Bus travel was always interesting, especially when most of the bus was taken over by my hockey team. It was a cacophony, of badly sung songs that had easy lyrics, playing simple games like quick slap to test one reflexes and strength, playing on handheld game devices, a few poor souls in the front fighting against the effects motion sickness, and couple that were trying to turn out the cacophony with their own music and headphone. I was part of that group, sharing my mp3 with my teammate; who was lovingly nicknamed Cowboy, sleeping next to me against the window as he listened to my tones with his signature Gallon hat over his face. This was to lessen his chance of being a victim of doodle face. It's the last thing you need when you're going on an education camping trip; that had little water and even less soap.

The chaperon periodically checked on me, reason being I was the only girl on the bus, and it wasn't hard to pick me out of the crowd, my flaming red hair prevented such a thing; dyed that way of course. Our couch that was the other chaperon didn't worry, he knew just as well as I did, that my boys wouldn't do anything to me… well anything harmful, they would so doodle on me if I fell asleep or wake me up with the whipping/shaving cream gang like they would with anyone else. Hey they needed some way to beat the stir-craziness that came from long bus ride.

We all got suckered into this trip because it counted for a nice amount of extra credit in our earth science classes, and the easier it was to get a better grade with little effort was good in all our books. Especially when you had to mix practice, work, school, and… other stuff into your schedule. Our school wasn't the only one going on this trip, apparently a whole bunch of schools around Nevada were coming to this education camping trip. Quick-Strike guessed that the school district got a discount on the high number of students, which sort of made sense…for once. Quick-Strike is someone who often says things without thinking, it literally pops into his head and out of his mouth or that's what it seems like to the rest of us.

The thing is I thought this was going to be a fairly boring trip, made a little more entertaining and tolerable with my team. But in reality, this trip would be the first step into a grander scheme, and a devastating truth.

How I wish I could read my own future…