I know I know I know I know….. I'm sorry guys, this is the last one I promise. For some reason I've been on a Fairy Tail binge and I haven't been able to get it out of my head for some reason. This one will be slightly different. And the updates for this particular story will be slower, cause I am not sure about future events occurring. Also, there will be scenes that are just written a little differently than the cannon with Naruto portraying them. You'll all see what I mean.

Anyways on with the story

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Chapter 1: Chosen One of Fairy Tail

"Wh-where am I." A boy with blonde hair muttered tiredly to himself as he floated through a space of nothingness. He looked to be about 16, whisker-like marks adorned each side of his face. His clothes were all torn up and bloodied as he floated through space. His jacket was torn open revealing his black undershirt which was ripped to shreds. He looked out as he saw some droplets of his own blood floating above him.

"War…." He mumbled. "Did….. we win?" He asked himself as he continued to float into nothingness. "What…. happened?" His eyes drooped. "I'm….. so…. tired…." He said trying to regain his energy. "…..Was it Madara….. Or Obito…. Whatever his name was…" He tired to scrunched his face trying to remember past events, but there was no more energy left within his body. "Can't….. too tired…" Were his last words before drifting into unconsciousness.

Magic Guild Fairy Tail: Year X789:

"Damn." Said a dark skinned man as he scanned the 'Request Board' on the wall in front of him. "It looks like we aren't getting many jobs today." The man had a tribal look to his clothing. His most prominent feature to his outfit was a light red cape that was tied in a knot on the front. He had a fur loincloth that was darker in color, with a lighter part hanging over it. A belt could be found divided in round squares around the waist. The man also had his forearms and calves wrapped up in bandages. A large, roundish red feather could be found to the right side of the band circling his head. Around his neck was a necklace of skulls that draped over his cape.

"Well what do you expect Nab?" Came the voice of another walking up behind him. "We're just a minor guild now. We can't expect too many jobs." He sighed. "Times are rough indeed." The man had beige hair that was longer and wavy that fell down around his face. The man sported a small goatee on his chin. He had on a flat brown vest covered by a dark pattern, composed of countless minuscule circles or squares, over his shirt, black in color, and was wearing light brown pants. They were held up by a bright brown belt with a simple metal buckle, with each leg being seemingly adorned by a line of studs on the inner part. "It's not like when we did have a ton of jobs you took any to begin with." He smirked.

"I'm just waiting for the right job to come along Max." The man huffed indignantly before looking away. Max sighed again before looking around the guild hall.

"Man." He said to himself. "How far we have fallen." He looked around the cluttered old tavern. It was only slightly dirty, kept clean by the efforts of the guilds barmaid Kinana. Kinana is a relatively petite girl with violet-colored hair and green eyes. She had a figure that made many eyes turn towards her as she passed by them. She wore a light green dress that was adorned with white and green laces along with a green ribbon attached on her large chest.

Max watched as she picked up some glasses from the broken down tables humming to herself as she made her way behind the bar to clean them up. He looked back up at the bar and saw the current master of the guild, Macao Conbolt sitting down next to his adviser, Wakaba Mine. Both had serious expressions on their faces as they talked with each other. Every once in awhile they would start yelling at each other only to come back down to glare normally at each other.

Max glanced towards the window. Reedus had changed quite a bit again. From his large round body, the man had slimmed up quite a bit. He was currently wearing something resembling that of a fictional French artist. He had a dark vest over a light shirt with his sleeves rolled up. Around his neck he wore a large light colored ribbon. He also wore a top hat along with a pair of glasses around his eyes that resembled goggles. He was really the only member in the guild who truly smiled anymore.

Max took note of another member sitting down at a nearby table. 'Romeo.' He thought as he noted the boys' countenance. Ever since their friends had disappeared over 5 years ago, he had never seen Romeo truly smile. Max wondered how his father, the master, felt about it. Max sighed again looking at the only really good thing left in the guild.

Alzack Connell and his wife Bisca Connell. Their love for one another motivated the other members of the guild, but still it was hard to bear the pain of losing their friends. Max chuckled to himself as he remembered how shy the two of them were back in the good old days. Now look at them…. Happily married and with child. Max couldn't help but feel a little envious of the couple, but he was happy for them nonetheless.

'Jet and Droy….' He thought as he saw one relaxing in a chair while the other was stuffing his face with a large chicken leg. 'With Levy gone, it really tore them up.' The only other members that were left from the one great Fairy Tail guild were Warren Rocko, Vijeeter Ecor (Who was doing some sort of weird turban dance), and Laki Olietta. She turned out to become quite a pretty girl, with her purple hair tied up into a ponytail. Many guys still tried to whisk the poor girl away from their….. less than accommodating guild.

Nab saw his friend sigh in depression. "Times like this really make you miss them, don't it?" He said to his friend. Max simply nodded before heading up to the bar.

"Another round wont you Kinana?" He asked as the girl simply sent him a smile.

"Sure thing Max-kun." She chirped as she got another glass from the broken down cupboards. Max sighed again.

"Has it really been five years?" He asked himself quietly, but was still heard by Kinana, the master and his tenor. Kinana gave an awkward smile while looking down. They had all been hurt so badly when they had found out the news of their friends' disappearance. Torn down, the guild had barely survived these past five years. They even had to move into a dinky tavern just so the guild could survive. She noticed that both the Master and Wakaba had stopped talking as well and she saw their depressed faces look down at the bar. Kinana didn't know what she could do to bring back the happy spirit. Heck, she didn't even know how to use any magic. She was the only member of the guild who couldn't. She was only an employee.

She rubbed her arm slightly. But this place was the only place that she knew of….. It was her home….. The people in the guild were her family. Even though the guild had to reduce her pay by a large sum, she still loved the guild with all of her heart…. Tears started to well up in her eyes before something caught her attention.

It was a hand….. floating in the middle of the guild hall. She starred wide eyed at the hand. "W-w-what is that?!" She said loudly getting everyone's attention in the guild. Everyone in the guild turned and their eyes widened as they saw the hand floating in the air.

"Macao, what is that?" Wakaba asked. Macao got a tick-mark on his head

"How the hell should I know?!" He said, "And I told you before to call me Master dammit!" Wakaba got right back into his face.

"Yea?! Well I've never heard of a master with a complete lack of dignity like you!" Both men slammed their foreheads together growling ferociously at each other.

"Just in case you guys didn't notice we have a bigger problem here?!" Max shouted out. "It's getting bigger!" He pointed at the hand that was now becoming longer and turning into an arm.

"…What is going on?" Alzack asked more to himself as he watched the arm become bigger. His wife Bisca just shrugged her shoulders.


A piercing scream came through the guild-hall as everyone quickly clamped their hands to their ears in pain. The screaming was coming from what looked like to be a half of a face coming in out of mid air.

"HOLY SHIT IS THAT A PERSON?!" Wakaba shouted out loud trying to shout over the noise of the screaming. The rest of the guild watched in horror as they saw a blonde boy appear out of nowhere. Blood was flowing freely from his body as he made his way into the guild. His clothes were torn and ripped to shreds. The boys entire body had finally made it out of the nothingness from which it came from and with a loud thud, the boy hit the ground hard.


The boys screaming ceased as soon as his entire body came out. For a moment, no one made any movement as they continued to stare at the injured boy until the purple haired barmaid realized the situation and rushed over to the blonde.

Quickly kneeling over him, she turned him over and began to use her limited, but useful medical skills to examine him.

"Romeo-kun!" She shouted out snapping the boy to attention. "I need a bucket of boiled water along with rags!" She said urgently getting the boy to nodd his head before disappearing.

"Laki-chan! I need the bandages and wraps from the back room! Max, go with her and grab the disinfectant quickly!" She shouted getting a couple of nods before they too ran out.

"Nab-kun! Wakaba-kun! Come here and help me get him on the table." She said. The two men quickly help her grab the teen and hoisted him on the table. "Master, help me take off his jacket and shirt. We need to know the extent of the damage he's received." Macao nodded and helped the purple haired girl undress the boy. Their eyes widened as they saw large gashes and wounds line the boys body.

"Dang." Kinana whispered to herself, "It's worse than I thought." She turned to Nab. "Get me your sewing kit. We don't have time to take him to the hospital." Nab nodded and ran out the door to his place to grab said materials.

'Nor could we afford the bill.' Thought the current Guild Master. Petty as it may sound, their guild could barely even afford to stay afloat let alone deal with hefty medical bills.

Romeo, Laki, and Max all returned with the items requested and Kinana began to work on the blonde. Taking the rags and cleaning him up as best as she could, she saw the blonde flinch unconsciously as she applied the ointment.

"Alzack! Bisca!" She said while working on the blond. "Go quickly and get Porlyuslca-sama!" She snapped. "Tell her it's an emergency!" Said mages quickly nodded their heads as they charged out of the guild in the direction of their medicinal advisor.

Nab returned a few minutes later huffing and wheezing due to his accumulated weight barely lifting his arm with the materials requested before Kinana snatched them out of his hand before the large man fell on the ground panting like a mad man.

"That's kinda pathetic there Nab." Warren said poking the man with his foot.

"Pant…. Pant…. Shut up….. Pant…." He wheezed out.

After about thirty minutes or so, Kinana wiped the sweat off of her brow as she let out a sigh of relief.

"Well." She started getting everyone attention again. "He should be out of the woods now." Everyone stared for a minute before smiles emerged on their faces at the good news. "But he's still very weak right now. I won't feel better until Porlyslca-sama looks him over." Macao nodded and walked over and looked at the bandaged up blonde. He patted the barmaid on her head affectionately.

"You should be proud Kinana-san." He said warmly, "You saved this man's life. It's very impressive." Kinana blushed brightly in embarrassment at the master's praise. She looked around and everyone was nodding in agreement with the master causing her face to flare up even more.

"I-i-it w-w-was nothing…." She stuttered out. "I-I'm not a medic or anything…. I didn't really do a good job." She muttered. Macao laughed and patted the girl on the head again.

"Nonsense." He said smiling. "I believe when this young man wakes up he won't think that saving his life was nothing." More agreements were heard within the guild members as they once again agreed with the master. Kinana smiled lightly as she looked back down at the blonde seeing if there was anything that she had missed.

Another 15 minutes went by and then the doors to the guild opened. A slim and tall elderly woman with pink hair, tied in a bun on the back of her head by two large pins with crescent moon-shaped edges, and with two bangs of hair left framing her face walked into the guild hall. She had reddish eyes. She was wearing a dark green blouse with a tie around the collar, paired with a long matching skirt and simple shoes. Over this, she had on a crimson-colored cape, with a wide collar decorated by massive dragon horn-like decorations protruding outwards. Both Bisca and Alzack could be seen hiding slightly behind the guild's door shaking in slight fear of the woman.

She walked over to the table where the boy was resting and looked him over with her reddish eyes. "This is the boy I presume." She said getting many nods back in response. "Let's bring him to the bed in the back so we can treat him properly." She said already heading to the back of the tavern.

The guild members brought the boy to the back and left the woman alone with the boy, knowing how she thought that humans would be a distraction to her. For another 30 minutes or so, the guild members sat in silence as they waited patiently for the older Fairy Tail member to come out of the room.

All of their heads snapped towards the door when they heard the sound of a turning doorknob and watched as the woman came out of the room. "He will be fine in about 2 weeks time." She said seriously before she started walking towards the guild door.

As she walked by Kinana, she stopped for a moment before turning to her. "You are the one who treated the young man before I came?" She asked. Her cold stare caused the poor girl to wilt underneath her gaze, but nonetheless she nodded her head in response. "Your work was….. adequate." She said as she then continued to leave the guild. The door shut behind her and no one made a sound for a few seconds after that.

"I don't want to sound like a sissy or anything…." Max said to break the silence. "But that woman scares the panties off of me." With that, Kinana then ran into the room where the blonde boy was currently resting.

"Ara ara…." Muttered Wakaba, "Its been an eventful day now hasn't it Macao." He said. A slight tick-mark showed up on Macao's head.

"Master to you dammit…. Oi what are you doing?" He asked little annoyed now that Wakaba was going through the blondes torn up jacket.

"What does it look like I'm doing asshole?" He said. "I'm trying to see if this kid has any identification on him." He continued fishing through the pockets only for small objects to start falling out of the jacket. "Huh?" He said lifting an eyebrow. Everyone else gathered closer as the man picked up said objects.

"Hmm…" He said curiously as he took out what appeared to be a black headband with a metal plate attached to it. "Look at this symbol….. This must be his guilds mark." He surmised as he saw a strange mark in the center of the metal piece.

"What is this?" He asked holding up a small pointed blade. Its handle was wrapped in tape and there was a small loop on the end forming a ring. He put it down and looked at the other objects. "These look like ninja stars." He said more to himself as everyone looked at the strange objects.

"Oooooo…. Look at these." Laki said as she held up some papers that looked like they had some weird symbols on it. "What do you think these are."

"Laki!" Shouted the Master, "You know better than to pick up foreign objects that could contain dangerous magical powers." Laki pouted slightly as she put the stack of papers back on the table.

"Look there's more of the symbols like that lining the inside of the jacket." Romeo pointed out getting his father to raise an eyebrow at him.

'How long has it been since Romeo has been interested in something like this?' He asked himself before looking at the door where the supposed blonde was. He sighed slightly before moving everyone out of the way grabbing the items.

"HEY!" Came the voices of everybody. Macao simply ignored them and started walking to the back room. Only Wakaba followed

"We don't know what these objects are, so I'm going to keep a hold of them until our injured friend comes to." He said getting many cries from the curious group. Macao continued back into his office where Wakaba stopped in the doorway and leaned against its frame. Macao then proceeded to place everything that the boy had into a secret vault that they had kept hidden.

"I'm sure you must have noticed as well Macao." Wakaba said in a more serious tone. Macao sighed before nodding his head.

"He's a warrior of some type that is for sure." He said getting Wakaba to nod his head.

"You sure it's a good idea to keep him around? He could be dangerous." Wakaba stated getting Macao look at the ground in thought. After another minute or so he looked back up.

"No matter how far we have fallen from the ladder," He started, "We are still Fairy Tail Mages. And we never turn our backs on anybody." He finished in a which couldn't be refuted. Wakaba smirked.

"You're too nice for your own good Macao." He smiled again as he took another puff of his cigar. "That's why you make a pretty decent master." Macao smirked back at the man who walked out of the room. After placing a spell on the vault, Macao went into the room where both Kinana and their mysterious stranger were. He found the purple haired girl now sitting next to the blonde simply looking after him.

"How is he?" He asked slightly startling the young girl. She turned around and smiled at him. "He's fine." She replied. "It seems all he needs now is just time to rest and regain his strength." She smiled warmly at her master, which caused the master to smile back at her.

"That's good to hear." He said. "Come now." He beckoned the girl. "Porlyuslca said that he won't be waking up for a long while now. Let' get some things done before we close up for the night. We'll both stay here for the night and make sure that he is alright. Kay?" He asked getting the girl in front of him to beam him a bright smile as she nodded her head then skipped lightly out of the room. The man chuckled lightly at the girl's carefree attitude for a moment before looking back at the resting blonde.

'Just who in the world are you? He asked himself. 'How the hell did you appear out of nowhere?' He thought as he too left the room. If he had stayed any longer they would have noticed the blonde's right hand twitch slightly and his lips move.

"…Ku…ra…ma….." He said before his body remained motionless.

3 Days Later:

Everything for the most part was normal within the Fairy Tail Guild…. Well normal for them to say the least. There weren't very many missions up on the Request Board. Only 1 or 2, and they were such low paying jobs, some people would wonder if they were even worth trying to do.

The Master and Wakaba were once again talking/arguing with each other. Nab was still gazing at the Request Board as if his magical mission would appear any second. Kinana was happily humming a simple tune while cleaning up some dirty dishes. The rest of the mages, were basically lounging about the guild, bored out of their minds.

"What to do? What to do?" Max mumbled to himself over and over again. The excitement of the blonde teen appearing out of nowhere lived up its time, now they were tired of waiting for him to wake up….And that had only happened three days ago.

"Well well." Came a voice from the front of the guild. "As always this place is dead from the afternoon on…. That's what I hate about pissant guilds!" The young man in front had poofy dark hair. He had a prominent nose pointing downwards, with each of his nostrils going upwards in a curve, he also had mildly rectangular ears. He looked to be quite muscular, with his forearms being large, and the right one bearing a dark tattoo of his guild's symbol.

He wore a red shirt with short, puffy sleeves, which has some dark padding over the shoulders, seemingly held up by a pair of bands passing below each of his shoulders. Outlined by lighter edges extending to the shirt's thin, rectangular and elongated collar. Around his waist he had a light haramaki-like cloth covered in dark spots, from which a buckled belt emerged, passing over his right shoulder that seemingly held up his large kanabō. The handle was behind his right shoulder. He also wore dark pants reaching down below his knees, paired with light buckled shoes, and had a light band circling his head, parting his curly hair, which shows a pair of short, round horns reminiscent of an oni's.

Another one of the members of his five man posse laughed. "Hehehe! Yeah! There's no spirit here!" He cried out grinning like a fool.

"Teebo." Master Macao said simply as he walked up to the men, Wakaba right behind him. "I told you to stay away from here!" He said harshly. Teebo just grinned wickedly.

"Ara ara… Is that any way to talk to us….." He said. "Members of Magnolia's number one wizard guild, Twilight Ogre?" The rest of the members of Fairy Tail gathered around the master just in case something happened. "You may have once been the strongest guild in Fiore, but that era is over. Between this ramshackle old tavern and Twilight Ogre, the wizard guild of the new age, one glance is all it takes to tell which is more useful to the development and progress of Magnolia."

"Acting big just because you got a huge guild…" Max Sneered.

"That's right!" Warren said, "We've got soul!" Teebo grinned even wider.

"Soul doesn't put food on the plate." He countered, his smile never leaving his face.

"What have you come here for Teebo?!" Macao asked.

"This month's money!" He said simply while Macao flinched. Wakaba noticed.

"Don't tell me you haven't paid them yet Macao?" He asked frantically.

"Call me master damn it!" Macao yelled back.

"You people are late in repaying your debt." Teebo said.

"We didn't get any decent jobs this month!" Macao tried desperately to explain hoping this would placate the men. "I'll pay you double next month, so just be patient!" He yelled out.

"Whoa whoa there." Came the voice of another nameless thug. "Who was it that saved this beat up tavern when it was on the brink of collapse?" He asked cheekily.

"We took on your debt for you, remember?" Said another one of the thugs.

"And if we knew how ridiculously high the interest was gonna be, we never would've turned to you…" Jet said. Laki nodded her head in agreement.

"Did you say something, asswipe?!" Another of the thugs pointed to the man.

"Enough Jet!" Macao said. Jet looked somewhat shocked.

"But…." He started before he was interrupted again.

"Wait 'til next month, and I promise I'll pay!" Macao said to the arrogant guild. Teebo was silent for a moment before letting out a wicked grin and smashed his food into the master face.

"MACAO!" Wakaba cried out.

"Master!" Laki cried as Macao hit the base of the bar.

"Holy shit!" One of the thugs said, "All the way across the room!" He laughed.

"He did a first-rate job of flyin' backwards!" Teebo laughed.

"Bastards!" Droy yelled out.

"How dare you!" Jet said getting ready to fight as the other members of Twilight Ogre grasped their weapons.

"You want to go?" One of the thugs asked.

"DON'T DO ANYTHING!" Macao shouted to his guild while Kinana was trying to help him back to his feet. Everyone tensed up at the command. Neither side moved an inch for a moment.

"Damn it." Wakaba whispered. "You heard the man. Suck it up!" He said to the remaining members. The rest of the Twilight Ogre guild members laughed.

"Pathetic!" Cried out a member as he smashed a nearby table.

"This is the legendary Fairy Tail?!" Yelled another as he smashed other pieces of furniture with his enormous mallet.

"Way lame!" Cried out another.

"HAHAHA!" Teebo just laughed cruelly as he saw the guild being torn from the inside out. Members of Fairy Tail clenched their fists and teeth as they saw the thugs tear apart the guild that they love so much.

"How about joining us babe?" A fat thug member asked Laki as he groped her breast over her shoulder. Other members were drinking the guild's alcohol. The Fairy Tail mages could do nothing as they watched Twilight Ogre demolish their home.

"Ara ara…" Came a voice from the back getting everyone's attention. "I was just having such a nice little nap and here you guys are disturbing my sleep. Didn't anyone ever teach you not to be a public nuisance?... Then again, I guess that would be pretty hypocritical of me with all the stuff I did growing up." Everyone looked at the person who had just spoken. He had his orange pants on, but his entire upper body was draped with medical wraps. He scratched his blonde head as he looked at the destruction that the Twilight Ogre mages had caused. "Ara ara…." He said lazily, "This place is a mess. I hope you guys are going to be able to pay for all of this." He said with a smile.

"Who the hell are you?!" A thug cried out getting the blonde to point at himself owlishly.

"Me?!" He asked as if he were surprised by the question before getting a large grin on his face. "Well I'm glad you asked!" He cried out as he started hopping on one leg ridiculously. "I am the man that brings the both the men and ladies to their knees… for completely different reasons mind you. I am the man that bends the very will of nature to his own. I am the greatest shinobi in existence, the famous toad sennin, Naruto Uzumaki!" He finished rolling his head in a ridiculous manner posing in a grandiose position.


Silence permeated throughout the guild as Naruto continued to hold his pose. Expressions of shock lay on the faces of his audience. After a moment he noticed their expressions before frowning.

"Damn it." He said to himself standing up straight and putting his hand underneath his chin in a thinking position. "What did I do wrong….. I gotta figure out a way to make that better somehow….That's right! Ero-sennin used had Sakura petals falling from the sky didn't he?" The blonde continued to talk to himself as a huge vein started to bulge on Teebo's forehead.

"Oi! Asshole!" He snarled at the blonde idiot. "Do you know who we are?! Shut up or we'll beat your ass right here." Naruto looked up to the side before looking straight at Teebo confused.

"Hmm…. You say something?" He asked getting Teebo to clench his fist in rage.

"That's it punk!" He said as he started stomping over to the blonde. "You're dead!" He shouted as he reached over his shoulder and grabbed his kanabō lifting the heavy weapon with ease. Naruto was slightly surprised when a purple haired girl got in between them.

"Please Teebo-san." She pleaded with the angry man. "He's still recovering from a grievous injury and he doesn't know what he's doing!" She begged hoping the man would be placated and back off. He merely sneered.

"Shut up bitch!" He said as kicked the girl straight in the face…. Well would have if a certain blonde hadn't appeared right in front of the girl, taking the blow for her. Her eyes widened as she saw the blonde take the hit. Tears started to well up in her eyes before she realized, the kick hadn't even moved the blonde an inch. Teebo's leg was still up besides the blond's head. His mouth agape and his eyes wide open.

"AAAAIIIIIEEEEE!" He shouted out as he started hopping around on one foot grabbing his injured leg. The other members of his gang looked worriedly at their boss.

"Hey Teebo…. You alright man?" One of them asked only to get socked right in the face.

"Of course I'm not alright asshole!" He cried out. "I think he just broke my leg!" He glared dangerously at the blonde teen who had his eyes closed. "You just dug your own grave shithead!" Naruto opened his eyes and Teebo immediately noticed that they had changed in pigment. The blonde's eyes were now yellow, his pupils transformed into horizontal slits. There was also an orange pigmentation on his eyelids, giving him the appearance of wearing orange eye shadow. 'What the hell?...' Teebo thought.

"So you mean to tell me…." Naruto said curiously. "That because you broke your leg against my face… That you're going to try to beat the shit out of me?" He asked. Teebo growled and lunged at the blond, his kanabō drawn back ready to crush this blond idiot.

"Oh I'm not going to beat the shit out of you!" He said, "I'm gonna kill you!" He shouted as he brought the kanabō down upon the blond.

"NO!" Macao cried out as he lunged for the boy, fearing for his life…. Only to stop when the kanabō stopped an inch away from the boys face. Teebo stared in shock, jaw slack on the floor as he saw how the boy stopped his mighty weapon.

Everyone gazed on in surprise as they watched the boy stop the kanabō with only a finger. He looked up at Teebo…. Then at his kanabō. He gave the kanabō a light tap with his finger before the entire weapon shattered into a million pieces.

"M-M-MY BABY!" Teebo cried out in dismay anime tears rolling down his face as he watched his favorite weapon be destroyed right before his very eyes.

Naruto yawned loudly, stretched his back, and cracked his knuckles. "Well, it looks like to me that you boys need a good ole fashion Uzumaki asskickin'!" he said with a smile getting growls from the Twilight Ogre members. Then, Naruto felt a hand placed on his shoulder. He looked back and saw an elderly man with a mustache gaze into his eyes.

"Son." He said, "Please, that's enough…. We don't need anymore trouble." He said in a defeated tone. Naruto frowned as he gazed into the old man's eyes.

'He's already given up.' He thought. Naruto sighed and Macao felt slightly relieved as he took that the blonde would do as he asked.

"You know what I see Jiji?" He asked getting everyone's attention. "I see a kind man right next to me, whose forgotten what life is truly about." He said looking up at the elderly man who looked back at him in slight confusion. "You say that you don't want anymore trouble….. But sometimes you need more trouble in order to truly defend that which is precious to you." Macao's eyes widened at the blond's statement.

"I see your comrades….. Your nakama here crying here watching as these bastards tear down what is precious to them….. I heard them say that you were once the strongest here in this land….. What happened you might ask? What happened was that you lost sight of what truly makes a person strong." Naruto clenched his fists as he turned to Macao who was still staring at the boy in shock. "They are what makes you strong!" Naruto said loudly as he pointed to the Fairy Tail guild members. "They are your family! They are your precious people!" Naruto then got in the Masters face. "You make sure that they don't cry anymore! You do whatever it takes to see them smile!" The master gaped at the blond as the blond's strange eyes bored into the masters.

'…..Natsu….' Was the only thought of the man along with many of the other guild members.

"You can only become truly strong if you protect that which is precious to you above all else." Naruto stated. "Do what your heart tells you to do! You know what is right!" Naruto backed off slightly from the shocked man grinning at the man. "You guys helped me when I needed it…. That makes you guys my precious people in my book." He said turning around facing the remaining thugs. "That's why I'm gonna kick these guys asses." He said cracking his knuckles again. Teebo's face twitch as his face morphed into one of anger.

"Precious people? Bah!" He sneered. "You're just like the rest of these losers here in this place you call a guild!" He lunged once again at the blonde, this time with his posse right behind him. "We'll show you the meaning of true power!" Teebo launched his fist once again at the blonds face hitting him square in the jaw. The rest of his posse came down punching, kicking, and striking with their various weapons.

Fairy Tail guild members looked on as they saw that the blonde hadn't even blinked at the vicious assault that was being delivered to him. Naruto sighed.

"You guys just don't get it…. Do you?" He said lowly before smashing a fist on the ground causing a huge shockwave to resonate throughout the tavern…. Not a second later, the 5 mages around him all hit the ground hard all of them barely conscious. Naruto picked all of them up off the floor and flung them over his shoulder as he started walking towards the door. "If you guys ever come around here again, I'll make sure that I break every single bone in your bodies." He said as he opened the guild-hall door and punted the five thugs all at once. He whistled as he put a hand over his brow watching the distance that the mages were drop kicked before turning and walked back into the guild.

Naruto blinked as he looked at the remnants of bystanders in the bar. All of them had shocked looks on their faces. "What is it?" Naruto asked genuinely confused before he was mobbed by about half of the small guild cheering and celebrating. Slaps on the back, pats on the head, and thanks were given out to the blonde.

"Oi!" He yelled out at the people patting him and slapping on the back. "I'm still hurt here you know?!" He shouted getting laughs from the guild members and more slaps on the back causing the blond to yell in more pain.

"That was amazing man!" Droy cried out while taking a huge chunk out of his fried chicken leg. "They couldn't even lay a finger on you!" Naruto was slightly grossed out that the man hadn't even tried to swallow at all, but he still went along with the flow.

"I gotta admit." Wakaba said as he walked over to the blonde. "I haven't seen anybody lay the whoopass on that strong in a long time." He chuckled as he took another puff of his cigar. "Gotta hand it to ya kid, that was some pretty good work." He smiled causing the blonde to rub the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Ahh. It was nothing." He said turning slightly red from all the attention that he was receiving.

"Ano…." Came another quiet voice in the back. Naruto gazed over some of the people in front of him only to notice the girl that had tried to defend him slightly poking her fingers in a very familiar fashion to that of a pale-eyed kunoichi that he knew. "T-thank you for saving me." She said quietly turning quite red in the cheeks while looking down. Naruto looked at the girl and gave her a foxy grin.

"That's what friends are for right?" Naruto asked with a smile startling the girl.

"F-f-friends?!" She asked surprised at the statement. The blond nodded his head enthusiastically.

"Of course." He said simply, "Who else would be willing to heal me back to health and then stand up for me against someone?" He asked as if it were the simplest question in the world to answer. The girl turned a bright right and slowly nodded her head causing Naruto to grin at the girl again. They then heard a sigh from the mustached man next to her.

"Son." He said grimly, "I really wish you hadn't done that. Twilight Ogre is a very large guild. They're a lot stronger than us right now. I don't know what we're going to do now that you probably put their men in the hospital." He sighed sadly. The atmosphere quickly dampened as his words registered among the mages. Naruto frowned.

"Then get stronger." He said. "Train your asses off and show them who's boss!" Naruto said. Macao simply shook his head.

"It's a little more complicated than that." He said. "We borrowed a lot of money from them so that our guild could stay afloat and not go under." He explained.

"But we had no idea the ridiculous interest rates that they stacked onto our bills every month." Growled Jet again.

"Every month it seems as if we keep getting even more into debt. I'm not sure how we're ever going to pay it off as well as maintain the guild." Wakaba sulked. Naruto looked at the dejected guild before making his decision.

"Alright then." Naruto said smashing a fist into his hand. "I'll make sure you guys pay off your debt!." He declared getting everyone's eyes to shoot open wide. "But first I gotta talk with this other guild and set them straight on a few rules of fair interest rates." He smiled at the mages.

"Are you insane?!" Macao yelled, "We don't even know you! Why the hell should we trust you?!" Macao ended slightly suspiciously. Naruto looked at the man like he was crazy.

"Cause you guys helped me." He said simply. "I have a debt to pay back to you guys too right?" He reasoned. Macao's stared at the boy in slight shock at what he had just said before shaking his head chuckling a little.

"You're one strange kid." He said quietly. "So how the hell do you think that you can help us?" He asked the boy who cocked his head in confusion.

"…. I dunno…." He said as everyone facevaulted on the floor. Naruto put his hands up behind his head. "I guess that I'll do whatever is needed to help you guys out. I'll talk with that guild place too to see if I can negotiate rates." Macao's eye twitched slightly before a hand was place on his shoulder. Turning he saw that it was Wakaba.

"Geez… Just let the kid go. It couldn't hurt right?" Macao stared at his best friend for a moment before sighing and nodding his head.

"Fine." He relented, "But first he needs to recover. We don't want him looking like he just got out a fight he just lost. That wouldn't help our already dying image in the first place." Wakaba nodded and looked at the blond who was grinning like a fool. There was something about this kid that made everything feel right. After 5 long years of suffering, Wakaba was usually a pretty suspicious person…. But this kid….. He felt different… He felt like something he hadn't felt for many years.

"Alright!" Naruto shouted throwing a fist up in the air before wincing. "Itaiiii!" He said cradling his arm. Kinana rushed over to him.

"Uzumaki-san, you mustn't push yourself." She chided softly only to receive another foxy grin her way causing her face to flare up once again.

"Don't worry about me." He smiled. "I'm a quick healer. I gotta hurry up and help you guys out so I can get back and stop the war." He said getting everyone's attention.

"War?" Wakaba asked. "There haven't been any wars recently. What are you talking about kid?" Naruto looked at the man as if he were stupid.

"Uhhhh…. You know….. The 4th Great Shinobi War… Only the 5 Great Elemental Nations are united to take down Madara Uchiha-teme….. You know… over 80,000 people fighting for the sake of the world stopping the evil bad guy from taking over the world with the moon and all?..." He said dully before looking at the blank looks that he was receiving. "Seriously?" He asked. "You guys haven't heard of it?" Everyone shook their heads.

"We would've heard of a war that size if it were going on kid." Wakaba said. Others in the guild nodded their heads in agreement.

"Come on guys!" Naruto said slightly heated. "I know you guys aren't a part of the Allied Forces and all, but still….. This has got to be the biggest event that has ever happened in the Elemental Nations!" Everyone still had that blank look on their faces.

"Elemental Nations?..." Max asked. "What's that?" Naruto just slapped his hand on his face.

"You gotta be kidding me…." He mumbled. "They don't even know what country they're in?" He asked himself.

"Ano… Uzumaki-san." Naruto looked up at Kinana who was holding some parchment in her hand. "I brought you a map so that you might be able to show us where you are from." She said shyly. Naruto's face brightened up as he was handed the map.

"Thanks!" He said looking at her, "Ummm…" He trailed off as she realized what he wanted.

"Oh! Kinana. My name is Kinana." She bowed slightly to the blonde who just smiled.

"Thanks a lot Kinana-chan!" He said before looking down at the map. Kinana's face turned red once again after hearing how familiar the boy was being with her. Her thoughts were soon interrupted though.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!" Naruto yelled out as he looked down at the map. "Nothing on here is what is should be! What the hell kinda map is this?!" He shouted.

"What are you talking about Uzumaki-san." Wakaba came up with his hands in his pockets. "That's a map of Earthland." Naruto's face crunched in confusion.

"Earthland?" He questioned the word while Wakaba nodded and pointed to the map.

"That's right. And here we are in the nation of Fiore. The town we are currently in is Magnolia." Naruto's eyes grew wide as dinner plates as he continued looking at the map.

"T-t-that's impossible." He stuttered out. Macao sighed.

"Do you even know how you got here Uzumaki-san?" He questioned the blonde. Naruto looked at the man about to respond, before putting a finger to his agape mouth in thought.

"Well…. Actually…. No." He said. "I was fighting Madara-teme…. Some stuff happened…. And the next thing I know, here I am." He said with a shrug.

"This is a waste of time, Warren." Max called out wanting to just find everything out. "Just go ahead and read the kids mind so that we can have the whole story." Warren nodded.

"Read my mind?" Naruto questioned getting a nod from Warren.

"That's right. With my magic I can read other peoples thoughts." The word magic struck Naruto as odd, but then he saw the man put his fingers up to his temples.

"OH HELL NO!" Naruto yelled as he then stood perfectly still staring at the man. If anyone were to guess, they would have said that the blonde was trying to have a staring contest.

"What the…." Warren muttered to himself before trying again to enter into Naruto's mind. Nab looked at him.

"What's up Warren?" He asked before Warren brought his hands back down.

"There's nothing there. His mind is a void of any thought." He said getting many eyes to shoot open.

"How is that possible?" Macao asked.

"Its just that he literally not thinking of anything at all. He's completely blocking any way that I have to read his mind." Shocked looks passed throughout the guild. "His mind is literally a blank slate. My magic isn't perfect you know. The person needs to be actually thinking something for me to be able to get a good look into their thoughts." They all heard the blonde chuckle slightly as he began to move again.

"Damn. Gotta love meditation." He said more to himself before pointing accusingly at the telepath. "Fuck that!" He shouted out, "I'm not going to have some guy mind rape me! I've seen what that Yamanaka Clan can do. Bunch of mind walkers. So you ain't doing anything to me!" With that he stuck out his tongue and maturely blew a fat slobbery raspberry at the man. Said man's eyebrow twitch violently.

"WE'RE JUST TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE SITUATION YOU STUPID BLONDE!" Max yelled out starting to get annoyed with the brat, only for the brat to get right back in his face.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING STUPID TEME!" He shouted back. The two butted head violently, growling at each other.

"THAT'S IT!" Max yelled as he punched the blonde square in the face, only for the blonde to retaliate by smashing chair over the man's head. Soon the two were brawling in the middle of the room, breaking things left and right. Throwing various objects here and there. Everyone just stared at the scene in shock before smiles came back to their faces. Every one of them had fond memories of their guild and somehow, this blonde….. whatever he was had brought some of that spirit back.

"AAAAAIIIIIGGGGGHHHH!" Max yelled out as he struggled to get loose from Naruto who was currently sitting on his back, pinning his arms on the ground. Naruto's finger could be found in one of Max's ears.

"HAHAHA!" Naruto laughed out. "Take that! Uzumaki sneak attack. 'Wet Willy No Jutsu!'HAHAHAHA!" He laughed like a mad man as Max tried to get away.

"ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT!" I GIVE! GET OFF OF ME!" Max cried out as Naruto grinned brightly jumping off the man.

"Uzumaki-san." Macao sighed, "We didn't mean any harm trying to read your thoughts." He said. "We just wanted to know where you're from and how you got here. From your little entrance into our little guild, the only explanation I can come up with is that you're from Edolas." Naruto cocked his head to the side in confusion.

"E-do-las?" He tried out the words on his tongue.

"Yea." Droy answered this time. "It's like in another parallel dimension or something?" Naruto looked at the man like he was crazy.

"Why the hell would you say that I'm from another dimension?!" He asked. Macao looked at the boy.

"Well….. We thought it was a possibility from the way you appeared in our guild." He said.

"What do you mean?' Naruto asked. Macao sighed again as he sat down and started to tell the blonde how he came to their guild.

A Little Later:

"AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE EEEEE!" Came the scream of a crazy blond haired whiskered teen from inside the tavern. The boy could be seen running in circles, hands over his head, while screaming like a mad man. The rest of the guild just watched the blonde as he ran round and round and round… and round.

"It's got to have been ten minutes he's been screaming like that." Wakaba muttered. Everyone just agreed.

"He hasn't even taken a breath yet." Nab saw slightly awed by the teen lung capacity. He turned to the others. "You don't think he's another dragonslayer do you?….. Cause that would make for one hell of a roar." Everyone silently agreed with the man as they continued to watch the blonde continue to scream his head off.

"Pfft!" Max huffed. "It was impressive for the first five minutes…. Now it's just getting damn annoying!" Most nodded their head in agreement with the man as they continued to watch the blonde. Hey, they didn't have anything better to do that day. Macao just sighed as he turned to Max.

"You mind slowing him down?" He asked getting a grin from Max in response as two magic circles appeared in the man's hands. Sand then flew from the circles encasing the blonde causing him to halt his never-ending scream.

"WHAT THE HELL IS-?! PFFFTTT! HEY ASSHOLE YOU GOT SAND IN MY MOUTH!" Most of the guild members laughed out loud as the blonde struggled to get free. Max was also struggling to keep the blonde encased within the shell.

"Ma-Master! H-Hurry up and do something! I can't hold him for much longer!" He said now sweating. 'Damn.' He thought. 'How strong is this guy?!'

Macao was about to say something when Kinana skipped up to the trapped blonde and flicked his forehead. Naruto stopped struggling and looked blankly at the smiling purple haired girl.

"Now what good is all that screaming going to do?" She asked with a smile closing her eyes and cocking her head to the side cutely.

"B-b-but I don't even know where I am." Naruto pouted. "I'm in a foreign land. Hell, Jiji over there thinks that I'm from some parallel dimension! I don't know what I'm going to do!" By now Naruto had anime tears rolling down his face. Kinana still smiled at the teen.

"Well then why don't you stay here with us then?" She asked getting shocked looks from everyone in the room.

"Oi! Oi! Kinana." Wakaba said. "You shouldn't make statements like that you know?" He said seriously. Kinana looked at the smoking man.

"Well why not?" She asked. "We could help him try to find a way home." She said. "At the same time he could help out the guild. He seems pretty strong if anything seeing how he dealt with that Twilight Ogre guild." Murmurs of agreement resounded throughout the small guild. Macao sighed.

'It's true….' He thought, 'He is an experienced fighter….. We might need his strength especially when Teebo and even his master return to deal with us…..' Macao started to rub his temples. 'I guess we have no choice for right now.' He started walking up to the now freed blonde.

"So how about it Uzumaki-san?" Macao asked. "We'll help you find a way back to your land, if you help us here in the guild." Macao stuck out his hand for him to shake. Naruto looked at the hand for a moment before grinning.

"You got it Jiji!" The blonde said excitingly. "I'll make this the best damn guild this world has ever seen!" Everyone grinned at the excitement that the blonde radiated. Macao was muttering something about never getting any respect even though he is the master. Naruto looked at his now comrades before looking confused.

"So… What's a guild again?" He asked causing everyone to fall flat on their faces.

After another little while of explanations coming from the group, the Fairy Tail mages were a little creeped out by the strange look that Naruto had in his eyes.

"Sugoiiiiiii!" He said with stars in his eyes. "You mean that all of you can use magic?!" He said grabbing the hands of Romeo who just tentatively nodded. Naruto beamed at the group like a little 3 – year old child. "So, so can you like pull a rabbit out of a hat?!" He cried out pulling out a top hat from nowhere. "Oh! Oh! I know, you can shove a giant sword through your lovely assistant, and then bring her back to life good as new right?!" He shouted as he brought a huge-ass sword out of nowhere freaking everyone else out. "Oi! I know!...-" The blonde would have continued before a finger flicked his forehead lightly. He blinked his surprise as he saw Kinana let out a cute giggle.

"Not like that silly." She smiled warmly at him. "Romeo, why don't you show him." Romeo nodded his head and Naruto's eyes went wide as he watched a strange circle encompass his hand before becoming encased with a purple flame.

"Sugoiiiii…." He said as he stared at the flame. Romeo chuckled slightly at the amusing expression that was on Naruto's face.

"This is my Purple Flare Magic." He said proudly as he glanced at his father. "It's pretty hot stuff. Water and wind can't even put out this fire." Naruto glanced at the boy.

"Really?" He asked getting a nod from Romeo. "And you don't even need to do any hand signs or anything?" He asked getting confused looks from everyone in the guild.

"Hand signs?" Romeo asked. Naruto nodded and crossed his arms.

"Yea," He said, "Back where I'm from, there were people who could also blow fire out of their mouths or something like that. But they needed to do hand signs."

"I thought you said that this was the first time you've ever seen magic." Macao said getting Naruto to look up at him.

"It is…. I think… If this is magic, then it's pretty similar to what we can use." He said

"And what is that?" Macao asked.

"Jutsu of course." Naruto said as if it were the most simple thing in the world. Everyone just gave him a blank stare. "Damn…. Who the hell hasn't even heard of kickass jutsu." He muttered to himself.

"You mind showing us one of these jutsu of yours?" Macao asked. Naruto looked up at him and grinned nodding his head. He then brought his hands up in a single hand sign.

'Kage no Bunshin!'

In a puff of smoke, everyone stared as they looked at two identical Naruto's next to the original who was grinning like a mad man. "Pretty neat huh?" He said pounding his chest. Everyone stared for a moment.

"It's just like Wakaba's Smoke Fake technique." Romeo muttered looking at the clone.

'Strange.' Macao thought, 'I didn't feel a shred of magical energy leaving his body. Then how is it possible for him to be doing this.' He continued to analyze the clones.

"So wait." Max said getting everyone's attention. "If you didn't have any mages or wizards from where you're from….. Then why do you have these techniques?" Naruto grinned brightly at everyone.

"That's easy." One of the clones said.

"We're Shinobi!" All three simultaneously chorused. The mages in the guild stared at the teen for a moment.

"What kind of ninja wears orange?" Max said looking at his pants.

"The badass one's that's who asshole!" Naruto shook his fist at the man.

"I thought ninjas were supposed to be like all quiet and stealthy." Nab said to Vijeeter who just nodded his head in agreement. Naruto's eyebrow twitched dangerously as he heard the comment.

"OI!" He yelled out, "I can be stealthy when I want to be!" He cried out getting a couple laughs from the people.

"I don't know about that…." Drawled out Max. "Why don't you prove it to us then, ninja-boy." He smirked at the blonde who looked as if he was about to blow a gasket. His smile faded when he saw the teen smirk.

"Alright fine. You want me to be sneaky? Then get a load of this!" He cried out standing up with his clones. They stood there for a moment while everyone looked on with slight anticipation. After a minute or two Max was getting annoyed again.

"Hey! Aren't you going to do anything?!" He shouted pointing to the blonde and his clones who just looked back at the man.

"What are you talking about?" One of the clones asked. "The boss isn't here anymore."

"The…. Boss?" Max said slowly before the three Naruto's in front of him disappeared in a puff of smoke. Eyes widened as everyone started looking around the guild hall searching for the blonde.

"EEEEEEEP!" Came from Kinana who had just felt someone poke her sides causing her to let out a cute yelp. Everyone turned quickly to her and saw a grinning blonde behind the girl.

"HA! Told ya you bastard!" Naruto shouted at Max who merely crossed his arms complaining about troublesome blondes. "By the way nice hair!" Naruto yelled out. Max looked slightly confused at the blonde before grabbing one of his longer bangs and looked at it. He gapped for a moment.

"W-W-WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY HAIR?!" He screamed out as he ran to the closest mirror that he could find. Everyone stared at the man in shock….. Before many began snickering at the man's misfortune. "WHY THE HELL IS MY HAIR HOTT PINK?!" With that Max ran out of the guild tavern as fast as he could trying to save face and fix the problem. Everyone glanced at Naruto who had a blinding grin plastered onto his face

"Sugoi!" Romeo said as he trotted up to the blonde. "That was so cool Naruto-san!" He said as he let out a slight smile at the teen. Macao's eyes widened slightly once again as he saw his son interact with the blond enigma who was currently patting his boy on the head grinning like a fool. Macao's eyes softened.

'Maybe….. Maybe things are finally starting to look up.'


Everyone looked around in surprise as they tried to identify the source of the sound….. All of them honed in on the blonde enigma in front of them and saw him smile sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head slightly embarrassed.

"Heh…. You guys got any ramen in here?" He asked hopefully.

"Wow." Naruto said as he looked at the girl in front of him. About 20 bowls of ramen could be seen stacked up next to him. Most of the members of the guild gaped at the massive amount of ramen the boy had just consumed. "Thanks so much for helping me heal Kinana-chan!" He smiled brightly at the barmaid whose face lit up bright red at the attention that many of the grinning members were giving her.

"M-m-my p-pleasure Uzumaki-san." She said stuttering slightly. Naruto just waved his hand.

"Mah mah…. Just call me Naruto. We're friends now right?" He said to the blushing girl. Romeo sat next to the blonde and looked up at him.

"Hey Naruto-san." He said. "How did you beat up those five guys all at once?" He asked getting other members of the guild to really pay attention. Naruto grinned.

"Cause I'm awesome! That's how!" He said loudly again thumping his chest in a manly way. Many members sweat dropped at the blonde's statement. Naruto grinned at the boy next to him. "If you train hard, maybe one day you too can be as awesome as I am!" He smiled at the boy who looked at the man blankly, before he too let out a small smile.

"Hey….. Naruto….. ni…." He said quietly causing the blonde to look down at him. "Would you help… train me?" He asked hesitantly. Naruto stared at the boy for a moment before a large grin once again was plastered on his face.

"Of course!" He said loudly as he slapped the boy heartily on his back. Romeo sat there for a second registering his words before looking back up at the blonde hopefully.

"Really?" He asked excitingly. Naruto nodded his head.

"Hell yea!" He said, "Now instead of having just one badass apprentice, I'm gonna have two!" He shouted out.

"You've trained someone before Naruto….-kun." Kinana asked, and said that last part quietly. Naruto nodded.

"Yep!" He said happily, "Konohamaru…. Kid is freaking awesome if you asked me. Helped him learn a ton about being a shinobi…. But then the little gaki gets a little power trip just because he makes chuunin while I'm a freakin gennin…. Still…." He muttered to himself before turning to Kinana. "I tell you Kinana-chan life isn't fair!" She stepped back slightly as the boy had anime tears once again running down his face only for the next second, he had an arm around Romeo.

"Stick with me gaki." He said. "We're gonna make you the most badass mage there ever was on the face of this Earthland planet. Your fire magic, is going to make an Uchiha's look like someone just passed gas" Romeo had no idea what an Uchiha was, but he was excited to become stronger regardless. Kinana giggled at the blonds antics. Heck, everyone in the guild smiled as Romeo and Naruto talking enthusiastically about how badass he was going to become.

Twilight Ogre Guild Hall:

A few days later, Naruto found himself lazily sitting back on the couch that he was relaxing in. In front of him was a middle-aged man. He had a shaved face with a haircut resembling a military recruit. His jaw was broad, with wide lips, and a thick nose. Along the brim of his nose, was a pair of tinted glasses. He was wearing a pinstriped suit and pants with a purple cape over the suit that has a button with the Twilight Ogre emblem. This was the guild master of Twilight Ogre, Master Banaboster. The man looked at Uzumaki as he took another puff of his large cigar.

"I'm telling you brat, there's nothing to discuss here." He said taking another puff. "Pay us back the money we lent you and the slate will be wiped clean." Naruto just smiled warmly at the man.

"That might be easy for you to say, but as you know we have a surprising lack of money issue here. It's actually amazing that we have been able to get by. Money's not going to magically appear just because you are taunting us." Naruto replied casually

"AHHHH?!" Banaboster growled out, "You tryin' to pick a fight with me?!" Naruto just held up a hand.

"Not at all." He said calmly, "I'm just letting you know of the situation." He gestured around the room. "Besides, I've been taking a look at all of the account books here and there and did some research about Twilight Ogre's organization. One look at it and it's pretty obvious that there is something odd about income and expenditures." Banaboster stood up, clenched fists.

"Are you accusin' me of something here?!" He asked angrily.

"Perish the thought." Naruto chuckled, "We'll pay back the money that we borrowed along with the legitimate interest….. Someday…." He said. Banaboster's fists clenched tightly.

"And I'm tellin' you to pay up right now, you damn brat!" Banaboster shouted at the blonde. The blonde merely smiled at the man.

"Mah mah…. Let's start by recalculating the interest." He said. Banaboster got in the teens face.

"You beat up five of my guys!" He said pointed at the heavily injured men off to the side. "First, our debtors open up a can of whoop-ass on us and then they don't pay what they owe? You're makin' our guild lose face here! Don't you care about your reputation as well?!" Naruto just blinked at the man.

"Huh? I came here today to talk about money, but you want to bring honor into it too?" Naruto asked. The veins on Banaboster's head grew larger.

"We don't have money or honor, thanks to you!" He shouted as he kicked the table in front of him to the side. Naruto sighed.

"Pay back what you owe." Naruto said getting the man to blink at him. "That's your guilds creed." Naruto's eyes shot open and glared at the man. "That's how you want to play it, yes?" Bright gold flames started to encircle the blonde on the couch. "Five years…. Of property damage to my guild and violence towards my comrades….." Naruto's body began to glow as well, his eyes changing in color. "We're obliged to pay you back for all of that." The members of Twilight Ogre began to back up in slight fear from the sheer amount of power they could feel radiating from the blonde. "For five years, you've made my friends suffer…. Honestly, it pisses me off just to think about it…" Banaboster gulped audibly at the now transformed blonde. "Hey Jiji." He said getting right in his face. "It's a war you want?" He growled out. Banaboster was sweating profusely.

"W-w-wait!" He cried out.

Outside Twilight Orgre:

"I don't know if showing him where this guild was helped us all that much." Wakaba said as both he and Macao watched the guild-hall start shaking back and forth. Explosions were going off left and right within the hall. "….You think that we should help him? I mean, we really don't know how strong that kid is." He asked slightly concerned for their new member. Macao sighed.

"I think he'll be fine on his own….. You and I both saw it. He's a skilled fighter." Wakaba chuckled.

"I thought the idea was to talk it out, but I guess that wouldn't fly now would it? But still, it feels kinda good getting some retribution for everything that they've done to us, doesn't it?" He asked while Macao smiled.

"I don't know what it is about this kid." He said, "But he reminds me so much of all of them…." He said sadly. Wakaba grimaced.

"I know what you mean…." Wakaba agreed.

"Romeo even smiled for the first time years." Macao said softly pointing his saddened face to the street. Wakaba glanced over to the man.

"Heh…. I think this kid is just what the guild needs right now." Wakaba said with a sad smile as they continued to watch the destruction of the building in front of them. Screams and cries of pain could be heard from within.


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