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Eight months later:

"Draco please, stop that." Harry was trying to focus on his notes for his upcoming NEWTs when his fiancé walked in and started kissing his neck and rubbing his big, swollen belly.

"Harry love, you know you're beautiful like this." Draco whispered into his ear, cold lips sucking at his ear lobe.

"Draco please I have to study."

"I know, but I haven't seen you all day."

"I've been in here, besides Millie was with me." Harry and his aunt had grown closer than ever since he told her about the pregnancy. She had been giving him tips on taking care of himself when his ankles would swell up, his back would hurt, and the baby would be kicking like mad against his ribs.

Millie of course had given birth just a month ago, a bit early but her son was born healthy thank Merlin. Harry and Draco fell in love with the little boy, he looked so much like his daddy but he had his mother's eyes, and his daddy's nose but it was smaller; not to mention his full head of dark auburn hair. They named him Damien Atticus Snape, and the name definitely suited him. Brianna loved him too, but she kept calling him Damy.

"I miss you." Pale lips kissed him. "C'mon take a break for a few minutes."

"Dray, I'm pregnant, I'm tired, I wanna read, now let me be in peace!" Harry's hormones were off the charts, half the time he'd be crying, shouting, angry, all due to the pregnancy but the first outburst had really thrown Draco off, literally and earned him three days on the couch. Millie told him it was common with pregnancies, the two would just have to go along with it.

"Ok love, as you wish." One more kiss and Draco produced a steaming mug of Harry's favorite drink; hot cocoa with little marshmallows.

"Oh Dray you spoil me." Harry sipped the drink, he'd been having nothing but cocoa every evening. The baby liked it too much; this kid was going to be spoiled rotten by his grandparents and his great aunt and uncle.

"I have to, no husband of mine will want for anything pregnant or not." Draco just loved him, and despite all the hardships and the rivalries both wizards knew each other very very well.

When they get married Draco and Harry wanted more children, Harry wanted at least two more and Draco agreed maybe three was enough. Harry of course agreed when Lucius told them they had to settle down and at least get jobs to support the family. True Harry had a fortune behind him but he didn't want to be a lazy rich lord.

They wanted to marry after they graduated and with the baby on the way both boys decided a spring wedding would suffice. Everything was planned out, it would be held at Malfoy Manor in the best garden planted by Narcissa, with all their family and friends joining them to celebrate their big day. Once the wedding was over they would honeymoon in Venice, Italy where the Malfoys owned a huge villa near the beach; and then they would move into a large house left behind by the Frayne Family that originally belonged to Lily but now belonged to Harry.

They didn't want to leave the baby behind, but Millie said that she and Narcissa would watch the kids for a couple of weeks until the boys returned. She offered to do so if they took care of their child as they should which they agreed to, neither one would dare hurt or neglect their baby. After what Harry had been through he had promised himself he would never treat his children the same way.

"Thanks." Harry finished the chocolate drink and set his mug down. "Maybe a break won't hurt." Harry tried to stand up but as he did he felt a sharp pain shoot through his abdomen.

"You ok Harry?" Draco went to his side.

"Yeah, just those stupid Braxton Hicks contractions…been having them all afternoon."

"Are you in labor?"

"No, my water hasn't broken yet and besides if I were in labor I'd be screaming bloody murder don't you think?" Draco nodded.

"Yeah you would, here go sit on the bed." Draco helped him into the bedroom, and as Harry walked the pains got worse.


"Baby wants to meet us soon." Draco kissed his tummy as Harry laid back on the bed. Harry tried to smile but then a huge sharp jab through his stomach made him wince and groan. Just as he was about to sit up and lean on the pillows, his pants suddenly felt wet.


"Yeah love?"

"I think my water just broke." Right as he said that the contractions started. "Ow! Oooh…Draco get help!" the pain got worse, and Draco immediately sent out his patronus to summon Millie and Poppy. No doubt Severus would be there but he had classes, unless he gave a study group which he never did.

"Take it easy Harry; just breathe like they told you." Harry began his breathing, Draco quickly summoned water and towels, and then the door slammed open. Millie and Poppy ran inside and took their positions, as if they were expecting this to happen.

"How long has he been in labor?" Poppy looked at Draco.

"His water just broke moments ago, but the contractions are speeding up is that supposed to happen?"

"No, not quite; Harry let me take off your pants ok?" Harry nodded and let Poppy spell away his pants. She looked him over and cleared the way; the baby would be born any miute.

"Ugh…ow…" another contraction hit.

"Hmm, this has happened before but it's nothing to worry about. Harry you'll be ready once you're fully dilated, that should only take an hour or less."

"AN HOUR?" Harry shouted as another contraction hit.

"Just keep breathing Harry, it helps." Millie soothed taking his hand in her own.


"Shh, he's in class right now honey but he'll be here once he lets out."

"What'd you do with Brianna and Damien?" Draco asked.

"Minerva and Hermione are watching them, they know what's going on but they agreed Poppy and I should be here for now." Millie hadn't left the children alone in weeks, she spent as much time with them as she could and when Severus, Draco, and Harry wanted to help she rested. The separation between Millie and Brianna had been agonizing for the poor woman, as it would be for any good mother.

"Owww…" Harry knew the contractions would be killer, but he wanted his baby and he wanted him or her now. "D-Draco…"

"I'm here love I'm here." Draco kissed his forehead after blotting the sweat away. "Just think, think about our wedding, and think about the honeymoon we'll be taking. The beaches, the sand between your toes, the cool water, the elegant sights…just picture it love." Harry started to do so, but it was all until he pictured him and Draco naked in the sand the contractions hit again.

"Ugh!" Harry felt the contractions getting closer and closer, but until Poppy said he was ready to push he wouldn't be able to do anything. "Poppy…please tell me it's almost time?"

"I wish I could dear, but you're not fully dilated yet." Harry groaned in pain.

"I…hate this pain!"

"It'll pass soon Harry, take it from someone who knows." Millie combed his hair from his sweaty forehead. "Here, see if this helps." She handed him a potion.

"What's that?" Draco looked at it.

"It's a pain potion, it won't fully take away the pain but it'll make it manageable for a little bit." Poppy answered him.

"It won't hurt…the baby will it?" Harry panted.

"No dear, it's harmless to the child." Harry shakily took the vial and gulped down the contents. Seconds passed and though he still felt the pain it wasn't as bad as before. "How do you feel?"

"B-Better…" Harry continued his breathing, and then went back to imagining the wedding and the honeymoon to come. "I can't…wait until we get married Draco…"

"Me either love, just you and me together…forever."


"I thought the potion was helping?"

"It is, but Harry…you'll be ready to push soon you just have two more centimeters to go." Poppy wiped his legs down with a cool rag, and Harry felt the need to push coming closer.

"Easy Harry, breathe in and out, in and out…" Draco whispered.

"SHUT UP!" Harry felt the pain increase in just seconds, the potion wore off fast. "You're not the one pushing out a live human being through your arse!" he crushed Draco's hand as he shouted.


"Easy Harry, alright now take a few deep breaths…and when I count to three I want you to push alright?" Harry nodded immediately. "One, two, three!"

"AAAAGGGHHH!" Harry felt the push, and it was painful. He felt the pain lessen but stopped as he was able to breathe again.

"Ok good Harry good, if this goes well your baby will be here in no time." Millie gave him a gentle smile while Poppy rolled up her sleeves.

"I want…my baby…" he panted.

"We'll have our baby soon love, really soon." Draco was rubbing his sore hand from Harry's tight grip, but put his arm under Harry's head while he caught his breath.

"I don't care what it is…I just want my child…" Harry kissed Draco briefly before feeling the need to push again. "P-Poppy…"

"On three Harry, one, two, three!"

"AAGHHH!" that push felt shorter than the last one; Harry was just desperate to have his baby in his arms, and now.

"Good job Harry, the head is coming out. Just a couple of pushes should do it, alright deep breath…" Harry breathed in. "One, two, three!" Harry screamed loudly as he pushed hard, after this push and a second he would see his child. "Good, good…alright one more Harry the baby's almost out."

"Can you see them Draco?" Draco took a quick peek over Harry's legs.

"Yes love, just one more big push and we'll be done." Harry smiled but grimaced at the pain.

"One more Harry, take a good deep breath. One, two, three!"

"AAAAAAGHHHHH!" One great big push happened, Harry pushed as hard as he could and once he stopped screaming he heard a second scream matching his own. "Aunt Millie…?" he looked between the other three in the room, all smiling and Millie had tears in her eyes.

"Congratulations you two, it's a healthy baby boy." The crying continued and a few moments later Poppy held up a blue bundle handing it to Harry. Harry cried as he felt his son move in the blanket, and the cries stopped as he rocked the child back and forth.

"He's beautiful; you two did a fantastic job." Millie kissed them both. The little boy had dark brown hair but not a full head, and when his eyes opened they looked exactly like Draco's silver ones. He was a handsome little child. "Your parents would be so proud of you Harry."

"Thanks Aunt Millie." Harry kissed his son and let Draco hold him for a few moments. "I suppose he'll call me mummy when he can talk." Draco just laughed.

"Oh no, if I'm daddy then you are papa that's all. Unless you want to be called mummy…." Harry laughed but laid back against his pillows, glad that the birth was over.

"So what're you going to name him?" Poppy spelled the sheets clean and emptied the water basin. Harry and Draco exchanged looks, and then looked back to the two women.

"We'll tell you when everyone else comes in."

"You're up for visitors?" Millie had told Harry once he gave birth he would need a lot of rest.

"Just for a bit, I'm sure Hermione and Uncle Sev will want to know how this went." He would've said Dumbledore but the man was away on a trip and wouldn't return until the next day.

"I'll go get them." Poppy escorted herself out with the basin. Millie pulled up a chair and watched the two boys, just full of happiness for them. They had come a long way since Harry was rescued from the Dursleys, and while the Dursleys were rotting in jail and the boy was in foster care Harry was engaged and now a daddy, happy as can be.

"Would you like to hold him auntie?" Millie just burst into happy tears, but nodded as Draco passed over the baby boy into her arms.

"Ohh, Harry he almost looks like you when you were a baby, but such beautiful eyes." Harry smiled; all of this was because Millie had saved him with Dumbledore. His life had gotten so much better, ever since they'd met and it was heavenly. Lily would be so proud of her sister and son if she were here right now, but they both knew she and James were.

"Your parents are going to be over the moon now that they have a grandson." Harry looked at Draco.

"Oh yes, mother's going to spoil him rotten."

"At least until we have another one."

"Not for a few more years you won't." Millie gave them a warning stare.

"We know, we know." Harry lay back against the pillows to relax, and just after he got comfortable there came a knock at the door. "Come in." Hermione and Severus came into the room, with Brianna and Damien in their arms.

"How are you Harry?" Severus looked at him as he set Brianna down.

"Better, so much better." Harry pointed to his son in Millie's arms, and he saw the former dungeon bat's eyes water at the sight. "It's a boy."

"Oh he's so cute, look Damien it's your cousin!" Hermione held up Damien to see the baby, and the little boy just giggled. Brianna looked up at her mother, and smiled big at the tiny baby.

"Baby!" she'd picked up a few new words but still couldn't speak in complete sentences.

"Yes Brianna this is Harry's baby."

"Hawwy's baby!" she cheered, her r's still sounded like w's.

"Ok, here daddy." Millie handed the baby back to Harry, and while Harry settled him into his arms everyone just melted at the sight of father and son. "So tell us Harry, what's his name?" Harry and Draco smiled, and Draco stepped forward.

"His name is Severus Lucius Potter-Malfoy." All their eyes widened in surprise. "We decided to name him after two men who helped us through everything, if it weren't for you and Camille we might not have gotten together in the first place."

"Not to mention all the years you put up with us, family or not." Harry laughed and the potions master had tears falling slowly down his pale cheeks. "Oh Uncle don't do that…"

"I'm not crying, I'm just happy." Millie hugged Severus as he wiped his eyes.

"Would you like to hold him?" Harry held out little Sev to his great uncle, and while Severus took the little man into his arms more tears began to fall.

"Should I write to Fred and the others?" Hermione asked.

"Go on ahead, I'm sure they'll be overjoyed." Harry answered and Hermione summoned some paper and ink before writing some quick letters to the twins, Remus, Tonks, and the rest of the Weasleys. After Molly, Ron, and Ginny's deaths the family hadn't done much, but they were making it together, especially when Charlie chose to move back home for a bit to help Arthur. Bill and his new wife Fleur stuck around plenty to help as well, but the loss stuck with them and the twins. Percy went to Azkaban for life but the last anyone heard he'd gone mad from several head wounds after being ganged upon by the other inmates.

Harry and Draco held each other gently as they watched their family coo over the newborn, it was a sight to behold and now that the war was over everyone was at peace. Draco kissed Harry on the lips and Harry kissed back as Brianna suddenly crawled up into the bed and napped next to her big cousin. Harry held her close and Draco put a blanket over her.

"Our family…"

"It'll only get better from here love, so much better now that we have our son."

"Yes, yes it will." Harry and Draco came a long way, and it would only get better for them.

It did get better, after Harry gave birth to little Severus he rested and took his NEWTs; his scores came in a dead tie with Hermione's and to celebrate Millie and Severus threw a huge party at Hogwarts for all the seventh years and their families for their help in the war. Dumbledore returned and congratulated Harry and Draco on the birth of their son, but also came to announce his retirement. He had decided he'd taught long enough and fought just enough in his life, but he would always be around when they needed him.

Severus took over as headmaster, after Minerva declined the offer because she felt the same and chose to remain the Deputy Headmistress and Transfiguration professor until Tonks took over for her. Tonks and Remus had gotten married just a year after little Sev's birth, and they were now expecting their own little bundle of joy; Tonks quit as an Auror but offered to come around if needed, and decided to apprentice under Minerva until she retired after the term. Remus on the other hand got his old job back as DADA professor, which Severus offered because the man deserved it and he needed the work. Millie took over as potions professor which she loved, and made the Wolfsbane potion each month for Remus when needed and helped him through the tough stages afterwards. She and Severus made time for their family though, since Brianna was now three and a half and Damien was one; they weren't counting on having anymore children but they were still young enough to have at least one more.

Harry and Draco married in the spring like they wanted, and went on a two week honeymoon in Venice which they loved but also hated because they missed their baby boy. When they returned they moved into the house left to Harry by his mother, big and quiet enough for their family. Harry took a job as an Auror just because he had new and recent experience with fighting dark wizards, and Draco decided to become a healer at St. Mungo's wanting to help people which made his parents proud. Lucius and Narcissa loved their grandson, and soon enough they would have another grandchild on the way.

Harry was now five months pregnant with their second child, and their life was just full of busy surprises. Draco was hoping for a girl, but Harry truly didn't care as long as the baby was healthy. They both had a loving life and family, but they weren't the only ones.

Sometime after graduating Fred proposed to Hermione; they had been engaged for half a year and were due to get married in a month. Hermione had a job as Kingsley's right hand woman, and she took part in reshaping the laws to make them fairer and helped fix the laws concerning magical creatures. Fred of course still ran the shop with George, and their business had expanded far and wide bringing in good paychecks for their families. George was engaged to Angelina Johnson and they were due to get married after Hermione and Fred.

Bill and Fleur had a son just a month ago, born early but otherwise healthy. They named him Arthur Louis Weasley, and he was a happy little boy with all his cousins, blood and not-blood related. The Weasley family grew, and it would continue to grow when Charlie and his fiancé, dragon tamer Michael Nesbitt, tied the knot in the upcoming year.

Harry's scar hadn't burned him in months, everything was finally at peace and all was well in the magical world.

The End

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