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Content Not To See

Chapter One

She loved the escape; the solitude. It was during those times when she was the other half of herself. Everyone knew and saw the overly hyper pixie that could see all and shopped much. Few, very few, as in only her immediate family saw the quieter side of Alice. There were times when she tried everything in her control to avoid her visions, when she needed to escape and for a little while be a "normal" vampire.

Alice loved her visions; they saved her life. If it wasn't for her glimpses into the future, when she awoke half a century ago in a cold, mud and water filled ditch not knowing her name, where she was or what she was, she wouldn't have ever seen her life with the Cullens. It was that very first vision that saved her, told her briefly what she was and how to survive. Her visions saved her family as well. Had it not been for her premonitions they would have never been prepared for nomads that came to threaten their way of life. Her gift was valued and appreciated by her and her family. Yet on that day, she had to escape.

The house was full. Carlisle was off from the hospital for the day. Esme had just completed the home she was restoring. All of her siblings: Edward, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie were there lounging around. Edward and Jasper had parked themselves lovingly in the piano room; Edward played his grand piano as he listened and laughed at the love of his life, Jasper, criticize the inaccuracy of his latest Civil War book. Emmett and Rosalie lounged in each other's arms across the sofa, discussing a need to escape together soon. Apparently it had been too many years since they had a honeymoon. Esme dug away in her garden as Carlisle watched her in admiration, hardly able to focus on the latest Medical Examiner book in his arms. Alice was more than okay with being alone as she sat in her room preparing for her own day. She was happy that her family was happy. That was more than enough for her most days.

Her family loved her, and not just because of her insight into the future. Alice was the third "child" to join the Olympic Coven. After a decade of roaming in the shadows, only stealing for clothes, and immediately beginning her diet of animal blood only (thanks to her visions of how the Cullens lived), Alice had finally found her family in Ithaca, New York. Then it was only Carlisle, his wife, Esme; Edward, the first human Carlisle had changed; and Rosalie. Maybe it was her bright caramel eyes, or the scared person behind them, but Carlisle didn't hesitate to escort Alice into the door, Esme provided her with clothes, Rosalie claimed her as sister and best friend, and Edward reassured her thoughts that she was safe with them. Years together and Emmett was added to the group, after being saved by Rosalie. More years later, a defected soldier of the Southern Vampire Wars, named Jasper, ran into a hunting Edward in the forest of Pennsylvania, and they hadn't left each other's side since. There was a lot of love in the Cullen Manor, husband and wife, siblings, mates. Alice loved to watch it all but as she walked through the house she was bombarded with futures, not even her own.

The day was dim, and perfect. No sun threatened to break through the gray clouds that hung over the city and even better no rain threaten to fall. Alice tossed on her favorite pink and purple custom designed Converse tennis shoes that matched her pink and purple Valor jogging suit. As she twirled around her room she picked up all the things she needed for her day of meditation: her leather bound notebook and calligraphy pen set Edward had bought her last Christmas, and her PX 300 Flash Camera, tucked safely away inside its carry bag with extra memory card and neck strap. She was ready for a day of mental silence, pictures, and writing. She pranced down the stairs, her messenger bag tossed over her shoulder and bouncing on her hip as she made her way.

"Jasper, love, you threaten to contact the publisher of every war memorial book for inaccuracies and lies. Love, you are going to have to let it go some day," Edward said as he walked back into the living room.

"Never," Jasper huffed at the idea. "Not until history is accurately and fairly depicted. This book makes it sounds like the south was a bunch of red neck hillbillies shooting at anything that moved. It's embarrassing."

Alice snickered at the siblings walking past her. She had purposely bought the book for her "oldest" brother because of the blatant prejudice for Civil War time southerners.

"Alice you did this to me on purpose?" Edward said catching Alice's thoughts. "I thought you loved me," Edward faked pain and disappointment, which only made Alice laugh harder.

"I'm sorry Edward. I just love to hear Jasper go on and on about this stuff. It is funny as hell." Alice skipped passed the two men pulling them both into a hug as she continued through the house.

"See you guys later," Alice announced as she headed towards the patio door.

"Where are you off to, Alice?" Esme asked as Alice skipped passed the garden, only acknowledging Carlisle and Esme with a kiss to their cheeks.

"Just me, myself, and I time. Trying to escape the many futures before me."

"Good luck with that," Carlisle said under his grin. "Please be safe, you know I worry about you out in the woods alone."

"Dad," Alice sang. She liked teasing the head of their family whenever he went all "father" on her and the rest of the "kids."

"I know, I know. You are capable of taking care of yourself, but a father is still allowed to worry." Carlisle stood from his seat pulling the woman half his height into his arms. "Just to put an old man out of his misery, promise me you will be safe and return soon? I know you need time away to clear your head, but I just hate to see you alone always."

"I promise, Dad. I will be careful: Look both ways before crossing the street and no talking to strangers." Carlisle looked down at Alice smirking at her comment. "See you soon." Alice stood on her tippy toes pecking Carlisle on the cheek.

Carlisle's double meaning did not escape Alice as she bounced away, looking back once to see her mother and father in each other's arms looking at her retreat from their home. Alice knew everyone wanted to see her with someone, but it wasn't a concern of Alice. She liked being alone at times, needing the mental space and being mated wouldn't have made that as possible.

"Don't be ridiculous Al," Rosalie said to her one afternoon as they walked through the mall. "I escape from Emmett all the time. We all need our own corner, even the big oaf himself. You shouldn't let that keep you running from love."

"I am not running, Rose. When the time come me and that special person will meet. You weren't out hopelessly searching for Emmett, and Edward literally ran Jasper in the middle of nowhere. I am sure it will happen one day. It is not like we are around our kind a lot. Besides I am fine being the spoiled baby sister!"

In a single bound Alice had cleared the Cullen's yard and was in the thick surrounding forest creating the wall that secluded the home. The journey, one she took often enough, was supposed to clear her mind of the futures of her family. Alice's visions were sometime brought on by anything and began to clutter her mind with things important, or not so important. She really didn't need to know that Rosalie planned on buying the new low fuel carburetor for all the cars, or that Edward would be re-varnishing his piano, but that was the drawback of her vampire talent. She didn't just see the important things, like attacks or when it was best for them to travel, but also the minute day to day decisions of those she was close to. It began to wear her thin and it was then that these escapes became important. It wasn't that she wanted to be away from her family but she wanted to be away from her own mind, her own talent. Since detaching her brain was not an option, she had to go with the next best thing.

Alice didn't have a destination in mind, she never did, and that was kind of the point. She didn't have the comfort of her visions to guide her, as she hadn't made a decision soon enough to prompt her third eye. She wasn't in a hurry, not even picking up speed past a humanly brisk walk. In fact, if she had stumbled upon any humans they wouldn't think twice about looking her way. But Alice wasn't on any trail and the forest was thick. If it wasn't for her vampire agility she wouldn't be able to traverse the area at all. She danced around thick uprooting trees and swung like a trapeze act through the overhanging branches. She felt truly free as the breeze propelled her from branch to branch and her hair fell into her face as she hung upside down just because she could.

It was working, only an hour since leaving home she hadn't had a single vision and already her mind seemed a little clearer and was a little more at peace. Alice continued her journey through the forests, always moving but never deciding, free of any insight.

So with much time and many miles away from all civilization, Alice found a small patch of ground that wasn't growing crazy with fines and roots. She pulled off her bag and took a seat directly on the hard, cold floor of the forest. Looking up from her spot she could hardly see the clouds through the thick foliage of the dark heavy trees. Alice could hear the forest animals in the distance and the birds fluttering in the air, they were without question retreating from the predator in their midst. Alice only laughed at the scene; she wanted to be alone and even the animals respected her wishes. She extracted her notebook and pen and began journaling her inner thoughts.

May 6, 20—

I had to run today, so many thoughts and so many visions. The family understood. I think they saw my tennis shoes on and knew that it was time for my journey of solitude again. Carlisle went all "Dad mode" on me as always, but I love him for that. It seems crazy for him to be concerned with my safety. After all, I did roam completely alone for ten years before I was welcomed into the Cullen family, but I know it is because he loves me so dearly, just as much as I love him and it doesn't matter how many decades I stay he will always worry about his "daughter." This family completes me, even if visions of their personal decisions cloud my head. I know it is not their fault, nor is it mine. It is just the life I live and I accept it and all of its responsibility.

The family has asked me not to bring every single vision to their attention unless they are important but I have to tell someone:

Okay so first off Edward is going to propose to Jasper again! Can you believe it? He has this romantic date planned involving a horse and carriage. How he plans on getting the animals to cooperate with them near I have no idea, but it actually works. Jasper is going to be so ecstatic and surprised that he will almost cry. You think he is going to say yes?

Then there is Carlisle – he is actually going to buy another house to prepare for our next move. It is in some small town called Forks, Washington. The house is a complete wreck so Esme will be quite busy and she will be as happy as ever. It is apparent now that Carlisle looks for these little gems in the rough just so that he can see Esme smiling, hard at work.

And who can forget about Emmett. I am a little worried about my sudden sight of seeing Emmett signing up for some NFL all draft call. I saw it so he had to have made a decision to do something crazy. I am sure if I should tell Rose or just let it play out and see the antics for myself. Next time I write I am sure I will be telling you about how Rosalie tried to kill him or something.

Ooh my family can be a hoot, from day to day and clear into their future. Sometimes I like not telling them my visions, cause then I can laugh harder when they play out; when I know good and well that they won't end under the best circumstances. Then they look at me and ask why I didn't warn them. I just shrug my shoulders and say, "You asked me not to," in my most innocent voice.

Just then, Alice was taken by a glimpse of something she wasn't sure she could call a vision. As she sat Indian style on the forest floor, her mind and sense screamed at her to be on alert. The premonition was too quick. Looking down at her notebook she didn't see the words she wrote but instead saw a face pass before her mind's eye. She saw a woman, standing before her, in the very woods where she was sitting, but the scene was so fast she could see no more. A tenth of a second was all that it was. Though she was on high alert she wasn't ready to leave her trip and returned to the house. She packed her notebook away and began walking deeper into the forest, camera in hand. Carlisle words rung in her head to be careful.

She searched both for picture perfect images as well as any intruders threatening her or interrupting her day. As she walked away from her previous seat the nerves in her body began to calm. Still staying always aware of her surroundings, Alice began to focus more on the art of scenic photography. Alice loved to catch things in moments of stillness or transformation. Her room was riddled with photographs she had taken over the years. Her favorite picture was the one she had given to Rose many years ago.

The family had been in their Oregon home and spring had just sprung. It, too, was a day of solitude for Alice. She had stumbled upon an almost hidden garden in the forest that surrounded the house. While everything else was still either dark green from the obsessive rain or brown from growth, there sat a bush beginning to bloom with crimson red Rose buds. The shrub was completely out of place as if someone had taken the time to plant it in the odd deep forest spot. How the outstretching vines and roots not entrenched on it, choking the life out of the delicate flower was just as much of a mystery as the presence of the bush. The camera Alice had then was nowhere near as high-end as her now PX 300 Flash, but the image that was before her could have been taken with a disposable camera and still been beautiful. She was in such awe of her discovery she hadn't noticed she still hadn't taken the picture, but just then she saw the movement of the buds. Alice witnessed the complete transformation of the rose bud from tightly closed, protecting itself, to fully open and exposed to the elements. Alice had managed to take three exquisite shots of nature's work in three stages of closed, trying, and open. Placing them in a custom all back flat panels frame and enlarged to eleven by seventeen prints, Alice presented the gift to her sister. A Rose for a Rose. Alice had hoped that Rosalie saw the compliment that was inside the symbolism of the gift. As Rosalie took the large piece of art from her sister, her eyes began to swell, desperately trying to release a tear.

Alice always made at least one breath taking discovery on every trip. As she continued her journey deeper into the thickening foliage she almost missed the beauty. Having kneeled down to admire an array of flowers, Alice's eye was caught by a geometric shape in the middle of nature. She stepped to the awkward vine that hung before her trying to figure out how the vine was suspended in the air. Alice softly ran her hand from where the vine was obviously connected to the tree to her right, across the vine that ran up five feet off the ground, briefly dipped down, back up, and down again, finally ending at a second tree on Alice's left. The two large trees almost seemed to be sharing the life line. As Alice stepped back looking at the natural movement of the art, she smiled seeing the vines curvature formed a heart; a heart shared by two living things. Alice could barely contain her excitement at the discovery. Readying her camera, she stood further off from the scene to be sure to capture the two lovers that shared the heart. Just as the camera snapped under the hold of Alice's fingers, she saw the woman again, this time clearer.

It was a woman, much similar to Alice in height and petite. Her hair was deep brown and fell in extremely long waves down her back. The dress she wore was off white, short yet flowing, covering thick white tights. Her glimpse wasn't of events but only a scene of the woman, standing before Alice, looking intently into Alice's eyes. She was a vampire, her pale skinned proved that, yet she wore make up, making her cheeks look as if they were tinged with a red blush. What Alice could not understand was the beautiful woman's eyes. They bore no similarity to any vampire Alice had ever seen. The orbs were not deep red of the human blood she drained nor where they hazel of the animal she had sacrifice and they were not black from anger or lust. Somehow they were blue, unnaturally icy blue, and beautiful. More so than the look of the oceans as waves churned around rocks. The sky would have been envious of their clear deep hints of azure and something more.

Taken off guard by the sudden woman flashing in her mind, Alice dropped the camera but thank fully it hung around her neck. No longer did she want to chance the encounter of who may have been with her in the deep forest. Alice quickly packed away her camera and flung her messenger bag over her shoulder and was off. As she ran and leapt over the rising roots, Alice could sense that the vision she just saw was soon to play out. Everything felt as it did in the premonition. She could sense she already was being followed. As she looked around, her eyes caught on the flash of something swinging above her head. Unsure of what to do as she faced the unknown, Alice could only plant her feet and wait for the scene to run its course.

"Please, I mean you no harm," a faint voice said over her head.

"Show yourself," Alice called back as she crouched down, circling the area. She knew the sound was above her and she didn't want to chance being taken by surprise.

"Please, I don't want to fight you. I only wish to meet you," the low voice called out again. It sounded lost, sad, and lonely. Her voice was almost a whisper of the soprano sounds it carried.

"Okay. Show yourself," Alice only relaxed her stand a little, still not trusting what she could not see. "Show yourself. Please."

Silence, even more so than before.


Floating down to the ground as a feather caught in the breeze, she made no sound as she landed. She was graceful, landing on the toes of one foot. All vampires were fast and agile but this girl who looked too young to be a part of the vampire world, was even more so nimble, as if this was her special gift. The young lady, looking too young to be called a woman, was before Alice. Completely taken back by her beauty, Alice gasped. The girl stepped back at the sound of Alice, ready to retreat. She was not a fighter, though she would if she must.

She had seen Alice when she first stepped into the forest and she just wanted to meet her. She hadn't seen any of her kind in over a year, and even then she did not approach as their deep red eyes warned her they were just as her creator was: vicious, dangerous, creatures only out for themselves. She did not approach them and made sure her scent would not lead them to her, or the humans she was traveling with. She rather be alone than face another one of those kinds. Yet when she saw Alice she knew something was different. This person she saw walking in the deep of the forest smelt like a vampire, moved as a vampire, flipping and leaping over terrain that even a coordinated human would have difficulty with. The girl noticed how Alice skin shone just slightly when she stepped into a spot where the sun was able to break through the heavy clouds and the full trees. She was definitely a vampire, yet she wasn't scary. No, this vampire who looked and had mannerism of a human had eyes like none she had ever seen before. They were topaz but seemed to glow too brightly to be natural human color. Even from her perch high above the topaz beauty she could see they were deeper than any human eyes. She had never seen a vampire sit and write, laughing to themselves. She had never seen any vampire take pictures. What kind of a creature was this? She had to know. She had to meet this beautiful person.

Seeing the woman was close to retreating saddened Alice and she had to do something to keep the girl there with her. Though she did not know her, for whatever reason Alice was not worried about her, yet Alice could not let her guard down. The girl could have been a part of a coven that was waiting to attack.

"Wait! Please don't go. I am just shocked to see . . . you." Alice could not pull herself away from blue eyes looking back at her. Looking deeper, the mysterious woman eyes were more than the cold blue but also gold around its edges. What did her eyes mean? Who was she?

"Are you alone?" Alice asked.

The girl was so frighten both by her excitement to see someone like her and the unknown of who and what this beautiful woman could be.

"Yes. I am here alone."

Alice did not like the way the girl said the words, implying that she may have been in the woods alone, but there were others close by.

"Where are the others? Where is your coven?" Alice intrigue with the woman was beginning to change to suspension. Her voice was laced with the evident of it.

The blue eyed girl could hear that she was running out of time and this woman who stood before her was not going to tolerate circular talk and probing questions. Blue eyes decided she was going to show all her cards in hopes it would not be to her detriment.

"I don't travel with a coven. I am a nomad, in a sense. I travel with a circus, humans," she added hoping that fact would remove all traces of a possible threat from the girl, "that is in the area for a few weeks. I was out here hunting when I saw you. I am sorry to disrupt you, or frighten you. I just had not seen our kind in so long and you seem very . . . different from others I have known."

The girl only looked into Alice's face once and quickly put her head back down. Still her voice was just barely above a whisper. Alice could hear the excitement in the girl's voice still. Alice did not speak as she thought of what she should do. She knew she was too far away from the house for Edward to hear her thoughts so she was, in a sense, alone. If anything happened, if she was being tricked or outnumbered, she may lose, and her family would never know of what happened to her. Alice wouldn't go down without a fight though, Jasper had trained her well. She knew how to assess who to attack first and when to run. She may fall but someone was going to fall with her. Despite all those facts she wanted to stay and she wanted to hear more. She only knew of two covens that regularly affiliated themselves with humans: her own family and their Alaskan cousins. It was unheard of for nomads to be so close to humans. Nomads only came into contact with humans when it was time to feed. Alice curious nature won out over her self-preservation.

Alice took a step closer to the blue eyed girl, fully relaxing her stance. Seeing Alice erect her stand, seeming to relax, encouraged the girl to look up into Alice's face. She tried for a smile but doubt she was successful.

"You said you were hunting. Hunting what?" Alice asked. She tried to meet the young vampire's eyes but the girl kept her head down. Alice stepped closer.

"I . . . I . . . I was hunting rabbits and squirrels. I don't drain humans . . . only animals." Blue eyes was scared. Her own creator ridiculed her for not wanting to hunt humans. From the moment blue eyes awoke from the flames her sire tought her to hunt the way vampires should but after so long Blue Eyes could no longer bare it.

"Really? But your eyes are not like mine." Alice said before she realized.

Blue eyes gave her a questioning look. For the first time she looked into Alice's face for longer than a mere second. She knew Alice's eyes were not like hers, nor any other vampire, but she did not know what Alice was referring to.

"I, along with my family, feed off animals as well. It is why my eyes are not red, but golden. There are a few others whose diet is the same and their eyes are like mine as well. Yours are not. I have never seen a vampire with almost normal eyes before." Alice had walked closer to the girl, almost at a normal distance in which you would stand when holding a conversation with someone.

The mysterious girl noticed their proximity and smiled. She hadn't been so close to another in so long, she liked the familiarity of it, its normalcy. It was something she desired.

"My creator thought it was because I was blind before I was changed. They were blue as a human as well, she told me. My eyes do have some of your color after I feed," she said before Alice cut her off.

"Yes, around the edges. I can see it. They are beautiful; so unique." Alice had reached her hand up to touch the girls face. She didn't know what she was doing but she wanted to be closer, as if to examine it to see if the girl was real.

The girl dropped her head again; stepping away from Alice's outreached hand.

"No. No they're not," the girl whispered. She was an outcast, a freak now just as she was when she was still human. Her eyes carried another secret that she didn't want to share. She knew if she told this breathtaking girl who stumbled into her mist what else her eyes did than the topaz angel would run, never to return. She knew the girl would have to leave soon, as so would she, but she wanted to keep her there as long as possible.

Alice dropped her hand at the movement of the young girl. She realized she was being to forward and didn't know what had gotten into her.

"My name is Alice. What is yours?" Alice sat down on the tree root that had protruded through the ground, hoping the action would relax her visitor.

"Isabella," she whispered. She leaned against the tree opposite Alice. She still did not look directly into Alice's eyes but she would glance her way every so often, hoping to get a glimpse of her when Alice was not looking. Unfortunately, Alice's eyes never left the girl, so she always saw Isabella's glances.

"You don't have to be afraid. I won't hurt you."

"Are you alone as well? A nomad?"

"Oh, no. Just out looking for solitude."

"Oh, I am sorry, I will go." Isabella moved to sprint away.

"No! Don't go, you are fine," Alice jumped up only to sit back down when she saw Isabella had returned to her perch on the tree. "I am a part of a rather large coven, seven of us altogether, and sometimes it gets a little crowded." Alice knew better than to share her gift with the stranger. Isabella intrigued her but she didn't know how much to trust her yet.

"When I want to get away, I like to run in the forest; write, take pictures." Alice patted her bag still hanging over her shoulder.

"Writing." Isabella loved to write, especially when her gift, her eyes, began to be too much to bear, but she couldn't share that with Alice.

"You travel with the circus. Is it the ones with fliers are all over the city?"

"Yes, for now. This is our last city before they take a break. I will be leaving them then, to be on my own."

"Why?" Alice had her suspicions why but wanted to hear the girl explain it to her. The more Isabella talked the better Alice could assess if she was who she said she was. Maybe even determine why her visions of her were so brief and intense.

Isabella didn't know how much she wanted to share. She knew she had to keep her secret. There was no reason to put herself into danger, but she wanted to keep talking to Alice. She would be leaving soon and she didn't know when she would run into another one of her kind, and when she did if they would be safe.

"I have been with this group for over two years, almost three. It is the longest I have ever stayed with one group. I always leave after two years to keep questions down. Then I travel on my own for a few years than find another circus to take up with."

"Why have you stayed so long this time?"

"I am . . . tired of being alone," Isabella couldn't look at Alice after that.

She didn't want Alice to feel sorry for her but it was the truth. Everyday longer she stayed with the Marchino Traveling Circus she kicked her self. She was growing too close to them and she needed to slip away before the questions that were already rising got too serious.

Alice noticed the melancholy of the girl's words. She had felt the same way when she was on her own, searching out the Cullen family. That was so long ago but the heavy feeling of loneliness was one you never forget, even without vampire memory.

"My family moves often as well. We generally stay in one area for about five years, depending on how populated it is. We will be leaving New York soon as well."

"Family?" Isabella had noticed Alice never referring to her group as a coven. It was odd. She had met groups of vampires before, mostly when she was still with her creator but they were never more than three. The word coven carried a meaning of a close knit union, and these groups certainly were not that.

"Yes, I know, coven is the word that for our grouping but we are closer than that. We are as close as brothers and sisters, parents and children. They are probably worried about me now. I have been gone for quite a while."

During their time together the shadows of the forest had grown even darker as the subtle sun was now completely set. Carlisle would be sending out the troops if she did not return home soon.

"Oh dear, it is getting along isn't it? I better go as well; our show will soon be starting for the night." Isabella turned to leave but something was still holding her there. "Goodbye, Alice, and thank you."

"Wait, can I see you again? How often do you come out here to hunt?" Alice still didn't have a full assessment of Isabella but she was still intrigued. She wanted to talk with her again.

"I come every two or three days. I would love to speak with you again." Something in Isabella felt brighter.

"Great. I'll see you in three days then." Alice backed away from Isabella as she began to sprint in the opposite direction.

The run back to the house was slow compared to what Alice could have ran, but she had more on her mind than she did when she left the house that morning. What was it about Isabella that intrigued Alice so much? What did it mean that she desperately wanted to touch her and keep her talking? What would they talk about next time? Why hadn't Alice had a vision the entire time they were together?

Isabella's run back to the circus camp was just as slow and filled with questions. She had felt lighter than she had in years. Something to look forward to, being back in Alice's presence. She was thankful. When she did finally leave her circus family and travel the world alone she would have the memory of Alice to make her smile, remind her that the world she was thrown in may not be all bad. That night as she preformed she didn't see crowds of people but golden eyes staring back at her at the other end of the tight rope.

Just as Alice leapt back into the backyard of Cullen Manor, she saw her parents and siblings preparing to go into the woods.

"Wait, she's back," she heard Edward say to the family obviously catching her mental notes. Six vampires were before her in a flash of any eye with Carlisle and Esme in the front.

"Oh dear, we were getting so worried, Alice," Esme squeezed her so hard she actually felt it.

"I am fine, Mom, really. Time just got away from me." She released Esme and began walking to the house with the rest of her family.

She was hiding her thoughts from Edward with the recollection of the photographs she had been taken. She knew everyone would unnecessarily panic if they knew she had spent a better part of the evening with a mysterious woman with odd eyes. Alice wasn't ready to share that information and knew that it could hinder her from seeing Isabella again in a few days. No, she had to keep that information to herself for now. Though she tried she was unsuccessful in covering her anxious and nervous mood. She saw Jasper look her direction but was thankful he didn't say anything aloud. Alice noticed the look Jasper shared with Edward and knew he was sharing the information with him.

Once she was home and everyone went back to their own things, Alice quickly showered, redressed and headed to her computer. She had to do something to take her mind of Isabella before Edward noticed just as much as Jasper had. She loaded her memory card into the computer and instantly was looking at the day's works. Alice went about tagging each picture appropriately with a name and the date it was taken and then filing them into the various folders she had created for all her photos. When the last picture loaded on the screen, Alice was taken aback by what she saw. Her prize shot of the day, the shared heart between two trees revealed an image that Alice did not see at the time. But how was that possible that she missed it?

Clicking on the center of the picture to enlarge it, Alice tried to make sure she was not seeing things. There in the center of the picture, inside the heart, yet obviously some ways far off, sat Isabella. Her knees were bent and brought up to her chest. Her head rested against her right hand as the arm was leaning on her knee. Her flowing white dressed was loosely falling around her making her look even smaller. But what captured Alice more than anything was the beautiful face that looked right back at her. Isabella's was facing the camera, her icy blue eyes alive, bright and staring right into Alice.

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