blonde get things ready but all her worrying these last few days and the long drive to the cabin had really taken a toll on her mentally and physically. Just when she closed her eyes and snuggled closer to Brittany, she found herself awake and knew no amount of lying still with her eyes closed was going to bring her more sleep.

Trying not to stomp around angrily at not being able to sleep more, she went downstairs to talk to Quinn.

The blonde looked up hearing the soft footfalls on the stairs and smiled widely at her brunette girlfriend, "Hi baby did you have a nice nap?"

The Latina shrugged, "Nice I guess but not long enough." She smiled genuinely seeing the excitement sparkling in hazel eyes, "You're pretty excited aren't you?"

"Excited and a little nervous." She licked her lips unsure how or if she should continue.

"Nervous? About what? How Britt and I will fit in?" Santana said a little insecurely.

"No baby that's not it at all. Last night and this morning I thought it was so sweet and so typically Britt to just jump into this with both feet, to be all loving and supportive." She stopped to gauge Santana's reaction, the Latina was fiercely protective of the tall blonde and no one said a word against her or Santana would have their head, it had been that way since kindergarten. Quinn and Rachel had joined in to protect Brittany from outsiders who couldn't or wouldn't understand her sweet uncomplicated personality, usually finding themselves blindsided by her brilliant insight into the personality and motives of other people and themselves.

Santana was nodding, "Q just spit it out, and I haven't had nearly enough sleep to try to figure out what you're talking around."

"I'm worried that she doesn't understand how important this is to Rachel and me, if she treats this as another one of our fantasy nights, Rach would be devastated, this is real to her and it takes a lot for her to allow herself to be so vulnerable and to just give up all her control to me and you and allow herself to be nurtured in a way she never has before." Quinn finished in a mad rush of words.

Santana stood there biting her lip trying to tamper her irritation, she knew it was just from being overtired and Q wasn't insulting their girlfriend, "When you and Rachel went up to nap earlier, I talked to B. She completely understands how important this is to both of you. I didn't even have to say anything, she was just really excited to be part of this since it means so much to both of you. I thought maybe she was thinking it was just another kinky sex game but that never crossed her mind. She just gets it; the only way B can, from the heart, straight and simple. You don't have to worry about it, it's handled." She finished gruffly.

"San, I'm sorry I didn't mean…" Quinn started.

The Latina waved her off, "Don't be babe, I get it, you're being all mama bear protective of Rachel, it's actually cute. How does it feel to be the mother of two at such a young age?" She smiled and hugged the blonde.

"You tell me?" the blonde said laughing out loud at the look of panic on her girlfriend's face.


Quinn and Santana quickly finished setting up their surprise and looked around the living room happy with their efforts.

Santana looked at her cell phone and then at the stairs, "I think it's time we woke a certain two little girls up or they won't be going to bed later tonight."

The blonde nodded her agreement and led the way up the stairs. She walked into the room and found Rachel and Brittany wrapped around each other like two baby kittens.

The Latina took out her cell phone and took a few pictures, "God they are so angelic when they're sleeping." She said to Quinn, "Hey you guys are you going to sleep the whole day away? Come on sleepy heads time to get up." She said softly, sitting on the edge of the bed and gently rubbing Rachel's back while Quinn did the same to Brittany.

The diva rubbed her eyes with the back of her and smiled wildly seeing Santana, "Mama! You'we home, I missed you!" She threw herself in the arms of her mama.

"I am home and I missed my three favorite girls in the whole world."

Brittany sat up and smiled happily, "mama, mama!" She clapped her hands happily.

Quinn leaned over and gently brushed the wild blonde hair out of her daughter's eyes with her soft fingertips, "Hi sweetie, did you have a nice nap with Rachie?" She could tell Brittany was younger than the three year old Rachie but didn't know how much younger yet.

The blonde quickly stuck her thumb in her mouth and started to suck happily while she leaned into her mommy's chest content to just be close.

"Bwitt had a good nap wiff me mommy." Rachie piped up as Santana moved the smaller brunette onto her lap facing her mommy and sister. The girl was squirming to get comfortable as Santana laughed, "Sit still you little monkey." She shook her head at Quinn.

"I'm so glad you both had a good nap, we have lots of fun planned today and it wouldn't be fun if you were tired and crabby." Their mommy said. Rachie beamed at her when she heard the word fun.

"So munchkin, were you a good girl for mommy while I was gone?" Santana said innocently not knowing about the cookie fiasco. She looked down when Rachie stopped squirming and got very still, "Rachel, do you have something to tell mama?" The Latina said firmly.

Rachel shook her head no very quickly then looked up at her mommy's stern look and shook her head yes even quicker.

Santana bit her lip trying not to laugh at how very cute that was, "Rachel Barbra!"

"Yes mama?" The tiny brunette all but whispered.

"Were you a good girl for mommy?" Already knowing the answer.

"I twied but I wasn't a vewy good giwl." She said sadly as she lowered her head.

Turning the surprisingly light girl so she was facing her, she asked, "What happened?"

"I didn't stay on the bed when mommy took a showew and I ated some cookies and I sat in time out then I wied to mommy and gotted a spanking." She had big tears of shame rolling down her cheeks.

Santana was surprised to find she had tears in her eyes as well and she looked over to Quinn and saw her eyes sparkling with unshed tears as well, "I'm very disappointed to hear that you disobeyed your mommy and then lied to her young lady."

Rachel sniffed and tried not to sob, "I sowwy mama."

The Latina hugged the little sorrowful girl to her chest, "I'm sure mommy was sorry she had to spank you but let's not have any more lying alright. You know why lying is wrong Rachel?" She felt the girl nod her head against her chest.

"Mommy tolded me. I won't wie anymowe mama." Santana wiped away the stray tears with both thumbs.

The Latina looked at her blonde daughter, "Brittany? We don't have to worry about you lying do we?" The blonde snuggled closer to her mommy's chest as Rachel laughed, "Don't be siwy mama, Bwitt can't talk good yet so she cant wie!"

Santana laughed, "Did you call me a silly mama munchkin?" She started tickling the girl as she dissolved into peals of laughter trying to avoid her mama's fingers. Brittany pulled back from Quinn's chest and watched the two playing and smiled. She took her thumb out of her mouth and put both arms our to Santana, "mama."

Quinn leaned over and whispered, "Go on baby girl, go get Rachie and mama." Brittany started to crawl across the bed as Santana grabbed her and started to tickle the blonde as both girls squealed with laughter.

"Well how about we all go downstairs and see the surprise?" Quinn said standing up.

Rachel jumped off the bed, "Come on Bwitt, hold Wachie's hand." She stuck her hand out as the blonde took it and crawled off the bed.

"What a big girl you are Brittany look how good you are walking, hold mommy's hand too going down the stairs." She took the blonde's other hand and was greeted with a heartbreaking smile and big blue innocent eyes.

Santana yelled to Quinn, "I'll be right down hon!" She had to take a minute to allow herself to feel everything. It was so overwhelming how much she just loved this family. Her heart was overflowing. She had never had a relationship with her mother and to now be a mama and see what an incredible mother Quinn was so beautiful. She took a minute to pull herself together and quickly headed downstairs when she heard Rachel and Brittany's squeals of delight and joy.


"Well now let's see should we play some more games or should we have cake or should we open some presents?" Quinn said as she started to straighten up the living room a little from their impromptu party.

Santana was in the kitchen getting the vegan cake out of the box and onto a plate. She looked at it uncertainly and was sure she would hate it but it was Rachel's birthday so she would try it.

Quinn stood up just as the other blonde was reaching for the hot fireplace cover, "Brittany NO!" she yelled her heart in her throat. The blonde sat down quickly and started to cry at being yelled at. Rachel walked over to her sister and sat down next to her and patted her awkwardly on the back.

Santana heard the shout and came running into the living room, "What happened? Is everyone alright?"

"It's fine San, I scared the baby, she was too close to the fireplace and I yelled at her." The blonde walked over to the sobbing little girl and pulled her onto her lap, "Oh baby girl, mommy is sorry she yelled and scared you. That is very hot, no touch baby, no touch." She rocked the hiccupping little girl until she calmed down.

Rachel looked up at her mama with big chocolate brown eyes, "I watch hew mama, I won't wet her get huwt." She said seriously.

Santana smiled down softly, "Of course you won't let baby get hurt, you're the best big sister ever." She walked over to where Brittany was sitting with Quinn, "Come on big girl come help mama in the kitchen. We have cake and ice cream."

The blonde took her mama's hand and walked unsteadily into the kitchen.

Her moment of panic and fear over, Quinn put her head in her hands as she mentally scolded herself for not paying better attention. She felt Rachel patting her softly on her back just like she had done with her little sister. She looked up into those sweet soft eyes and her heart melted all over again.

"It's ok mommy, Bwitt is ok." She said comfortingly crawling into her mommy's lap and snuggling. She put her thumb in her mouth and Quinn smiled, "Hey there, big girls that just had birthdays don't suck their thumbs, only baby's do. You're not a baby are you?" She gently pulled the thumb out of the diva's mouth.

Rachel just snuggled closer and didn't answer.

"I know it's hard sometimes that Britt always wants to cuddle and you don't always get to isn't it?" The little girl shook her head yes, "She gets to suck her thumb and use a bottle still and her pacifier too and you don't anymore do you big girl?" Rachel shook her head sadly.

"You know you are the big sister and you get to show her how to be all grown up. You'll show her how to use a sippy cup and a fork and spoon. It's really a big job being the big sister you know." Rachel pulled back and looked into her mommy's hazel eyes skeptically. It didn't sound like that much fun being older so far.

"I'll tell you what sweetie, you and me will have our very own special cuddle times. You'll never be too big or too old to have cuddle times with mommy. I promise Rachie."

"Ok mommy. Lets eat cake and ice cweam now." She jumped over her mommy's lap and skipped into the kitchen.


The blonde was the last one in the kitchen, the cake was setup and had 4 candles in it and Brittany was sitting on Santana's lap. Everything was all setup, a vegan chocolate ice cream and a regular vanilla were thawing, the plates and a knife were laid out on the table and Rachel was skipping around the table singing, "Happy Biwfdays to me." Over and over again.

Quinn caught the hyper Rachel by the waist and gently guided her into a chair next to her mama, "Come on you little monkey, time to make a wish and blow out the candles." She quickly lit all four candles as her and Santana started to sing Happy Birthday to Rachel and Brittany clapped her hands.

Santana was taking pictures with her phone and then turned it to record as Rachel got up on her knees on the chair and looked very serious as she contemplated her wish possibilities. Finally having made up her mind, she smiled and leaned forward and blew out all her candles. She knew her most important wish had already come true; she had not only one adoring mother but two.

The Latina glanced over Rachel's head and her eyes connected with Quinn's. Dark, nearly black eyes flashed with love and contentment and the two women shared a loving secret smile with each other.

Quinn noticed Santana's smile quickly leave her face, "What the….." She looked down at her lap as Brittany's big blue innocent eyes met her dark ones.

"San what is it, what's wrong?"

"Your daughter had a little potty accident on my lap just now. I think we might need to try to find a store that sells diapers and baby supplies soon because that was very unpleasant and I'd rather not do that again."

The blonde's eyebrow shot all the way to her hairline as she contemplated that bit of information.

Rachel started to laugh, "I towd you Bwitt was a baby siwy mama."

Quinn started to laugh as well, "Yeah silly mama, don't you pay attention?"

Santana grimaced as she stood up, "I'll show you both silly after I get the two of us cleaned up." She led Britt up the stairs and into the bathroom. She gently stripped the girl down and put some warm water in the bathtub. Grabbing a clean washcloth, she helped Brittany into the tub, "Couldn't give mama a warning could you? Well I guess it could always be worse." She got the girl washed off quickly and helped her out of the tub wrapping a towel around her and walking her into the bedroom. Opening the suitcase she found some clean clothes and quickly got the girl dressed again, "Now mama needs to get cleaned up."

Quinn walked into the bedroom watching Santana dress a struggling Brittany.

The Latina looked up, "Don't be smirking at me blondie, I'd like to see you do better, it's like trying to put a sweater on an octopus." They both laughed.

"San do you think any stores are open, are the roads passable?"

"I rented a 4 wheel drive SUV to get us up here, I wasn't sure what the roads were going to be like and I wasn't leaving the two of you up here alone when I was unsure what was going on." She said distracted as she still tried to get the sweatshirt over the struggling blonde's head, "Oh Brittany, help mama out here please?" The Latina said desperately.

"Do you want to run to the store San or do you want me to go. You seem a little tired still? I'm worried about you driving when you're tired."

"I am tired, will you be ok going out, do you think you could find your way back in the dark?"

"Oh San you never have to worry about me finding my way back home to you three! I will find you every time." She leaned down and kissed the brunette passionately.

"Let me help you get the baby dressed, you go get cleaned up." She leaned down and quickly got the sweatshirt over the blonde head and her arms in the correct sleeves.

"Showoff!" Santana scowled grabbing clean clothes as she headed into the bathroom.

Quinn just leaned over and kissed Brittany's pink cheek, "I guess we showed her didn't we sweetheart!" Brittany just babbled excitedly and clapped her hands.


With a list of supplies in her hand and some cash and a credit card, Quinn drove out in search of store that might have some of what she needed. It was a little eerie driving down the dark roads but there was a full moon out and it really helped to light up the area. She had driven about 20 minutes when she drove straight into what could be called the center of a very small town. She saw a grocery store whose lights were still on and it had a drug store attached to it. Quinn almost cheered out loud.

She walked through the store and purchased almost everything on the list. She stood still for a few minutes reviewing the items in the cart trying to see if she had forgotten anything. It seemed like she had everything. Well at least they knew a store was nearby if they thought of anything else they needed tomorrow.

Missing her girls, Quinn grabbed a few little toys, games and playthings the girls might like and unhealthy snacks for Santana and quickly paid and headed back towards the cabin, eager to get home.

She hummed softly to the Christmas music playing on the SUV's DVD player. It made her smile to think that she just referred to the cabin as home. It felt like that to her and Quinn didn't think she could ever remember a time when she was happier than she was this week.


Santana had stoked the fire and popped some popcorn and settled the girls down on the couch. Quinn had been gone for over an hour and she was a little concerned but not really worried yet.

"Mama?" Rachel said softly.

"What is it baby girl?" Santana whispered, she was trying to get Brittany to sleep.

"Can you wead me an Bwitt Winnie a Pooh stowy?"

"Do we have that book here munchkin, I'm afraid mama doesn't remember it enough to tell it by heart."

"It's ovew thewe, can I go gwab it?" Rachel asked seriously.

"I'll tell you what, let's go upstairs and get you two settled down in bed and I'll read to you until mommy gets home to kiss you goodnight. Does that sound good munchkin?"

Rachel shook her dark curls and jumped off the couch to grab the book. Santana took Brittany's hand and helped her up the stairs to the bedroom.

"Do you need help getting your pajamas on munchkin?" She said deciding to leave Brittany in the sweatshirt, "We need to brush my girls beautiful teeth too." She led them into the bathroom and fixed both of their brushes with toothpaste. It was endearing to watch Rachel brush and she did it for Brittany. Santana helped Rachel with her flannel pajamas and helped them both into the bed.

She tucked them in tight and with Brittany in the middle she settled in and opened the book and started to read.

Quinn found them like that a half hour later; all three of them fast asleep with the book open on Santana's lap. She took a couple of pictures of her girls. Taking an adult sized diaper out of the bag, she carefully fastened it on the sleeping Brittany and pulled her sweat pants back up. Laughing that Rachel was in pajamas but Brittany was still in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She took a pacifier out of the package and took it into the bathroom and washed it with hot water and dried it carefully. She set it on the nightstand in case the baby woke up in the middle of the night being fussy.

She brushed her teeth and got ready for bed and crawled in to the bed next to Rachel. Turning to flick off the bedside lamp she was startled to see Santana's sleepy eyes open.

"I was getting worried, I'm sorry I fell asleep." The Latina said softly.

"It's ok baby, I found almost everything on the list." She leaned over the girls and kissed the brunette gently.

"This motherhood gig, is seriously exhausting!" She said thoughtfully, "But honestly Quinn, I have never found you as sexy and as beautiful as I have tonight watching you mother our girls. I love you mi amor!"

"I love you too babe! Get some sleep we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. I found a place to go sled riding."

Quinn laughed merrily as the brunette just groaned loudly and flopped over on her side, snoring softly before she even stopped moving.

"Good night my angels." She whispered softly to the sleeping girls around her.

To be continued…