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Chapter 7

Santana and Quinn were sitting in the kitchen talking about the upcoming Christmas holiday when Rachel and Brittany walked downstairs holding hands and laughing, clearly adults and not babies anymore.

Rachel walked over and placed a gentle kiss on Quinn's lips and then flopped down in Santana's lap causing the other brunette to groan dramatically. Brittany kissed Santana and Quinn and walked over to the coffee pot.

"Rae, coffee?" She said holding up the pot.

"Oh please, I've been dying not drinking coffee for the last few days."

Santana was confused, "I guess I don't understand how all this works but now you're back to being grownups?"

Rachel put her head on her girlfriends shoulder, "I guess we are all really new at this honey but I thought maybe we could have a grownup Christmas Eve and then a Christmas Day as our new little family. That is if everyone else is comfortable with that idea?" She kissed the Latina's neck causing her girlfriend to shiver a little in anticipation.

Brittany flopped down next to Quinn and just shrugged casually, "Works for me." Quinn smiled at Rachel, "I'm fine with it too!" Everyone turned to stare at Santana.

"What, is it wrong I miss being a Mama to my little girls?" She blurted out defensively causing the other three to start laughing.

"No it most certainly is not, and you are the best Mama ever but I miss my girlfriends." Rachel said leaning forward and kissing Santana's soft, warm lips, sucking and nibbling on the full bottom lip until Santana groaned and gave in.

"I'm in too!" She husked as she pulled back from a smirking Rachel. Noticing her look of supreme satisfaction Santana patted her still sore bottom meaningfully, "Don't get cocky diva, I can still turn you over my knee!"

Quinn and Brittany laughed at the way Santana turned the tables on Rachel and made her blush.

"Sorry honey." She said softly.

"Yeah that's what I thought!" Santana wiggled her legs around making Rachel lose her balance and grip the Latina closer and both shared a loving smile filled with love and contentment.

Quinn got up and rinsed her coffee mug out in the sink, "So what does everyone want to do today?"


Everyone decided on going out and finding the best Christmas tree ever, then some lunch in town followed by a little shopping, catching the latest movie release at the theatre in town and when it got dark Brittany wanted to walk around looking at Christmas lights.

The evening would be spent sharing a lovely homemade dinner, followed by decorating the tree and wrapping presents.

It was going to be a unique experience for everyone; in Quinn's family the holiday was all about pretense and drinking, in Santana's family the holiday was about assuaging her parent's guilt so she got massively expensive presents but very little family bonding time, Brittany and Rachel had very happy memories of the holidays but Rachel's family celebrated Chanukah not Christmas and Brittany's family had their own special little rituals so she was anxious to share some and make new traditions with her new family.

All four teens were looking forward to the holidays.


They had driven to two lots and one Home Depot and hadn't found any precut trees that weren't severely picked over this late, who buys a tree on Christmas Eve?

A young man working at the last lot they stopped at was particularly taken with Brittany and told her all about a place right outside of town where you could walk around and cut down your own tree. It was more expensive but none of the girls cared about the price.

Santana wrote down the directions and Brittany gave the young man a genuine hug, she wanted this holiday to be perfect especially for Quinn and Santana.

Rachel had tuned the car radio to a station that was only playing holiday songs and all four joined in singing merrily as they took the short trip to the Christmas tree nursery.

Armed with a hand saw and a sled, they took off into the woods to select and chop down the perfect tree. Brittany was in rare form and was skipping around in the deep snow, laughing as Rachel was trudging around with snow up to her hips in some spots. Quinn and Santana found it adorable as well and Rachel finally gave up fighting snow drifts and sat down on the sled and let her strong cheerleaders pull her around as she took over as chief navigator.

Her last annoying and loud veto of the perfect tree earned her a snowball to her face from the usually imperturbable Brittany which set off a rousingly fun snowball fight amongst the girlfriends that left everyone wet and laughing.

Quinn was digging snow out of her ear canal, "We really need to pick a tree and get back into a warm vehicle before everyone gets sick, plus I'm getting hungry." She griped a little and glared at Santana as a huge snowball just missed her head, "I'm serious you guys!" She tried to look serious even though her lips kept twitching.

Rachel rescued her hazel –eyed girlfriend by tackling Santana and washing her face in the snow, "Quinn's right!" She yelled then jumped up screaming and hiding behind Brittany when Santana stood up growling.

"Save me Britt-Britt!" The tall blonde was laughing so hard she couldn't stand up straight so she called a time-out, "I'm hungry too and I really want to go to the movies. Let's get our tree and then we can go have some more fun."

They quickly decided on the tree they all could agree on and got it chopped down and on the sled.

Brittany was giggling again at Rachel, "Hop on Rae, I'll give you a piggy back ride to the truck. If you have to walk back in these snowdrifts we won't get back until New Year's Eve."


They were sitting at a table next to the fireplace in a cozy little local restaurant, Rachel was a little freaked out by the antlers, deer trophies and big fish that were mounted and hung up around the restaurant.

Santana leaned over and placed a soft hand on her forearm taking her attention away from the dead animals, "Are you ok baby girl? We can go somewhere else to eat if you are too uncomfortable." She whispered softly trying not to draw attention to her little diva.

Rachel smiled back, completely loving that Santana noticed and understood her discomfort and wasn't annoyed by it like her father's would have been, "I'm fine honey but thanks for asking me and not being angry with me for being uncomfortable."

"I would never be angry with you for having strong beliefs, I love all of you and your beliefs are a part of you Rachel. If I had known the décor beforehand I wouldn't even have brought you in here in the first place."

Rachel kissed Santana softly on her cheek, "Thanks that means so much to me, I love you so much. It really is warm and comfortable here and I'm so happy to be here at the cabin with my favorite ladies, thanks for coming up with the idea and booking the cabin for us." Her warm milk chocolate eyes flooded and she sniffed and blinked them back with a laugh as Santana leaned over and wiped them away with her thumbs as she cupped the tiny brunettes face, "The holidays make me emotional I'm afraid." She said by way of explanation, shrugging slightly embarrassed by her crying especially since Brittany and Quinn noticed and were looking at her with unabashed love and concern, "Really I'm fine, it's just the holidays and I'm in love. What can I say? Makes me cry tears of joy all the time. So what's good to eat in this joint?"

The mood relaxed and they sipped wine and sat by the fire eating and talking until it was time for the movie to start.


The movie had been really good and very funny so they returned to the cabin relaxed and in great moods.

Santana threw herself on the couch, "I know we talked about making dinner tonight but after lunch and all the popcorn and candy we consumed I don't think I can eat again until New Years Eve." Rachel nodded her agreement.

"You better or I'll have your ass, I have a turkey with all the fixings, a ham, pasta and some vegan dishes for our Christmas Day dinner!" Quinn threatened half-jokingly.

Santana and Rachel raised their hands in playful surrender. Rachel got up, "I feel like some more wine while we decorate the tree. Anyone else?" Everyone but Quinn wanted wine so Rachel grabbed more wine and a coke for her blonde girlfriend.

Quinn walked into the kitchen to help and seemed a little quieter than normal. Rachel looked at her with concern and walked over and took her in her arms placing her lips on her forehead.

Quinn pulled back laughing, "Did you just try to check my temperature you sneak?" She playfully swatted Rachel's backside.

"Guilty as charged." Rachel giggled as she dodged Quinn's playful swat, "Are you ok sweetie? You got awful quiet in there? I was worried you were getting sick or something."

"It's nothing babe, just some old memories and some old baggage, nothing for you to worry about." The blonde turned to the cupboard to pull out the wine glasses.

Rachel pressed her body up against Quinn's back, "I will ALWAYS worry about you my love, always. Now, please tell me what's going on?" She rubbed her hands up and down Quinn's arms tenderly.

"My parent's, past holidays and Beth; the same old baggage that just seems more painful on major holidays." She shrugged painfully aware of how close to an emotional breakdown she was.

"Oh sweetheart, I love you so much. I worry about you being unhappy so much. I know you hide it from us sometimes but you don't have to. We all understand how hard it has been for you since Beth." Rachel pulled the glasses out of her girlfriend's hand and pulled her to the kitchen table and sat down and pulled Quinn onto her lap.

The blonde laughed through her tears, "What are you doing goofball, I'm going to hurt you?"

"The only way you could hurt me is by leaving me and I know you aren't going to do that. I thought I was doing the age play for you mostly because of Beth but discovered how much I got out of it as well. I went to being a motherless, only child to having two mothers and a sister. All because of you; your selflessness and your kindness and I know you got San to agree. I want you to be able to have a beautiful special Christmas as a mommy, as my mommy and Britt's mommy. I want to give that gift to you my beautiful girl. I know it's not the same or as good as Beth but…."

Quinn passionately attacked Rachel's lips, "You are more than good enough baby girl. I love you so much. This has been the best and happiest time of my life since all of us got together and started dating." She murmured against Rachel's shoulder, getting lost in the thick dark hair that smelled of coconuts, "I love being your Mommy and Brittany's Mommy more than I can say, thank you sweetheart. I'll cherish these memories for as long as I live."

"Good, because there is something else I want to say to you. We need to talk about it with Santana and Brittany as well, so let's go back to the living room alright?" She smiled in adoration as Quinn let loose a watery smile and got up off Rachel's lap.

"You forgot the wine Rach." The blonde gestured towards the countertop.

"Drinking is a big part of the unhappiness of the holidays for you isn't it?" Rachel said softly.

"Rach, my parents are practicing alcoholics, you guys are different, you don't drink or fight like they do when they drink. It doesn't bother me if you guys drink tonight." She said sincerely.

"Well it bothers me that you have such miserable memories because of their drinking and I don't need it, so grab a few cokes and let's go decorate our tree." She said merrily.


Rachel took the lead in the living room, "Ok ladies before I astound you all once again with my massive collection of memorized Christmas and Chanukah songs I have memorized I want to propose something that needs everyone's approval."

Brittany and Santana looked up from the tree they had been trying to set straight in the new tree holder they had bought in town, "What's up baby girl?"

"First a toast," Quinn handed cokes all the way around which no one commented on, "To the loves of my life; the women I want to spend eternity with. You've given me joy, security and love and such happiness it's almost indescribable. From all of you, for the first time in my life I've received unconditional love and discipline and complete no strings attached forgiveness. You are my life and I'm so happy to be spending this holiday with all of you as I hope to one day spend my whole life joined with yours. Merry Christmas my angels."

Everyone was moved to the point of tears as they raised their cokes and wished Quinn a Merry Christmas back filled with lots of hugs and kisses and more cheers from everyone else.

"What did you want to say Rachel?" Brittany asked after all the cheers had been made.

"I think we all know how important this holiday has been to all of us as a family but the age play has added such a depth to our relationship and I want you all to know what it has meant to me. That's why I want to make two proposals; one is that we think about continuing this when we get back to civilization and two and most importantly I want to offer Quinn the opportunity to do with me and Britt Britt if she's open to it, the opportunity to have any mothering experience she missed with Beth with us. I mean anything; breastfeeding, diapers, whatever she needs, I will do it, as my special Christmas present. It doesn't have to be this week but the offer is there."

Quinn gasped and tears started to fall down her face.

Rachel looked at San and Britt and Quinn.

San cleared her throat, "Why don't we decorate the tree and then we can think about it and talk about when we get back home?"

Everyone nodded and smiled and went back to decorating the tree and having a wonderful Christmas Eve.

To be continued….