This is the first time I am posting a challenge, so I don't know if I wrote this right or wrong.

Disclaimer: I do not own either Halo series or Infinite Stratos.

I am posting this challenge on both sections of each series and the crossover section so that people might see it.

Challenge: Ichika goes to the Haloverse


Ichika gets sent to the Haloverse either during the Silver Gospel Incident or the attack at the Academy by Phantom Task after Ichika gets his IS back.

He lands in a UNSC planet during the 2530's.

The planet he lands on is under attack by the Covenant, during which at first Ichika tries to hide, but after seeing people dying, he decides to fight back.

Setsura, Ichika's IS internal A.I., becomes fully sentient and grants him full control of his IS, allowing him to go all out against the Covenant.

Due to his actions, the planet is saved.

Ichika's IS does not have the 'copyright' protection that prevents others copying the core, you can come up with a reason. This allows Dr. Halsey to create IS cores with ease, including how to allow males to pilot them.

Ichika joins the UNSC. He becomes serious and responsible.

All UNSC forces are to have IS units by the year 2552. Starting with the Spartans, later the ODST and finally the regular troops.

Thanks to the IS research, UNSC AI no longer become rampant, since every single IS comes with an AI. Also, since IS were originally built for space exploration, they work well in space.

In the IS universe, months pass and Tabane is able to create a machine that goes to the Haloverse. She, Ichika's sister, and the girls who are after Ichika (this includes the five girls and any others you want to include) go to the new world.

The year they land is 2552. And thanks to the IS, the war against the Covenant is going well.

The invasion of Reach must happen, but Noble Team must survive and then the story must proceed toward Halo 1.


Admiral Cole survived or still died.

Reach can either be saved or fall.

Ichika's in a relationship by the time the girls arrive. Can be a harem later if you want.

Ichika becomes a Spartan III.

The original Noble Six survives or still dies.


One thing that I should point out when I mentioned that all UNSC forces must have IS; it's possible. First, let's say Ichika lands in the Haloverse in 2532, from there to 2552 that's 20 years. In the IS universe, in 10 years they had limited research because of the limited amount of cores and that the Alaska Treaty limited military development.

However, in the Haloverse, the moment Dr. Halsey discovers how to replicate IS cores (maybe because Tabane forgot to put a 'copyright' protection on it, or that Setsura removed the protection), the UNSC allocates all their research resources (including the resources to the Spartan Armor) in order accelerate the IS development and unlike in the IS universe, who limited military research, the UNSC goes full force for military development of the IS, with Ichika receiving military training and later teaching how to pilot an IS.

Also reason why the IS works for man in the Haloverse is maybe that since it's a different universe or that since the IS cores the UNSC will use come from Ichika's, then all of them carry his 'immunity'.

Anybody who wants to take this challenge is more than welcome. Just tell me you're taking it.