Come Sunday

Author's note: I have decided to add a small epilogue. This chapter is dedicated to the amazing and sweet Jealous-Mess, who inspired me to continue. I may not end here I'm not sure yet. There is a poll on my profile so go vote! And for the curious Seto and Mokuba Kaiba as well as 'Mutt' aka Joey Wheeler are from Yugioh, another fandom of mine. They were convenient for this role. When I write more expect to see more of them.

Epilogue?: Conference Disaster

"What are you thinking about Akashi?" Murasakibara asked his esteemed captain slowly placing a chip on his tongue. His purple eyes taking in the body language and far off look in his red head's mismatched eyes. As his best friend the giant felt like he knew the red head well but sometimes it was hard even for him to read the smaller male. Like right now he wasn't at all certain what he was thinking about.

"I was just thinking about how this all started." Akashi smiled to himself ignoring the confused look his best friend gave him. He instead began watching Momoi and Kise struggle to get Kagami into a suit jacket. They were already dressed and ready as they were both well versed in formal attire. Yet the hot headed red head was still resisting a jacket saying it was too constricting and were they sure it was the right size because it certainly didn't feel like it. Beside struggling trio Midorima was doing his best to fix his tie into a perfectly straight line something that was proving hard as his lucky tie was a bit asymmetrical in it's bulky nature.

"Where is Kuroko?" Aomine asked poking his head out of the changing room where he had been taking his sweet time in working his way into his suit. "He's suit is gone..." The bluenette said scanning the room slowly for powder blue hair having gotten better at spotting his lover even when he was being practically invisible for no reason. Looking at Akashi and Murasakibara was starting to get on his nerves and watching Kagami pout wasn't helping either.

"I'm right here." The bluenette in question suddenly appeared beside Momoi moving to help Midorima straighten his tie much to the greenette's relief. "Why do you insist on trying to straighten an asymmetrical tie?" Kuroko wondered aloud as he fixed it well enough for the shooter to smile at him warmly.

"It's lucky." Was all Midorima would say before turning away from the delectably confused expression on the bluenette's face. He needed to be in control and let his libido get the better of him.

"If your done over there come help me with this." Aomine waved his tie in the air stepping out of the changing room his annoyance reaching new highs. "How can you be so calm?" The annoyed bluenette huffed to their 'cool as a cucumber' captain. "Aren't you nervous? The press conference is less than an hour from now." Of course the only reason he was nervous was because talking about his feelings was hard. It was much easier to just show them.

"Why would I be nervous?" Akashi answered confidently drawing the eyes of his team to him by his tone of voice alone. Waiting until he had their attention he moved towards Kuroko wrapping his arms around the lithe bluenette. "This is fate." He finished and not surprisingly they all nodded in understanding. It was just as Akashi had said fate.

"It's time." Mokuba came in not but two seconds later noticing that everyone but Aomine was ready. The darker bluenette was having his tie fixed by the shorter bluenette. Mentally thanking them for being presentable their new young manager gathered them up before him. "Now we have rehearsed this several times so all I want you to do is keep your cool and do your best to answer their questions." The young raven haired billionaire prompted them more worried than he would let on. They hadn't actually done well in practice and there hadn't even been cameras there. He would back his team no matter what but he was at least hoping they would exercise common sense. Sadly knowing how his team was not one to exercise that much restraint with so many hot heads he and his brother had already set a plan in place.

"That was a disaster." The eldest Kaiba frowned looking at the disheveled appearance of his newly acquired team in front of his desk. The conference had ended about twenty minutes ago and he had already put his plan into action, thankfully he and Mokuba had the foresight to have one in place. Otherwise the media would have a hay day. Picking his words carefully he went on in a not quite as disappointed tone. They hadn't really done anything wrong by his book but that's not how the world would view it. "Don't you think it would be hard enough for the public to learn of your relationship without proof of it? Your lucky I have a wide range of influence and we didn't broadcast this live."

"It wasn't live?" Aomine asked slightly disappointed, he had really wanted to show off his love. It was his fault the conference had taken the down hill slide to begin with when he froze answering a question instead deciding it would be easier to just show them how he felt instead of saying it. Suffice it to say that pushing Kuroko up against the podium and attempting to swallow his tongue had not gone over as well as he would have liked.

"Luckily for you no. And next time no more stunts. We have to build your reputation before you actually 'show' your love like that. Otherwise you will be unlikeable to your fans because they won't be able to relate as well to you. As to your likely new number one fan your lucky she didn't die from blood loss." Kaiba continued glaring at the interruption before sighing loudly and pulling up some files. There was still a lot ground to cover on all of this and if was going to get anything done it wouldn't be while looking at their wrinkled suits. Waving his hand towards the door no longer looking at them he smirked to himself. "Go clean up. When you come back I have more important matters to discuss with you concerning your entry into the big leagues. Such as your name."

"We already have a name." Akashi smirked at the man before him. He hadn't liked Kaiba at first but other male was starting to grow on him and he could come to understand how he worked as well as appreciate it. This man would take their team far. "We are The Generation of Miracles." The red head stated simply following his team out of the door as he spoke listening for Kaiba's response before opening the door for himself.

"Fine now get out of my sight. And when you leave send in the Mutt before he paces a hole in the carpet." Kaiba sighed again making a note of the name. This team was already shaping into trouble, enough for Mokuba to have made a hasty retreat from the conference. But even then he was sure they would go far. 'A generation of miracles indeed.' He thought of his abilities and theirs working together to take the courts by storm and he couldn't help but smile as he took a seat a file of their first match opponent in his hand.