Content Not to See

Chapter Two

The days seemed to drag on but Isabella was sure that was due to her overexcitement to see Alice again. Time meant nothing to a vampire, but the seventy-two hours until she could be back into Alice's presence meant everything. Isabella paced the narrow hallway of her trailer she shared with the human she could regard as a best friend. Isabella didn't understand the need she had to be near Alice. She only felt this strong about one other person, the woman who changed her; though Isabella hoped that she and Alice wouldn't part the same way in the end. She didn't think she could handle being rejected again.

Alice had consumed every though of Isabella's mind since she ran from Alice to return to the circus. She didn't sleep so she could not dream of Alice, but as she lay in her bed pretending for the sake of the humans she was surrounded by, she recalled the crisp image of Alice perched casually on the roots around her. She thought back on her view of Alice from high in the trees as she watched the caramel eyed mystery unknowing. Isabella could even remember Alice's sweet scent that completely surrounded them in the small space that they stood; her keen sense of smell so easily distinguishing Alice's aroma from the forest. Alice seemed almost unreal to Isabella, so peaceful and beautiful.

Something unknown called out to her to go to Alice. When she had to leave her it was that same unknown that picked at her to return, despite her mind telling her to run.

Isabella had learned long ago to avoid vampires, they never meant her any good and the more she could avoid them the better. When she did happen upon one she never acknowledged them, letting them go on their way. Her almost normal eyes would slow any advances they may have made to approach her. Having the scent of a like a vampire, but looking like a human, had its advantages. It confused others and she was thankful for her skill only at that time.

Her "talent" was the real reason she feared getting too close to Alice, or anybody else for that reason. She didn't know any other vampires with special abilities and her sire had told her that there were no others. She made it her mission to show Isabella she was a freak; she was weird as a human and only got weirder once she was changed. Isabella didn't understand the reason for her gift and more times than not it only clouded her mind.

Isabella, with her unusual icy blue eyes could see the past, your past, even that which was tried to be hidden with lies or things others didn't know. She saw it all, the truth of it. Gift was such an erroneous word for it, curse was more befitting to Isabella. She was constantly bombarded with images of someone's childhood or days of old anytime the thought of their past flittered through their mind. All it took was one reflection back on a decision made and Isabella would see it all, what prompted the action and how it played out. It made living with the humans difficult, with their constant reflection on things they could not change now, but Isabella couldn't stand being alone and therefore it was a price to be paid.

What was worse than living with humans? Being with vampires. Hundreds of years of past decisions would play through her mind in seconds if they ever thought to think of them. It was just easier for Isabella to stay away. Once she left her circus, she would wonder aimlessly, try to rid her mind of the things she didn't want to know before she dared to settle down with a group again. Other than leaving behind the Marchino's Circus, Isabella had no plans and no concrete future. While that thought should have been depressing, to Isabella it was not. Being able to just be was almost freeing to her, especially when she wasn't bombarded with dealing with other's past decisions.

It did not escape Isabella's attention that while being in Alice's presence for so long that she was not plagued with a single image of Alice's past. Did the beautiful girl not think of such things? Was Alice the only being in the world that did not reflect on her past? Whatever the reason was excited Isabella. She was excited to think she could consider enjoying Alice's company without fear of exposing her gift. Isabella only had a few more weeks left in New York before she had to move on and she wanted to fill them with Alice.

"What has gotten into you?" Leah, Isabella's roommate and best friend, asked. Leah climbed down out of her hidden bed, adjusting her shirt, and ran her hands through her short, ink black and untamed hair.

Leah was a lion tamer for the circus and the only one of two people who actually acknowledged Isabella. Sadly, Isabella was considered a freak even to the likes of circus folks where woman walked around with full beards, men swallowed glass and fire, and others were not seen without snakes wrapped around their bodies. They all knew something was off about Isabella, but no one dared to ask. The other person who befriended Isabella was Carmen, Leah's girlfriend. Carmen was the temptress, both in the show and the real world. With her seductive eyes and a sway of her hips, she could beckon any man, or woman, to do her bidding, unknowingly. It was a power like none other Isabella had seen, and in a human nonetheless.

"Nothing, I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

Isabella finally stopped pacing. Isabella twirled the long draw strings of her white tunic shirt that covered her denim shorts, around her finger as she avoided Leah's eyes. Isabella could face no one; she never could. Upon awaking from her days in hell realizing she could see with her new physical eyes, she soon discovered she didn't have the confidence to look. Her creator saw no reason to change the self-esteem of Isabella, only picking at it, making it worst. It was ironic really: Isabella was born unable to see and when she was reborn into this new world not only could she see what was in front of her but also what was behind everyone else.

Leah walked to her friend and lifted her chin to get her full attention. Leah and Carmen tried to teach Isabella some confidence and self-assurance about herself, but Isabella wasn't the best student. They told her that with her beauty and skills on the tight rope that she could soar higher than any other in the circus biz, she just had to get the confidence to do it. Of course, Isabella couldn't tell them that there was no way possible for that to happen, nor that she didn't want it to happen. Isabella saw working in the circus as a means to an end, the end of her loneliness, even if only for a little while. Isabella knew that it was Carmen and Leah that made her stay with the Marchino Traveling Circus for longer than she should have. She loved them; they were the only people that she could remember that truly befriend her. Granted that they didn't know Isabella's many secrets, they never tried to use her either, and yet Isabella knew if they knew the truth they would run, and they very well should do just that. Isabella was a wolf in sheep's clothing, prancing around the fields, blending in as they looked through their naked eyes, but she was more dangerous than any wolf. Those pretty eyes, camouflaged beauty and tight rope skills came at a cost: death, curse, and blood.

"You have been extremely anxious for a couple of days now. Are you sure you are okay? Are you tired? Is it all the shows? Ready for a break?" Leah was holding Isabella's hand. Despite the cold feel, Leah never pulled away.

"Yeah, that's it. Just ready for a vacation," Isabella lied.

"I feel you there, sister. A vacation is long overdue." Carmen walked into the mobile home. Her normally wild loose and long hair was pulled into a sideways ponytail resting on her shoulder.

"Hey, love," Leah said walking to embrace Carmen. Carmen responded with a kiss to Leah lips.

Isabella looked away again, seeing the intimacy in the moment, feeling like she was intruding though she was there first. Isabella longed for something real like what Leah and Carmen had, like she seen so many humans and vampires shared. Leah and Carmen were lost in each other, forgetting Isabella was standing there. She felt more and more like the freak she was the longer she remained there.

"Well, you two have a great night. I will see you later," Isabella said still not looking up from their old, dirty, orange carpeted floor. Isabella walked past the couple, grabbing her notebook that sat on the table.

"Oh, no, Isabella you don't have to go. I'm sorry," Carmen apologized, though Isabella didn't understand why. Isabella felt she was the one out of place, not Carmen or Leah.

"No, no, no. It's fine. I was getting ready to leave anyway. I'll see you guys later."

Isabella walked out the door, but not before she saw Carmen and Leah share a look of worry. Isabella knew they worried for her constantly. The best she could do for them was get out of their hair and in a couple of weeks they wouldn't have to worry any more.

As soon as Isabella broke through the trees and knew she would go unseen by the others who were about the circus grounds, she broke into a full stride. She was overly anxious to get to Alice and she would wait all night in those woods if she had to. Clinging onto her notebook she couldn't help but wonder if Alice would bring her's and those beautiful pens she had as well.

Isabella loved to write, though she didn't share that with Alice at the time. She wanted to know what hidden things were inside Alice's notebook and if she would be willing to share them with Isabella. Maybe they were too personal. Isabella always felt her stories were meant only for her eyes but she wanted to share them with Alice. There wasn't anything she wouldn't share with Alice if she dared ask. She hoped that Alice would in fact ask something, anything, of her.


"Off for another run, Alice?" Jasper asked as she made her way to the back door. Jasper raised his eyebrow at Alice as if he knew there was something up.

Alice had successfully hid her thoughts from Edward over the last few days, but the anxiousness and desire to return to the woods could not be kept from Jasper. Alice knew Jasper didn't know anything about Isabella or Alice's plans to meet her again. She had lied, disguising her emotions with shopping, stating she was just ready for her new collections to arrive.

"Yup, be back later."

Alice grabbed her messenger bag that held her notebook and camera. She first through it over her shoulder to keep up the image that she was just going to clear her mind, but then she realized that it was an opportunity to get pictures of Isabella, something to cherish when they were away from each other. Though she knew nothing of the overly shy woman she met, she hoped that Isabella felt something for her as well, something as strong as what Alice felt. Alice dashed out of the door before Jasper could ask any more question.

When Alice was alone at night in her room, and she felt her thoughts were safe from Edward's gift, she stared at Isabella's picture recalling every moment of the day they met. A meeting so brief but yet it seemed to weigh heavily on Alice's mind over the days. For the first time since she awoke alone into a brave new world, Alice was afraid. She was fearful of the conclusion she had come to and what it could possibly mean for Isabella, her, and her family. Alice knew the feelings she had for Isabella just wasn't for friendship or intrigue of the unknown, unexpected, and new. Alice had witness the same look in the eyes of every one of her siblings and parents. She couldn't confirm the feeling, for the first time ever wishing she had Jasper's power, and asking questions would have raised suspicion and inquiries she didn't want to answer yet. Alice knew for certain, as she stared hours into the picture of the icy blue eyed vampire that landed on her heart, that she had mated.

As soon as she was clear of her family, Alice slowed her run to a walk. She had to think, think about what it all meant. Did she tell Isabella? Did Isabella know or feel it, too? What happens next? Despite living in a house full of love birds, Alice didn't know how to love anybody any extra way. Alice was positive that a mate was loved differently than from a sibling; of that she was sure. She couldn't help but compare the love Rosalie and Edward had for her to the way they loved and cherished Emmett and Jasper .

When Alice came out of her deep thought she saw that she was in the very spot her and Isabella departed from each other. Isabella's lilac scent saturated the small reprieve in the thick woods. It was then that Alice realized she hadn't been following Isabella's scent at all, something in her, whatever it was that connected to Isabella, had pulled her to that very spot. Though something was tugging on Alice, telling her that her mate was near, Isabella could not be seen anywhere.

"Hello," the bell voice called out. Alice looked up to find the sound.

High above the ground Alice saw Isabella perched on a branch, writing.

"Hi. Would you like me to come up or would you prefer to come down?" Alice asked, ready to climb the highest mountain to be near the woman who had captured her.

"I don't know. I like being up this high," was all the words Isabella muttered before Alice was traversing the tree to meet her.

The wide branch, allowed the two ladies to sit with their back pressed against the body of the tree. They were close, almost touching. Alice had to pull together all of her will not to close the already small gap between them. Alice didn't want to push Isabella. She couldn't see anything about Isabella, so soft spoken and cryptic, but Alice had the feeling that Isabella was sheltered for some reason. She didn't know what Isabella thought of her after all. Did Isabella feel the mating that took place between them? Alice feared it was all in her own head. The remaining branches were high and clear of the location Isabella had chosen for the girls; though they were still low enough that the overhead leaves hid most of the sun that tried to peek through the clouds of the early spring day. Where the few beams of golden rays did meet them, Alice couldn't help but notice the sparkle of Isabella's skin. It was no different than how Alice or any of her family shinned and yet on Isabella it was almost angelic, somehow more beautiful. The glow only highlighted her light eyes more, making them a cloudy gray at times. She was strikingly beautiful, Alice just wanted to stay in that moment and admire every inch of Isabella. It was as if with every blink Isabella's beauty was sprung on Alice again.

"Alice? Are you okay?" Isabella waved her hand in front of the dazed girl's face. Isabella had never seen a vampire speechless and staring. It was unnerving being looked upon by the unmoving creature, yet Isabella never wanted Alice to look away.


"Oh, I'm sorry. You were saying something?" Alice would have blushed if she could.

"No, I didn't say anything." Isabella ducked her head, twirling her hair absent mindlessly around her finger, trying to avoid Alice's eyes that seemed to be trying to tell her something. "I was just asking if you were okay. You have been looking at me since you climbed up here and hadn't said a word."

"Really? I'm so sorry. I don't know what to say." Alice couldn't believe she had been staring and yet she still couldn't look away.

Though she thought maybe she should try to stop ogling, it didn't escape her attention that Isabella was staring now as well. Alice couldn't help but wonder what it was that Isabella saw. Isabella couldn't figure out what it was that was stirring deep in her chest whenever she was near Alice. Finally drawing on all the energy in the atmosphere, Alice turned away from Isabella, taking unnecessary breaths, looking for anything to fill the not so awkward silence. Alice saw the spiral notebook and ordinary blue ball point pen Isabella clenched. She reached into her own bag pulling out her pad.

"May I ask what you are writing?"

"It's a story, I guess." Isabella tucked the plain yellow notebook closer to her body. She felt shame to have something so ordinary compared to Alice's belongings.

"Can I read it?" Alice asked.

Isabella gave Alice a panicked look. Isabella had begun to mutter so incoherently Alice couldn't even keep up.

"If it's too personal, I understand."

"It's not that," Isabella began. Though they were still somewhat golden in hue they were beginning to fade and Isabella wondered if that meant she was ready to feed. "It is just that no one has ever asked to look at my writing before. Not even my roommate. I never thought anyone would ever see it."

"You have a roommate?"

Isabella nodded her head at Alice's question.


"Yeah," Isabella snickered to Alice question. Leah, Isabella's roommate, would have argued that she isn't sure she was all human.

Alice and Isabella sat in silence, neither one writing nor looking at the other.

"Well, how about you read it to me? Would that be better? I love to listen to people read," Alice said, trying to meet Isabella's eyes.

When Isabella finally looked up from her lap she couldn't help but first look upon Alice's beautiful face. Isabella found that she was actually restraining herself from touching Alice, but she didn't know why. She didn't know why she even wanted to touch Alice to begin with. Isabella learned in that moment that looking into Alice's eyes may have been a mistake because she saw she would not be able to refuse her anything.

"Yeah, okay," Isabella replied. She was rewarded with a wide smile from Alice as she sat back on the large tree to get comfortable.

Feeling both bold and utterly unable to continue to restrain from touching her, Alice slid closer to Isabella and wrapped her arm around Isabella's arm, leaning her head onto Isabella's shoulder. The lilac scent was so strong; Alice had to work at caging the moan that was threatening to escape her. Isabella didn't start reading immediately. At first, Alice thought that she had offended the sensitive creature by wrapping around her, but then she felt Isabella's face in her hair and felt her full breath against her scalp. Alice couldn't help but smile, hoping it meant that Isabella felt and understood the fire that was bouncing between them also. Isabella didn't know what the feeling was; only that she never wanted it to stop.

Alice had sat quietly listening to Isabella read her story aloud. Alice enjoyed the feel of Isabella's muscles as they flexed in her slight movements. Isabella's voice carried all of the emotions that must have been present when she first wrote the story she called "Monstrosity." Isabella read on and on about her main character not being like any other, alone in a different world. Alice listened as Isabella described the character's feelings of utter loneliness, no family, no friends, and no others like her. Alice knew that to some extent, she was listening to Isabella's story both literally and metaphorically. Beneath all of the images of a different world, Alice knew it was Isabella's own fears written in that notebook. She didn't like the idea that Isabella thought of herself in such a way.

When she finished reading, Isabella didn't make a move. The atmosphere felt so full with sadness and yet still no understanding for the feeling. Alice couldn't take the feeling of pain that was rolling off the woman she knew no doubt was her mate. It was her desire and in her power to do something to change things for Isabella. She wanted to bring a different world to Isabella and above all else she wanted to be in that world with her. Alice still resigned to move slowly, but she was definitely going to make a move. Alice squeezed Isabella's arm tighter.

Isabella finally looked at Alice, relieved to still fill her sitting there. She was so lost in her own mind she had forgotten she was accompanied by anyone. Isabella thought that her words would scare Alice away and yet she couldn't image telling Alice no when asked to read her story.

"Your story doesn't end happily," Alice stated. "Your character never found anyone to love her. It was so sad." Alice continued to look at the places where Isabella and her body touched.

"Everyone doesn't get the happy ending. Some of us don't deserve it." Isabella looked everywhere but to Alice.

She could feel Alice holding her arm tighter and she memorized how warm it felt, how wonderful.

Isabella knew that she wouldn't have the joy of feeling it ever again. Just like her character, she wouldn't have a fairy tale end. Soon she would be off on her own and she wouldn't tarnish the polished life that she knew Alice lived. Alice was too bright and good to be weighted with Isabella's past and burdens. Isabella felt she didn't even deserve to share the same forest with someone as captivating and lovely as Alice.

Alice chest got heavy at the sound of Isabella's words. The despair that was evident in Isabella was so concrete that Alice could have sworn Jasper was there with them, projecting the emotions of the shy, weary girl in Alice's arms. Alice knew all too well how true loneliness felt. She hadn't always had such a comfortable life and those were pains she could never forget. It was how Alice always remained so thankful for all that Carlisle, not only had done for her, but was willing to do for all of his children. Loneliness was not something Alice had to really contend with anymore and she so wanted to take it away for Isabella.

"Everyone deserves to be happy, Isabella, even you." Alice turned Isabella's face towards her, cupping her cheek. They were so close. The concentration of Isabella's scent enveloped Alice. She wanted to kiss her, tell her how she felt but she was consumed by the fear that the timid girl would run.

Isabella felt so exposed, hearing the words from Alice. She loved the idea of being happy but she knew that Alice was wrong in her view, yet didn't have the desire to tell Alice so. It was the difference in the worlds that they lived: everything was happy for Alice but for Isabella things were dark and would always be that way. She didn't like it but it was something she accepted long ago; before she was abandoned by her sire, left to learn the brave new world on her own all too soon. She had to say something to keep from destroying Alice's little world.

"Your eyes are almost black," Isabella ran her hand under Alice's eyes. "Does that mean you are ready to hunt?" If Alice hadn't been so close she may not have heard Isabella's small voice.

"Yes," Alice said never taking her eyes from Isabella. "Would you like to hunt with me?"

"Sure. I would like that very much."

The girls put away their things, leaping down from their perch above the ground. Alice landed gracefully on her toes. Though they jumped together, Alice landed first. She looked up in amazement as Isabella seemed to float down rather than leap or fall, landing expertly on the tip of her toes on one foot. They walked quietly through the forest, hands and shoulders brushing each other as if in accident, but both girls actually sought out the contact of the other.

Isabella watched in utter amazement as Alice took down deer after deer. Alice looked so feral, wild, and even more beautiful. Wonderful feelings were washing over Isabella as she watched the blood flow from the animal and into Alice's waiting mouth. Isabella was envious of the animal that got the pleasure of Alice's lips being pressed to their body. She wanted to be taken into Alice's arms, encased under Alice's body and made love to. The heat that seemed to be radiating out of her core was new to her and she loved it.

Alice saw Isabella sitting back watching her as she fed. The bloodlust that she experienced when she drained the defenseless animal filled her, warming her body inside out. She loved Isabella's deep eyes on her. Alice wanted to take Isabella in that very moment, use her body, her hands, and her mouth to tell Isabella what she was to her; mates finally joining, giving Isabella the happiness that she felt evaded her. Alice never knew that this was how her family felt when they were with their other half; a feeling so strong it was hard to imagine it could be tamed.

Alice dropped the lifeless deer onto the ground, never taking her eyes off Isabella. Alice walked, almost stalked, towards Isabella, letting the life force fresh in her body, its rustic taste still in her mouth, drive her to move. She circled around the tree stump Isabella perched herself upon. She felt a boldness that she could attribute to nothing but the blood in her body and the pull of her soul mate.

Isabella liked the way Alice was looking at her, as if she was ready to pounce. She loved how her body was on alert though she didn't fear Alice would attack her, or at least not in a bad way.

"Aren't you thirsty?" Alice asked kneeling on her knees in front of Isabella, almost whispering seductively.

Isabella could smell the fresh blood on Alice normally sweet breath. She wasn't thirsty but the iron smell mixed with Alice's scent made Isabella's throat burn and her body tingled. Alice watched as Isabella's eyes changed from their beautiful icy blue to stormy gray. The new color was just as gorgeous and unique and even it was boring into Alice, into a part of her body Alice didn't even know could be enticed.

"I could never take down something as big as a deer. I hunt squirrels, or rabbits." Isabella was feeling self-conscious, but she couldn't look away from Alice's eyes that were swirling, trying to get back to their golden hue. Isabella was dazzled.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, my sweet Isabella." Alice drew herself closer to Isabella's body, placing herself between Isabella's legs. Alice could smell Isabella's arousal and it was all the invitation she needed. "You can do whatever you want. Trust me; deer is so much better, so much more . . . filling. Come I will help you." Alice ran her hand up and down Isabella's exposed legs as she spoke.

Isabella moaned into Alice touch, embarrassed by the sounds and growls she couldn't seem to control. Yet, if Isabella was being honest with herself she didn't want to control them. She wanted Alice to touch her more and in places that clothes seemed to be hindering.

Though the passion was on the edge of boiling over, Isabella knew it would be useless. She would be leaving soon and the last thing she needed was another reason to keep her in the area longer than what she already had been. No, it was time to go and starting anything with the beautiful and enticing creature in between her legs was only going to complicate that. But what could hurt to go for a small hunt.

Alice took Isabella's hand and walked her into the thick of the woods. Alice allowed her hands to roam over Isabella's hips, thighs and arms, praying that Isabella wouldn't stop her. Standing behind Isabella, Alice began to instruct her.

"Close your eyes and just be. Take in a deep breath and listen for the sounds." Alice hoped that her touches weren't distracting Isabella but she just couldn't stop her hands from being in contact with Isabella's pale and soft skin.

Isabella's breaths were shallow and uneven. She didn't know if it was the heart beat that was pounding in her ears, something larger than a squirrel, or the work of Alice's seduction.

"I can hear it, their heart is so loud. I can smell it."

"Go to it, Isabella," Alice whispered in Isabella's ears. Before the last syllable left her lips Isabella was in full sprint towards the animal.

Isabella had never felt as alive as she pushed her limbs; it was as if a dormant instinct in her had been awoken as she bolted towards the animal soon to meet its end. She soundlessly leapt into the nearby tree swinging quietly from branch to branch. She stalked her pray from above ground. The animal looked around, sensing danger but never thinking to look up, nor run. Just as Isabella made it to the limb just above her pray she could feel her mouth flood with the venom she needed to paralyze the large animal. The buck was large and in any other circumstance he could likely hold his own, but he didn't stand a chance against the small woman who floated down from the trees and on his back, breaking his neck before he had time to register his own end or fight back. Isabella didn't hesitate to sink her teeth into the fleeting pulse in the neck of the massive animal. Her eyes rolled close as she allowed the taste to claim her senses. It was so much sweeter than her normal meal. Isabella could feel how strong she was becoming in just such a short amount of time. Why did she never think to hunt this way before?

Alice watched from a distance, amazed by Isabella's agility. For a girl who never took down anything larger than a wild rabbit, Isabella was a natural at the big game hunt. As Alice watched Isabella's venom coated teeth sink into the flesh of the departed buck she tried to stifle her own moan. Before she knew it, before she could tell she wasn't going to stop, Alice began approaching the still feeding predator. Isabella looked seductive as she cradled the larger than her animal in her arms, still pulling on the wound she created.

Slowly, Alice bent down to her hands and knees, crawling the remaining distance. She touched the back side of the animal grinning as Isabella yanked the animal out of Alice's reach; so predatorily, so sexy and arousing. Alice knew she was playing a dangerous game, but she couldn't make herself stop. Isabella left her mouth on the long gone deer, but growled a warning at Alice. Alice crawled up the body of the animal, going after her own pray. Alice moved her hand over Isabella's that held the animal at its head and underside. She refused to take her eyes off Isabella's face. She was going to have to show Isabella what larger game did to her already enticing eyes. Now with the fresh blood pumping through her, Isabella's eyes were brighter almost white from the amount of light that they seemed to reflect. The animal was long since drained, but Alice bent down preparing to place her own month at the neck of the animal, only inches from Isabella's. Before her teeth could make purchase in the dead bulks skin, the animal and the girls were moving.

Isabella tossed the animal from her small lap and dove at Alice before she knew it. A part of her brain was screaming that this was Alice, her new friend, not to hurt her, but too much of her brain was also saying enemy, destroy her. Isabella's body warred against letting go of the hold that she had on Alice's neck and applying enough pressure to pop Alice's head off of her body. Alice face showed no fear despite the compromising position she was in. Alice knew that if Isabella really wanted to, if she lost control, Isabella could kill her before she had time to reflect the blow or evade her hold, but Alice worried not. She counted on the electricity pulsing through them. Alice inhaled taking in Isabella's scent of flowers and sexual frustration. The look of the blood that spilled onto Isabella's white tunic soaked the cotton material, giving Alice a slight view of what was beneath the thin material. Alice simply waited for her chance.

Gradually Isabella loosened the grip she had on Alice's outstretch neck, but never letting her go. Isabella wanted to stay this close to the woman who had absolutely captivated her. She watched Alice's lips as they quirked into a victorious smile, though Isabella didn't know what Alice had to be victorious about. Alice collected the damaged shirt in the ball of her hand holding Isabella closer to her.

"Tell me to move. Make me let you go," Alice said. Isabella was drowned again by Alice's feel and smell.

"No," was all that Isabella could barely say. She was so drunk with undeniable passion and want for the mysterious woman pressed between her and the ground.

Alice slowly arched herself back up to sit erect on the ground. Isabella still hadn't moved from the front of Alice, on her knees between Alice's legs. She didn't know what she wanted to do but she knew it didn't involve moving from that spot. Alice moved closer to Isabella's face, slowly still watching the girl's reactions. Isabella's face soften, no longer struggling with the desire to end the life of the vampire who interrupted her feeding, instead fighting the desire to not kiss the vampire who was stealing a heart Isabella thought was long dead.

Alice ran her tongue over the corner of Isabella's mouth, lapping up the blood of the buck that tried to escape Isabella's lips. Isabella hissed at what Alice was doing to her body; her decision was made. Hell bent on begging for more, Isabella didn't have to say a word. In another moment of pure vampire desire and uncontrolled want, Alice had her mate beneath her consuming her lips.

Isabella was drowning in the taste of the buck's blood still heavy coating her mouth, Alice's passion and heat as she pressed their lips together and her own arousal as it heavily scented the crowded forest.

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