Hannibal's daughter

A/N this came to me watching a film with my mum and it's completely random I have no idea whether this will work so bear with me Italics are flashbacks.

Chapter one

Genevieve stood as the coffin was lowered into the ground. There were no mourners except for her and her mother, nobody else came, nobody else cared. Her father was dead, there should have been people here to say goodbye but there wasn't only her and her mother stood by the grave. She looked at the headstone, black and plain with gold lettering "Hannibal Lecter" nothing more. Her mother had insisted on the headstone and paid for it. Everyone wanted to leave it unmarked, the empty grave.

She was five. She was on the floor in the living room with her colouring pencils drawing in her colouring book, father crept up silently behind her and lifted her squealing into the air and hugging her close laughing.

She had seen the newspaper articles.


She knew what her father had done.

Mother was cooking in the kitchen, father hugged her and smiling kissed her as she cooked. He released her and started to help her cook all the while whistling happily.

Clarice gently took Genevieve's hand and led her away as the funeral ended. She looked back; the grave was hidden under the shade of a huge oak tree.

"Goodbye H" she whispered.

A/N ok can you tell me what you think and if I should extend this? It is just an experiment into what would happen if Hannibal had a family and then died. His daughter reconciling her father with the serial killer tell me what you think!