Come Sunday

Author's note: Well this is yet another Kuroko no Basket fic. My second one I hope you all read the first 'Poisoned?' this is the sequel, but more about the relationship aspect. This fic is a little odd and instead of focusing on just the couple it's set up to reflect the schedule Midorima has made to share Kuroko. Each chapter is dedicated to a different day which is a different pairing. With a few bonus chapters here and there. The pairings shape up like this (with group sex thrown in randomly in a quite a few chapters):

Sunday- Day of rest (No pairing)

Monday- Kuroko x Momoi, Kuroko x Kise

Tuesday- Aomine x Kuroko

Wednesday- Murasakibara x Kuroko

Thursday- Midorima x Kuroko

Friday- Kagami x Kuroko

Saturday- Akashi x Kuroko

Edited and Updated: 2/27/13

Day: Sunday

Momoi smiled to herself as she put a piece of paper up on the fridge she and her team shared. They had recently moved into a mansion together to make things easier on them as they trained to become pros. They were of course still playing for Saitou University as they attended there, but their dreams were much bigger than national recognition. Their new home was currently funded by Kise and Midorima, who were both more loaded than they had right to be at their young age. Not that anyone on the Saitou team was complaining as a newly formed school they weren't able to provide as much as a much older university would have.

Their new home was simple but elegant as Kise's manager had sent a designer to make sure he was living in luxury and being Kise he hadn't allowed his team to have anything but the best. It was small as mansions went there were ten bedrooms enough for each of them to have one. Kuroko used three of them with no complainants, as they were connected and made their arrangement more manageable. There was an entertainment room, library, a small indoor pool, dining hall, out door basketball court, and a large kitchen.

Momoi sighed to herself she would have rather posted this on Kuroko's door, since it as the most visited room in the house. He had already turned her down without even asking what it was or if it was important. He was too busy recovering from Akashi's late night date the previous day. Making the fridge the next best option as they all gathered in the kitchen for meals made by Kagami every evening on Sundays. No sooner had she finished placing it with a pink magnet did she hear her boys coming back inside from the court.

"What's this?" Kagami snatched up the paper as he and the others entered the kitchen wearing their practice clothes, they were prone to walk around with even less on a normal day. As it was almost tournament time and they'd taken to practicing before dinner to make sure they were improving to face teams that actually challenged them in this new level of play. University teams were what they had been missing back in middle school, and now as a team playing together it was fun to take them on.

"Read it aloud." Akashi commanded taking his customary seat at the head of the table joined by Murasakibara almost instantly. It wasn't that the red head was tired he was just not allowed near the food since he had attempted to make a sandwich last week and broken no less than two plates. Murasakibara was no exception eating more than his fair share if left unattended.

So it was Midorima that began taking ingredients out of the fridge as the second cook among them. Not that he was much better than an average cook but much better than the burned food Momoi would fix for them. And his food was definitely edible compared to anything Kuroko or Kise had ever made.

Kuroko peered around Kagami's arm to get a look. "Tournament rules of conduct..." Kagami started slowly, doing his best to read the very girly print Momoi had used. "Here you read it Kuroko." He finally gave up after a minute of trying, it wasn't that he couldn't read it but he certainly didn't want to aloud after skimming the next few lines.

"Ok." Kuroko took the paper noticing the fine blush on his second tallest teammates face. Momoi was giving him a triumphant look as he sulked over to Midorima to help. "Tournament rules of sexual conduct." The powder bluenette didn't look up but he could feel all eyes on him suddenly intrigued. He continued anyway in the same monotone he would for reading to the class. "If these rules are not followed training will be quadrupled until all evidence of the rules being broken is gone. Training will be quadrupled again for any subsequent offense." Kuroko exchanged a look with his teammates over the paper instantly understanding how serious these rules must be. Though as of yet no one understood why they existed.

"Rule one" He started slowly aware of the eyes on him and unaccustomed to the feeling outside of the bedroom. "No love bites. Even if they normally wouldn't be seen. I mean it. That means on anyone Kuroko." The powder bluenette felt odd reading about himself in third person but continued anyway. "No love bites! None. Aomine you especially pay attention to this rule." There was a fine pink starting to dust Kuroko's cheeks as he thought about the hickeys he already had from his dark bluenette lover that were still healing from Tuesday.

Aomine blushed and looked away. Between them it was common knowledge that both Aomine and Kuroko loved leaving bite marks and hickeys all over their lover's body. However it had never really been addressed since no one minded the evidence.

"Go on" Momoi encouraged him as he paused looking from the green haired shooter to their red headed captain. She obviously wasn't afraid of their reaction.

"Rule two no claims of property are to be written on Kuroko's body." Kuroko paused again steeling himself to say this to his second most hot headed lover. "No more henna tattoos of your name Akashi or I will take your scissors. Any black light ink and I will ensure you lose your lucky item Midorima." He rushed out not looking at either of them even though they weren't his words they were threats and he did not want to say to them.

Akashi stared unaffected and unoffended as he had no regrets about writing who the powder bluenette belonged to all over his body. He and the green haired shooter had that much in common they loved letting the world know that Kuroko was theirs. And they certainly weren't sharing with anyone other than the teammates they trusted like family.

"Rule number three no marks of any kind so be more careful Kagami." Kuroko blushed recalling the one and only time Kagami had left a bruise on his thigh. Of course Kagami had left other kinds of marks along his thighs before and sometimes over his back with his blunt nails.

Kagami remained silent a blush making it's way to his ears. He had never meant to hurt the smaller male but he was a bit rough behind closed doors. Not rough enough to harm usually but enough to make it interesting. He couldn't help it that he was prone to loosing control when he was inside the petite bluenette.

"End of rules. Remember them and follow them at all times leading to and..."

"Wait a minute why weren't there any rules aimed at Murasakibara, Kise and you?" Kagami spoke up against everyone's better judgment, he hadn't known Momoi as long as they had he didn't know when not to speak up yet. So instead of stopping him they watched him knowing he would lose, though this time not too badly. "Are you trying call us sexual deviants?"

"No but the rest of us even with our fetishes," She looked pointedly at Kise with his minor foot fetish he was the only one she was referring to. "We don't leave any evidence behind." She smiled brilliantly knowing she won and it wouldn't be mentioned again lest she would assign punishment training as was her want as their stand in coach at home and manager. If she really wanted their actual coach Riko could think up something torturous later for her.

"She makes a valid point." Kuroko conceded before turning back to the paper preparing for the worst. "Back to where I left off. Follow these rules at all times leading up to and after a tournament. Last and the most important is that during a tournament there is to be no sex. None."

"Come again." Aomine looked at the pinkette with murderous intent not alone in his sentiments. He had been silently weighing the rules in his head deciding how much it was worth to break them. He was pretty certain he could get away with a little bit of it if he were careful.

"It's only on days of a match or before a match." The pinkette amended quickly dodging behind the powder bluenette for protection. "It's hard enough on our poor Kuroko to practice after all so it's only logical to hold back for game play. Besides think of all the locker room sex." She nearly drooled with the memory from a few months previously from their last minor tournament. They hadn't had enough time between matches and training for sex for a week. After their last game of that tournament things had gone primitive in the locker room and fast. It was the first time Momoi had taken part in one of their many love orgies with Kuroko at the center. It was a few days later when they were taking interviews from the players that the hickey incident occurred.

That quieted them down for a moment each recalling their own memories. Then after silently conceding they nodded slowly. And the list was returned to it's new found home on the fridge. Things settled down and everyone prepared for dinner the list forgotten until someone pointed out the most obvious and unaddressed question.

"Why are these rules necessary?" Murasakibara asked munching on a pocky stick he had procured from somewhere still waiting patiently on his dinner. He had taken to hiding snacks everywhere now that they all lived together. At home with his family he couldn't trust them out of his sight but here he felt they were safe.

"We don't want everyone to know we're all sleeping with, let alone in love with our pass expert." Momoi huffed didn't these 'boys' understand how much trouble it had been dealing with the press when Kuroko had been spotted with a hickey and claims of ownership written on his arm. Luckily Akashi hadn't had time to sign his name thus allowing her to play it off as a bruise from the game and a failed dare. She had dubbed it the hickey incident and spent a lot of thought on these rules afterward to insure their future success as a functioning group/couple and keeping their private lives private.

"What's so wrong with them knowing?" Kagami asked before turning back to his chopping. Dinner was not going to cook itself and Midorima could only do so much with level of skill. He was still learning as much as he could during his free time between classes to meet his goal of cooking Kuroko something even Kagami couldn't surpass.

"Polygamy is illegal." Momoi responded with a frown. She felt that explained well enough but it seemed Kise had to open his big mouth.

"But we aren't married." Kise responded with stars in his eyes as he thought about Kuroko in a wedding dress. Just because he was the woman in the bedroom didn't mean he would wear the dress, Kuroko would look much better in it anyway.

"Would you leave Kuroko?" The pinkette asked grabbing onto him with tears in her eyes at the thought of even losing him. "I know I would never." She kissed the bluenette's cheek with a soft smile.

"Not even if I had to gouge my eyes out." Akashi eyed the bluenette slowly like it might be his last time. He was indeed very much in love with their pass expert if his secret cuddling were any indication.

"Not for all the snacks in the world." Murasakibara smiled lopsidedly at the shorter bluenette finding things that tasted even better than Kuroko was impossible.

"...I can't be without my luckiest item." Midorima blushed into the pot he was stirring he was not apt to admit it but he always felt lucky whenever the other was around. His horoscope be damned.

"I don't enjoy anything enough without you by my side." Aomine looked away with a blush having never been one to admit his feelings aloud unless it involved Kuroko.

"I couldn't be a light without a shadow." Kagami smiled placing the vegetables in the pot. He was sure they were all feeling just as corny as he did but he had never spoken truer words barring the three he would only say to Kuroko for the rest of his life.

"I.." Kuroko smiled brightly at them choking up a little at how honest he knew they were being. "I wouldn't give up any of you for the world. I love you." He floated among them kissing each passionately but chaste, happily receiving those same words back with an even more passionate kiss.

"Then it's settled." Momoi smiled as Kuroko kissed her last. "I now pronounce us married!" She kissed the powder bluenette then glared at each in turn as a warning. "So follow the rules! I don't want to give up our Kuroko!" They each nodded and a few moments later dinner was served the list forgotten for the moment and a usual Sunday dinner resumed. Of course later that night would lead to more Sunday routine with cuddling up to their 'hubby' in front of the TV watching basketball teams to study up for the upcoming tournament. It was always a day of rest before the long week of special dates with each of them.