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Content Not to See

Chapter Nine

Isabella couldn't help but scan the large open room she was being pulled into. Everything looked as if it was the right mixture of soft and hard or bright and natural. Isabella had been so sheltered in all versions of her life.

She remembered the feel of squeaky clean, smooth surfaces of the kitchen of her first childhood home; the house that once contained a father, mother, and feeble child. She also remembered the odd combination of softness and plastic when she would sit in the gathering room and listen to the television. She recalled the feel of iron that spiraled downwards from the banister of the stair case. But when her father left her and her mother, all of those different materials changed.

Later, the counters in the kitchen were rougher and oddly bumpy, as if something foreign was under the would-be flat surface. The couch was no longer plastic and soft and cracked when she sat on it. In the new home it was hard, as if she could feel the wood beneath, and she sank uncomfortably back into the uneven cushions. There was no longer a television to listen to and the smooth wood of the stair banister was replaced with cracked wood that resulted in many splinters in her hands. But despite the hardship in her life post-father, even this was paradise compared to her cave dwelling of which she had with Victoria.

Cold and damp, even to her dead skin, she and Victoria only seemed to wonder from cave dwelling to cave dwelling. Awoken to a new life with a new ability to see and there was nothing to look at but moss and mold covered stone walls. Things definitely looked better when she shared trailers with her many circuses. Isabella felt she had fell into a heavenly utopia when she first laid eyes on another bed. Even the burnt orange carpet of her and Leah's trailer was a sight for sore eyes. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. And now looking at smooth white walls, with a mosaic of mirrors, a stainless steel kitchen just over her shoulder, fire place with a cherry wood mantle, large sofa that looked as soft as a cloud and the entire windowed wall in which she used to enter the home, Isabella felt she didn't belong any more than Alice's siblings felt she did.

Isabella continued to scan her surroundings with "awe" on her face and in her eyes. Her eyes fell on porcelain skin, a face framed by blond hair and static with a look of anger. Isabella noticed Rosalie had taken her hair from the ponytail she wore. She no longer looked sweet, but rather vicious. Isabella stepped closer to Alice who still held her hand. She grasped Alice shoulder, hiding like a coward behind the love of her life who also happened to be a good four inches shorter than her.

Alice and Rosalie seemed to be having a staring contest. Rosalie glared at the stranger in her home and Alice stared at the sister she thought would always support her. Isabella didn't know how long they stood there but no one spoke. Emmett was standing behind Rosalie, not looking at Isabella or Alice. Edward and Jasper stood together holding another of those silent conversations she noticed when she followed them in the woods, but this conversation did not appear to be about love and devotion for one another. They looked over in Alice and Isabella's direction only occasionally. Daggers flew from their eyes as they followed the lines of Alice's arm, down to her hand and into Isabella's shaking grasp. When their eyes traveled back up, Isabella could only look away, no longer able to stand the looks of judgment that fell upon her. Isabella turned her head in shame because maybe Rosalie, Edward, Jasper, and Emmett where right: She had hurt Alice and therefore did not deserve her.

Alice was much like the home Isabella could not stop admiring from her spot hidden behind the petite woman. She was clean and sparkling, soft and inviting. Isabella couldn't help but be drawn to her and admire all the beauty that was in her. Yet, Isabella was not those things. She was more like the home she was taken from so many decades ago – Worn, stained and there was something forging inside that made her uneven and malformed. Isabella began to feel ashamed that she ever thought she would be right for Alice.

Alice's mind was far from that of Isabella's self-deprecation thoughts. She looked to the siblings that was her world and realized that feeling had shifted. She realized that all of that needed support had been transferred from her siblings and into the body of the woman who stood behind her.

Alice could feel Isabella grasp tighten in her own hands and all she could do was squeeze just as hard. Alice eyes moved over every individual that was in that living room. Not a single sibling showed a look of approval. Inside Alice died a little, knowing that the one thing she needed to move forward, her loved one's approval, she didn't have. But when her eyes met with Esme and Carlisle she found the approval she needed. Esme, with her hands placed over her heart and her head tilted in soft admiration, was being held by Carlisle who looked with bright eyes and promise. With a nod of acceptance from her loving "parents" Alice looked passed her judgmental siblings, pulling her heart up the stairs behind her. When she looked over her shoulder to Isabella instead of meeting her icy blue eyes she could only see her bowed head.

Alice knew that between the two of them was an impeccable love that rested on a shaky foundation of distrust and judgment and doubt between them; both that needed to be changed.


Isabella looked around Alice's room. There wasn't a thing that she hadn't seen before from a great distance, but up close it all was so much more. The pictures were larger and in them Isabella could see Alice's eye for detail. Isabella felt overwhelmed as Alice's scent bombarded her. It was as if she could taste her beautiful creature on her tongue, the aroma was so sweet. Isabella took in a deep pull of breath to bring in more of the fragrant, floral scent. She hoped she would never have to leave its intoxicating hold.

Alice stood by the door watching as the first person, not in her family, stepped in her bedroom. Alice's mind raced at what Isabella could possibly be thinking as she drank in her surroundings. Suddenly it mattered to Alice how her room looked and what someone else thought of it. She wasn't a messy person but her room was known to resemble the dressing room of an outlet mall at the end of a sale day. Outfit possibilities could cover every flat surface that was not the floor, but now there were only a few items haphazardly lying about; her recent depression slightly covering her usually multiple outfit changes. But still, Alice couldn't help wonder if Isabella, the picture of minimalism, would find the space a bit overwhelming. Alice quietly watched the woman she was ready to chain to the floor. She desperately searched for something to say, but couldn't reach anything.

Alice felt she should have apologized for her siblings' behavior, both in the woods and the living room. She thought that maybe she should have assured the girl that Carlisle and Esme supported them and was happy for them both, but that may not have meant as much to the girl who didn't know how supporting family should have been. No, Alice decided she needed to give Isabella her own assurance.

Isabella's eyes fell on a silver frame that was set apart from all the other photographs. Her eyes moved past the shapes of the trees and vines; directly to the hidden figure who nestled in the back of the background. Isabella had reached to the smooth surface but pulled her hand back just shy of touching its polished face. The day filled Isabella's mind as she remembered the feel and direction of the wind, and the look on Alice's face in the distance as she admired the scene around her.

"Alice, I'm so sorry," Isabella, whispered. She couldn't turn to look at Alice. She was so tempted to run and leave, feeling as if she didn't belong in this beautiful home with this beautiful woman.

"I know, Isabella, we already talked about this," Alice responded, laying her hand softly on Isabella's back.

"I don't think you understand." Isabella took a deep breath and closed her eyes, reopening them just as she turned to face Alice.

Alice face was covered with the same concern Isabella had seen for too many occasions between the two of them.

"For over a week I fought coming to you. I could feel this aching need, a desire, to be by your side and yet I avoid it. From the moment I left you alone in that tent I knew I was making a mistake. Leaving you never felt right, but I still left."

"Isabella," Alice tried to interrupt.

"I saw you, Alice!" Isabella screamed. The need to get it out was smothering her, and holding it in was making her feel as if she was going to die. "I saw you the night you collapsed in your yard, unable to speak. I watched your family carry you away. I followed your pain; it felt so much like my own. I tried to leave, but I couldn't."

"You . . . never left?" Alice asked moving slowly closer to the woman who was backing away from her with each step.

Isabella walked towards the window, looking out into the trees she trolled through for so long.

Pointing out of the window, Isabella continued, "I was there. I watched you every single day." Isabella turned back to Alice, desperately looking into her eyes. She felt Alice deserved to know how selfish she was; how callus she was with the emotions of the person who loved her.

"I saw your pain. I saw your struggle. I saw how you ignored and pushed away your family as they attempted to comfort you. Above all else I knew I could stop it. I knew that you needed me, that it was my entire fault and I did nothing to help you," Isabella's voice grew louder.

She could here Alice's family stirring about the house, likely listening. They needed more reason not to like Isabella and she couldn't help but think she was giving them just that.

Alice silently, stood there trying to comprehend what she was hearing and why deep down inside it was upsetting her. With each word she heard it stung her more and more. She understood the denotation of each word, but yet she still didn't understand how they could be coming from Isabella. The words "I know," echoed in her head repeatedly.

"At first I didn't know why I couldn't leave." Isabella smiled before continuing with, "Why I had to be around you every minute of every day." The moment of happiness, thinking of her eagerness to return to Alice was replaced with the truth of how eager she was to leave Alice when it mattered the most.

"But, then?" Alice added, pulling Isabella from her twisted thoughts.

Alice stood before the woman she had only just reconciled with, wondering if the pain she was continuing to feel was ever going to end. Would the two of them ever be fully . . . okay?

"But then I knew it was love. I mean it had to be love, right?" Isabella's eyes shifted around the room as she searched her brain for words. "I mean, I have never known real love and I have never felt anything as good and as powerful as this thing I feel for you, Alice. So wouldn't that make this love?"

Isabella quickly paced the small space before the window in silence before continuing, "What am I saying? I know without question, Alice . . . I love you. I love you, Alice Cullen." Isabella all but screamed as she walked towards Alice, taking the woman in her arms.

Each time Isabella said the words it all made more sense to her. She finally knew she was making the right choice and there was no one better than Alice. But Alice wasn't as positive. She walked out of Isabella's arms and around to the opposite side of her bed.

Quietly, Alice looked at Isabella, only her mind moving faster each second. She knew she still loved Isabella and doubted anything would change that. Alice thought about how she felt all of those days and nights as she waited on her heart to return to her and now that it had she stood as far from it as her room would allow. Even at the short distance she ached to be in Isabella's arms again.

Did it matter that Isabella didn't do things right the first time? How would Isabella know what love was or what they had found in each other? Isabella didn't have what Alice had; years and years of examples of friendship, companionship, compassion, and love.

The longer Alice stood there only staring at the woman she wanted to take and hide away, the woman whose heart that claimed her from the start, the more she felt anything that had happened before that moment no longer mattered. This was their beginning and Alice wasn't going to miss it.

"Alice, please say something," Isabella begged. "Please?" Isabella reached out her hand towards Alice, over the bed that separated them.

Alice took a hold of Isabella's hand as she climbed into the bed, standing on her knees. With a soft pull of her hand, Alice motioned for Isabella to do the same.

At the feel of Alice's hand in hers, Isabella felt like she was whole again. It was a feeling she didn't know what she has been doing without or before Alice. She couldn't comprehend what she had when she found her but undoubtedly missed when Alice was gone from her side. Isabella let out a relieving breath as the smile on Alice's face grew at Isabella's approach.

"I love you, Isabella. I've loved you, I think, from the moment I first saw you. I can't breathe when you aren't near and right now I feel like I have somehow managed to dream a real dream at the sight of you here in my room." Alice looked around the space that was once a place of singularity, but no longer. "No, this is our room now. What is mine is yours and together we will have so much more as ours. I want and I need you. The one thing I have come to know these last few weeks is that no matter what anyone else says or does, it will always be me and you. I plan on spending the rest of my existence proving this to you."

Isabella looked down at their joined hands. Her eyes burned from a deep need to cry at the sound of Alice's words, but there could never be tears. And while there was once a time where that inability to show a needed emotion, a release, made Isabella despise her life, now it was a welcome limitation because the abnormality that made it so also made her able to love Alice for longer than she even deserved. Lifting their joined hands to her lips, Isabella kissed the back of Alice's hand. She allowed the feel of Alice's skin on hers to sink deep into the part of her that once objected and feared contact.

"I will never deserve you, Alice."

Isabella gracefully pulled Alice closer to her body. It was Alice who pressed her lips to Isabella's, no longer able to stand being apart. Alice's hand slid around Isabella's neck as she rubbed her thumbs across Alice's lower back and hips. Their body slowly melding together, finding desire in the other and a growing comfort ability in each other's presence.

Alice pulled away from Isabella's embrace slowly, her hands wrapped around Isabella's long ponytail, removing the binding that held it into place. Dark brown strands spread across Isabella's neck and shoulders. Alice ran her hand from Isabella's cheek and through the dark curtain of hair that started at Isabella's temple, all the way down to their curly ends. Isabella closed her eyes at Alice's intimate touch, kissing Alice's wrist and forearm as they passed before her face. The feel of Alice's nails softly running across Isabella's scalp, reminded her of how it used to feel when her mother would brush her hair. That was all Isabella had as a basis to love. When her mother was brushing her hair there was never anger. It was just gentle and warm, and despite the length of time consuming it, it was their perfect time together.


"Yes, dear," Alice responded. She looked at Isabella's face and saw her eyes closed and her body relaxed.

"Would you do that again?"

"Do what?"

Isabella opened her eyes but felt too shy to look into Alice's face. With her eyes cast down, looking at the dark space their two bodies created, Isabella said, "Run your hands through my hair again?"

Alice's heart exploded with happiness and her smile showed as much. She wanted to give Isabella everything; this simple pleasure only being the beginning.

Alice moved away from Isabella, propping the pillows of her bed up along the head board. As Alice took off her shoes, Isabella watched as Alice made herself comfortable in the large bed.

"Come, babe," Alice called to Isabella, patting her lap. Quickly Isabella discarded her own shoes, before laying her head in Alice's lap.

Alice's fingers quickly returned to their task, combing through a section of Isabella's hair at a time. Isabella laid completely still on Alice's lap, a hand resting on each side of Alice's legs; one rubbed circles on Alice's exposed thigh. Time moved around them as it always had.


The morning sun found the two women in Alice's bed still. Isabella was palpable in Alice's hands. Alice continued to comfort Isabella as the night moved on.

Isabella's mind raced over accepting this new feeling that she could only call real happiness, completeness. For so long Isabella remembered she knew occasional moments of happiness, such as when she realized she had real friends in Leah and Carmen. With Alice nothing was missing; she felt fullness, a euphoria that was as indescribable. There were still mountains to be climbed, such as the hurdle that was Alice's family, but for the first time in her life Isabella knew she was not going to give up because this time quitting would cost her far too much.

Alice smiled as she held on tighter to the woman in her arms. Through the night, as she combed her fingers through Isabella's long tresses, she vowed to herself to comfort the fragile girl for as long as it took. Nothing would get in the way of her loving the gentle soul of Isabella. Alice hoped and prayed that her family understood the feelings that she had for Isabella; they had all experienced it too. Alice knew definitively if she had to choose between the woman who was still very much a stranger and the family that rescued her, she knew she would choose this woman. She was prepared to spend all of her days convincing Isabella of just that fact.

Alice mind reeled over the idea of this thought over and over.

Sometime during the night, Alice wondered if Edward had been paying any attention to her thoughts, if Jasper had picked up on her love for Isabella, or if any of them had heard their conversation. Alice hoped that they all might have heard and now knew and understood: Isabella was it for her.

The early morning sunlight poured through the still open curtains. It broke through the window pane with yellow and orange rays. The light fell directly onto Isabella and Alice; their unique skin lightening up the space with a bright multitude of color and rainbows.

"Oh my goodness," Alice gasped, looking at the colors that landed on her white walls.

Alice had admired her own diamond color effect many times, but now with Isabella's added shine her room had never sparkled so brightly.

"What? What is it?" Isabella asked, rolling onto her back.

Alice eyes followed the light that moved with Isabella's body.

"We're beautiful," Alice held her hand out in front of their faces as they both lay on their backs.

Isabella looked over into Alice's genuine awe struck face and smiled. Repeatedly, she lifted her hand out before her and mimicked Alice's movements.

"I mean of course I've seen our colors before, but this is so much brighter, so mesmerizing," Alice paused looking into Isabella's clear gray eyes, which turned to look at her. "So unique."

Isabella moved to her side, taking Alice in her arms and covering her lips in a slow kiss.

"You're always beautiful, Alice," Isabella responded.

"So are you, love."

"No beauty compares to you, Alice, physically or otherwise." Isabella stroked Alice cheek.

There was nothing to rush out of the bed for. The two moved from the others reach yet; staying in physical contact at all times. There were stories told and more explanations given. There were moments where tears should have been shed if possible. The laughs were the best part, along with the ability to say they were getting to know one another. They didn't watch the sun set, but instead the diming of their own colors along the walls.

"Tell me more about your gift," Alice asked after comfortable silence sat between them.

The two of them set apart from one another, legs folded underneath them. Isabella played with her fingers as Alice toyed with the pillow that lay in her lap.

"Gift? No . . . I don't see it that way. Besides you pretty much know everything."

"I think it's a gift."

"It hasn't given me anything good. It normally shows me things I don't care to see." Isabella folded her arms, looking out the window. The sun had set but it was far from dark.

"Not a single sight of something good?"

"Nothing about the past is good, or could possibly be good." Isabella attempted to look everywhere but at Alice, and Alice knew it. "I think you have a gift," Isabella continued, forcing a smile.

"Yeah, it can be good. It's how I found my family. It's how I help to keep us safe, but that can change with the switch of a thought. It can be good and bad."

"Why is that?"

"It's hard sometimes knowing everything before it happens. Life should be exciting; munexpected. My gift," Alice pointed a finger at herself, "can sometimes take that away." Alice took Isabella by the hand before continuing, "I did try to use it though to look for you," she confessed.

"You did?"

"I thought that if I could just 'see' you then I could find you . . . maybe even convince you to stay. But it didn't work."

"What do you mean, Alice? You did find me."

"Not because I could see you but because I was able to see my family. I don't know which of my sibling's decision I was seeing, but because of it I was able to stop it. See? Something good."

Alice looked to Isabella who didn't look much convince by Alice's words. Siting her pillow to the side Alice moved closer to her.

"I'm so sorry for the piece of your past you do remember. I hate that the first use of your gift was so . . . graphic," Alice said as she searched Isabella's eyes. "But now you have something to look back on and I hope it makes you happy."

Isabella smile slowly grew as her eyes drifted around the room as if a clue to what Alice implied was present.

Finally, giving up on finding the answer, Isabella said, "What's that, Alice?"

"We got to meet. Or at least I hope that was a good thing."

"Of course it was! It was the best thing that ever happened to me, Alice, but it was a rocky start."

"We will make up for that." Alice crawled into Isabella's arms. With Isabella hands in Alice's hair and her arm around her waist, their slow kiss was deep and playful.

Isabella was finding her comfort in being able to touch Alice so freely; something she wanted to do from the first time she saw her. She pulled Alice completely over her body, making her hold on the girl tighter. Isabella prayed there would never be a day she would have to go without Alice's touch again.

"Alice, why do you think we don't see each other's past and future?"

"I don't know," Alice said, before continuing, "Maybe because I don't think much about my past . . . I don't remember most of it; and you never think about your future . . . You keep running away from it."

Isabella thought on Alice's words and for the moment she did think on the idea she believed Alice was correct. It made sense to Isabella that Alice would not think about a past that was filled with abandonment, mental hospitals, and waking up alone, not knowing who or what she was. Isabella fought the thoughts of her past tooth and nail, until nothing could make them rear their ugly head.

She couldn't speak for Alice but she knew her own future didn't really mean much to her before she met a golden-eyed vampire wondering the forest. She still didn't understand how Alice didn't see her decision to run away; the one decision that was always set in stone. Then Isabella thought that maybe it was the slightest shadow of doubt she always had about what she should do with herself, even before meeting Alice. Leaving her circuses was always a plan but there were always moments she hoped for another option. Could it be that the small grain of hope shielded her future from Alice's eyes? It was something to think about.

Alice watched Isabella's face from her place across Isabella's lap. She watched as the muscles in Isabella's face twitched slightly. The look in Isabella eyes was far off, looking past the now. Alice had mentally notated the small mannerism as Isabella's tell. Alice knew Isabella was thinking and she was okay with knowing that she wouldn't know what Isabella was thinking-what she had decided on-until Isabella made the decision to tell Alice, herself. And even then, the knowledge would come verbally, not psychically.

"Does it bother you that you can't see me? Does it bother you that I could be a threat to you, to your family, and not know it?

Alice sat up from her relaxed position; her actions caused Isabella to sit up as well. Alice wanted to make sure Isabella understood every word she was going to say.

"Isabella, I know you are not a threat to me. I may not be able to see your decisions but Edward can read your thoughts and Jasper can sense your emotions. If they thought we were in any physical danger they would not be hesitant to act."

Isabella bowed her head. She asked for that answer and really she already knew it to be true. She knew Edward and Jasper had already assessed her threat to their life the moment Alice escorted her into their yard, let alone their home. Yet there was a sting to hearing Alice say the very words aloud.

Alice knew Isabella's thoughts had turn to the worst. She quickly added, "There are so many ways for a threat to be assessed, but Isabella, I know you are no danger to me or my family because of one reason," Alice said as she placed her hand over Isabella's silent heart.

"This is the part of you that speaks to me, that tells me that every word you have been brave enough to tell me is true, that from this moment forward you will do nothing to hurt me intentionally," Alice added.

Isabella slowly placed her hand over Alice's chest, just as Alice's hand was placed on her chest.

"Our gifts—our power— are important, they are helpful, but they are not who we are, Isabella. I am content with not seeing your decisions and I hope you are okay with not seeing my past."

Isabella nodded her head at Alice's words. She didn't need to see Alice's past to know that she had always been good.

"So we complement each other," Isabella whispered, her voice lost to the emotions she felt for the woman who was touching her soul.

"Yeah, we do."

There were no more rainbows on the walls. Alice's scent was still there but its heavy saturation was more like a subtle reminder of where Isabella was and who she was with. Isabella could hear Alice's family moving about the house around her. She thought of if one day they would be family to her as well, or would she always be, in their eyes, "the one who hurt Alice." She stroked Alice's back as she stared into the ceiling, trying to think of her future, but it still would not come to her.

Isabella knew there must have been something wrong with her. Why couldn't she see a future that seemed so clear; so obvious? As sure as Alice was sitting in her arms, she knew she wasn't going anywhere; not this time. It pained her to know that Alice's siblings didn't approve of her, but deep down inside she didn't care. She wanted to be selfish and she was going to be selfish by giving Alice everything she could; including the future she couldn't fathom in her own mind. Though their tomorrow was unthinkable for her, Isabella's mind was far from vacant of a thought of Alice. Alice's skin, her touch, her smell, and the sound of her voice was drawing Isabella in and holding her captive.

Isabella moved her hand up Alice's thigh to the hips that sat just above them. Alice could feel Isabella's hands trembling on her skin. They shared nervousness, but there was no other place Alice wanted to be.

Isabella had already noted her obsession with the skin of Alice's abdomen. It was as a forbidden fruit that made her fingers tingle at the tips and tasted sinfully sweet on her tongue. Her thumb circled over the flesh that covered Alice's hip. She placed a feather light trail of kisses from her left side toward her belly button. Alice scent smothered her and ignited a feeling in her she had only felt from the woman who lay before her. That feeling was hot and deep and made the life force of their bodies rush and her flesh sensitive. Her hands moved on their own seeking out some part of Alice to touch. Her breathing became ragged and unsteady. When she held her breath she could feel it pulsating in her chest like a long gone heartbeat. It was a long needy feeling that Isabella welcomed and yet felt she couldn't control.

Isabella circled her nose around Alice's belly button holding her lips there as she tasted the skin with her tongue. Alice breath caught in her throat. She pulled at the sheets at her side as her legs trembled. Alice liked the hot feeling that overcame her at such closeness and intimacy. She needed Isabella and the kisses that continued down the right side of her body towards her hips. She felt the trail of heat that was left behind as Isabella teased her along her right side, towards her collar bone, her neck and finally her lips. Isabella weight on her body was oddly comfortable and welcomed. Alice raised her leg to force Isabella to sink further into her waiting full body embrace.

Isabella looked deep into Alice's eyes.

"I don't know what to do," Isabella confessed.

"I don't either," Alice whispered. "I've never . . ."

"Me either."

Isabella stroked Alice's cheek as she continued to look into her face. A smile spread across Alice's lips that only made Isabella smile.

"What are you smiling about?" Isabella touched Alice's lips making her smile harder.

Alice ran her finger into the front of Isabella hair. Isabella's eyes closed at her lover's touch and she placed a kiss onto Alice's wrist.

"Maybe this is intimate enough for us. We don't really have to rush anything."

Isabella sighed, "Yeah, I know but, I don't want to wait."

"You don't?"

"No, Alice. I want to be closer and closer to you. I feel like we have already waited long enough for one another. I want to give you something that I have never given anybody before."

"You already have," Alice said as she placed her hand over the spot where Isabella's heart once beat.

Isabella nodded her head. None had ever had her heart and now Alice did. She had never felt more comfortable, more alive more needed and above all else, more wanted than she did with Alice. With that thought Isabella pushed her fears a side and made love to Alice.

Moans fell from their lips as the tentatively touched each other's flesh hidden below clothes. They undressed each other; exposing themselves more and more. Neither woman had ever been seen so openly but it was Isabella who attempted to hide herself. She felt there was no beauty about in her; nothing compared to Alice's small doll like frame.

"You just don't see yourself clearly," Alice said. She looked deep into Isabella's eyes before continuing, "you are very beautiful and there is nothing to make me change how I see you."

Unfolding Isabella's arms, Alice trailed her hand along Isabella's collarbone. Her skin felt warm to Alice's touch but she knew it was an illusion of their similar temperature. With her hand flat on Isabella's stomach she stretched her body to kiss the girl shaking in her arms. Isabella calmed beneath the kiss; her eyes closed and in her mind she didn't worry about anything but the feelings Alice gave her. Alice slowed the deep kiss down to a peck. Taking advantage of Isabella calm body and closed eyes, Alice chanced looking at her mate. As her eyes moved further down the woman's body so did her hand. A feather touch made Alice more and more acquainted with the skin between Isabella's breast and the shape of her sides and hips.

"Beautiful," Alice whispered.

Isabella opened her eyes looking down to find Alice's doll face staring up at her. Alice gently pushed her timid lover until she laid flat on her back. Without saying a word Alice climbed across her lover, fully exposing her own naked body for Isabella to see. Alice had never had someone see her so openly but she knew in her heart of hearts that no one would ever see her as Isabella saw her; physically or otherwise.

Shy looks gave way to looks of heated determination. Kisses and touches overtook the shy and timid movements. The longer Alice and Isabella stayed in each other's arm the more uncertainty of their decision began to fade away. Isabella allowed her hands to live out the fantasies her mind had dreamed up every time she watched the way Alice moved, heard Alice's voice, or thought of Alice's scent. Her nighttime thoughts, her faux dreams for the human's sake were filled with possibilities of moments of sex and passion with Alice and with the gift finally in her hand, she never wanted to let it go.

Together they extinguished desire that they conjured up in each other and let go in places of new feelings and passion.

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