A/N: Okay, most of you know that I'm a Mary Ann/Professor shipper. But, that being said, I don't want to leave Gilligan all alone. I can connect with him very well, and he deserves good things.

I have often noticed that MAP writers dismiss Gilligan as a bumbling fool who has no purpose in the story. I'm guilty as charged. In reality, he's a lot more than that. A lot more.

This is dedicated to all the MAGs out there who will probably never read this.

This island has really become like home. Mary Ann thought.

When she'd first been shipwrecked here with the others, she was more homesick than she ever imagined was possible. This had been her first time away from home, and now she didn't know if she'd ever get home. Every night she'd cry herself to sleep.

Ginger had tried to comfort her, but the movie star's efforts were in vain. She'd already left her mark on the world. She'd been successful. Mary Ann had wanted to work up from the farm, go to college and maybe get married. She didn't have to become famous and have fans worshipping the ground she walked on. She just wanted to be happy, and Ginger's fulfilling life had made her cry even more.

The Howells hadn't been much help either. She hadn't ever cried in front of them, but their wealth depressed her exceedingly. She didn't want to seem selfish and be hurt because of their success, but she felt inferior.

If the Professor hadn't been so smart he might have been a help. When Ginger was finally fed up with listening to her cry and she tried to get the Professor to drug Mary Ann, he refused, sat down next to her on the bed, and hugged her, while Ginger glowered in the background. But it really didn't make her feel much better; he was so smart, she couldn't understand half of what he was saying, so she had no way of knowing he wasn't putting her down with his every word. It was unlikely, but it wasn't impossible.

And she didn't want to cry in front of the Skipper. He had so much on his hands, keeping them all together as one little group. He was like a father to her, but she didn't want to wear her heart on her sleeve around him.

But there was one person who would never reject her and always try to comfort her, no matter what.


One day stuck out in her mind especially.

She'd felt a wave of tears coming on, right in the middle of dinner, and not wanting the others to see her, she dropped her fork and ran out into the jungle, the tears already cascading down her cheeks. She felt sick. All she wanted to do was go home. Why did she have to be stuck here on this island?

She was crying so much that she didn't hear him approach.

"Mary Ann? Why are you crying?"

She turned around, almost embarrassed that Gilligan was seeing her cry, but at the same time relieved.

"I'm homesick." She blurted out.

"Oh." He replied bluntly.

There was an awkward silence between them for a moment.

"I get homesick too. But whenever I do, I just go out into the jungle as soon as I can, and I find an animal that reminds me of each member of my family. Then I talk to them until I feel better."

Mary Ann smiled weakly. Her tears started to dry up.

"Thanks Gilligan. I appreciate it. And thanks for coming after me." After that they walked back to camp together.

But Mary Ann had been skeptical about his idea until she actually tried it. And she found that it really did work.

Plus, Gilligan was always there when she was in a good mood. They could have a rollicking good time if they tried.

And she was glad to be his friend.

Not his girlfriend, not his lover. But his friend.