Chapter One

Not Again

Author Notice: This will be a fanfiction about the Inuyasha game, Secret of the Divine Jewel. This is the story about Janis, a girl who ends up in the Feudal Era. She must help the gang out and also discover secrets that relate to her past. Along the way, she will meet a curious wolf demon, Kouga. Yes, I'm going to pair those two off! But romance won't happen for a while.


Kagome Higurashi of Higurashi Shrine was in her last year of Junior High when she suddenly fell into her families well into the Feudal Era. There, she met a half demon named Inuyasha, and they journeyed together in search of the missing fragments of the Sacred Jewel. Along the way, they made allies and countless enemies, but they always managed to push through the good times and the bad.

And now, they are about to be joined by a new friend…


The air was sweetly scented by the cherry blossom trees, as the pink petals fell upon the cobblestone path on a quiet afternoon far off in land where nothing but green grass and towering trees went on without end. Warm air tickled her, though she knew that her physical form was not present because she herself was not standing beneath those beautiful trees where she was sure those soft petals would fall around her. Instead, she found herself admiring the scenery from above, as if she were an angel or ghost, though as oddly as it might have appeared, it did not alarm her and she was so at ease that the thought didn't trouble her. The blue sky and the serenity of the scene was enough to subdue any questionable thoughts.

However, although the place was quite beautiful, she pondered to herself. 'Where am I?" A sense of de ja vu overwhelmed her in an instant, and although she knew she never crossed such a path, it did seem oddly familiar. 'I've been here before…' Suddenly, a memory of her old home town revealed that she had once been there, a long time ago. 'This must be Japan.'

While this newly acquired knowledge preoccupied her thoughts, she almost didn't notice three figures crossed her line of vision. While her thoughts had been temporarily interrupted she couldn't help but notice the peculiar individuals stepping down the cobblestone path, two young children and one teenage adult leading the way to a tall tower set off in the distance, but it was too far away for her to notice any specific detail in the structure. Whoever the children were and whoever the woman was furthered her curiosity, especially when given the state of dress they appeared in, which in her opinion resembled old-fashioned kimonos from the Edo Period.

As soon as the three disappeared from sight, she once again found herself deep in thought. 'Wait, something is weird…if this is Tokyo, where are all the skyscrapers?' As if the answer her baffled thoughts, the scene before her suddenly faded from view, revealing a completely different scene, one that involved a small village, with farmers tilling the ground and children frolicking around the with cheerful expressions; it was not a town she had been so accustomed to seeing in fact…

'It shouldn't be so…rural looking.' Rural was an understatement, in fact, the village was quite small, and the wooden huts quite small with little furnishings and the people were so thin that she expected they were in the midst of poverty, but still they remained blissful in what seemed to be a strenuous and hard working life.

As if nothing could possibly hold these individuals back, or subdue their jovial, enthusiastic nature, there was a sudden cause for alarm, and what had once been a refreshing scene turned into one of great catastrophe.

The air, which had been clear of any toxins or fumes, was now clouded by a thick haze of smoke, and fire suddenly enveloped the huts, destroying what had once been homes to the innocent. Not only was the fire an issue, but stepping out of the intense flames was what seemed to be an army of morbid creatures with horns on their heads and fierce fangs and overly robust features, handling deadly weapons that she was sure intended to do serious harm.

Innocent folks were slaughtered on the spot and a blood bath ensued, though the other less fortunate, such as women and children, including the younger adults of either gender were suddenly lined up in chains and shackles as prisoners to these feral creatures, the others who had attempted to escape were huddled together, crying.

While all of this took place right before her eyes, even though she found herself feeling somewhat sad and fearful of the distorted images flashing before her, her thoughts continued on.

'If that's so…where on earth am I then?' Clearly this was not modern day Tokyo, Japan. First of all, the people didn't wear such out-dated clothing, and there certainly weren't monster running amok. Although it was absurd, she concluded that it was only a dream…a morbid dream…

'Besides…who is this?'

Amidst the flames and chaos, a central figure appeared, standing upon a lofty wooden platform, dressed in decorative clothing in colors of blue and white. White hair shimmered in the moonlight, but his face was difficult to discern through the haze. In his arms he held a crying baby, and from what she could perceive, he was backed against the railing, trapped as the beasts ascended the steps to reach him.

'I know this…or I knew it…a long time ago. Back when good…as in…' Her thoughts however were interrupted when she felt the air around her suddenly still, and blinking, she found herself upon the blood-stained soil, up close with the action, but nothing moved and nothing breathed except for her; it was as if everything had paused right before her eyes.

What was happening? Such a strange dream…

"You are the chosen daughter…"

Because she hadn't anticipated anyone calling out to her, she turned every which way, but no one was in sight, save for the still monsters and victims of the demolished village. "Huh? Who said that?"

"I said, 'You' are the chosen daughter."

A voice, preferably from a male was speaking to her, but where ever he was, he was not in sight. "Chosen…daughter? Me? I don't understand…" Disappointed that she could not tell which direction the voice came from, she settled walking past a few huts still caught up in flames, hoping that whoever the voice belonged to would be located just around the corner. "Where are you? Show yourself!"

"Heh heh heh. At last, I have found you, daughter…"

She stilled. There it was again. Daughter? "What are you talking about?"

"Very soon we shall meet…very…soon…"

Immediately and without any warning, the scene before her blurred and was replaced with a sudden darkness, blinding her. In seconds she was falling, her startled scream caught in her throat and her arms outstretched in hopes of grasping onto anything to save her from the abyss which would swallow her. Although the experience of falling into a pit of nothing ness was frightening to say the least, what was even more frightening was not knowing what awaited her at the bottom, if there was a bottom. She knew that every fall ended with some form of impact, but because this was a dream, she knew she'd awaken before anything serious might transpire, but then again, this was no ordinary dream.

As if something had suddenly severed the darkness above her, a light fell down upon her falling form. The light it emanated was very warm, and with her outstretched hand, she attempted to reach for it, hoping it would delay this fall. However she should not have expected any such magic to save her, but instead the light fell toward her, and with her fingers, she was able to lightly touch the soft surface of the small, round object in which the light originated from. The moment she touched it, a bright flash of light blinded her and she closed her eyes from the intensity, and the familiar voice of the unknown individual once again spoke to her.

"We will meet again…Janis…Janis…Jan—"


"Janis! Aren't you awake yet? Hurry down for breakfast!"

The covers which had been covering her in her deep slumbers suddenly flew off the bed, and a lazy young high school girl stretched her arms above her head. A yawn escaped her, and she went about fixing her messy blonde hair from its unruly tangles. "That was a strange dream…" she muttered before pulling herself off the ledge of her mattress. 'Daughter of what?' Janis didn't bother thinking about it because it made no difference. That was only a dream anyways, and there was certainly no need in dwelling over such thoughts.

Sunlight drifted through the window, and Janis gazed out the wide-framed opening, observing her large yard. Her family was quite wealthy, and her father had taken the liberty to buy large plots of lands, though he was never at home, except for on Saturdays and Sundays; out of all the times he spent with the family, it was nothing compared to his two jobs. As for her mother, she tended to the house, the gardening and the cooking, with help from Janis of course.

Janis was the only daughter of the household, and she attended a fancy, private school in America. She was the sort of girl that didn't bother to deal with anyone or take orders from others; she was independent after all. Why, she practically raised herself, since her stubborn father didn't care to miss a day of work for his family or for special occasions. There were many times in the past where he had forgotten her birthday as well as his own anniversary. It was obvious that Janis and her father did not get along.

"Janis!" Her father yelled, and Janis practically threw her pillow at her door.

"I'm coming!" she bellowed back, and went about dressing herself into her uniform. After adorning the cobalt long sleeved button up top and her gray skirt, she ambled to her mirror and grabbed her brush from her desk. Beyond annoyed, she brushed her hair quite cruelly until she winced from a tangled knot. "Ow!" She wondered what her father wanted so early in the morning. Surely it wasn't only about breakfast. No, if he was yelling for her to get downstairs, then there was a serious reason.

After successfully brushing out all of the knots from her silken blonde hair, Janis inspected herself in front of her ornate mirror. Her appearance seemed fine, and her hair lay about her back in delicate curls. After fixing the hem of her skirt and smoothing away the ruffle in her shirt, she descended the carpeted stairs and entered into the main living room, passing a few maids here and there that were quietly attending to their daily chores, smiling at the young girl with heartfelt admiration.

Dozens of windows aligned the walls, and velvet red curtains complimented them. Upon the polished wooden floor, beneath the expensive glass table, was a large oval-shaped red ornate rug with gold trimming. An ivory piano sat in the furthest corner of the room, and directly across from it sat a large flat screen TV, which only her father seemed interested on lazy afternoons. Between the table and herself, seated upon the lush white couch, was a rather tall fair-haired man with blue eyes similar to Janis, dressed in a rather expensive white shirt and black pants and smelling of the usual cologne that informed her that he was planning to head out soon.

With clenched hands, she waiting for whatever it was that needed her utmost attention. As for her mother, she stood next to the windows, adjacent from her husband and daughter near the table. From the tense atmosphere, while her mother stood waiting obediently and her father sitting as the authoritative occupant of the house, Janis knew something was about to happen, and she inwardly dreaded what that something could be. Even the maids and servants who were sauntering past, they too couldn't help but notice the tense postures of the family, but they didn't bother to disregard their chores for a minute as they knew they would be scolded verbally for eavesdropping.

Ten or so seconds went by rather slowly, and her father released a stressed sigh. He pinched the bridge of his nose and blinked a couple times before leaning back in a much straighter posture, though still seated. Blue eyes clashed with the cerulean eyes of his daughter's, and he knew that he would regret informing her of such news, but it had to be done. "Janis, I'm afraid I have some terrible news…" He began, and immediately after starting his sentence, his daughter glared and he sighed. "I'm afraid you'll no longer be attending your school. I've just been transferred overseas."

Transferred overseas? Had she heard correctly? Did her father say that she was no longer allowed to attend her school? "Huh? Another school transfer?" Janis couldn't believe it. Not again! Just recently she had finally gotten used to settling back in her home town from a previous transfer several months back, and now he expected her to just follow through with his schedules? Why did he have to include her life in with his work? No matter what it was, it was always about him. She had a life too!

Despite her unintelligent answer, though it was expected from his daughter, he nodded. "That's right. Japan again. We've already rented a place in Tokyo…A nice Japanese style house." Noticing his daughter's distraught expression, he continued on. "There's no need to worry. A few years ago, you lived there. Besides, you can speak the language quite fluently."

The school girl fisted her hands. "I-I know…but…Why does it have to be now?" she questioned. "I hate having to leave my friends!" She raised her voice, startling a few of the servants by surprise. This happened every single time her dad was offered something that could boost his pay check, and because of that, she had to move from country to country, leaving old friends and making temporary ones before abandoning them in the end; the cycle just continued. It wasn't fair. "I'm not going! No way! I'm staying right here!"

Not at all surprised by her sudden outburst and refusal to leave home for a limited time overseas, he was able to conceal his anger. Hot tempered and with an abrasive attitude to go along with it, his daughter was not one to keep silent and go along with anything, however he expected her to understand that his obligations to his work was a top priority, especially to support his family.

While his daughter stood there, silently seething, he couldn't help but shake his head. Of course it wasn't the first time Janis spoke out of line, and he realized he and his wife had spoiled her too much as a child. As a member of this family, he expected her to react accordingly and understandingly, but he knew that it was not in her nature to simply abide by such conditions. There would come day, and he was sure that her tongue would get her into trouble and that day wasn't too far off.

"Listen to me, Janis. Being a family means staying together. Once we're in Japan, you'll make new friends." Now what was so difficult in that? His daughter would still continue her education and it wasn't like she couldn't keep in contact with her school mates here in America.

"That's not the point!" Janis looked to her mother for some sort of response, but she knew that was impossible. When it came to her husband, she was completely on his side. "Why is it every time dad gets transferred, I'm the one who suffers?"

Beyond provoked, he stood up and glared threateningly at the girl. "Don't talk back to your father like that!" He and Janis shared a long, silenced glare. All the while, her mother tried to calm both her daughter and her husband down. The fire between them was so intense, that she could not stand in between them. "Listen, Janis, we're already going to Japan. It's been decided. So start packing right now!"

Feeling her anger shift into sudden lament, Janis held back a groan of despair. "This isn't fair!"


A school bell rang, signaling that all the students that had yet to reach their respective class rooms that it was time for first period to begin. The students, dressed in their daily uniforms, the girls consisting of a pleaded green skirt and a green and white sailor uniform and the guys consisting of long-sleeved black button up shirts and pants unconcernedly walked the halls, some running in hopes their professors didn't mark them absent and others who could really care less.

A tall man, in his early forties, sauntered into one of the class rooms, dressed in a gray button up shirt and glasses situated at the edge of his nose. Once behind his desk, piled with books and papers galore, he cleared his throat, waiting for the loudness of his students to die down. "Class, we have a new transfer student who has just arrived from America, so please make her feel right at home."

At the mentioning of a new transfer student, especially one who had arrived from America, the class immediately quieted down, and the instant the door opened, their breaths hitched in their throats.

Beautiful? No, words could not describe such a person. Long curled blonde hair, resting below mid-waist and deep blue eyes locked on to them, but they could not offer a greeting, only staring with parted mouths and widened eyes. This new girl, who was now a member of their class, had a small frame that all the guys' liked, not to mention an unblemished complexion and rosy lips that all the girls envied. Though she was foreign to them, and held herself with regality about her stance, she silently folded her hands in front of her and bowed respectively to her new classmates.

"Hello. My name is Janis Grace…it's a pleasure to meet all of you…" Her soft voice greeted.

Although she never offered a smile, she was still rather attractive, but if they could see beneath her exterior she masked, they would find a spicy girl ready to pounce on the first person that called her out.

One of the students, a young girl with short brown hair and dark eyes, suddenly broke free from the hypnotic trance she felt when she first glimpsed when the new student walked in, and suddenly found herself holding her hand up, to which the teacher nodded. "So um, do you have any hobbies?" She asked, blushing still when Janis's eyes fell onto her.

Janis nodded. "I play the piano."

"Do you have a boyfriend?" A guy in the back asked quite loudly, and in doing so, all the boys laughed. Though the comment was a funny and unexpected, they stared hopefully as if saying, 'please don't' or 'I hope not.'

She sweat dropped. "I don't…" Back at her old school, she wasn't even given a second glance by a boy, not that she cared; they were all stuck up in America. In Japan, it seemed sort of refreshing, but she was still not thrilled. On the inside, her anger burned; the fight between her and her father continued all the way into Tokyo by plane. The passengers on board had been given an earful, and after, there was merely silence and the fear to speak.

The teacher opened his class attendance book before indicating towards an empty seat near the window in the last section of desks, four rows back. "You may take your seat."

Thankful that she was seated near the open window, Janis leaned back into the chair with a sigh. She ignored the stares from all of the students and focused on the sky outside. 'Really, why must they always stare at me? There's not much to look at…'

"Takemaru?" the teacher called.

A student, who had been ogling Janis since she had first arrived suddenly stood up and raised his hand. "Present!" A dark blush formed on his cheeks when his fellow friends sitting near him laughed.

Nodding, the teacher checked off the name on his list before searching around the room for his next student. Apparently some of the students were not in their correct seats. "Eddie?"

"Right here!"


"Here! Oh and Takashi is sick today."

The teacher nodded. "Thanks for letting me know. Now then…Ayumi? Are you here?"

An ebony haired girl with dark eyes suddenly turned in her seat, smiling as she raised her hand. She had been whispering to Yuka about something or other. "I'm right here!"

Yuka smiled, waving her hand also. "Same goes for me!"

Once again, the teacher wrote down the names of those that were there and those that were missing. It wasn't until he came upon the last name that he didn't dare glance up. One of his students had a habit of missing. Due to her bad health, she constantly missed school. Apparently she was always a sickly child.

"I'm here!" A familiar feminine voiced called out suddenly. The door to the room flew open, and Kagome Higurashi hurried in, out of breath. "Sorry I'm late!" At least she made it before the bell rang.

Surprised, the teacher congratulated her on her swift recovery. What was it that she suffering from last time? He couldn't quite recall, in fact, she was burdened with many ailments, most of which was a mystery to him. "Please take your seat, Higurashi."

Relieved she was finally back in class and on time too, she hurried to her desk, her face flushing in embarrassment when some of the students found her arrival quite funny. Upon finally making it to her seat, which was coincidentally behind the former transfer student, too busy to take notice as she was silently staring off into the sky, the priestess sat down and released a heavy sigh. Kagome was thankful to be back, but she knew that her stay in the modern era would not last; she knew a certain half demon impatiently awaited for her return soon, so that meant she'd have to stock up on more supplies and more books to study while on her adventure in the Feudal Era.

Once everyone quieted down, the teacher went about writing on the chalk board. "We left off in the year 1543. During that time, the Portuguese were the first to introduce guns to Japan… It's important to understand that the Sengoku period was a time of constant warfare. This was around the time that Oda Nobunaga grew in power…"

Janis, who had snapped out of her reverie, found herself in an awkward predicament. She had been in such a hurry to leave the house and in the process, she forgot her books. 'Oh no! Great! First day as a transfer student, and now this?' She stared at the chalkboard for the longest of moments until someone tapped her on the shoulder. Looking back, she found a girl with long black hair and brown eyes staring at her. 'Now what?'

In a hushed whisper, Kagome offered her book. When she had been listening to the lecture, she couldn't help but notice the girl seated in front of her without a book. "Here. You can borrow mine. I don't need it. Page 125."

From her kindness, Janis took the book and gave the girl a smile. "Thanks. I really appreciate it." This came as a shock. On her first day back in Japan, she hadn't expected anyone to treat her so kindly nor did she imagine anyone to ask her questions.

Kagome waved it off. "Don't mention it."

Upon noticing the school girl whispering to the new transfer student, the teacher waved his book, and cleared his throat so as to draw her attention away. "Higurashi, since you are so insistent on talking, why not explain to me this simple question?"

Embarrassed, Kagome stood from her seat and felt somewhat panicked. "Uh…" Her brown eyes settled onto the board, and she briefly skimmed over the notes.

"How is Oda Nobunaga remembered to this very day?" He inwardly smirked, knowing he already won. In fact, he had yet to go over Nobunaga's life, and therefore she would be without an answer.

(This below never happened in the anime or manga. I'm making it up. Lol)

If Kagome remembered correctly, she and her friends had met and aided the infamous man not long ago during their journey. To be honest, he wasn't as great as she has first thought; actually, he was quite rude and uptight, not to mention paranoid. "He was one of the most brutal figures of the Sengoku period, and he was the first of three unifiers during that era."

He nodded. "Name those other two unifiers."

"Oda Nobunaga was the first then there was Toyotomi Hideyoshi who was also known as Hashiba Hideyoshi, and then there was Tokugawa Ieyasu." Kagome explained thoughtfully. She was sure she had the names right.

Taken aback by her quick response, the teacher fixed his glasses and flipped through his little notebook. "What led to his death?"

"When he was on his way to complete his conquest and unification of Japan, one of his generals, Akechi, forced Oda Nobunaga into suicide. That was in Kyoto." She answered. Noticing his mouth open to ask another question, Kagome beat him to it. "Akechi wanted to declare himself master over Nobunaga's domains because he was jealous and power hungry; that's why he acted humbly to Nobunaga and talked him into suicide. But he didn't get very far because he was defeated by Hideyoshi." Yeah, Kagome knew she was right. Heck, she experienced the whole thing up front. At first the lord had wanted to kill her because of her odd clothing. If it wasn't for Miroku, she probably wouldn't be where she was today.

Kagome felt the stares from everyone in class, and she sweat dropped. A blush stained her cheeks and she returned to her seat. 'It's a good thing we're talking about the Feudal Era…or else I wouldn't have been able to answer.'

Awestruck by her answer, the teacher nodded vigorously, smiling from ear to ear. The answer was correct, and for once, he was proud of his student. It wasn't just the teacher that was astonished, in fact so was the entire class.

Clearing his throat, he went on about the lecture, and as Kagome sat there day dreaming, she couldn't help but look at the girl seated in front of her, the one with the long, beautiful blonde hair, not to mention her different uniform; it had more color to it than her sailor one. Kagome had never been to America, so she didn't know what it was like, but obviously, things were different. She'd seen people with that color hair on TV, but she didn't pay much mind to it. For a transfer student, she didn't look at all nervous or shy; actually, she seemed quite at ease. The girl before was seated in a manner quite regally. Her head was held high and her shoulders weren't drooped like most of the other teenagers her age. This girl was actually paying attention; she flipped through the book and wrote the notes as the teacher continued the discussion.

After what seemed like forever, Janis relaxed herself into her chair and laid her head into her arms above the desk. A heavy sigh escaped her. Sure the lecture was boring, but in a way, the Warring States Era seemed rather interesting. While she didn't understand the time period, always used to calculating harsh problems and equations, and solving errors in many readings and doing analysis's for them, Janis was completely clueless when it came to ancient Japan. Three voices filled the room, and distracted, the school girl listened in.

"So, should we tell Hojo that she already has a boyfriend?" A girl asked from beside her.

"I'm not sure…it might break that cheerful enthusiasm of his…" Another replied.

"Yeah, but we can't just lie every time he asks about Kagome…" A third feminine voice explained.

Janis looked over to the three girls seated on her right. Two girls had pulled their chairs over to one desk where a girl with back curly hair was seated; they each seemed troubled and a little baffled.

Yuka sighed. "I'm mean, just look at those two." She pointed towards entrance of the room, where both Hojo and Kagome conversed. "If only Kagome would get over that boyfriend of hers and date a reliable guy like him…"

"I know what you mean…" Eddie frowned. "That bad boy boyfriend of hers is what's separating those two! Sheesh, the signs are right there in front of her, and yet she walks on by, believing she's actually happy."

Realizing that they were being watched, the three girls, who were friends with Kagome, turned their curious eyes to a blonde girl, who sat, with her head in her arms, watching them somewhat indifferently. The gaze, in their opinion felt as if it was looking straight through them, and they instantly felt goose bumps upon their arms.

Not at all bothered though, Ayumi waved politely. "Hey Janis, want to come over here?"

Yuka smiled. "Yeah. There's plenty of room." She offered to an empty chair next to them.

Blinking, Janis realized that she had been staring off into space, and while she heard the girls talking to her, she hadn't Instead of getting up and socializing, and quite possibly befriend these three students, she politely shook her head. "No thank you," she replied, not realizing that her reply had somewhat upset them.

With one last glance at her, they turned their eyes away and immediately found themselves deep in conversation about this Hojo character they seemed so interested in; Janis didn't care one way or another though. Right now, she was not the least bit pleased; the fact that her father had forced her to live in Japan still greatly upset her.

After what seemed like half an hour, Kagome returned to her seat. Hojo had asked her out on a date Saturday, but Kagome already had plans to go back to the Feudal Era that weekend. Rather than tell him the real reason behind her no, she explained that she had to go out of town to visit her grandparents, and like the considerate and understaning guy that he was, he did not press on the matter, only simply replying that it was okay and there was always next time. After that, he said his goodbyes, and Kagome smiled. He was a nice guy, but too enthusiastic.

"Hey…Higurashi," A soft angelic voice called, and it instantly brought the school girl out of her thoughts.

The voice belonged to the new transfer student, and interested though a little curious, Kagome sauntered over to her desk, noting the unreadable expression graced on the blonde's face. "Yes?" She wasn't used to anyone other than teachers calling her by her last name.

Janis placed the book upon her desk. "Thanks for allowing me to borrow your text book. I apologize if it was an inconvenience for you."

In response to this, Kagome shook her head, taking a seat before smiling. "Not at all! Really. Don't mention it," She explained before staring into her blue eyes. "It's not easy being a transfer student."

Janis shrugged. "I'm used to it…"

"Did you come from overseas?" She asked, regarding her looks. Honestly, she resembled many of the young women she'd seen on television.

Janis nodded. "Yes. America to be exact…I used to live here three years ago, but my dad got transferred time and time again…"

Kagome frowned. "That must be hard on you…um…"

"Janis…Janis Grace, but you can call me by my first name."

Pleased that she finally revealed her name, Kagome nodded. "Nice to meet you. My name is Kagome Higurashi, but you can just call me Kagome." She smiled.

She smiled at her fellow classmate. At least she met a decent person at school. But, then again, she wondered if Kagome was a reliable person. Back in America, she was used to those that stabbed her in the back, and lied about their friendship. Was Kagome different? Or was she like the rest of the world? Only time could tell, and Janis knew she would learn the answer to that question.