Knockout accelerates with Miko in the road. He doesn't like Rock, he prefer cantry music.

"Ok. What I need to do to win a girl's love?"

"Man. You don't know anything about girl."

"You will help me or not?"

"Ok. Ok. I will."

"If you save on girl life is a good start."

"Where I will find one girl in danger?"

"Ups. We need to search."

That moment they saw one child running alone in the road. She appear be scared. She is crying. Knockout stops and looks for that.

"What is happening?"

After he saw two man coming behind her. She screamed for help. Cknockout put Miko for out and transformed and took the girl in his hand. He saw to the man with feral eyes, making they run for far.

That moment he hears a delicate voice.

"Please father. Don't let they hurt me."

Knockout stopped, his eyes open for the sky line. Miko saw one expression in his face. After he smiles, his expression was soft, he closed the eyes and starts to sing a song.

He says.

"Your father is here. Anybody will hurt you."

He wanted a love and now he was with a daughter sleeping in his arms.

"Thanks Miko."

Miko doesn't understand what he said.

"Now I have a motive to life."

"But you know that you can't back to the ship."

Knockout closes his eyes. One tear fell.

"Please Miko. Help me again."

Miko call to BulkHead.

The green ground bridge open and Optmus Prime and BulkHead comes.

BulkHead would broken the face of Cknockout, if was the girl sleeping in his hand. Knockout turned to defense her with his body.

During hours Miko, Knockout, BulkHead and Optmus talking about the episode in the ship and when Cknockout saved the girl's life.

Optmus decided take Cknockout to the base but he will be in surveillance all time.

Cknockout closed his eyes involving the girl with his fingers.

"You are save my little star."

BulkHead catches Miko and takes her near his face. He feels her hands in his face, after he feels the kiss again.

They look to Cknockout with his girl. He found his love.

Her come in form of a daughter.

Knocout forgot Miko, himself, the Decepticon, everything.

Now he is living to Demmy. His reason to live.