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Chapter 6

Rachel had been very quiet on the car ride home from the hill. Quinn just thought she was tired so didn't pay much attention to her silence which was a rare thing for adult Rachel, let alone baby Rachel.

Everyone had rosy cheeks and frigid fingers and toes. Santana stoked the fire and Quinn put a blanket on the floor so Rachel and Brittany could sit by the fire, play and get warm. The Latina sat on the couch while the blonde made lunch for everyone. She was reading a magazine she had purchased in town when she heard a loud heartbreaking sob of "MINE" followed by crying. It startled her.

Quinn came out of the kitchen and saw Brittany on the blanket crying and Rachel sitting there looking very guilty with the blonde's binky in her mouth, "San what happened?"

Now the Latina looked guilty as well, "I'm sorry babe, I was flipping through the magazine I bought, I didn't see what happened." She looked over the scene in front of her and had a pretty good idea though, "Rachel why did you take the pacifier away from your sister?" She said firmly to the petite brunette.

The tiny diva just shrugged her shoulders noncommittally. Quinn walked over and pulled the pacifier from the diva's mouth, "Answer your mother Rachel." Hazel eyes bore into soft brown eyes that were filling with tears so Quinn softened her tone, "Sweetie, you are Brittany's big sissy and she needs you to look out for her. It is not ok for you to take things from her like that. That pacifier is the baby's and you are a big girl now, you don't need a binky."

"She just a stupid baby who don't shawe wif me." Rachel said petulantly.

Santana stood up and took Rachel's hand and gently pulled her to her feet, "I think someone is cranky and needs a timeout."

Rachel pulled her hand out of Santana's, "I no need timeout mama!" She stamped her foot and crossed her arms storm clouds brewing in her eyes.

"Rachel, you are going to stand in timeout for taking her binky and making her cry. I'm not saying it again." The Latina took her by the hand, not allowing the girl to pull away even though Rachel struggled against her. Santana leaned over and delivered a swat to her backside, not very hard but a little stinger, she then knelt down so she was at Rachel's eye level, "You will stand in timeout or I will spank you. It's your choice Rachel."

The little brunette stood there glaring at her mama and didn't answer, Santana looked over to Quinn who was comforting Brittany. The other blonde mother gave her a small nod agreeing with her sentence.

The Latina looked back at Rachel, "Now for taking her binky and making her cry you will stand for three minutes in the corner, for arguing with me you get one more minute and for throwing a tantrum and stomping your feet you get another minute. That makes five minutes in the corner." She stood up and led Rachel to the corner, turning her body so her nose was in the corner. The taller brunette adjusted the girl's body so she was standing very close to the wall without touching it, "Now you stand here very still and think about why you are in trouble. No moving and no wiggling around, do you understand me little girl?" Rachel nodded her head yes, "Use your words big girl." Her mama finished softly.

"Yes mama, I understand." She said quietly the words getting lost in the corner. Santana looked at Quinn who shrugged and looked as confused as Santana while she rocked a still upset Brittany on her lap.

Five minutes was an eternity to a fidgety little girl especially when she was so angry. What was so special about a baby anyway? They don't talk or sing or dance or do anything fun. They just make messes. Rachel couldn't understand why both her mothers were paying all this attention to Brittany anyway. Even sled riding they let her ride with them on their laps every single time and made Rachel go by herself sometimes. She even had to pull her own sled up the hill. It wasn't fair. She wanted a binky, she liked binky's, and they helped her feel calm and relaxed. She tried to take it nicely but Britt wouldn't let her have it, it was Britt's fault but babies never have to stand in timeout. She felt a big, fat, hot tear roll down her cheek at the injustice of it all.

When the five minutes were up, Santana marched her over and made her apologize to her sister. Rachel didn't want to but her butt still stung from the swat and she didn't want a spanking. Begrudgingly she apologized to her little bratty sister but swore she would get even.


Rachel went and got her coloring book and crayons to play with so she wouldn't have to play with the baby. Quinn had gone back to the kitchen to finish heating up the soup and making grilled cheese sandwiches. She was warming up some hot chocolate for them as well. Rachel had come into the kitchen and hugged her mommy's leg. The blonde looked down at the pretty brunette sitting on the floor hugging her and ruffled her hair softly and smiled down at her.

"Are you hungry baby, lunch is almost ready." She said softly. Rachel looked up at her sadly and just shook her head yes. Quinn was starting to get a little worried; this was not like Rachie at all.

She knelt down on the floor and smoothed auburn hair off of the girl's forehead and felt for a fever, "Do you feel ok sweetie?" Rachel just crawled up into her mommy's lap and hugged her neck. It felt good to be a baby again. They got away with so much stuff big girls didn't.

"Come on big girl, up you go, let's sit down and I'll go get mama and Brittany. Lunch is ready." She said cheerfully. Helping Rachel into her chair and heading into the living room. The blonde walked into the room holding both her mothers' hands smiling happily earning a scowl from her big sister.

Quinn was ladling out the soup and sandwiches and Santana was adding a few potato chips to the plates and handing them out around the table. The blonde filled up Brittany's bottle with a mixture of half hot chocolate and half cold milk to cool it off and did the same for Rachel in her sippy cup. She handed the drink to each of her girls and sat down next to Brittany and was blowing on her soup and feeding her. Rachel just glared until Santana poked her gently, "I thought you were hungry munchkin? Come on now; let's eat while it's still warm."

"Can you feed me mama, I tiwed." Rachel said pathetically batting her big brown eyes but Santana was smiling at Brittany and Quinn and pulled out her phone and took a picture totally missing Rachel's bid for attention.

She finally looked over at Rachel, "Come on big girl, you can eat by yourself and then you and the baby can take a nap if you're so tired." She said kindly.

Rachel took her spoon and slapped it hard in the soup causing it so spray and splatter all over the table. She giggled; it looked so funny to see both her mothers' jump like that.

Quinn looked at Rachel crossly, "What on earth are you doing? Look at the mess you made! You know better than that! We don't play with our food, now eat nicely or you will go take a nap without lunch." She got up and grabbed a paper towel.

Rachel looked over at her Mama who was frowning at her. She was confused. Brittany did the exact same thing with her oatmeal this morning at breakfast and everyone laughed. It was making her mad.

This time she slapped the soup it was on purpose and out of anger. She hadn't meant to hit it so hard though and sat there with her mouth open staring at her soup soaked mama. If she didn't already know the trouble she was in, it might have been funny seeing soup dripping off her mama's nose.

Santana sat there stunned and furious. She closed her eyes and spoke with a clipped tone, "Quinn I'm going to go get cleaned off. When I get back will you please take Rachel upstairs for her nap?" She got up and headed up stairs as everyone at the table sat there quietly.

Quinn turned to face the still shocked diva, "Rachel Barbra Berry, I am very disappointed in your behavior today. You should count yourself very lucky that you are not over my knee this very minute. You get your naughty little backside into that corner until your mama comes back down. Since you only want to play with your lunch you won't miss not eating it today." Rachel looked at her mommy sadly as Quinn got up to start cleaning the mess, removing Rachel's plates from the table, "Move it little girl, don't test me. You are this close to a spanking already today."

Rachel got up with a huff and pushed her chair in fiercely and stomped off to the corner as her mommy just watched in aggravated amazement at her behavior, "I want you to think very carefully about the rest of the day. If you keep this up you are going to find yourself spending the rest of the day alone in your bedroom with a very sore bottom little girl. Your mama and I are not going to put up with your tantrums any more today."

When Santana came back downstairs in a new outfit and all cleaned up, Quinn took Rachel upstairs by the hand and deposited her on the bed. She was clearly disappointed and chose not to coddle the naughty little girl but was also concerned, "Rachie, please tell mommy why you're being so naughty today. You have always been my good girl what's going on?"

Rachel just rolled over and turned her back to her mommy who sighed in frustration, "I hope a nap improves your mood and behavior little girl." She got up and left the room leaving Rachel feeling unloved and uncomforted. The little girl curled into her pillow and cried herself to sleep.


When Rachel woke up from her nap, Brittany was sleeping beside her. She felt an irrational surge of jealousy and irritation with her baby sister. So if the baby wanted to be the center of attention, then fine, she would make her the center of attention. Without even thinking about the trouble she had been assured of, she smirked and rolled off the bed looking for what she needed.


Santana came up behind Quinn in the kitchen after they had laid Brittany down for her nap with Rachel. She hugged her tightly and set her chin on her shoulder and watched Quinn doing the dishes, "I miss making love to you, I feel like I've been too tired lately. I just wanted you to know that these last few days, I've never seen you be sexier than you are right here, right now. If I haven't shown you physically it doesn't mean I don't find you incredibly attractive." She whispered seductively in her ear, causing goose bumps to erupt up and down the blonde's arms.

Quinn spun in the Latina's arms and kissed her passionately. Santana deepened the kiss as the blonde moaned her approval. She pushed the brunette back against the kitchen table and taking her by the hips lifted her up and sat her down. Quinn broke the kiss only long enough to remove Santana's shirt and bra. The girl smiled and removed the blonde's clothes as they came together in another heated kiss. She broke the kiss again and started kissing and nipping down Santana's neck as she tugged down her shorts and panties, "lift up babe." The brunette complied moving her hips to allow Quinn to pull off the rest of her clothes, which quickly got dropped on the floor.

Crawling up on top of the brunette, Quinn dropped her head to Santana's dusky hued nipple and sucked it greedily into her mouth as her fingers worked their way between the two of them to part her lips and reach her dripping wet center. The blonde chuckled when she felt how hot and wet the other girl was and the vibration hummed around the nipple soliciting a long pained moan from the Latina, "Oh God Q quit playing baby and take me now." She urged desperately bucking her hips towards the talented fingers, anxious for more contact.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk patience is a virtue babe and I'm in control right now." She brought her hands up and grabbed Santana's wrists pinning them above her head as she rubbed her breasts against Santana's and her wet center against the brunettes. Kissing her deeply, she the brunette's tongue into her mouth and fought her ravaging the girl's mouth, bruising her lips.

Santana loved it hot and hard and found a strict and stern Quinn to be incredibly sexy, she was begging the blonde to be rougher, take her hard.

The blonde slid off the table and before the brunette had time to complain, she flipped the Latina over onto her stomach on the hard, cool, wood table. Roughly, she used her own foot to kick San's legs further apart and with her left hand forced her head down onto the table. The brunette was lying across the table with her ass in the air and her center exposed, she hated feeling vulnerable but that only made this more exciting.

Quinn kissed her way down the brunettes back roughly, her front pressed against her girlfriend's rear. She circled her left arm around her waist and her right started teasing the brunette's entrance from behind.

The Latina bucked and moaned and tried to push herself back onto Quinn's fingers. The blonde slapped her ass sharply, "Relax baby, I've got this." She pulled her left arm out and forced Santana flat on the table. With a sudden smooth movement she moved from teasing her entrance to sliding a finger in and out in a hard rhythm.

"OH god more baby, I need more."

Quinn chuckled and forced in another finger, thrusting it in and bending it to glide against her insides on the way out. Santana was matching her thrusts with her hips and Quinn knew she wouldn't last long. Adding another finger and thrusting in and bending out, she reached around and pinched the girl's clit sending her screaming over the edge. Her knees were shaking and she was shuddering as she rode out an incredible orgasm.

The blonde left her fingers in long enough for the Latina to come back down and she pulled them out and stuck them in her mouth. Santana flipped over onto her back and moaned again weakly at the sight of Quinn licking her essence of her fingers. She sat up and kissed the blonde deeply loving the taste of the two of them together.

"Oh Quinn what you do to me baby. Let me love you back." She pushed the blonde down onto the table and taking her by the hips pulled her to the edge of the table and dove in sucking the blonde's clit into her eager mouth.


The two lovers had made their way onto the blanket in front of the fire.

"Quinn?" Santana said sleepily.


"Can I ask you a weird question?" The brunette turned on her side to look at her girlfriend.

Quinn was laying there with her eyes shut, "You kind of just did." She laughed sweetly.


The blonde opened her eyes and rolled over to look at Santana, "I'm sorry what's up babe?"

"This whole age play, Baby Brittany and Little Rachie thing? Is it….I mean do you think….. when you and Rae…..oh fuck, I don't know how to ask you this." She flopped down onto her back in frustration.

Hazed eyes were clouded in concern and confusion, "Just ask me babe, I won't judge you or be upset. Just say it."

"Making love afterwards, is it weird. I mean I don't to fuck up our sex lives and I feel weird still being attracted to them." She whispered.

Quinn smiled in gentle love, "No San it's not weird. This is still Brittany and Rachel and when they aren't doing the age play they are our adult girlfriends. It doesn't make you a pedophile or something if that's what you're worried about. When I'm their mommy, they are children to me, my children. When we are done playing, they are my girlfriends. I just keep it separate in my mind. Does that help?"

She smiled back and nodded, "Yes, thanks, I really feel like a mom with them like they were really my kids. I guess I was asking if you felt the same and hard was it to separate the kids from the girlfriends."

"You'll see San and it will be fine I promise. Now sleep, they'll wake up soon and I need a nap too." She kissed her cheek and snuggled up against the Latina and quickly fell asleep.


Santana heard Brittany babbling upstairs so she left Quinn sleeping and went up to get the girls, hoping that Rachel would have settled down after her nap. Her hopes were quickly dashed when she opened the door and saw Brittany sitting on the bed covered in magic marker. She had new eyebrows drawn on and a clown smile and a mustache. Rachel had the markers on the bed in front of her and was drawing on Brittany's arms when Santana entered the room.

"Rachel! Oh my God what have you done!" She stood there in shock with her mouth hanging open. Brittany was covered in magic marker, she was laughing and clapping and acting like it was the best thing ever.

"Nothing mama just put on makeup on baby Bwitt." She said in her best innocent voice.

Quinn heard the shouting and ran up the stairs skidding to a stop when she saw the mess Rachel had drawn all over Brittany, "Oh my god, what a mess."

She walked over and grabbed Brittany off the bed, "San, I'm going to get her in the bath and see if I can get this off of her. Can you deal with Rachie?"

Santana glared at the little brunette on the bed acting innocent, "Oh I'll deal with Rachie all right." She said sternly crossing her arms across her chest.


Quinn had the baby in the bath and was scrubbing the marker off the poor baby who was turning all red from being scrubbed so hard. She turned off the water, just as she heard the first sound of a hand cracking down on a bare bottom and Rachie's pitiful cry. She felt bad for her little girl but she had been a total brat today and had been warned but it still broke Quinn's heart. She looked at the big blue eyes in the tub, "You're going to stay my sweet baby aren't you and not give me gray hair?" Brittany smiled angelically and splashed water all over her mommy.


"Noooo pwease no spankins mama, I sowwy." Rachel was facedown over her mama's lap with her pants down around her knees wiggling and squirming to escape her hard hand.

Santana gave her a firm smack on the back of her thighs, "Quit wiggling Rachie, you have been very naughty today and I warned you and mommy warned you." She kept spanking her little backside ignoring her sobs and pleadings. Santana felt terrible but she had been warned a few times today.

"I sowwy, I sowwy mama no more pwease!" She cried loudly but Santana could see her little bottom was a light pink.

"I'm sorry baby girl but I love you and I will not let you behave like a brat." She continued to spank the little girl until her bottom was red and the girl was sobbing and hiccupping.

Quinn had walked into the room with a towel covered Brittany who still showed signs of marker on her face. She watched Santana spanking the little girl and could tell Rachel was hysterical but it was not even as hard a spanking as Quinn had given her for lying. She motioned for Santana to stop, which she did immediately.

"Rachel," Quinn went over and knelt in front of her sobbing daughter, "What's going on today baby girl. Talk to us. We love you."

"No you wove babies not Wachie. I just want to be a baby with a binky and not be a big giwl." She sobbed heartbroken.

Santana sat her up on her lap and held her, "That's not true Rachie, you are still my baby girl and always will be. But you are Brittany's big sister and that's important too. We don't love Brittany more than you sweetie, we love both of you so so much."

Rachel shook her head no furiously against her mama's chest, "You wove baby mowe than me."

Quinn leaned in and hugged her hard, "No baby girl we love you so much. Why didn't you tell us how you felt? Is that why you've been so awful all day long?"

The little diva nodded, "I just wanted you to pay attention to me." She sobbed louder.

Quinn and Santana's eyes met across their sobbing little girl, "Hey, mommy and I are sorry Rachie, sometimes we forget that our great big girl needs extra hugs and kisses too. I promise we'll do better baby and give you extra lap time and hugs and kisses." She smiled when Rachel lifted her tear stained face and looked at her.

"But Rachie, you have to be honest and tell mama and me what you are feeling and what you need from us. You were awful all day and you deserved that spanking. If you had just told us what you were feeling you could have avoided all of this. Do you understand honey?"

Rachel nodded, "Do you pwomise I can have mowe hugs and kisses and lap time?"

Quinn and Santana both smiled and nodded.

The brunette looked at Brittany who looked sad, "I'm sowwy Bwitt, I was a bad big sissy. I sowwy baby."

Brittany babbled back at her and smiled and clapped and all was well between sisters again.

The blonde looked at her family, "I have a wonderful idea. Christmas Eve is in a few more days. Let's start stringing popcorn and making decorations and tomorrow we go find a tree. Does that sound like a good idea?"

"Can I have a piwwow to sit on?" Rachie asked petulantly and everyone laughed and headed downstairs as Quinn took Brittany and Santana hugged and kissed her little Rachie.

To be continued….. tell me if you liked it…