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Chapter Two

Clarice lay alone in her bed staring at the empty ceiling. She remembered the evening that Hannibal died clearly, every detail.

She and Hannibal had been taking a stroll just the two of them. Genevieve is home. They are just having some alone time. She remembers the sun shining down on them. They came to a park; it was deserted so Hannibal had removed his hat and sunglasses that disguised him in public enjoying the sun on his face. That was when the trouble started. Someone saw them, someone saw Hannibal.

Police were rung. Clarice and Hannibal had disappeared desperate to get home to Genevieve. They never made it, a shot rang out and Hannibal grunted breathing heavily and temporarily faltering in his step. Clarice looked over her shoulder; a police officer had shot Hannibal. She wrapped her arms around him to urge him forward. Another shot, Hannibal cried out as this one hit his side.

"H you can't die please!" Clarice was begging as she tried to half drag him to their home where he could be saved. He went limp as the last shot hit his lungs. Clarice stumbled to the ground as Hannibal's legs gave in; he was gasping trying to breath. Clarice sobbed as she wrapped her arms around him, the last time she would ever hold him.

Clarice woke up drenched in sweat. She replayed that day every night as she slept. She remembered people trying to either pull her from the body or screaming out obscenities.

The murderers whore! Clarice saw the police officer. She still lay on the ground with her arms around Hannibal, she screamed out at him.

"You shot my husband! He wasn't doing anything, you killed him!" that police officer had gone white and was shaking; he was a junior and had a trigger finger.

She heard a quite tap on her door and got up. Genevieve was at her door and looked like she had been crying. Clarice picked her up and led her over to her bed allowing her to snuggle in and lie her head on her chest.


"Yes Genevieve"

"Why did Daddy have to die?"

"Because he did bad things"

"He killed people"


"But Daddy was good"

Clarice sighed.

"Yes Daddy was good to his family. But he was also very bad and that is why he died"

Both fell silent and soon Genevieve was asleep in Clarice's arms.

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