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Chapter 9

Santana was sitting on the couch in front of a roaring fire. Quinn was curled up next to her on the couch, her feet tucked up under her body. Both women were sipping a glass of Chardonnay, and watching the fire. Santana had her arm wrapped around the blonde. She was unconsciously playing with her long curly hair. Both were completely content.

Rachie and Britt were curled up on the floor amidst the shreds of wrecked wrapping paper, boxes, and toys. They were curled up together. Britt was sucking on a pacifier and Rachel on her thumb.

Santana had carefully placed a blanket over them, but the heat from the fire was sufficient to keep them warm. Quinn had been worried about a draft, or about them lying on the cold floor.

They continued to stare into the fire, mesmerized by the crackling of the logs, and the different colored flames of fire licking around the logs. It was the most peaceful, Quinn Fabray had ever remembered being in her entire life.

The Latina whispered softly, "What are you thinking?"

Quinn slowly turned to stare at her girlfriend, "I was thinking I want to fuck you right now," she husked in her sultry, breathy voice.

At first, Santana choked on her ill-timed sip of wine, Quinn Fabray was not usually so forward. She was actually rather prudish at times, at least sexually. The brunette started laughing, "If that was your goal ¡amor mío, you shouldn't have stuffed me full of food like a Thanksgiving turkey. That was the most sumptuous banquet I have ever had the pleasure to sit down to. You really outdid yourself."

She watched as the blonde beamed radiantly, "So how did you like the tofurkey?"

The Latina snorted, "I lied, I didn't put that drek anywhere near my lips," She looked quickly at the blonde, "and don't you dare tell Rachel."

"I don't know, Santana," She sipped her wine thoughtfully; "lying is a big deal."

"Oh don't think I didn't see you spit it into your balled up napkin, and throw it away," she glared at a suddenly guilty looking girlfriend, "I wouldn't fuck you now, even if I could get my fat ass off this couch!" She grumbled.

"You so would," Quinn snickered, "ok, fine, in the spirit of fairness, I'm busted. I'm sorry, I was just teasing you, babe. It was awful. I have no idea how she eats that stuff," she poured the remainder of the wine bottle into Santana's glass.

"You better be sorry," Santana finished her wine, and grimaced, "That stuff smelled awful. I was not going to ruin my fine meal by even trying it."

She patted her lap, "Give me your feet. I'll give you that foot massage I promised."

The blonde squealed happily, and stretched out putting her heavily socked feet on her girlfriend's lap, "Oh thank you."

"It's the least I can do. You've been on your feet since Britt and I got here, waiting on everyone, making delicious meals, and giving us an old-fashioned Christmas to remember."

Quinn shrugged shyly, "I loved doing it for all my girls."

"I know you did," she looked at her girlfriend softly, "but it's supposed to be your vacation too. Who is taking care of you, Quinn?"

"At the moment, you are," she nearly purred in contentment as the Latina's strong fingers massaged away the soreness in her feet, "You have no idea how good that feels."

Santana concentrated on Quinn's feet, grinning every time she got a moan of pleasure.

"You know it was just us, in a remote cabin. You really didn't need to wear high heels to serve us dinner."

"I wanted to look beautiful for you and the kids tonight."

Santana looked up into Quinn's expressive eyes, "Well you more than succeeded, babe. You looked as delicious as the meal in that red dress, and those high heels. I couldn't take my eyes off your fine ass every time you bent over to put something on the table. You know what that dress does to me, por el amor de Dios!" she groaned lecherously,

Quinn crawled backwards on the coach, and lay down. She urged the Latina towards her with a crook of her finger, "Why do you think I wore the damn thing in the first place?" She wiggled her eyebrows playfully.

The brunette growled, and crawled up her gorgeous girlfriend. She attacked full, pink lips, sucking Quinn's tongue into her mouth. They continued until breathing became an issue.

The blonde reached back and undid the zipper on her dress. She playfully wiggled out of it rather impressively, "We have to be quiet, the girls are sleeping," she smiled seductively.

"I'm not the one that has to worry about waking the kids," she leaned forward and attached her warm lips to Quinn's neck, "You're the screamer, not me," She attacked at the blonde's throbbing pulse point, as woman under her sucked in her breath. Quinn arched her back giving the Latina more room to play.

"Oh God, Santana. What you do to me," she groaned loudly before giving in completely.


Quinn woke up with that odd feeling that someone was watching her. She squeaked in surprise to see Rachel's huge doe eyes inches from her face. The girl was just sitting cross legged with her hands folded under her chin.

"Hi, mommy."

"Rachie?" she questioned, noticing Santana sleeping slightly to the side of her, but still mostly on top of her chest, "do you need something, baby girl?"

"Why are you and mama naked?"

Quinn felt the blood rush to her face, as she frantically grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch. Pulling it down over Santana, she explained to the little girl, "It was hot by the fire."

Rachie nodded, "If you were hot, why is mama laying on top of you?"

"Well," Quinn started, not really wanting to have a sex chat with a four year old, "where's your sister?" she said looking around.

"In the kitchen."

The blonde mother huffed, "Rachel, what is she doing in the kitchen alone? She's a baby?"

The tiny diva shrugged one shoulder disinterestedly, "she was hungry."

Quinn was getting irritated. She felt like she was getting the runaround from a four year old, "Honey, hand me mama's shirt and pants," she pointed towards the pile of discarded clothes.

Rachel giggled, adults were so silly. She handed the clothes to her mommy.

Quinn quickly donned the black pants and tee shirt. Making sure Santana was sufficiently covered by the blanket, she walked into the kitchen.

Brittany was sitting on the floor, eating out of a big bowl of cocoa puffs and milk with her hands. She looked up at her mom, and smiled joyfully, milk dribbling down her chin.

The kitchen was a huge mess. A two gallon plastic jug of milk was sitting sideways on the floor, it had spilled everywhere. The full box of cereal had been dumped all over the floor. The blonde was sitting in the middle of mess, smiling joyfully, "Mommy, yay!"

Quinn looked all around at the mess that used to be her sparkling clean kitchen a few hours ago. She sighed, "Come on little one; let's get you up to the table." She grabbed the bowl of cereal, and helped Brittany up.

Once Brittany was seated, she looked all around the kitchen taking in the scene.

She put her hands on her hips, "Rachel Barbra Berry!" She hissed at the four year old currently attempting to look innocent, "What on Earth happened to my clean kitchen?"

"Baby was hungry," she pouted sensing she might be in a little bit of trouble, "I just wanted to help her like a good big sister."

"Did you stand on that chair, and climb up on the counter?" she asked sternly.

Rachie considered lying, but she didn't think mommy would believe Brittany did it. Quinn could see all the story possibilities flying through the little brunettes head.

"Rachel, what happens to little girls who lie to their mommy's?"

Her little bottom lip trembled, "they get spankeded, and go to bed early."

"That's right. Now, did you climb up on the counters?"

Rachie nodded sadly, studying the kitchen floor, "sorry mommy, but you and mama were sleeping."

"And you know you should have woken me up before climbing on the counters, and making this big mess. Go grab the dustpan, while I get the mop and broom."

Rachie ran off to get the dustpan, but mostly to get out of her mom's line of fire.

Brittany just sat at the table watching her mommy scold Rachie, while she shoveled food in her mouth messily.

Quinn quickly got the kitchen straightened up, "Now young lady, you need to go stand in that corner."

"But why?" she whined, "I only helped."

"You made a huge mess; you climbed up on a chair, then up on the counters. You know better, young lady. It was dangerous, and you know you are not allowed to climb up on chairs, let alone the counters. Now, I'm not saying it again, get your little bottom into that corner!"

"It's not fair!" she stamped her foot, "Britt was hungry, and you was sleeping with mama."

"Rachel Barbra Berry, I am going to give you until the count of three, before you are getting a spanking, and then I will put you in the corner myself."

Rachie crossed her arms, and frowned.


She stamped her foot again.


The brunette glared at her mother. She was holding her ground. Brittany was hungry, and they were sleeping. Only a terrible big sister would let the baby go hungry.

Quinn sighed, "Three," she shook her head sadly, "I don't understand why you are being so stubborn, Rachel. You know you aren't allowed to stand on the chairs, or climb on the counters. You only had to stand in the corner, and then you would have been free to play. Now you are getting a spanking, and you are still standing in the corner."

She took the brunette by the hand, and gently pulled her over her lap. Quinn quickly pulled the little girl's pants and panties to her knees.

"It is dangerous to climb on the kitchen chairs. They have wheels, and they are unsteady. I told you that before. You could have fallen and gotten hurt. Then you climbed up on the counter tops, and had to stretch up high to reach a cereal bowl which is breakable and heavy. You could have dropped that and cut yourself. On top of all that you are being stubborn and disobedient," she held the squirming girl tightly, "that is why you are being spanked little girl."

She gave four crisp, hard spanks to the girl's pale little bottom. Quinn alternated sides, and gave Rachel four more on the other side.

The little diva kicked and cried loudly, much more loudly than her mother felt was warranted.

Quinn finished with four quick, hard spanks to Rachel's tender sit spots. The brunette was wailing loudly, which set her little sister off.

Brittany was crying just as hard as Rachel was. She was babbling the word, "No," over and over again, and something that sounded like, "poor Rachie."

Their mother felt the beginnings of a headache. She stood up, pulled up Rachel's pants, and got them situated, "Ten minutes in the corner, young lady. I will be expecting an apology when your time out is over," she guided a sobbing Rachel into the corner.

The four year old brunette pulled her arm out of her mother's hand, and stomped her foot, "You are mean, and I hate you!" she stood with her back to the corner and refused to turn around.

Quinn felt a knot of pain in her throat, "Be that as it may, you are allowed to hate me, but you are not allowed to be disrespectful," She turned Rachel not so gently to the side, and applied three stinging swats, "You know have fifteen minutes in the corner."

The blonde walked over and set the egg time to fifteen minutes. She walked over to the sobbing toddler at the table, and tried to shush her.

All three were startled by a loud firm voice, "Rachel Barbra, I heard your mother tell you twice to get your nose in that corner. Turn around now, or I will get the wooden spoon out."

Brown eyes went wide, and the girl quickly spun around, her nose firmly in the corner. Her mama was not fooling around.

Santana walked over to the table, and took the seat next to Quinn. She picked up a sobbing Brittany and put her on her lap. Rubbing the girl's back softly and comforting her Brittany quickly stopped crying.

She turned towards an apologetic Quinn, "Let's go in the living room and talk," She stood up, and set Brittany on her feet, "Come on baby girl, let's go in the living room." Santana herded her two blondes into the living room.

"I'm so sorry we woke you up, San," Quinn started, "I don't know why she was acting up like that. She was carrying on like I was beating her," she rubbed her temples with her fingers trying to relieve the ache.

"Hey, you don't have to apologize. I heard you give her three chances to get in the corner. She didn't listen. You really didn't have much of a chance."

Quinn started to cry softly, "she hates me."

"She doesn't hate you. She was angry, and defiant," she turned stormy dark eyes towards the kitchen, "I will be talking to little Miss Rachel about saying she hates you later."

"It's ok, San…"

"It most certainly is not ok. It was rude and disrespectful. Especially after all the hard work you did to make this the perfect Christmas."

Santana looked over at Brittany absorbed in the train set under the tree, and whispered, "Why is she acting out like this? I don't understand?"

Quinn was chewing on her bottom lip, "she caught us naked on the couch," she saw Santana's eyebrows raise, "maybe big Rachel is angry at us being intimate without her, so little Rachie acted out."

"I don't know how this stuff works. Can we ask big Rachel? She's kind of in the middle of being little Rachie and her hissy fit right now."

Quinn smirked, "I don't know. I guess we can try. We were going to all go in town later, and watch them light the big tree in the town square. I assumed we were going as adults. We can talk to her then?'

They sat back and waited for the timer to go off. Santana walked into the kitchen and brought a simmering Rachie into the living room by the hand. The Latina sat on the couch, and pulled the tiny brunette in front of her. She stood her in between her legs, held onto her waist, and looked into her big brown eyes, "Rachel what you did was dangerous. Then you disobeyed your mommy, and by telling her you hated her you were rude and disrespectful. Your mommy and I only punish you because we love you. I am very disappointed in you right now. I don't ever want to hear you tell your mommy you hate her. She worked very hard to give us a wonderful Christmas. She takes care of us, and loves us. Your mommy deserves more respect than that."

She saw the pain and shame fill Rachel's eyes as they filled with tears. Quinn saw her bottom lip pop out, and her chin begin to quiver.

Rachie looked sideways towards her mommy, "I'm sorry, mommy. I was mad, but I don't ever hate you. I love you."

Santana whispered, "See, that's my big girl," she leaned forward and kissed her on her temple.

Quinn held her arms out, and Rachel fell into them sobbing, "I sorry, mommy. I so sorry."

"Hey, it's all over now baby girl. You are forgiven," She pulled the repentant girl onto her lap, and rocked her until she calmed down. She soothed the damp curls from her face, and tucked them behind her ear.

Brittany wanted in on the love fest, so she crawled over and up onto her mama's lap. She was gently patting Rachie's arm. The big sister turned towards the toddler and gave her a watery smile.

"No cry," Brittany said softly as Santana kissed her on the head.

Quinn spoke up, "We have two hours before they light the tree in town square. I need my two favorite girls to take a little nap, and then we'll all go into town and join the festivities, get some cocoa and sing some carols."

"I still go?" Rachie said sadly.

"You may still go munchkin. I better never hear you tell your mommy you hate her, or I will spank you myself with that wooden spoon. Do you understand me?"

The brunette hung her head sadly, "Yes, mama. I understand."

"Alright then, all is forgiven. You and Brittany take your nap, when you wake up we'll go into town."

Santana stood up and took Brittany by the hand. Quinn led them all up the stairs to the bedroom. They got the girls tucked in, and both were asleep very quickly.

Quinn started towards the bathroom, "I feel disgusting, I need a shower."

Santana stopped her by grabbing her hand, "Are you alright, Quinn? That was some heavy stuff down there?"

"I'm alright; I just wish I knew what set her off?"

Santana took the woman into her arms, "This motherhood stuff can be hard, huh?"

"You really think I handled it correctly? Maybe, I should have…."

"Stop right there with the second guessing yourself, I heard the whole thing. You explained what she did wrong, and you explained what she should have done. You gave her plenty of chances to obey you, and you clearly spelled out the consequences of her disobedience. She made her choices. You did what a good mommy should do. You set clear limits, and followed through when she disobeyed you. Right?"

Quinn smiled lovingly, "Well, when you put it like that."

Santana placed a soft kiss on her nose, "Go shower. I'll make some cocoa and put it in the thermoses. I'll shower and get dressed when you're done. We should be ready to wake up the sleepy heads. Who knows maybe she will wake up our sweet little Rachie again."

The blonde snorted, "From your mouth, to God's ears," she kissed her grinning girlfriend, "Thanks for being such a support down there. I really needed you."

"That's what partners do, babe. Now go shower, you stink."

Santana laughed and sideswiped the swat her girlfriend aimed at her backside. She laughed all the way down the stairs. If you had told her two weeks ago, she would be about to enter the new year as the mother of two toddlers, she would have had you committed. Santana had started this experiment hesitantly, and mostly out of love and respect for Quinn and Rachel. She loved every minute of it, and was shocked to find herself becoming a natural mother. It helped to do it with the right partner.

Santana had been worried about the multiple relationships when they all graduated and pursued their individual dreams. She wasn't so worried anymore. These three girls were her forever, and she knew they felt the same way. She hurried to make the cocoa.

To be continued… thanks for reading… lots more Christmas and New Year's Eve fun to come.