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PPOV (Perri/Bella)

As Edward led me into the woods I started to get a sinking feeling in my stomach. But for once I ignored it. The deeper he led me into the woods the more nervous I got. Finally he turned to face me. "Bella, we're leaving."

My body froze, I wasn't expecting this. I don't really know what happened next except him telling me not to do anything reckless for Charlie's sake then he was gone. He just left me frozen in shock in the middle of the woods. I let tears fall for a few minutes before I put on my big girl panties. I wiped my face before I started back for home.

In truth Edward was never right for me, he was too controlling, too afraid I was going to break. I realized we weren't mates because mates could never leave each other. I felt some relief that he wasn't meant to be with me forever but I would still always love Edward in a way. He was my first love, I couldn't change that.

I walked in my house to see the concerned face of Charlie. "You okay Perri?"

I nodded. "Edward just broke up with me in the middle of the forest and left me there." My real name was Perri and it meant wanderer. When I moved here to spend time with Charlie everyone called me Isabella because that's what they remembered me as. Renee hated my name, I personally thought Perri was a beautiful name and Charlie agreed.

"That fucking kid!" Charlie said.

"So I walked all the way back here which is why I'm late." I explained.

"Why didn't you just orb?" Charlie asked.

I shrugged and he sensed that I needed to be alone. Did I forget to mention that I'm a witch? Well I am and it completely freaked me out at first. Charlie was so excepting, he said that he always new that I was special ever since I came into his life. I had been left on Charlie's doorstep when I was four. It wasn't in an abandonment kind of way. I remember my mother and father clearly and I remembered the pain on their faces as they knocked on the door. Charlie later told me that he never saw someone so devastated and taking me in was the least he could do, seeing as he already had fallen in love with me. He said seeing me there clutching my mother's leg holding my blanket and a teddy bear just melted his heart. Rene was another story. They only had one request for Charlie. To please keep my name, Perri. He agreed and said that it was a beautiful name.

When Rene took me with her when she divorced Charlie when I was twelve was the worst day of my life. I hated to leave Charlie, and I didn't even know why Rene wanted me with her. She hated me and hated the fact that I was different. I soon realized that I was with her because she needed someone to take care of her. Awesome mother right?

Anyway my powers, well I can orb from place to place and move things with my mind, using my orbing ability. Also spells and potions are involved though I didn't know that until I moved back to Forks and met my best friend Angela Weber, who happens to be a witch. She's a fire-starter and it took her forever to control it. She was way better at potions and spells then I was because she had always been doing them. I felt bad for her though her dad wasn't very understanding and he threw all her Wiccan things out, that she had stored there. Most of her stuff was at my house. Her dad said that witches were in line with the devil. A little overboard but he was a pastor so I guess it came with the job. Angela and I had even taken out a few demons but that was some scary business and due more to luck then anything else.

As I sat there thinking I let tears fall. I realized I had lost myself in dating Edward. I used to be confident and outspoken, but with Edward I was insecure and shy.

Enough was enough I decided and stood up wiping my face. I picked up the phone to call Angela and see what she was doing. "Hello?" she answered.

"Hey Ange. It's me." I said.

"Perri?" Angela asked. She had always known my real name, the only other people that knew were the wolf pack, they also knew I was a witch.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out? I haven't really celebrated my birthday."

"that sounds like fun! There's a party at Mike's house if that's okay." She said with excitement.

I shrugged. "Yeah that's fine."

I could deal with a hormonal Mike Newton. Ange squealed. "Oh yay! I'll see you in a bit." She said then hung up.

I went upstairs to my room and went into my closet to pull out my old clothes. "It's time for Perri to make an appearance."

I pulled on a pair of black leather pants and a white peasant blouse that was tight at the stomach and loose around my breasts and it had a black ribbon holding it together, a few tugs of the ribbon and it would come apart. It hung off my shoulder's and bared my mid drift showing off the three flowers I had on my lower stomach, the angel wings on my lower back, and part of the phoenix that stretches across my back. I took the bracelets off my wrists so the triquetra (the Charmed symbol in case any of you didn't know that) I had tattooed onto my wrist showed. It was on the opposite wrist that James had bitten. Edward hated it and didn't realize I had three others. For a vampire with super senses he could be very unobservant. Esme and Rosalie thought they were beautiful. Alice kind of sneered at them but it didn't really bother me. Emmett and Jasper thought they were kick ass, and Carlisle at first did the whole concerned and upset father thing but soon came to accept them.

I put on a pair of black high heeled ankle boots and sauntered my way to the bathroom. I put some gel in my hair and mussed it so that it looked like sex hair, like I knew what that looked like. I outlined my eyes in black eyeliner and did my mascara and eyeshadow so my eyes looked smokey.

When I was done I took a step back to look at the results and I looked freaking sexy! Not that I looked bad any other time. I smoothed some lip gloss on an headed downstairs.

"Perri!" Charlie called from the living room.

"Hey dad, I'm back!" I said excitedly walking into the living room. "And I'm going out tonight. I'm going to take my baby out of storage!"

He shook his head at me. "Perri, you are lucky I let you out of the house looking like that! If you weren't able to kick some ass I would lock you in your room and never let you out!" I just grinned at him until he smiled at me. "Well okay. Have fun."

I leaned down to kiss his cheek then walked outside and over to the unattached garage that we never use and opened it up. There she was, my baby. A black 1967 Chevrolet Impala like the one off of Supernatural. I started it up and sat for in a minute just listening to the engine purr before I took off.

A few minutes later I was pulling up in front of Mike's house. I got out of my car and strutted up the steps. I opened the doors and everyone stared at me. I flashed them a smile and walked through the crowd to Angela. "Hey Ange!" I said hugging her.

She returned the hug then grinned at me. "Welcome back!"

"Glad to be back." I flashed her a grin then shouted to the room. "Who wants to do some shots?!"

People shouted back to me and pretty soon I was sitting with a group of people getting wasted as Ange and her boyfriend, Ben the fuckwad, watched in amusement.

Two hours later and who knows how many shots later I was seeing everything as a blur. Hardly able to tell people apart until they came close. Also a million questions on where Edward was, by noon tomorrow everyone would know that the Cullen's were gone.

I was standing trying to focus on staying standing when suddenly Mike was in front of me. I blinked at his sudden appearance and smiled slightly at him. "Hey, howss it hangin'?" I slurred at him.

He grinned at me. "You know Bella I never pictured you as one to drink."

I waved at him in disagreement and ended up falling into him, giggling like crazy. "That's jus cuz you don know me."

Mike stepped closer to me and pulled me tight to him. "I always wanted to get to know you."

Now I was uncomfortable and really hot. "Mike, I need some air."

He smiled. "Okay."

He took my hand and led me stumbling through the crowd. Even through the blur I could see that we were heading for the stairs. "Mike, I wan need air, not to lie down."

"Shh just relax. And trust me." He said.

I started to panic a little and tried to pull back but in my drunken state I was no match for him. Suddenly we were stopped by a big russet colored hand coming down on Mike's shoulder. We both looked and there stood Paul, with Jared slightly behind him. "Hi Paulie!" I sang out, completely forgetting why I was panicking.

He spared a smile at me then looked at Mike again. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Hey, don't talk to me like that! Bella and I were just going to spend some time together." Mike sneered.

I blinked at Mike and slurred out, "Mike, I thought you were takin' me to get some air."

Paul and Jared's faces hardened. "I suggest get out of my sight before I kick your ass."

Mike looked like he was going to say something but apparently thought better of it and took off. I giggled and looked back at Paul. "Paulie! What are you doing here?"

Paul shook his head at me and said, "Charlie had called me and was worried because you didn't pick up your phone then Angela called me and told me that she hadn't seen you in a while and she was getting worried."

"Well that was nice of her." I smiled up at him. "Well now you've seen me. See ya."

Paul narrowed his eyes. "Oh no Missy, you're coming with us."

I shook my head and ended up stumbling. "No! I'm celebrating my birthday!"

Paul sighed and shook his head then bent down and tossed me over his shoulder. "Paul!" I screeched and people turned to look at us, and they started to laugh.

"You're completely drunk, and you're coming with us. Sam would kick my ass if I let you stay here plastered."

"Aww I knew Sammie cared!" I cooed forgetting I was mad.

Jared and Paul laughed at me. Suddenly we stopped moving and I pushed myself up a bit so I could see why we weren't moving. In front of us stood Angela with Ben's arms wrapped around her. I knew that it hurt Paul very badly to see his imprint with someone else. Paul imprinted on Angela about two or three months ago but didn't tell her because she was happy with Ben.

Paul was trembling faintly and I knew I'd have to say something to get him out of there before he phased. "Paulie, come on. If we leave now I can give you the most amazing ride of your life." I said knowing exactly how it sounded. He knew I was talking about letting him drive my baby and also that I was implying that we would be together.

He stopped trembling and put me down to smile at me. "Serious?" I smiled and nodded. "Hell yeah baby!"

"Can I ride you later?" I asked also knowing how it sounded. Him and Jared exchanged smirks as they realized I was talking about his wolf.

"Baby, you can ride me anytime. I already told you that." Paul said.

I grinned and leaned into him. "Let's get out of here."

Before we could move Angela grabbed a hold of my arm and I looked at her to see hurt in her eyes. I felt guilty but she's been hurting Paul for the last three months, blowing off his requests to just talk and be friends. "What are you doing?"
I shrugged. "Having fun. I'll call you in the morning." I gave her a quick hug and whispered, "Maybe you need to think why you're jealous."

She pulled away from me and looked slightly shocked. I just grabbed onto Paul and Jared's arms so I wouldn't fall and we walked outside and to my car. "Where are we going?" I whined. They laughed at me and wouldn't tell me anything.

What felt like three seconds later we were pulling up in front of Sam's house. "Yay! Time to see Sammie!"

They laughed at me and I stumbled my way out of the car and to Sam's door. I just barged right in and seen Sam and Emily lounging on the couch together. "Sammie!" I squealed.

Sam looked at me in shock. "Perri?"

"Hi Sammie! Paul and Jared were being mean to me and didn't tell me we were coming over here." I pouted then giggled.
Emily giggled at me and Sam looked at me in shock that was slowly turning to anger. "Perri how much did you drink tonight?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. I was doing shots for like two hours though."

Sam pinched the bridge of his nose to calm himself down. "You could have given yourself alcohol poisoning or someone could have taken advantage of you! Where the hell was Cullen? Why wasn't he with you?"

"Edward broke up with me and moved away with his family." I said. "And I know what I can handle."

"Yeah sure you do Perri. That's why Jared and I had to save you from Newton." Paul spat out his name.

Sam's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?"

"Nothing happened." I said. "Paulie saved me."

Paul sighed as I kept on calling him 'Paulie' he would just have to get over it like Sammie did. Suddenly I yawned and swayed on my feet. "I'm tired." I said.

"Well sweetheart you can stay here." Emily said.

I grinned. "I had planned on it anyway."

She laughed at me and I reached out to Paul to grab onto his arm as I attempted to take off my shoes without killing myself. I wasn't succeeding to much, I was laughing to hard. Jared sighed and crouched down to take my shoes off. "Aww that was sweet of you Jared." I sang out.

He just looked up at me with narrowed eyes. I smiled at him and moved my hands to tug on the ribbon holding my shirt together. A few tugs and the ribbon came loose my shirt falling to the ground. "Perri!" Sam yelled.

I blinked up at him. "What?"

"Can't you get undressed in your room? And why the hell aren't you wearing a bra?" He shouted at me.

I frowned at him. "I thought I would be sleeping on the couch. And duh Sam you can't wear a bra with a shirt like this."

I ignored his spluttering and started to unbutton my pants. I pealed those off of me and soon I was just standing there in my skimpy black lace panties. All the guys had their eyes averted but Emily was looking at me. Not in a sexual way, as least I didn't think she was. "Perri you have a great body." She said.

I grinned. Okay maybe she was looking at me that way. "Well Emily, I think you have a great body too." I winked at her and she blushed. "I didn't know you rolled that way." She turned an even darker color as Sam, Paul, and Jared, looked between us in shock. My lack of clothes forgotten.

"I haven't since before I met Sam." she said.

Sam's eyes got wide. "Why didn't I know about this?"

"Forget that." Paul said. "Why haven't we seen this?" Sam smacked his head. "Christ Sam! Come on. You have to admit that would be hot."

Jared spoke up. "Come on Sam, just admit it. That's like every guys wet dream."

Sam smacked Jared and I focused back on Emily. She was looking at me with a slight heat in her eyes. "Sam I hope you enjoy what I'm setting up for you tonight." I said and he looked at me confused.

I just smirked and walked up to Emily and planted my lips right on hers. My hands landed on her hips and her's threaded through my hair. She kissed me right back and moaned. I ran my tongue over her bottom lip and she opened for me, our tongue's battled for dominance mine eventually winning. She let out another moan and I heard someone say, "Shit that is the hottest thing I have ever seen."

We kissed for a few minutes before I pulled back. Emily looked at me with heat filled eyes and I stepped back. "Sam this is where you take over."

I turned to Paul, "Will you stay with me tonight?" Paul and I sleep together all the time, as in actually sleeping. He nodded and led me to a different part of the house and into a bedroom. He laid me on the bed and helped me under the covers and left for a minute coming back with a glass of water and what looked like some Tylenol.

"Here, take these. It will help in the morning." Paul said quietly as he slipped into bed with me.

I nodded and swallowed them then snuggled into his chest. The whole day came crashing down on me and some tears fell from my eyes and onto Paul's chest. He started stroking my hair and whispered, "Tell me what's wrong."

"He broke up with me today Paul. He said that I wasn't good enough for him and that he didn't love me anymore." More tears fell. "He left me in the woods." I sniffed. "I know that I'm better without him but still it hurts that he would do that. I mean he was my first real love." I said.

Paul just kept stroking my hair. "I know Perri. I know it hurts. But I promise it will get better."

I was silent for a moment before whispering, "Ange will come around. I know she likes you, I think you should tell her that you imprinted on her."

I didn't hear his reply because I fell into blissful oblivion.

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