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Chapter 8

Quinn snapped awake to the soft chime of her cell phone alarm. Quickly snatching it off the nightstand, she shut if off before it woke her girlfriends. She sat on the side of the bed and stretched, cracking her neck as she twisted it from side to side. Walking gingerly into the bathroom, she took care of business, washed her face, and quickly brushed her teeth. Careful to turn the light off before opening the door, she stood still a moment letting her eyes adjust to the dark room. She made her way over to Santana, and knelt next to the bed. Shaking her gently she whispered, "San wake up sweetie."

"Ugh, five more minutes Mamí…." The Latina swiped at Quinn with her arm, causing the blonde to giggle adorably, "I don't have Cheerios today," She mumbled unconsciously into her pillow.

Quinn held back a loud laugh by holding both hands over her mouth. She wanted to surprise Rachel and Brittany with an old fashioned Christmas morning. She couldn't afford to wake them up now and ruin the surprise. Once she got her amusement back under control, she tried to wake the Latina again. This time, she was more successful.

"Fuck Q…. what the hell…." Nearly black eyes peeked out from behind a curtain of jet black hair, "It's the middle of the night," She grumbled lowly.

"Exactly, because that's when Santa Claus comes," The blonde whispered, leaning forward and wiping a few errant stands of hair out of the expressive eyes she adored, "Now come on mama, we have some surprises to setup for our girls," She gently patted the Latina's hip, and smiled at the look of awareness that dawned on the girl's lovely face.

She watched with love as the girl dragged herself out of her warm comfortable bed, and headed for the bathroom.

Quinn followed her to the bathroom door, "I'll get coffee brewing babe," She leaned forward and smiled into the cavalier kiss being offered by the dark skinned beauty.

"Ho, fucking ho, ho." Santana smirked, winked, and slowly closed the door to get ready for the day.


Quinn and Santana had spent two hours creating a winter wonderland for small children in the living room of the cabin. They wrapped children's toys that Quinn had somehow secreted inside every nook and cranny of the cabin. Santana was astounded at the simple joy this was bringing Quinn. Her heart ached for the sense of longing and loss she knew her girlfriend felt about Beth.

Sipping her third cup of coffee, Santana looked around the room in awe, "Well babe if your college plans don't pan out, you have quite the career as a party planner available if you want it."

Quinn's lovely, pale, cheeks flushed pink as she lowered her head in embarrassment, "I know I got a bit carried away San, it's just….." Her voice faltered as it cracked with emotion.

The Latina immediately put her cup down, and knelt in front of the blonde beauty. She put both her hands on Quinn's thighs and rubbed softly, "Hey, don't you ever be embarrassed about what you're doing for our girls upstairs. Baby, I can't even imagine the pain you feel about Beth, but you are an incredible mother. Don't ever forget that. You are amazing. God Q, you have such an amazing capacity to love, and nurture the people you love. I feel so lucky to be part of your life. I've watched you with little Rachie and baby B, and I'm constantly blown away by what a natural you are with them," She leaned forward and put her forehead up against Quinn's, and looked deep into her eyes. Her voice was gruff with feeling, "One day mi amor, we will have this for real; this family, these children. You will be the backbone for us all, just like you are now. Until then, we nurture, love, and support our girls upstairs. They need us just as much as our future children will one day," She pulled back with tears of love streaming from her dark eyes and whispered, "Te adoro mi corazon."

Quinn threw herself into her girlfriend's arms, sobbing. She kissed her passionately, their tears mingling, as Santana kissed her back with equal fervor. The blonde surged forward, advancing on the Latina who fell backwards, losing her balance. She grunted as the blonde landed on top of her. They continued attacking each other's lips, hands roving over each other's hips and asses.

Pulling apart, gasping for air, Santana chuckled, "Mamacita, who knew Christmas got you so fucking hot and bothered?"

The blonde laughed out loud with delight, "It's a certain sexy spitfire who has me all hot and bothered this morning," She lay down, and put her head on Santana's heaving chest.

"Now, while I have absolutely no problem at all taking you right here on the bearskin rug in all your naked glory, I know two little girls who might be slightly traumatized to see Mommy fucking Santana Claus," She snickered at her rapidly reddening girlfriend.

Quinn shook her head, and rolled her beautiful hazel eyes, "I got a little carried away I guess," She stood up and straightened her clothes.

The Latina snickered and stood up as well. She leaned forward and placed a meaningful kiss on her wife's nose and whispered, "Later mi amor, we'll save this for later," She winked and turned to survey the room, "God Q, this is amazing, just simply breathtaking. Jesus, I'm nearly speechless. You've made Christmas exciting and fun again for me. I haven't enjoyed Christmas like this since I…." Santana looked away as tears flooded her eyes, "Seriously? I've never enjoyed Christmas like I've enjoyed this one with all of you," She fiercely wiped away a lone tear, and plastered a smile on her face. She turned back towards Quinn, "Thank you baby, I love you so damn much."

"You're welcome, babe," Quinn was solemn for a moment, "I know, Christmas was never fun at the Fabray house. That's why I wanted this to be so special for all of us," She smiled widely, "Let's go wake up our girls, shall we?"

"Lets!" Santana linked arms with her blonde girlfriend, and they headed upstairs to wake Rachel and Brittany.


Quinn was fastening a fresh diaper on Brittany. She tickled the blonde's belly, "All right big girl, let's get your nice, warm pj's on. I can't wait to see what Santa brought us," She put a pair of candy cane striped flannel pajamas on the excited blonde. Brittany was bouncing on the bed, clapping and babbling with joy.

Santana was sitting on the rocking chair, patiently holding a squirming Rachel, "Hey munchkin, tell these two slowpokes to hurry up already," She stage whispered to the tiny brunette.

"Mama says hurry up, and quit being slowpokes," She flashed a huge grin at her Mommy and baby sister.

Brittany grabbed her Mom's hand and scooted off the bed. She walked over to Santana and Rachel and smiled widely, "Mama, mama!"

The Latina leaned over and kissed her blonde angel on her head, "Morning baby, let's go see what Santa brought us, shall we?"

Both girls erupted in squeals as Rachel hopped off her Mama's lap. She carefully took her baby sister's hand. Santana called after the girls sternly, "Hey you two, wait for your Mommy and me. Those stairs are too dangerous for you to go down alone," She took Quinn's hand and headed for the stairs.

Everyone made it down the stairs safely. The two little girls just stood there with wide eyes, their mouths forming perfect O's. They'd never seen anything like the magical transformation that had befallen the cabin's living room.

"It's bootiful." Rachel breathed out reverently, "Britt, isn't it bootiful?"

Britt stood next to her sister, holding her hand, nodding her head in awesome wonder, "Ooooh." She cooed sweetly.

Quinn walked over to the end table, "Rachie look, Santa loved the cookies we baked for him. He ate them all."

Rachel skipped over to the table beaming, "Did Rudolph eat the carrot, Mommy?" She said excitedly.

"He sure did, look sweetie, everything is all gone." Quinn picked up the empty plates and mug, "They cleaned their plates, only crumbs left," She took them into the kitchen and set them gently in the sink.

Santana moved stealthily under the tree, and plugged in the toy train set. The track went around a little Christmas village with a decorated tree in the center of the miniature town, "Who wants to see how this works?"

Both girls ran over to their Mama, and plopped down next to her, overjoyed by the new toy.

Quinn had come back into the room and was leaning against the door frame. Her arms crossed over her chest and an indulgent smile on her face. She had picked that up with Santana in mind, not the kids. She figured the kids would be thrilled, but the blonde knew Santana would love it. She was thrilled to have been correct.

Santana started the train moving around the tracks, bringing squeals of joy and surprise to both girls. She waited until the train got right in front of them before letting loose with the train whistle. Both girls dissolved into laughter, after jumping in fright from the loud noise.

"Did that choo choo scare you girls?" Quinn laughed happily, and came to sit next to her family. Rachel quickly scooted over onto her lap, and snuggled up against her chest. The baby blonde snuggled up against her side, and stuck her thumb in her mouth.

Quinn ruffled Rachie's thick auburn locks, dropping a fervent kiss on her head. She leaned forward and kissed the blonde on the top of her head as well. Brittany looked up at her Mommy with her devastating, crystal, blue eyes. She nodded as she grinned around the thumb securely in place in her mouth.

"I wasn't scareded Mommy cuz I'm a big girl." Rachie said confidently, "But I think Britt was scareded just a little."

Quinn looked over auburn locks, and met Santana's dark eyes. They shone with the same overwhelming love that she was feeling for her family.

"Well baby, I'm so glad you weren't scared. Now, who is up for presents? Santa left an awful lot of presents here."

Santana stood up and walked over to her girls, "Yeah, he must have thought someone had been good all year!"

Rachie looked absolutely indignant, "Mama, Britt and I havebeen good all year."

"Oh really munchkin?" Santana leaned over and tickled the girl who was held secure in her mommy's lap.

"What about you, Brittany? Have you been a good girl as well?" She gently brushed the unruly blonde hair off the angelic face. Brittany smiled a devastatingly innocent smile of love at her Mama as she nodded with excitement.

"Well then, I guess we should open presents. What do you think, Mommy?"

Rachie was giggling uncontrollably, and squirming around trying to avoid her Mama's annoying tickling fingers. She stopped abruptly, and looked up at her Mommy. She held her breath waiting for an answer. Her big, milk-chocolate eyes were filled with wonder and excitement. Quinn felt the breath leave her chest. This was everything she had ever hoped for or desired in life; a family of her own that she could love, and that loved her.

"Of course, we should open presents," she cleared her throat as her voice broke with emotion, betraying her deep feelings. "We have two very good girls who have been patiently waiting."

Rachie and Brittany stood up and cheered, as they laughed and clapped. Santana reached down and gently pulled Quinn to her feet. She kissed her deeply, and held her tight, understanding her joy and feeling her pain.

"Merry Christmas, angel," She whispered to the blonde.

"Merry Christmas, my love," Quinn whispered back.

to be continued...